Fire Ants vs Baking Soda and Vinegar


  1. Fares Badwan

    Fares Badwan6 개월 전

    who hurt you

  2. WhEthin

    WhEthin3 일 전

    The ants probably

  3. The Eternal Induction

    The Eternal Induction9 일 전

    *Who *?

  4. T D

    T D개월 전

    +HWDsouth lmbooooo I cant


    BOOGER RED개월 전

    I would love to stick your head down in that fire ant nest and read your next post.

  6. Ironman

    Ironman개월 전

    no ants were harm during this experiment

  7. Briana S.

    Briana S.일 전

    The slow motion was so irritating

  8. Losaiko Go Blue

    Losaiko Go Blue일 전

    Fire ants live 6-8 feet down and have multiple dxits. They are extremely hard to eradicate. It can be done. These are one of America's worst invasive insects. Africanized bees are a close second.

  9. M Silas

    M Silas일 전

    Poor boiling water in that area

  10. jamila lapz

    jamila lapz2 일 전

    ⊙CANADA ANTS⊙ wants to know your location.

  11. Alicia Libbey

    Alicia Libbey2 일 전

    borax is better

  12. Steinar Rasmussen

    Steinar Rasmussen3 일 전

    use cinnamon….that chokes the ants....

  13. My Opinion!

    My Opinion!3 일 전

    I think this does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! SMDH!

  14. Man Kind

    Man Kind3 일 전

    aw bad luck man :)

  15. Danny Walker

    Danny Walker3 일 전

    Push a sky rocket into the mound with the fuse 2 inches above the mound . Lite it and it will force the smoke into the mound coating the eggs and causing the ants to ignore them and rendering the mound useless. The ants die off. It works very well.

  16. fetus

    fetus4 일 전

    Shouldve kept your gamemode on peaceful bro

  17. happy04346

    happy043464 일 전

    Propane torch would have been faster

  18. Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer4 일 전

    *This is how NASA jet propulsion lab was invented keep up the good work.....*

  19. Eric Nyamu

    Eric Nyamu4 일 전

    comment section is i pause video

  20. Dan Tyler

    Dan Tyler4 일 전

    A lot cheaper (and more effective) to simply use ant killer...

  21. Shirley Dotson

    Shirley Dotson5 일 전

    Try the earth powder

  22. Darnell Hendeason

    Darnell Hendeason5 일 전

    The biggest FAIL ever.

  23. njal forshaw

    njal forshaw6 일 전

    what a waste of vinegar and baking soda and time.... BOILING WATER all you need....

  24. Conor Henry

    Conor Henry6 일 전

    I tried this. Works great. Soon as i get out of emergency room I will post the video. Few more weeks. Ants seem pleased with the results. ☺


    THE SPARTAN7 일 전

    Muratic acid will kill them also

  26. Johnnywhamo

    Johnnywhamo7 일 전

    Nothing a few hundred thousand spinning roundhouse kicks couldn't fix.

  27. zztwp

    zztwp7 일 전

    Best way to get rid of fire ants is Straight Beach only 0.99 cents at dollar general pore over nest it will kill them all & they will never come back to that spot again!

  28. Dean Dragonetti

    Dean Dragonetti7 일 전

    Diatamaceous will kill fire ants

  29. Rinifi

    Rinifi8 일 전

    Next time fight back with one of their own weapons: formic acid and baking soda.

  30. Rod Yates

    Rod Yates8 일 전

    Might be worth finding out how to do it properly with an appropriate insecticide?

  31. Nancy flower girl

    Nancy flower girl9 일 전

    Try bleach??

  32. Mango Rambukus

    Mango Rambukus9 일 전

    End there suffering

  33. Mr X

    Mr X9 일 전

    so now you have thousands of fire ants that smell like a sub shop running around

  34. Denis Lessard

    Denis Lessard9 일 전

    we went to a campground in texas and found a bunch of fire ant mounds along the fence in the back. i asked the maintenance guy what he was going to do. he said that fire ants are very territorial and all he does is take one shovelful from one nest and puts it on the other. he keeps doing it for about two weeks and one nest destroys the other.

  35. Karen Phillips

    Karen Phillips9 일 전

    I'm sorry.

  36. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth8 일 전

    Thank you...

  37. Geanie Ross

    Geanie Ross9 일 전

    HW - Chuck Norris had ants once...they all moved to your yard. Sry Dude.

