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Fire Ants vs Baking Soda and Vinegar


  1. Fares Badwan

    Fares Badwan2 개월 전

    who hurt you

  2. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 일 전

    ​+Violetfire Warriors Are you saying my comment is just full of BS... and vinegar. LOL Thanks for watching

  3. Violetfire Warriors

    Violetfire Warriors3 일 전

    HWDsouth haha nice play on words there

  4. Rita Daniels

    Rita Daniels15 일 전

    They are dangerous to children & pets & if you have never had an encounter with fire ants then that would explain YOUR comment? People are hospitalized & die when they innocently encounter ants!!

  5. The Free one

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  6. swamp5050

    swamp5050개월 전

    Yeah it's clear he's been through some stuff, but the ant's are helping him work through his issue! LMAO

  7. Velmex Zorro

    Velmex Zorro일 전

    Why 26k dislikes? Imfao

  8. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth일 전

    Most of my videos don't even have 26k views LOL Thanks for watching

  9. Brandon Tan

    Brandon Tan일 전

    Cal the water nation

  10. Kyle Pyro

    Kyle Pyro2 일 전

    TECHNICALY you just violated the Geneva Convention against chemical warfare

  11. Horacio Espinoza

    Horacio Espinoza2 일 전

    You need fireant 2.0 you were using 1.5 its an old and obsolete version of the macros programming. Just up date your flame thrower and you will be fine. Yeah go from gasoline to napalm, a couple of strafing runs and your issues with this enemy will be solved. Problem solved.

  12. littgaia

    littgaia4 일 전

    Surround a nest with diatomaceous earth to contain them. Pour dry cornmeal for them to take inside, on a dry day. When they eat corn meal it blows up from moisture. Boom! Bugs!

  13. Norberto Cartagena

    Norberto Cartagena4 일 전

    I've been using GRITS by pouring on top of the mound and it works. Either thy moved or died, but they don't come out anymore in that area.

  14. Jewelly 900

    Jewelly 9005 일 전

    All you ended up doing was giving the ants a nice foam bath

  15. Jason Stobbe

    Jason Stobbe6 일 전

    Did you try lighting your house on fire? Try it, and see what happens to the ants.

  16. Alex Guevara

    Alex Guevara7 일 전

    What you see there is nothing. Underground lies a huge nest way bigger than that

  17. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth6 일 전

    Your right. They were trying to establish a new base inside the fence line. They control the land on the other side and have multiple large underground nests. From these nests they constantly test my defenses. As i said in the video they surprised me on a Sunday morning and "almost" gained a foothold inside the fence line...

  18. Bridget Haig

    Bridget Haig7 일 전

    boiling water

  19. Arthur

    Arthur7 일 전

    Use flamethrower next time Oh wait....

  20. Tarra Scott

    Tarra Scott8 일 전

    Whoever made this is a virgin

  21. Suzie Anderton

    Suzie Anderton8 일 전

    What you did would certainly have unclogged a plug in your kitchen sink and made that sink sparkle like crazy.

  22. One PanDa \._./

    One PanDa \._./8 일 전

    You can try adding fire XD

  23. Kirk Plummer

    Kirk Plummer8 일 전

    You wana try petrol and a lighter. That really pisses um off

  24. S B

    S B9 일 전

    Boiling water works...

  25. David E Johnson

    David E Johnson9 일 전

    I’d get some gasoline!

  26. Jago Fleming

    Jago Fleming9 일 전

    *i hit them hard with the vinegar*

  27. Michael Kahr

    Michael Kahr10 일 전

    What was that? Dumb TV? Just the vinegar would have done the job. Or solved natron would have been even better. But both? That's like trying to fight something with poison and anti-poison at the same time. To be CO2 sensible it needs a confined space or being low in height.

  28. hityouwithacoustic

    hityouwithacoustic10 일 전

    Tips for video creator #5 - Do not annotate text directly over the subject of interest.



    1:36 oh ya

  30. KILTOFF Fx

    KILTOFF Fx11 일 전

    Gasoline and a match should do the trick :)

  31. General Anonymous

    General Anonymous12 일 전

    How can I commence when you are targeting a area you say is infected with killer bee's? All it looked like was you throwing a bunch and of random chemicals on property.

  32. pnartg

    pnartg12 일 전

    Why would baking soda and vinegar kill ants? Baking soda + vinegar -> carbonic acid + sodium acetate, and the carbonic acid immediately breaks down into carbon dioxide + water. Sodium acetate isn't very toxic. So while it might look dramatic what made you think it would do any good? (don't they teach chemistry in school anymore?)

