Filming Inside a Slow Motion Vortex - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. The Slow Mo Guys

    The Slow Mo Guys9 개월 전

    To view with less compression, select 4K even if you don't have a 4K screen. You'll get a higher bit rate. Slow mo pro-tip. - Gav

  2. Jo Gr

    Jo Gr7 일 전

    On my iPad Pro I get offered max 1080p....

  3. Puzzle Animation Studios

    Puzzle Animation Studios개월 전

    I did this and it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo laggy

  4. pc1231

    pc1231개월 전

    +The Slow Mo Guys On my iPad, the upper limit is 1080p. Drat.

  5. Dustin Reid

    Dustin Reid4 개월 전

    @Average Gamekage or an explosion at like 500000fps

  6. Mineral

    Mineral2 시간 전

    Is it just me or do I see Homer Simpson’s face and then a couple dancing. 6:40

  7. rop time xp

    rop time xp11 시간 전

    Put that cup in a vacuum chamber with food dye and in Slomo what would happen with bubbles form at the bottom

  8. cool kid 69

    cool kid 6923 시간 전

    they should use the macro into strawberry nesquik

  9. Kabindeep Kular

    Kabindeep Kular일 전

    6:45 you can reverse the spinning if you focus on it

  10. Dwight Perot

    Dwight Perot일 전

    looks like footage theyd use in an advertisement for a mixing cup

  11. JoseGamer360258 axb

    JoseGamer360258 axb일 전

    I'm the only one who saw that in the 11:07 minute the bottle moved suspiciously strangely

  12. Unlce_Knn E

    Unlce_Knn E일 전

    Gav and Dan: New Zealanders: VORTEKE

  13. Ibrahim Syed

    Ibrahim Syed2 일 전

    "The sun isn't hot enough" The Sun a billion years later: How you like me now?

  14. EvilTrashPanda

    EvilTrashPanda2 일 전

    What's the music used during slow mo shots

  15. Ritzy/Raspy Ocean/Can

    Ritzy/Raspy Ocean/Can2 일 전

    9:29 the most UK'est conversation have ever heard in my life🤣

  16. derDere

    derDere2 일 전

    the sugar part is comercial material xD they should sell that to a tee company

  17. Vicayri

    Vicayri2 일 전

    4:20 Looks like it was made with CG

  18. Diddly Doodles

    Diddly Doodles2 일 전

    The normal conversations they have while doing they completely unique task is probably the reason they're so popular and not just a gimmick channel with no personality

  19. Stephen DjLiveFast

    Stephen DjLiveFast3 일 전

    Looks like Rick and Marty’s portal.

  20. KeyBoard inK

    KeyBoard inK3 일 전

    wow really love this . . . thing

  21. Laylamoonbloom

    Laylamoonbloom3 일 전

    This could be a tea advertisement footage

  22. Fumb Duck

    Fumb Duck3 일 전

    Ive used american plug in my whole life. Not once have I been zapped. What are you doing? You'd have to touch both prongs at the same time also....

  23. HI

    HI3 일 전

    This could be a coffee commercial

  24. YourLocalMemeDealer

    YourLocalMemeDealer3 일 전

    The thumbnail looks like then portal from rick and morty

  25. mrjayy95

    mrjayy953 일 전

    NATO, no doubt Dan was a squadie

  26. Maja

    Maja3 일 전

    *7:58* Uncut Gems (2019)

  27. xGreek_21

    xGreek_213 일 전

    Rick and Morty may have gotten into our world now

  28. Neil Parker Jr

    Neil Parker Jr3 일 전

    9:03, 😂

  29. davidseifferleinfilm

    davidseifferleinfilm4 일 전

    I’ve never been zapped but an American chord lmao



    This is so satisfying yet, So beautiful When it shows the slow-motion parts. I could watch this all day!



    I'm from Southern America ( like Tennessee and Kentucky ) and we love hot and iced tea, But I've never heard of milk and tea before, I might try this...