  38. SheWhoPlays

    SheWhoPlays11 일 전

    I use only one ingredient,,,#OldFashionedHominyGrits uncooked. Sprinkle over mound, stir it and add some more to cover mound. Because they feed the queen, the hive dies. Cannot be QuikGrits

  39. 348Tobico

    348Tobico11 일 전


  40. Memphis Sommers

    Memphis Sommers13 일 전

    5 lb bag of isce will kill every ant from surface to 5 ft down.

  41. Robin Watson

    Robin Watson13 일 전

    Just use simple green works great

  42. Tracy Marsh

    Tracy Marsh13 일 전

    To the ant killer. We need them for our eco system. Like we need bees etc. I don't think they were really hurting you. You just thought it would be fun to torture them. And watch them die. If you can kill ants what else can you kill. What's next that you'd like to kill on social media.

  43. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth11 일 전

    Fire ants will destroy any honey bee hive they find... And the bees can do nothing to stop them. Would you try to save the bees who have no protection against an insect that they were never meant to encounter in their natural ecosystem? I could understand why you lashed out at me if I had traveled to the Fire ants native ecosystem in Amazon rain forest with a sack of BS and a gallon of vinegar and made this video, but that is not the case. Check out google for some info on what Fire ants do to the ecosystem outside of the rain forest. And if you like bees, check out my video "Drunk Bee Waves at Camera" or something like that, I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for watching.

  44. holly damn

    holly damn14 일 전

    just pour a few bucket of boil water

  45. ChaosAssassin

    ChaosAssassin14 일 전

    Why murder some ants??? I hate guys like that how kill inoccent animals! shame on you

  46. WhEthin

    WhEthin3 일 전

    Those ants are murders themselves. They are an invasive species and are a pest

  47. Brad Thompson

    Brad Thompson15 일 전

    Why didn't you just hire out an anteater? Tell your neighbors it's a new canine breed you got from the ASPCA shelter.

  48. AlphaLady777

    AlphaLady77717 일 전

    BOILING WATER - works every time!

  49. MrPurpledin0

    MrPurpledin018 일 전

    lol this is the most retarded thing ive ever seen. you are effectively pouring water on them.

  50. karlareanne

    karlareanne18 일 전

    Did you try boiling water and bleach? I have heard of people doing that. I don't know if it works, I have never had fire ants.

  51. Hawk 1966

    Hawk 196620 일 전

    Just buy some Amdro. . .

  52. Shu Liu

    Shu Liu20 일 전

    Can’t you just go to the store and buy ant poison? And for that reason buy 10 gallons of bleach and just soak them

  53. Abhishek Maskey

    Abhishek Maskey24 일 전

    @antscanada doesn't like you at all

  54. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth24 일 전

    Many have turned against me because of this video. With the dislikes adding up I even began to question myself. Then one day recently, a friend stopped by with their new puppy. As I watched it roll and play in the grass right where the battle had been so long ago, I knew then I had done the right thing...

  55. Ajax Ashford

    Ajax Ashford25 일 전

    if you put that fake sweetener the blue stuff around this nest. it will kill all these ants dead.

  56. Ankush Kumar

    Ankush Kumar26 일 전

    It is not good to kill animals no matter the is humans who have taken over most of the habitat and food and causing animals and humans accident And blaming animal by killing or captivating someone and make efforts to avoid unnecessary violence like relocate them or ignore as much as possible .

  57. Amy McLean

    Amy McLean27 일 전

    Next time, try dish soap (I use plain, blue Dawn) with some peppermint oil, or extract. Peppermint oil is much stronger, but extract is much cheaper and works for most applications. For something like this, mix a big bucket of soapy, pepperminty water and pour it over the mound. The soap creates a film that will suffocate any insect as effectively as tying a plastic bag over your head. The peppermint is a repellent that keeps bugs away. I've never had to use it on ants except the ones farming aphids on roses, but it has worked on every insect I've ever tried it on.

  58. Wyndie Featherstone

    Wyndie Featherstone28 일 전

    Two things have worked for me but they are not immediate like spraying them with poison. First I took peanut butter and mixed it with boric acid really well. I then took small sticks from the yard and coated the ends of the sticks with the peanut butter. I laid the sticks close to the entrance where the ants would have to walk close to or over them. They ate the peanut butter and killed the entire mound. Next I had black ants by the literal millions coming from my neighbors yard, walking down the block wall and over to a large tree in my yard that must have a sweet sap or bugs they love because this trail was ongoing and huge. I took eggs and whipped them up with boric acid and poured it back into the half shells and set them right at the stream of ants and poured out a small bit on the ground to get their attention. They went crazy over it and took it back to their nests and all ant activity into my yard and tree stopped within a few months. You want to kill them all so you need to give them food to take back to the nest. Be patient, it works.

