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Fire Ants vs Baking Soda and Vinegar


  1. Fares Badwan

    Fares Badwan4 개월 전

    who hurt you

  2. Logan Chandler

    Logan Chandler12 일 전

    Rita Daniels r/woooosh

  3. Kaylen Cowan

    Kaylen Cowan23 일 전

    I guess the ants

  4. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    +Will Gaston My apologies.

  5. Will Gaston

    Will Gaston개월 전

    YOU'RE YOU'RE YOU'RE not "your". Sigh

  6. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    ​+Violetfire Warriors Are you saying my comment is just full of BS... and vinegar. LOL Thanks for watching

  7. RealRinoHuskerDu

    RealRinoHuskerDu4 일 전

    Baking soda is high pH, and vinegar is low pH. They cancel each other out. Just use 1/2 cup of the vinegar next time, and put it in a gallon of water with a good squirt of dish soap. They'll die.


    SOS SMALLY6 일 전

    Did you put it in a bowl of rice 😂

  9. Kubilay Muz

    Kubilay Muz8 일 전

    Maybe they died cause it’s Liquid

  10. ᗴnergy--ᑎinja

    ᗴnergy--ᑎinja9 일 전

    Wouldn't hot boiling water work better?

  11. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth33 분 전

    Many have suggested that...

  12. npwfilms

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  13. James W

    James W13 일 전

    Just use orange oil and water.

  14. Michael Banks

    Michael Banks17 일 전

    Sweet condensed milk is better, first they feed on it, then the queen sends out soldiers to cover the milk, so the whole nest is working to cover the milk, this means they are not producing more ants and the queen is laying thousands of eggs with no-one to care for them so, the queen moves the nest and no ants die. Well, except those who ate too much milk.

  15. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts19 일 전

    Buy ant eaters

  16. Bronx Bomber

    Bronx Bomber21 일 전

    Ants invaded my car once took me two months to fully eradicate them with baking soda and vinegar.

  17. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth18 일 전

    Left mine at the airport once for 3 days. Fire Nation sniffed out the french fries and candy that sometimes disappear into the areas that are unreachable with any technology we have available today. Nasty surprise for me driving home, thought it was the usual spider (that for some reason cannot be eradicated from my truck) but turned out to be Fire ants. Had to spend an hour with 2 cans of RAID before I could drive in peace again. These days I keep some BS and vinegar in my toolbox, just in case...

  18. Damian Planescrosser

    Damian Planescrosser21 일 전

    I say drive a steel pipe down to the center of the colony where the queen is. then pour some chemical into the steel pipe and maybe light a match on fire then drop that down there too. maybe it'll work I don't know. but at least you tried.

  19. Bბიყ Fბχ

    Bბიყ Fბχ22 일 전

    a good ant is a dead ant.

  20. Luckrip

    Luckrip22 일 전

    Doesn't boiling water have the same effect

  21. Ironclaw XII

    Ironclaw XII22 일 전

    I want to see those molten aluminium casting videos done in this style.

  22. Yemi A

    Yemi A23 일 전

    *R.I.P Ants, for every like i will add an ant*

  23. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth18 일 전

    Ok, we'll see how it goes. Thanks for watching

  24. Donny Hinson

    Donny Hinson27 일 전

    Use diatomaceous earth, available at any pool supply or hardware outlet. Just dust the surface lightly when the weather is dry. As long as you don't breath the dust, it's relatively harmless, nontoxic, and biodegradable.

  25. Nick Banwait

    Nick Banwait개월 전

    I'm definitely talking about this battle to my friends...That must have been horrific that day...long battle and only 60%

  26. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Be sure to tell them that it was full of BS, and vinegar... :)

  27. GSTYLZ 31

    GSTYLZ 31개월 전

    All he had to do was put some cinnamon on them and done. Just saying

  28. Ahmad-Murad Arabi

    Ahmad-Murad Arabi개월 전

    Pour gasoline everywhere, light it up and walk away in slow motion

  29. Sharp Games

    Sharp Games개월 전

    is this ww3 or a random ant blog?

  30. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    In the end, its just KOreporter...

  31. cire eric

    cire eric개월 전

    The effective way to get rid of them is to pee at their hive.

  32. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I don't think you realize how big the invasion is...

  33. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift개월 전

    all the dislike is from ants

  34. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift개월 전

    HWDsouth No problem :D

  35. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    :) I don't think so. Thanks for watching

  36. E DUB

    E DUB개월 전

    How did the grass in that area do after that?