  33. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth8 일 전

    My old chem teacher told me I'd regret not paying attention in class someday. Welcome to someday...

  34. Eric

    Eric12 일 전

    I put a gallon of gas on the nest & lit it. I think I need a higher octane. Oh...and a new back yard.

  35. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Look at what the Fire Nation makes us give...

  36. Eric

    Eric12 일 전

    I should be out of hospital any day now.

  37. Kameenie Sara

    Kameenie Sara13 일 전

    You just made the soil very acidic and ant nests are usually very deep and inticate systems in the soil. They might move though.

  38. SvM

    SvM15 일 전

    You picked the wrong yard fool

  39. Rita Daniels

    Rita Daniels15 일 전

    So have you found out how to get rid of them?

  40. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Well looking through these comments I have got several thousand suggestions on how to deal with them next time. Everything from asking them to leave to flame throwers and C4.

  41. jukepoksi

    jukepoksi16 일 전

    Try using cinnamon or cayenne pepper.

  42. LiLUZiVERT

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  43. Pete Thornton

    Pete Thornton16 일 전

    Before using any chemicals or poisons you should try putting a plastic planter holder on the ant hill. It will suffocate the queen from below because the air flow will be cut off. The ants will fight the potting planter holder and will lose, so they will have to go some where else. It takes a couple of days to work. The first time i tried it I lifted the plastic cover off and there was not an ant to be seen, after the 3rd day. The second time the ants tried to live with the plastic over the top. So I just stomped the top and I guess that killed the queen and the ants moved out. The most effective short term method I've found to be is the back wheels of the Honda self propelled lawn mower. I've dug out a huge ant hill with the back tires and exposed all the colonies eggs to the surface. The ant hill was so rutted by the back tires that the ants just died. Those back tires work like a tiller on that ant mound. Always where some respiratory protection. There's always dust and stuff in the air when doing it.

  44. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth16 일 전

    Interesting but I would bet that they just "bugged out" to a new location. While I believe your methods will put a severe but temporary dent in their numbers, they keep the queen/queens deep and no doubt move her at the first sign of trouble on the surface.

  45. JennyTilia

    JennyTilia17 일 전

    If those are hipster fire ants, you need to get baking soda from the organic section and also apple cider vinegar. Other stuff don’t work on them.

  46. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth16 일 전

    Lol Thanks for watching!

  47. Cyrena Norris

    Cyrena Norris17 일 전

    There's this thing called pest control. . .



    You won the battle but not the war

  49. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    This war has no end in sight...

  50. Fruit Loops :3

    Fruit Loops :318 일 전

    Story of Roanoke

  51. Tae Dolla

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  52. EReadARNP

    EReadARNP19 일 전

    We used. To poor gasoline on them but not so close to the house. Go to Lowe’s or Walmart they have fire ant treatments

  53. jakekain

    jakekain20 일 전

    Doesn't have enough time to get more ant killer but has 2+ hours for a science experiment.

  54. deepak62456

    deepak6245620 일 전

    call 911

  55. Jamie Crandall

    Jamie Crandall21 일 전

    Gasoline always works.

  56. Koofey McDonald McDonald

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  57. susan scott

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  58. Stevo Leung

    Stevo Leung23 일 전

    are you giving them a bubble bath?

  59. Chris Anderson

    Chris Anderson24 일 전

    Vinegar=acid. Baking soda=alkali, which neutralize each other. So you just ended up pouring water in them.

  60. mary louis

    mary louis24 일 전

    Hot boiled water will do the trick. It’s the ant queen fault

  61. Anahid Pacheco

    Anahid Pacheco25 일 전

    Damn I can hear Taemin crying from here😔

  62. Just Me

    Just Me25 일 전

    You blew half your salary on baking soda and vinegar, your yard is a mess, and there's plenty of ants to repopulate the nest (if you don't kill the queen the efforts are in vain). Sounds like the ants won a high casualty battle.

  63. soundoff61

    soundoff6126 일 전

    I have a couple pieces of 2 inch diameter PVC pipe about 3 feet long. I go out, drive them into mounds and leave them alone til ants settle down. Then I boil pots of water. Medium mound gets a 6 quart pot. Larger gets two pots. Clear area of kids and pets. Pour boiling water down pipes. Take pipes out and cover hill with an old door mat to hold heat in. Dig around later and find zero ants. Someone told me this was cruel but it is no worse than being poioned to death. Dead is dead. Also no chemicals in yard for pets to be exposed to

  64. Hendrik

    Hendrik29 일 전

    The poor ants, have done nothing, nothing they have hurt anyone. Nevertheless, they must die. They are defenseless and are just so wiped out.