  59. May J

    May J28 일 전

    no winners only casualties...and scared memories



    Job well done made us look at u drwon ants as if it was a science to it. 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 Standing ovation!!

  61. Paul Bradshaw

    Paul Bradshaw29 일 전

    Don't waste your time watching this.

  62. Minh

    Minh개월 전

    next time use a grenade

  63. John Parrish

    John Parrish개월 전

    I see a Fire Ant mount, I fire up the Turkey Fryer. About 4 gallons of boiling water will wipe out even the biggest nest.

  64. Captain Win

    Captain Win개월 전

    These ants will wipe out America. Donald Tramp has promised to build a wall.

  65. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    The Fire Nation has proven so far that nothing we've tried can stop them. Your first statement may be the most chilling and accurate one I've read in these comments...

  66. dw coop

    dw coop개월 전

    Sunlight liquid dish soap followed with boiling water works best. Pour sunlight down hole, it solidifies the walls so they don't collapse, ants also don't like the lemon, pour lots in slowly.. then follow with kettle of boiling water, instant death and contaminates the ground with lemon, ants won't be back. Pet and eco friendly

  67. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thanks for the tips and for watching!

  68. Dave M

    Dave M개월 전

    well let’s see, the technique was a failure; but you want people to like, subscribe and share?! hm. yeahnaw...

  69. Dave M

    Dave M25 일 전

    HWDsouth so, do a follow up on that! i’ve been looking for a natural way of getting them out of our yard for years. don’t want to harm bees or other beneficial insects, like mantises...

  70. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I will, but so far it seems I irritated them enough that they have not come back. Inside the fenced area I mean, outside of it they are everywhere...

  71. Dave M

    Dave M개월 전

    HWDsouth you seem like a decent guy. try another method and post it.

  72. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I understand what you are saying, but just like dealing with the ants, I still have to try...


    STAG KONG개월 전

    poor little ants die die little ants

  74. nigel neale

    nigel neale개월 전

    Can't see what use is the vinegar. All you need is (castor) sugar and baking soda. The sugar is the bait and the baking soda is the active ingredient. Mixed together, the ants eat both, the baking soda is consumed and reacts with the ant's acetic acid. Pop! No ant. Sorted.

  75. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Yes it seems my error was using both. One or the other apparently would have had more effect than both.

  76. Crazy Cuban

    Crazy Cuban개월 전

    People will eat a burger from a cow that got slaughtered but get mad over ants getting killed. *TRIGGERED*

  77. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    We all make statements in the heat of the moment due to emotional responses. We need to try and put ourselves in the other mans shoes and see it from their perspective. In this case put yourself in this mans shoes, and then fill those shoes up with Fire ants...

  78. ASCII Lt

    ASCII Lt개월 전

    war against ants declared

  79. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    It was declared 50+ years ago and yet the Fire Nation continues to gain more ground, unfazed by all of our efforts to stop them

  80. Maggie May

    Maggie May개월 전

    Mix 1 gallon of vinegar with a couple of ounces of orange oil and a squirt of blue Dawn dish detergent. If you can get it, buy 9% instead of the 5% that you usually buy for cooking. My grocery store sells it. Drench the mound with that mixture.

  81. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Many people have mentioned orange oil. I have it high on my list to try next time. Thanks for watching

  82. The Guy Nobody Really Likes

    The Guy Nobody Really Likes개월 전

    Nuking took place.

  83. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Only to my yard...

  84. Lynnm1956

    Lynnm1956개월 전

    20 mule team BORAX. $5. At walmart. Kills fire & piss ants.

  85. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thanks for the info and for watching.

  86. Anenome5

    Anenome5개월 전

    dude you suck, you couldn't even kill the ants. Like you had one job

  87. Anenome5

    Anenome5개월 전

    +HWDsouth great video btw. I'm just saying I expected all the ants to be exterminated. Filthy pests should die off.

  88. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Dude, I gave it everything I had that day... And as you have bluntly pointed out, it didn't go well. But...Thanks for watching!

  89. Maize jo Luther

    Maize jo Luther개월 전

    Heard citrus peel works.

