First Drive of 2020 Corvette Stingray Convertible Z51 - Jay Leno’s Garage


  1. Joe Black

    Joe Black38 분 전

    At 31:00 when J say no stripper... Me thinking...what are talking about Willis...where is the stripper?

  2. STohme

    STohme3 시간 전

    We would like very much to see this car in Europe.

  3. Dustin Hofert

    Dustin Hofert3 시간 전

    Do you feel fast? Well Do you Punk?

  4. STohme

    STohme4 시간 전

    An outstanding car for its price. Many thanks for the very nice video.

  5. guysmalley

    guysmalley7 시간 전

    All things considered doing a complete redesign of a iconic car they did a great job

  6. Joe Magnets

    Joe Magnets9 시간 전

    Hey Jay, does it make you proud that the 'list price' of the corvette is a LIE because you won't be able to buy it without all the options that will put it out of the reach of all but the RICH.

  7. Matt Bershisnky

    Matt Bershisnky11 시간 전

    A mid engined, double clutch, drop dead gorgeous... corvette? When I first saw this car I almost thought ferrari had built a new mid priced car. Europe is probably in shock, this thing can go 194 mph. Well done Chevy, American kids finally have a new bedroom wall poster car, and I have a new midlife crisis.

  8. Jeff 1969

    Jeff 196911 시간 전

    LENO is great!..ultra famous and as humble, easy going and down to earth as any of us. GM dude is great marketing/sales and tech representative. Great video guys!... may be time to turn in my 18’ HOT WHEELS SS CAMARO ...umm?

  9. Michael Coville

    Michael Coville13 시간 전

    I'm also amazed that they are selling it for 60K rather than 120K. Just think, you can pull up beside a Ferrari, out run it, and then tell the guy, "I couldn't decide what color I liked best, so I bought four of them, and I still spent less than you did."

  10. Ralph Smallblock

    Ralph Smallblock13 시간 전

    New corvette sick✌️

  11. Moto Guzzi

    Moto Guzzi15 시간 전

    This dude reminds me of Clint Eastwood....just a little bit....LOL

  12. j man

    j man15 시간 전

    Didn't sound very nice 🤔

  13. Fleck Smugbrother

    Fleck Smugbrother15 시간 전

    This car will probably be a game changer...

  14. MaSaGinNi KuNai

    MaSaGinNi KuNai16 시간 전

    I didn't realize it's a 55 minutes long show. I watched every seconds of it. Normally I'd skip part of it or stopped in the middle if a show is this long, but I didn't. Great show!

  15. PhilGeissler

    PhilGeissler16 시간 전

    I love hearing Jay talk about cars!

  16. SHOA

    SHOA16 시간 전

    Corvette will always be a Chevrolet, rightly so.

  17. Yup Got It

    Yup Got It17 시간 전

    Love the car. Hate the color.

  18. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX18 시간 전

    Jay Leno always looks sleepy

  19. Jeff Gille

    Jeff Gille19 시간 전

    Tadge is awesome. So is the car. I remember reading about the new "mid engine Corvette" almost 40 years ago. And have been disappointed in every Corvette since. This is the first 'Vette since the C3 debuted to really capture the soul of the car, anew. But far and away the best thing about the 2020 is that it will absolutely crater the used supercar market. And I might finally be able to buy a used Ford GT. Watch and learn gwasshoppa, all those guys that paid 2 or 300 large for the GTs out there will probably park it next to their '90 ZR-1 King Of The Hill and quietly sob.. Honestly, if Chevy can build a mid-engine supercar for 60k, why would I drop 70 for a GT350? Instead, Ford trots out an electric Mach-E and calls it a 'Stang. Yeah, the new Ford GT is super cool, but I think they crossed the line into "wow, it's waaay too good, and fast" and they left the fun at the starting line. Plus you really don't "own" a new Ford GT. Because if you can't sell it, it's not really yours....

  20. BF 'BoutTime

    BF 'BoutTime20 시간 전

    That car is amazing! Wish it was in my budget.

  21. giannisgt28rs

    giannisgt28rs일 전

    they just turn the seats and lights

  22. MrZ4X5C6V7

    MrZ4X5C6V7일 전

    A PANTHER is addicting. .Make a search for ''Panther' You will become addicted to it........or not

  23. Will Roberts

    Will Roberts일 전

    What idiot would oppose a mid engine? Idiots.

  24. Brandon BillTheCat

    Brandon BillTheCat일 전

    I can't wait to see how much it costs to replace the alt. belt. Once that car is off warranty it will cost a lot to maintain unless you buy the tools needed to drop the motor each time you want to change a belt. Unlike other mid-engine cars it doesn't have a access hatch for the front of the motor... Still hate the duel clutch transmissions. Oh well.

  25. Geoff Kirkpatrick

    Geoff Kirkpatrick일 전

    This is the only Corvette that doesn't scream "old guy in Hawaiian shirt." It's a full-on supercar, and looks the part, and it costs 20% more than my wife's minivan. Incredible.

  26. linked up

    linked up일 전

    Well Jay, it's a small wonder you made millions with your comedy, "If you bought a car without the clock option, you still got the clock with the numbers but the hands were missing... LOL

  27. jason loader

    jason loader일 전

    It’s extraordinary value but boy is it tacky - inside and out. What are the body panels made from? Looks like plastc

  28. big Hurtt

    big Hurtt일 전

    Jay is like me. Asks all the questions after he bought something...haha. just kidding. Love the thought that went into this revealed by this guy. Hes a wealth of vette knowledge obvious ly.. He did buy one right?

  29. big Hurtt

    big Hurtt일 전

    I learned that a square circle is a squircle. When I decide to get in shape.......

  30. K

    K일 전

    The inside is nice but the exterior is cookie cutter looking and those wheels look cheap

  31. roadglidered

    roadglidered일 전

    Finally an engineer that is in sync with what his product is. At the end he Finally give up weigh Jay talking about the "pre-production" power loss :)

  32. roadglidered

    roadglidered일 전

    This car is AWESOME

  33. roadglidered

    roadglidered일 전

    It would be a slap-me shame for that car to go to the crusher.

  34. Fitness Guru

    Fitness Guru일 전

    i don't see the big deal with the starting price point. Just put the engine the back,,,it's not that hard I can already see me in the service department telling them the fan in the side scoop behind the door isn't working. Why do I see that happening???

  35. roadglidered

    roadglidered일 전

    I double dog dare you to get one of these for 60K

  36. Saket Sharma

    Saket Sharma일 전

    They lose 20k$ per car that sells. Actually costs them about 80k.

  37. Joe

    Joe일 전

    Doug Demuro is gonna love that they decided to be the one to ditch blank switches and unused buttons and just show what you have. Honestly, that's such a testament to the attention to detail on this car.

  38. Don Murphy

    Don Murphy일 전

    I have driven lots of Italian supercars, I can't afford them and I know what they cost to run, way out of my price range but this Corvette gives me hope. It is the first Corvette that I can honestly say I would love to own in the last 52 years! Definitely, do not make a Corvette SUV! This is what Corvette should have been 30 years ago! I love it.

  39. JayR PTG

    JayR PTG일 전

    If your looking to purchase this car in NY, I have them. Approval and delivery in 48hrs. Get in contact with me ASAP!

  40. mines2680

    mines26802 일 전

    I think they should sell both. Honestly the last few generations of this car look better than this car by a long shot. This car looks generic. Some people care more about the look vs what it can do. This doesn't look like a Corvette