  65. Sebastian Rodriguez

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  66. Kazuto Kirigaya

    Kazuto Kirigaya개월 전

    So it's a fail?😂

  67. sabunkompas

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    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

  68. General Lee N. Knass

    General Lee N. Knass개월 전

    I've heard molten aluminum works.

  69. Patrice Laborda

    Patrice Laborda개월 전

    Solution: Ant casting with molten aluminium! and at the end of the day, you can even get some money with the resulting "art" by selling it ;)

  70. ProGamerRBLX

    ProGamerRBLX개월 전

    Working in v6.1.01 or no

  71. JA Phillips

    JA Phillips개월 전

    Pine sol in hot water does a good job killing them, when they start coming out of the ground near by, use it there too.

  72. Joline Saunders

    Joline Saunders개월 전

    These are funny comments

  73. Jared Kilby

    Jared Kilby개월 전

    Do you even lift bro?

  74. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    LOL Thanks for watching

  75. Zhn Xbh

    Zhn Xbh개월 전

    This section feels like being on 9gag

  76. Chris Sede

    Chris Sede개월 전

    I have a brilliant idea. Drive to the store and buy more ant killer. Trust me they didn’t run out of it.

  77. Arietis of RIGORMORTIS

    Arietis of RIGORMORTIS개월 전

    I laughed, I cried, it was better than black panther.

  78. Bearcat Ben

    Bearcat Ben개월 전

    Introduce communism to there society they start to starve pretty quickly

  79. rickshaw60

    rickshaw60개월 전

    Disolve equal parts sugar and borax in boiling water , cool then pour on ant pile

  80. Franciscus Gomarus

    Franciscus Gomarus개월 전

    A couple of pots of boiling water would be better

  81. Vaniza Osorio

    Vaniza Osorio개월 전

    1st and 2nd defense defeated 😅😅😂😂 but ants are very clever 😂😂

  82. Vaniza Osorio

    Vaniza Osorio개월 전

    try wasting some salt 😹 you wont be killing innocent lives of ants but youll only make them go away and find other place 😹😹😂

  83. The Official Dankers Izjdadd Idjdjaddxs

    The Official Dankers Izjdadd Idjdjaddxs개월 전

    Yes very innocen, they destroy environments, hurts other animals and humans

  84. Christien Lancelot

    Christien Lancelot개월 전

    Rip lawn

  85. ✯RedStar✯ Graal

    ✯RedStar✯ Graal개월 전

    Ever herd of boiled water?

  86. Cd God Record's Inc.

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    You Waste Your Time.....

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  88. HWDsouth

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    Thanks for watching

  89. Harry Taylor

    Harry Taylor개월 전

    I love smell of vinegar and baking soda in the morning!

  90. swamp5050

    swamp5050개월 전

    Play that god awful music as loud as possible that'll run em away for sure, or they'll go insane and kill each other! Problem solved.....

  91. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Nothing else has stopped their advance, might be worth a shot. Thanks for watching

  92. Vernon Townsend

    Vernon Townsend개월 전

    If you are really serious about killing them, use orange peel juice..Citronella~!

  93. demo tester

    demo tester개월 전

    "Epic battle"?! You mean "idiot vs. some ants"? Well, not epic at all.

  94. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    It was epic for me because it was my backyard. Tell me how you feel once they get to your home...

  95. Dee rob

    Dee rob개월 전

    Lol 😂 next time just boil some water bud.

  96. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Thanks for watching

  97. Greg Cash

    Greg Cash개월 전 m.m .MMM

  98. David Brabson

    David Brabson개월 전

    Does this work with ex wives?

  99. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    I asked a friend who is divorced. He said he doubts it but doesn't really know since he can't afford to buy any BS or vinegar since the divorce...

  100. GachawhereIWantcha Studio

    GachawhereIWantcha Studio개월 전

    When using baking soda, you need to use powdered sugar so they can't tell the difference.

  101. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Thanks for the tip and thanks for watching

  102. Gill 24

    Gill 24개월 전

    by using baking soda as well, you were neutralising the vinegar. try either boiling water, or vinegar alone, or if all else fails, use bleach!