  90. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Yes, some others have reported success with it. Thanks for watching

  91. Azimech_ 77 Industries

    Azimech_ 77 Industries개월 전

    Bio-ethanol. Lots of it. Leaves no trace and kills within seconds. Doesn't harm the environment either.

  92. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thanks for the info, obviously I had never heard of it. Another item to keep in mind for future conflicts...

  93. Azimech_ 77 Industries

    Azimech_ 77 Industries개월 전

    +HWDsouth They sell it over here (The Netherlands) in 1 liter bottles, for use in fondue burners.

  94. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Bio-ethanol ???

  95. Danté W

    Danté W개월 전

    boiling water is what i use on anything and everything i don’t like

  96. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Yes, that seems to be favorite of many viewers. Thanks for watching

  97. Alejandro Angeles

    Alejandro Angeles개월 전

    Use: 1flametrower 2fireworks 3lava melten by steal

  98. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Those methods sound effective but with the fence being plastic they could cause additional problems, and then we have the neighbors... :) Thanks for watching

  99. boson96

    boson962 개월 전

    Although your intentions were noble, your method was incorrect. You can't kill ants as quickly as you were expecting with baking soda. It's a slow poison for them which ruins their internal body chemistry and renders them dead. They need to feed that baking soda to the offsprings in the colony and themselves. It takes time, but it works. You should have left it there for about a couple of days with some sugar mixed so that they actually consume that mixture. Whereas vinegar on the other side disrupts their pheromone trails so that couldn't find the path back to their colony and the colony dies off without the constant supply of food from the workers. This method doesn't work by pouring the vinegar ON the colony itself, as the workers still know the location of the colony due to the path which is still intact. Mixing these two methods is ineffective because baking soda is alkaline and vinegar is acidic. When you mix the two you get water and a harmless salt. So by mixing the two, you are destroying the potency of BOTH vinegar and baking soda. That's why your method didn't work.

  100. GeoS

    GeoS10 일 전

    Yes he should have dusted with boric acid and let workers feed it to queen and rest of the colony.

  101. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    It was a hard lesson I learned that day as you and many viewers have pointed out. Thanks for watching

  102. RealRinoHuskerDu

    RealRinoHuskerDu2 개월 전

    Baking soda is high pH, and vinegar is low pH. They cancel each other out. Just use 1/2 cup of the vinegar next time, and put it in a gallon of water with a good squirt of dish soap. They'll die.

  103. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Thanks for the info and for watching


    SOS SMALLY2 개월 전

    Did you put it in a bowl of rice 😂

  105. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I'm gonna need a bigger bowl..

  106. Kubilay Muz

    Kubilay Muz2 개월 전

    Maybe they died cause it’s Liquid

  107. ᗴnergy--ᑎinja

    ᗴnergy--ᑎinja2 개월 전

    Wouldn't hot boiling water work better?

  108. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Many have suggested that...

  109. npwfilms

    npwfilms2 개월 전


  110. James W

    James W2 개월 전

    Just use orange oil and water.

  111. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Orange oil seems to be a favorite for this job. I have it on the list for next time. Thanks for watching

  112. Michael Banks

    Michael Banks2 개월 전

    Sweet condensed milk is better, first they feed on it, then the queen sends out soldiers to cover the milk, so the whole nest is working to cover the milk, this means they are not producing more ants and the queen is laying thousands of eggs with no-one to care for them so, the queen moves the nest and no ants die. Well, except those who ate too much milk.

  113. AQTruthhurts

    AQTruthhurts2 개월 전

    Buy ant eaters

  114. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Someone could make a fortune if it were possible. Just rent them out...

  115. Bronx Bomber

    Bronx Bomber2 개월 전

    Ants invaded my car once took me two months to fully eradicate them with baking soda and vinegar.

  116. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Left mine at the airport once for 3 days. Fire Nation sniffed out the french fries and candy that sometimes disappear into the areas that are unreachable with any technology we have available today. Nasty surprise for me driving home, thought it was the usual spider (that for some reason cannot be eradicated from my truck) but turned out to be Fire ants. Had to spend an hour with 2 cans of RAID before I could drive in peace again. These days I keep some BS and vinegar in my toolbox, just in case...

  117. Damian Planescrosser

    Damian Planescrosser2 개월 전

    I say drive a steel pipe down to the center of the colony where the queen is. then pour some chemical into the steel pipe and maybe light a match on fire then drop that down there too. maybe it'll work I don't know. but at least you tried.

