FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 - All-Star Five

  • 2019. 09. 15.
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  1. GalaxyTraveler

    GalaxyTraveler20 일 전

    Can anyone kindly list the top games of the FIBA tournament this year?

  2. Cwerdy Basketball

    Cwerdy Basketball20 일 전

    Привет друг , меня зовут Артем!) Очень нужна твоя помощь , на етом канале будут выходить лучшие моменты матчей с русской озвучкой , и ещё много крутых рубрик. Много конкурсов и полная свобода подпищикам) Вам не сложно , а мне ето очень поможет) Спасибо

  3. Josias Rodrigues

    Josias Rodrigues22 일 전

    Não se assista não...Nas olimpíadas já está convocado para o Estados Unidos Steffi curry

  4. Koj Txiv

    Koj Txiv22 일 전

    Team USA 😂😂😂

  5. Selim Kuz

    Selim Kuz23 일 전

    Where is Doncic?

  6. Bernardo Cutamora

    Bernardo Cutamora23 일 전

    When Kobe Bryant disappointed. And see to his facial expressions are not happy,because USA are not on the list.And they are on the 8th place on FIBA.

  7. triple E2

    triple E222 일 전

    Bernardo Cutamora 7th😄

  8. paco ramon

    paco ramon22 일 전

    He already knew this was going to happend, NBA players were really unpatriotic

  9. mamad yusop

    mamad yusop23 일 전

    USA zero

  10. Salcedo Cabbigat

    Salcedo Cabbigat23 일 전

    If spain got olympic champs Mark gasol 3peat😅😅😅

  11. William Canlas

    William Canlas23 일 전

    Marc gasol won in the NBA championship against the warriors and now he got more another championship on FIBA.



    No one on team USA?

  13. triple E2

    triple E222 일 전

    BLOCK MAN NIRO PLAYK they’re trash

  14. never say die

    never say die24 일 전

    Bullshit mythical 5, patty Mills was killing all fiba games man, he should have been one of those players. Scola and gasol was a great choice but patty should've been there man

  15. ГОРАН TolmiePheasantsVic ГЛУШИЦА

    ГОРАН TolmiePheasantsVic ГЛУШИЦА24 일 전

    Black mamba Koby White mamba Bogi

  16. steven metz

    steven metz24 일 전

    I did'nt recognize scola with a short hair lol 🤣

  17. Rene Lopera

    Rene Lopera24 일 전

    Nobody from Team USA

  18. triple E2

    triple E222 일 전

    Rene Lopera bcuz they’re trash

  19. paco ramon

    paco ramon22 일 전

    They finnished 7th jajaja.

  20. Ri M

    Ri M25 일 전

    congrats spain and to ist 5

  21. SportQuiz

    SportQuiz25 일 전

    u guys forgot about Satoransky, greetings from Poland anyway

  22. Jordz Buenafe

    Jordz Buenafe25 일 전

    Where is June Mar Fajardo?

  23. Jordz Buenafe

    Jordz Buenafe25 일 전

    What Luka Doncic is doing in the NBA right now is what being expected from Rubio 9 years ago

  24. Aldrich

    Aldrich22 일 전

    One word... shooting

  25. russ brewer

    russ brewer25 일 전

    Giannis and Jokic????

  26. Ryan Reyes

    Ryan Reyes25 일 전

    No American..? America was robbed.🤔🤣

  27. Wilfred Anthony Lalata

    Wilfred Anthony Lalata25 일 전

    I see the face of Kobe. he's not happy

  28. Dino Sour

    Dino Sour25 일 전

    Fiba allstar 5 versus 5. gobert 4. Nikola jokic 3. J.tatum 2. Mitchel 1. K.walker Whos gonna wiln?.any thoughts.😀

  29. Fiji74

    Fiji7426 일 전

    If Argentina would have won , Campazzo would have been all star five on guard position , he was fenomenal over all the tournament

  30. Gerald Bedana

    Gerald Bedana26 일 전

    USA Team let them taste the feeling of the champion 😂 2020 Olympic all Star Five LEBRON JAMES Anthony Davis KAWHI LEONARD STEPHEN CURRY PAUL George

  31. Dr Phil

    Dr Phil26 일 전

    Spain the best team in the world.

