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  1. Darling A

    Darling A년 전

    Is anyone else obsessed with how cute that little baby is !!!! I love him lol

  2. Julia's Magic Land

    Julia's Magic Land15 일 전

    Great video, one of my favourite

  3. Papou Derosier

    Papou Derosier17 일 전

    My little cousin like that song

  4. Judy Thomas

    Judy Thomas2 개월 전

    Love the song about the baby birds flying :) So nice to see such charming, well-made children's videos. I appreciate the care and thought put into this.

  5. grokiz

    grokiz2 개월 전

    Great video. Our kids love your video. Big like 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Dayana Lorena

    Dayana Lorena2 개월 전

    Love yous

  7. Adem Kaya

    Adem Kaya2 개월 전

    Nice video

  8. Erick Shulqui

    Erick Shulqui2 개월 전

    yes finger family

  9. anica unez medel

    anica unez medel3 개월 전

    i love your video

  10. Shqipe Kajtazi

    Shqipe Kajtazi3 개월 전

    My baby LOVES this channel❤️

  11. Wong Terry

    Wong Terry3 개월 전

    The baby so cutee

  12. leh -gncha e avakin e Roblox chan

    leh -gncha e avakin e Roblox chan3 개월 전

    Love you

  13. kavvya vlog

    kavvya vlog3 개월 전

    While my baby watches he always eats something

  14. الشيف هاني قنديل

    الشيف هاني قنديل3 개월 전

    Very Beautiful

  15. ramin arabnejad

    ramin arabnejad3 개월 전


  16. Jasim Chowdhury

    Jasim Chowdhury4 개월 전

    My child like this !!!

  17. Hoa Sinh

    Hoa Sinh4 개월 전

    I lke it

  18. Tung Bui

    Tung Bui4 개월 전


  19. melisa singh

    melisa singh4 개월 전

    Nice children carrttoon

  20. melisa singh

    melisa singh4 개월 전

    A nice children carrtton I love it

  21. Manghaki Fanai

    Manghaki Fanai4 개월 전

    Yes the baby is so smart and so cute

  22. Alicia LLave

    Alicia LLave4 개월 전

    My cousin is a baby she's always watch this video she always pick this

  23. Stephy & Pammy

    Stephy & Pammy4 개월 전

    The baby is so cute

  24. Renee POPE

    Renee POPE4 개월 전

    My grand daughter loves these videos.i find myself singing them.

  25. Maria valladares Guevara

    Maria valladares Guevara4 개월 전

    Awwwwwwwwww that little boy in that shef hat he looks so cuteeee

  26. Celine Kavanagh

    Celine Kavanagh4 개월 전

    I am so Obsessed with this little baby...😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍 His name is JJ

  27. Patrícia Silva

    Patrícia Silva4 개월 전

    what!!I love baby ❤

  28. Afaq123 Farooqui

    Afaq123 Farooqui4 개월 전

    Baby is so cute..

  29. bts ruined my life

    bts ruined my life5 개월 전

    My baby sister is obsessed with this 😂🤣

  30. Little Angel

    Little Angel5 개월 전

    Please introduce new poems with different themes

  31. M7MD

    M7MD5 개월 전

    Take that brother LOL

  32. Capri Hunt

    Capri Hunt5 개월 전

    Good now I can clean the house

  33. love hero

    love hero5 개월 전

    Good song

  34. Christine Lopez

    Christine Lopez5 개월 전

    i like the brother finger bend your finger 🖕 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  35. goku

    goku5 개월 전

    Amazing for my kids

  36. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni5 개월 전

    This is so much better than all those other awful money-grabbing nursery rhyme channels. The animation is actually elaborate, and they do a great job making the scenes funny and cute, like when you see the baby doing Yoga with his mom.

  37. Tayba Anis

    Tayba Anis5 개월 전

    Nice 👍🏻

  38. Jannat Hassan

    Jannat Hassan5 개월 전

    I love you baby

  39. Robiul Hasan

    Robiul Hasan5 개월 전

    Ummah. My baby always see the video

  40. Abu Fahad

    Abu Fahad5 개월 전

    It so funny i like it😆

  41. aishath Shinana

    aishath Shinana5 개월 전

    Nice song

  42. Aisyah Ahmad

    Aisyah Ahmad5 개월 전

    that baby can yoga better than i do smh

  43. le huyen

    le huyen7 개월 전

    love the bear went over the mountain ! woo

  44. soccer pro

    soccer pro7 개월 전

    I love these vids 👏

  45. Elvin De Guia

    Elvin De Guia8 개월 전

    My baby love this channel so much.