  118. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    You never know unless you try, or watch some other guy try :) Thanks for watching

  119. Bბიყ Fბχ

    Bბიყ Fბχ2 개월 전

    a good ant is a dead ant.

  120. Luckrip

    Luckrip2 개월 전

    Doesn't boiling water have the same effect

  121. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    I believe it has a much more potent effect than what I tried. Thanks for watching

  122. Ironclaw XII

    Ironclaw XII2 개월 전

    I want to see those molten aluminium casting videos done in this style.

  123. Yemi A

    Yemi A2 개월 전

    *R.I.P Ants, for every like i will add an ant*

  124. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth2 개월 전

    Ok, we'll see how it goes. Thanks for watching

  125. Adam Fairclough

    Adam Fairclough2 개월 전

    Imagine: You're living life, you go out to collect food, on your way back you see the giant menace pouring white stuff and water on your village, destroying your home. You watch as your family burns in the liquid and they melt away into the snowy hill. You look up at the giant, with a grin on his face, and plot the day you will get your revenge.

  126. Donny Hinson

    Donny Hinson3 개월 전

    Use diatomaceous earth, available at any pool supply or hardware outlet. Just dust the surface lightly when the weather is dry. As long as you don't breath the dust, it's relatively harmless, nontoxic, and biodegradable.

  127. Ludwig Van Beethoven

    Ludwig Van Beethoven3 개월 전

    Fierce Elise

  128. Nick Banwait

    Nick Banwait3 개월 전

    I'm definitely talking about this battle to my friends...That must have been horrific that day...long battle and only 60%

  129. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    Be sure to tell them that it was full of BS, and vinegar... :)

  130. GSTYLZ 31

    GSTYLZ 313 개월 전

    All he had to do was put some cinnamon on them and done. Just saying

  131. Ahmad-Murad Arabi

    Ahmad-Murad Arabi3 개월 전

    Pour gasoline everywhere, light it up and walk away in slow motion

  132. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    You forgot the slo-mo match strike and toss :) Thanks for watching

  133. Sharp Games

    Sharp Games3 개월 전

    is this ww3 or a random ant blog?

  134. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    In the end, its just KOreporter...

  135. cire 101

    cire 1013 개월 전

    The effective way to get rid of them is to pee at their hive.

  136. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    I don't think you realize how big the invasion is...

  137. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift3 개월 전

    all the dislike is from ants

  138. Phil Swift

    Phil Swift3 개월 전

    HWDsouth No problem :D

  139. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    :) I don't think so. Thanks for watching

  140. E DUB

    E DUB3 개월 전

    How did the grass in that area do after that?

  141. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    It took a hit but after about a month it looked like nothing had ever happened there.

  142. Malcom Alexander

    Malcom Alexander3 개월 전

    OK, so vinegar is cheaper than feeding them a proprietary ant killer? Try boiling hot vinegar.

  143. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth개월 전

    Now that is next level thinking! Thanks for watching

  144. kapitan19969838

    kapitan199698383 개월 전

    Roma Invicta!

  145. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    Should it be "Fire Nation Invicta" ?

  146. Loren Greene

    Loren Greene3 개월 전

    Why the need to play the stupid music in the video? I had to turn the volume off. Very annoying.

  147. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    I pretty much have stupid music in all my videos. I also know not everyone has the same musical preferences as I do. The solution to that, as you already know, is to adjust the volume. Having said that, I think in this particular video the music is an important part, but to each his own. Thanks for watching.

  148. Ennovy's world

    Ennovy's world3 개월 전

    Honestly I don't understand why people are whining and complaining about the guy trying to get rid of his pest and putting some cool rock music over it like come on people if you want to hate and be all rude then maybe the government should put 11 million ants in your house and let's see what you do. 🙄

  149. HWDsouth

    HWDsouth3 개월 전

    Thank you for your comment and for watching. KOreporter is an interesting place, I thought my most controversial video would be this one . Instead it barely gets any activity and gets marked as unacceptable for most viewers, and one comment, some dude called me a hippie LOL. Like I said youtube is an interesting place...

  150. Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson3 개월 전

    Put an empty bucket upside down over the hole. Cut a hole in the top of the bucket. Put a container on top of the bucket, fill with baking soda, Pour in vinegar, cover so that the heavier carbon dioxide go down into the ant hole.

  151. John Stanush

    John Stanush3 개월 전

    Drain cleaner works