  103. E_CtRo Games

    E_CtRo Games개월 전

    You can use the drench method of a liquid insecticide poured into the mound; make sure that the whole mound is treated. Pour enough volume of the liquid insecticide into the mound to kill the queens.

  104. Swineflugamesh 69

    Swineflugamesh 69개월 전

    I mean vinegar alone will kill them. I once had an ant infestation in my car. ants literally everywhere. I just misted them with vinegar in a squirt bottle and they died

  105. R H

    R H개월 전

    Outsmarted by ants. What a maroon. Boric acid and sweetener.

  106. Lina Nursija

    Lina Nursija개월 전

    *Mission failed. We'll get em next time*

  107. Angel Mendosa

    Angel Mendosa개월 전

    *cries hardly*

  108. skyloe seah

    skyloe seah개월 전

    Feel so itchy

  109. Dreadheaddre Vape box

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    Deep lol

  110. Daniel Edwin

    Daniel Edwin개월 전

    Ants have surrendered my papaya plant which is full of raw papayas.....What about this

  111. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I'm sorry but it may already be too late for your papayas...

  112. DeafEagle24

    DeafEagle24개월 전

    Try this next time with two handles big pot of extremely boiling water! 😉

  113. Anton Meskov

    Anton Meskov개월 전

    Boil large amount of water and pour on ants.this is old method.

  114. Travis Dozier

    Travis Dozier개월 전

    haha that looks like the battlefield of the somme...100 years from now people will still see the scared landscape and know that on this day..many a young life was lost.

  115. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth10 일 전

    Thanks for watching

  116. firstube

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  117. Jamison

    Jamison개월 전

    A+ for editing the video together.

  118. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thanks for watching

  119. Splibb Splibb

    Splibb Splibb개월 전

    What you really need to kill is that African violet growing all over the place

  120. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    LOL its dollar weed. About once a year I'll give it a shot then I lose interest. As long as its green... Thanks for watching.

  121. shane g

    shane g개월 전

    Do a "Dads Reaction" to this vid and you'll get a million hits.

  122. Helen Sabin

    Helen Sabin개월 전

    take a shovel, turn the nest over and then use vinegar and soda on them!

  123. but2star

    but2star개월 전

    Water alone with do the job, water can destroys fire ants. As we know, water is the arch enemy of fire.

  124. Kevin S

    Kevin S개월 전

    Ayh it was a noble and gallant attempt and I'm sure this battle will go down in history.

  125. Javier De La Mora

    Javier De La Mora개월 전

    Long story long. I bought a house. Then was like, man I need to take good care of this thing. Ants infiltrated my master bathroom, then my bedroom ceiling. I became like you. This means WAR!!! Bought stuff called Terro (heard of it?) I remember having success years back in during my apartment times. It was thick clear poison. Fast forward to now, I saw these small package bottles on sale, so I bought a ton to kill every single little bugger coming in my home. I squirted the Terro on some paper and first Thing I noticed was... this stuff is way more watery than I recall. Anyhow, 10 bottles later it did the job, but that was with quarantining the places and putting more everyday. I’m thinking, I was a sucker in a way. Looks like this Terro company, puts just enough poison to kill some ants but leave others to go get recruits. I felt like, “so, this is how the company started, and puts out great product, establishes name, sells a million. Well, I noticed they had me buying more where one back in the day would have done the job, now it takes double or triple amounts. So, people end up buying more to get the job done and they make more profit. Good strategy on them I guess. Well, I’m curious to learn what others have done, what’s your solution or remedy to win the infestation war? Type of chemical? quantity used ? its effectiveness ?

  126. Nancy Hancock

    Nancy Hancock29 일 전

    I used to love Terro, BUT I guess the FDA or somegroup stopped them from putting arsenic in it. now it does not work. I have found nothing that works. NH4, spray soap, clorox, borax+sugar, nothing. in the house. Outside I have over 66 huge fire ant mounds in the last week. I may buy 10 gal of gas and set them on fire. If I had a flame thrower, that would solve it - outside.

  127. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    So your saying that maybe 10 years ago one bottle controlled them for the year, and now you need to buy 10 bottles a year to control them? Like you said, nice strategy on their part.... Out of all the comments I think something called Bifin is the most successful from what I've read. But I also believe its the most toxic and not for use indoors and areas where pets and children play. Boric acid mixed in with something the ants like to eat seems to be a favorite of people for use around the home but you still can't let the kids or pets get into it.

  128. Being Glaun

    Being Glaun개월 전

    Just go to a hardware store and buy ant trap for 2.95. Queen and all ants dead with 4 hours.