  46. Elaine Moore

    Elaine Moore8 개월 전

    My sister live this five 🌟

  47. Yahiya Diallo

    Yahiya Diallo8 개월 전

    It very fun

  48. Evan Michael

    Evan Michael8 개월 전

    Nice song



    My baby love"

  50. Aidan Danigelis

    Aidan Danigelis8 개월 전

    God I love kids

  51. Duyên Nguyễn

    Duyên Nguyễn8 개월 전

    I love it, it so funny and perfect

  52. vlog da aninha

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  54. Yaman Dosad

    Yaman Dosad9 개월 전

    ABC kids tv you are good than all chanel



    so cute

  56. Aniska shiwram

    Aniska shiwram9 개월 전

    Love those cartoons

  57. marianne gerobin

    marianne gerobin9 개월 전

    I love songs

  58. its yui

    its yui9 개월 전


  59. rizqi athallah

    rizqi athallah9 개월 전

    Nice video

  60. Niels Bruinsma

    Niels Bruinsma9 개월 전

    My baby is saying how do you do

  61. Melodie Tuttle

    Melodie Tuttle9 개월 전

    Hey 👋 I wanna oi

  62. Phonpaserth Songvilai

    Phonpaserth Songvilai9 개월 전

    I Love you

  63. Pinky Mixdon

    Pinky Mixdon9 개월 전

    Finger family

  64. Ascencio Xiomara

    Ascencio Xiomara9 개월 전

    I wish you hade a merry chistmax makes me cry

  65. Ascencio Xiomara

    Ascencio Xiomara9 개월 전

    I love the baby Hes cuter

  66. Md.Imroj asif

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  67. Ali Muhammed

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  68. Dahlia Savira

    Dahlia Savira9 개월 전

    I really like this vilem because her baby is cute

  69. Hesseti Ah Yek

    Hesseti Ah Yek9 개월 전

    This is good

  70. TheChrisShow _

    TheChrisShow _10 개월 전

    I love this it is so enjoyable for kids 😃

  71. Fatheena

    Fatheena10 개월 전

    That baby is so damn cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  72. Fatheena

    Fatheena10 개월 전

    I'm 15 and at first I was forced to watch this because of my little sister But now I'm lovin it

  73. ansary haneef

    ansary haneef10 개월 전

    Nice songs

  74. Amira Azzahhafi

    Amira Azzahhafi10 개월 전

    the baby is so cute

  75. Kheng Heng

    Kheng Heng10 개월 전

    I love the playground it’s super fun for me !!!!!!!!!!

  76. Wilford Pagaran

    Wilford Pagaran10 개월 전

    i like to the site of the nursery

  77. Idris Salno

    Idris Salno10 개월 전

    Baby ya lucu hahahahahahah

  78. Maro Mar

    Maro Mar10 개월 전

    Pop please p

  79. Alyaan Rome

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    The only

  80. Alyaan Rome

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    Thanks again

  81. Aserdano 99

    Aserdano 9911 개월 전

    My elder brother like it

  82. Angie's World

    Angie's World11 개월 전

    I love your you tube ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️👌❤️👌❤️

  83. Iris Jimenez

    Iris Jimenez11 개월 전

    I was watching the news now I’m here. wut?

  84. Cindy Sonasingh

    Cindy Sonasingh11 개월 전

    My baby boy loves the hide and seak duck song

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    I love it

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    My baby love this

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    My cousin loves this video

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    My little brother loves watching these videos!!!😊

  91. reem Abdullah

    reem Abdullah11 개월 전

    Wonderful animation. Plus, the baby is so cuteee🦄🌸 I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CHANNEL. My niece loves to watch your videos. This song is so catchy. Best kids channel everr!❤️

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    Beautiful video.

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  95. Rxthefx

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    This songs catchy...ho do u do?..

  96. caroline monte

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    My baby love jonyjony

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    Soo Nice:-)

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    It so funny I like it

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