  32. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown4 일 전

    Always great stuff. Thanks again

  33. Abby

    Abby4 일 전

    4:58 looks like the beginning of a cool teen movie

  34. Ben 4Scratch

    Ben 4Scratch4 일 전


  35. Ninja4arms

    Ninja4arms4 일 전

    anyone else notice the girl screaming "Dad, dAd" at 9:43 ? XD

  36. My Gaming Studios

    My Gaming Studios5 일 전

    Vortex Club End of the world Party Like this comment if you understand the reference

  37. BarelyAlive420

    BarelyAlive4205 일 전

    1:26-1:43...ghost moving the door in the background and standing in the doorway...look close

  38. Join Du

    Join Du5 일 전

    Wow Satisfying

  39. Kai Hill

    Kai Hill5 일 전

    5:19 if you listen reeeeeeeeaaaaally closely you can hear a 'WUBALUBADUBDUB'

  40. Ty Funk

    Ty Funk5 일 전

    Water is relaxing AF to watch in slow mo 🙌

  41. DEAD-GHOST2003

    DEAD-GHOST20035 일 전

    I saw the thumbnail HOW TO MAKE A RICK AND MORTY PORTAL

  42. ArdentBubblyNickel 123

    ArdentBubblyNickel 1235 일 전

    Dan with the Tea: it's cold (doesn't drink it) Me: A American southern sips cold sweet tea in disgust.

  43. Jonas Redekop

    Jonas Redekop5 일 전


  44. Leown Belcher

    Leown Belcher5 일 전

    So how much is refraction and how much is dispertion... Be a good video if you found out

  45. Late Night Cereal

    Late Night Cereal5 일 전

    Won't drink tea if it's cold? Cuh, you don't drink tea UNTIL it's cold. Ice cold. And replace milk (wtf?) with the equivalent amount of sugar

  46. GitFut

    GitFut5 일 전

    I thought it was a slime video

  47. Marilou Flake Stardust

    Marilou Flake Stardust5 일 전

    "Hello there internet" me: WELCOME TO GAME THEORY >:D

  48. Jeff Trinkle

    Jeff Trinkle6 일 전

    Milk in tea?? I mean I don't drink real tea so maybe I just am missing out but I've never heard of that, I was actually wondering where yall got the idea to mix that from lol

  49. Jeff Trinkle

    Jeff Trinkle6 일 전

    why do you always get zapped by American plugs?? That seems weird that basically never happens to me (or us that I know of). I wonder what you do differently that you commonly get electrocuted when using our stuff lol, weird.

  50. Electric Lawless

    Electric Lawless6 일 전

    what i want to know is where do i get the backround music

  51. Mason Ferg

    Mason Ferg6 일 전

    when you have the wrost dream. its dying you falling off a building or something into the water 10:48

  52. Robert Barnett

    Robert Barnett6 일 전

    One thing it's the Hulk

  53. Ethan Ely

    Ethan Ely6 일 전

    They are called the slow mo guys because they take forever to get to the part of the video everyone wants to see.

  54. くそったれ

    くそったれ6 일 전

    *rick and morty theme plays*

  55. Nichosis

    Nichosis7 일 전

    This might be my favorite slow mo guys videos

  56. The Real Rise

    The Real Rise7 일 전

    can you guys blend a goldfish in slow mo? its just a gold fish. they only live like 3 days anyway. Edit: ITS FOR SCIENCE

  57. Nolan Patterson

    Nolan Patterson7 일 전

    The dropping of the sugar cube was by far the most satisfying part for me! Awesome!

  58. MattShnoop

    MattShnoop7 일 전

    Any Candian knows that 2-milk 2-sugar is a Double-Double! None of this NATO faff 😁

  59. Pug Lord

    Pug Lord7 일 전

    Do the British not have iced tea?

  60. 11 11 05 chachkhu

    11 11 05 chachkhu7 일 전

    I want a add like that for coffee or tea

  61. Altin A

    Altin A7 일 전

    Dude If I could watch that with my eyes. I would never leave that cup

  62. johnfaber100

    johnfaber1007 일 전

    Now film the dropping of two different colours of food colouring in this cup.

  63. Sophia Conwell

    Sophia Conwell8 일 전

    so beautiful like the inside of a waterspout

  64. TiMbsB dOtOrG

    TiMbsB dOtOrG8 일 전

    Do you guys do your own sound effects?