  37. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    It took a hit but after about a month it looked like nothing had ever happened there.

  38. Malcom Alexander

    Malcom Alexander개월 전

    OK, so vinegar is cheaper than feeding them a proprietary ant killer? Try boiling hot vinegar.

  39. kapitan19969838

    kapitan19969838개월 전

    Roma Invicta!

  40. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Should it be "Fire Nation Invicta" ?

  41. Loren Greene

    Loren Greene개월 전

    Why the need to play the stupid music in the video? I had to turn the volume off. Very annoying.

  42. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I pretty much have stupid music in all my videos. I also know not everyone has the same musical preferences as I do. The solution to that, as you already know, is to adjust the volume. Having said that, I think in this particular video the music is an important part, but to each his own. Thanks for watching.

  43. Ennovy's world

    Ennovy's world개월 전

    Honestly I don't understand why people are whining and complaining about the guy trying to get rid of his pest and putting some cool rock music over it like come on people if you want to hate and be all rude then maybe the government should put 11 million ants in your house and let's see what you do. 🙄

  44. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thank you for your comment and for watching. KOreporter is an interesting place, I thought my most controversial video would be this one비디오-iGKxxehRPcM.html . Instead it barely gets any activity and gets marked as unacceptable for most viewers, and one comment, some dude called me a hippie LOL. Like I said youtube is an interesting place...

  45. Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson개월 전

    Put an empty bucket upside down over the hole. Cut a hole in the top of the bucket. Put a container on top of the bucket, fill with baking soda, Pour in vinegar, cover so that the heavier carbon dioxide go down into the ant hole.

  46. John Stanush

    John Stanush개월 전

    Drain cleaner works

  47. Tiffany Reed

    Tiffany Reed개월 전

    Have you tried grits. I know it sounds weird, but at our old house we would get these HUGE anthills. A neighbor told me to pour grits all over the anthill. The ants will take the grits back to the rest of the colony. Their bodies can’t process the grits, so they blow up. I used this as a science experiment with the kids, and it actually worked.

  48. Adrian Gatehouse

    Adrian Gatehouse개월 전

    You need a hobby mate!

  49. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    You mean one in addition to KOreporter? :) Thanks for watching

  50. Rob Swenson

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  51. I Don’t Care

    I Don’t Care개월 전

    Why the slowing down it was really aggravating

  52. Athas Mak

    Athas Mak개월 전

    Put some petrol inside their nest and light a match. The seeds they keep in there will feed the fire for 15-20 minutes. The queen will be very dead and that's all. I tried in my farm, and the results were very good apart of the fire trucks spending the day to save the rest of the forest. The ants nest was totally eliminated together with the hay shed, 26 fruit trees, a ford, the tractor, and a kids bike. Further down and near the lake, a drunk man was arrested and charged for arson. I still keep quite.

  53. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts18 일 전


  54. Crazyweirdgiraffe Life

    Crazyweirdgiraffe Life개월 전

    I tried this once 😂 it worked they be dead now

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    Earthlings개월 전

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  56. Gaming With Christian

    Gaming With Christian개월 전

    this dosent work have u seen the new update on ants they got a 50% buff health😶

  57. Mantas 44

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  58. Bluegrass Aficianado

    Bluegrass Aficianado개월 전

    Gasoline would be good

  59. Westlooonlake *

    Westlooonlake *개월 전

    I think fire is the best way to get rid of fire ants because they always say fight fire with fire

  60. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts18 일 전

    True, if your shed is on fire, set the house ablaze!!!

  61. Muhammad Hasan

    Muhammad Hasan개월 전

    I think the vinegar alone was enough to exterminate them all...

  62. Lisa Pipkin

    Lisa Pipkin개월 전

    1:32 OMG

  63. Tee Hee

    Tee Hee2 개월 전

    AntsCanada has left the chat

  64. Grace Guidance

    Grace Guidance2 개월 전

    1:37 lol

  65. Njeri Young

    Njeri Young2 개월 전

    No stop killing ants they make holes because they help you SO STOP DOING IT!

  66. Ghoul Eater

    Ghoul Eater2 개월 전

    I used washing power on a big ass ant nest and by morning the whole thing was dead every single ant was deeeeeead

  67. JesusSuperLight Chris

    JesusSuperLight Chris2 개월 전

    Did you count the ants, 60% seems like a guess. Try lots of talcom powder

  68. Jia Qing Ng

    Jia Qing Ng2 개월 전

    Those are ants... OR I PREFER TO CALL THEM...GODS ARMY!!!

  69. Diego Estrada

    Diego Estrada2 개월 전

    top 10 anime battles

  70. Christian Olsen

    Christian Olsen2 개월 전

    Buy Ant poison. They kill them- plain and simple.

  71. xXSilentjoshXxGD

    xXSilentjoshXxGD2 개월 전

    Add coke and mentos!

  72. Mary Srour

    Mary Srour2 개월 전

    Why are you killing the ants you killed ants that did nothing to you you monster you killed 100s of ants that did nothing to anyone imagine you are a ant and a man going up to you and braking your house and killing your friends your family will you like that no you will not now stop braking ant’s homes they Did so much work making there home and stop killing ants.

  73. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts18 일 전

    Tell them to get building permission and pay the landlord his ground rent. A penny a day per ant is ok.

  74. Soap

    Soap2 개월 전

    Well I think you would have to put enough baking soda to literally smother the ants...Not sure.

  75. Velmex Zorro

    Velmex Zorro2 개월 전

    Why 26k dislikes? Imfao

  76. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Most of my videos don't even have 26k views LOL Thanks for watching

  77. Brandon Tan

    Brandon Tan2 개월 전

    Cal the water nation

  78. Kyle Pyro

    Kyle Pyro2 개월 전

    TECHNICALY you just violated the Geneva Convention against chemical warfare

  79. Horacio Espinoza

    Horacio Espinoza2 개월 전

    You need fireant 2.0 you were using 1.5 its an old and obsolete version of the macros programming. Just up date your flame thrower and you will be fine. Yeah go from gasoline to napalm, a couple of strafing runs and your issues with this enemy will be solved. Problem solved.

  80. littgaia

    littgaia2 개월 전

    Surround a nest with diatomaceous earth to contain them. Pour dry cornmeal for them to take inside, on a dry day. When they eat corn meal it blows up from moisture. Boom! Bugs!

  81. Norberto Cartagena

    Norberto Cartagena2 개월 전

    I've been using GRITS by pouring on top of the mound and it works. Either thy moved or died, but they don't come out anymore in that area.

  82. Jewelly 900

    Jewelly 9002 개월 전

    All you ended up doing was giving the ants a nice foam bath

  83. Jason Stobbe

    Jason Stobbe2 개월 전

    Did you try lighting your house on fire? Try it, and see what happens to the ants.

  84. Alex Guevara

    Alex Guevara2 개월 전

    What you see there is nothing. Underground lies a huge nest way bigger than that

  85. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts18 일 전

    What you need is hot molten lead, poured down their colony.

  86. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Your right. They were trying to establish a new base inside the fence line. They control the land on the other side and have multiple large underground nests. From these nests they constantly test my defenses. As i said in the video they surprised me on a Sunday morning and "almost" gained a foothold inside the fence line...

  87. Bridget Haig

    Bridget Haig2 개월 전

    boiling water

  88. Arthur

    Arthur2 개월 전

    Use flamethrower next time Oh wait....

  89. Tarra Scott

    Tarra Scott2 개월 전

    Whoever made this is a virgin

  90. Suzie Anderton

    Suzie Anderton2 개월 전

    What you did would certainly have unclogged a plug in your kitchen sink and made that sink sparkle like crazy.

  91. One PanDa \._./

    One PanDa \._./2 개월 전

    You can try adding fire XD

  92. Kirk Plummer

    Kirk Plummer2 개월 전

    You wana try petrol and a lighter. That really pisses um off

  93. S B

    S B2 개월 전

    Boiling water works...

  94. Maine NOVI

    Maine NOVI2 개월 전

    Just use a little k1 it will kill them all instantly

  95. David E Johnson

    David E Johnson2 개월 전

    I’d get some gasoline!

  96. Jago Fleming

    Jago Fleming2 개월 전

    *i hit them hard with the vinegar*

  97. Michael Kahr

    Michael Kahr2 개월 전

    What was that? Dumb TV? Just the vinegar would have done the job. Or solved natron would have been even better. But both? That's like trying to fight something with poison and anti-poison at the same time. To be CO2 sensible it needs a confined space or being low in height.

  98. hityouwithacoustic

    hityouwithacoustic2 개월 전

    Tips for video creator #5 - Do not annotate text directly over the subject of interest.



    1:36 oh ya

  100. KILTOFF Fx

    KILTOFF Fx2 개월 전

    Gasoline and a match should do the trick :)

  101. Jimmy Lemley

    Jimmy Lemley2 개월 전

    Just pour gas on it dude instant death for ants

  102. General Anonymous

    General Anonymous2 개월 전

    How can I commence when you are targeting a area you say is infected with killer bee's? All it looked like was you throwing a bunch and of random chemicals on property.

  103. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth17 일 전


  104. pnartg

    pnartg2 개월 전

    Why would baking soda and vinegar kill ants? Baking soda + vinegar -> carbonic acid + sodium acetate, and the carbonic acid immediately breaks down into carbon dioxide + water. Sodium acetate isn't very toxic. So while it might look dramatic what made you think it would do any good? (don't they teach chemistry in school anymore?)

  105. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    My old chem teacher told me I'd regret not paying attention in class someday. Welcome to someday...

  106. Eric

    Eric2 개월 전

    I put a gallon of gas on the nest & lit it. I think I need a higher octane. Oh...and a new back yard.

  107. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Look at what the Fire Nation makes us give...

  108. Eric

    Eric2 개월 전

    I should be out of hospital any day now.

  109. Christian Martinez

    Christian Martinez2 개월 전

    Is this getting a nerf soon

  110. Kameenie Sara

    Kameenie Sara2 개월 전

    You just made the soil very acidic and ant nests are usually very deep and inticate systems in the soil. They might move though.

  111. SvM

    SvM2 개월 전

    You picked the wrong yard fool

  112. Gaming With Christian

    Gaming With Christian개월 전


  113. Rita Daniels

    Rita Daniels2 개월 전

    So have you found out how to get rid of them?

  114. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Well looking through these comments I have got several thousand suggestions on how to deal with them next time. Everything from asking them to leave to flame throwers and C4.

  115. jukepoksi

    jukepoksi2 개월 전

    Try using cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

  116. LiLUZiVERT

    LiLUZiVERT2 개월 전


  117. Pete Thornton

    Pete Thornton2 개월 전

    Before using any chemicals or poisons you should try putting a plastic planter holder on the ant hill. It will suffocate the queen from below because the air flow will be cut off. The ants will fight the potting planter holder and will lose, so they will have to go some where else. It takes a couple of days to work. The first time i tried it I lifted the plastic cover off and there was not an ant to be seen, after the 3rd day. The second time the ants tried to live with the plastic over the top. So I just stomped the top and I guess that killed the queen and the ants moved out. The most effective short term method I've found to be is the back wheels of the Honda self propelled lawn mower. I've dug out a huge ant hill with the back tires and exposed all the colonies eggs to the surface. The ant hill was so rutted by the back tires that the ants just died. Those back tires work like a tiller on that ant mound. Always where some respiratory protection. There's always dust and stuff in the air when doing it.

  118. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Interesting but I would bet that they just "bugged out" to a new location. While I believe your methods will put a severe but temporary dent in their numbers, they keep the queen/queens deep and no doubt move her at the first sign of trouble on the surface.

  119. JennyTilia

    JennyTilia2 개월 전

    If those are hipster fire ants, you need to get baking soda from the organic section and also apple cider vinegar. Other stuff don’t work on them.

  120. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Lol Thanks for watching!

  121. Cyrena Norris

    Cyrena Norris2 개월 전

    There's this thing called pest control. . .



    You won the battle but not the war

  123. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    This war has no end in sight...

  124. Fruit Loops :3

    Fruit Loops :32 개월 전

    Story of Roanoke

  125. Blacksáber Predator

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  126. Quarter Master

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  127. Conny Van den Bosch

    Conny Van den Bosch2 개월 전

    use self-raising flower, the ants eat it and then swell until they explode.

  128. EReadARNP

    EReadARNP2 개월 전

    We used. To poor gasoline on them but not so close to the house. Go to Lowe’s or Walmart they have fire ant treatments

  129. jakekain

    jakekain2 개월 전

    Doesn't have enough time to get more ant killer but has 2+ hours for a science experiment.

  130. deepak62456

    deepak624562 개월 전

    call 911

  131. Jamie Crandall

    Jamie Crandall2 개월 전

    Gasoline always works.

  132. Koofey McDonald McDonald

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  133. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth17 일 전

    The algorithm...

  134. susan scott

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