  32. djfunkychicken

    djfunkychicken27 일 전

    3:22 Fournier says to Bogdanovic "We fuck Americana"

  33. T.U Paeng

    T.U Paeng27 일 전


  34. Erick Gonzalez

    Erick Gonzalez27 일 전

    I think every national team should have an MVP and get a ⌚ like this 5 players especially in this kind of tournoment or at least to pick the best 12 players in the knock out round.

  35. Erick Gonzalez

    Erick Gonzalez27 일 전

    Is Ricky Rubio wearing Donovan Mitchell kicks......the 🕷 man kicks.

  36. chololennon

    chololennon27 일 전

    Lots of people asking for Patty Mills here, but it seems that any of them payed attention to Campazzo, clearly the best guard of the tournament (even better than Rubio, IMHO, but at least he was the champion)

  37. Rubenangel Martinez

    Rubenangel Martinez28 일 전

    Maybe change Fournier for Patty Mills? They were all well deserved tho.

  38. Racky Apinar

    Racky Apinar24 일 전

    I think campazzo needs consideration too. He has a case

  39. sNuf ßøx

    sNuf ßøx28 일 전

    What a load of shit! Patty Mills should’ve been the first or second player named.

  40. christian john velasco

    christian john velasco28 일 전

    Wheres patty?

  41. Ronwyl Esguerra

    Ronwyl Esguerra28 일 전

    Weird.. there's no local nba player.

  42. Jhun Mesiano

    Jhun Mesiano28 일 전

    NBA player are always NBA Caliber.

  43. timothee murillo

    timothee murillo28 일 전

    No US player in the best 5 players of the competition. Is this the first time it ever happens?

  44. Francisco Sousa

    Francisco Sousa28 일 전

    Is the first time it ever happens, and it's a big "shame" for the NBA players that represents USA.

  45. timothee murillo

    timothee murillo28 일 전

    Patty Mills for robbed. He clearly deserved a spot.

  46. Jean francisco

    Jean francisco28 일 전

    No USA ? Nothing new ? Hahaha #1 in baaketball sports took by football nation

  47. Mr. Beast Inspired

    Mr. Beast Inspired28 일 전

    The mythical five can win a ring in nba..

  48. Christopher Hydinger

    Christopher Hydinger28 일 전


  49. Pres General

    Pres General28 일 전

    spain came to kill

  50. Ohms Law

    Ohms Law28 일 전

    Where’s Mighty Mouse Campazzo? Wf

  51. Knight Valor

    Knight Valor28 일 전

    Where is Patty Mills?!!! FIBA with their erroneous picks again just like their rankings! SMH

  52. chololennon

    chololennon27 일 전

    You are asking for Patty, but Campazzo was better

  53. Niko Anselmo

    Niko Anselmo28 일 전

    Mills got robbed

  54. Anonymous Another

    Anonymous Another28 일 전

    Even the best fall down sometimes USA!!!

  55. Andrew Foai

    Andrew Foai28 일 전

    Patty Mills got snubbed

  56. wEStsIDe bAe

    wEStsIDe bAe28 일 전

    Always liked Ricky good on him🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  57. Pazintys Pazintukas

    Pazintys Pazintukas28 일 전

    Scola reminds me of rocky 6. Heart of a champion.

  58. Daniel Berri

    Daniel Berri29 일 전


  59. erickrolo

    erickrolo29 일 전

    Patty Mills and Campazzo the best guards of the tournament

  60. Walter-Benjamin Ngan-Woo

    Walter-Benjamin Ngan-Woo29 일 전

    Trash!!! Corey Webster has more points pg, assists and rebounds Rubio good but for nba player trash as!!! 🗑

  61. Walter-Benjamin Ngan-Woo

    Walter-Benjamin Ngan-Woo29 일 전

    And patty mills aswell

  62. The Firestarter Channel

    The Firestarter Channel29 일 전

    where is giannis???

  63. M Faris Solihin

    M Faris Solihin29 일 전

    Kobe looks very bored lol

  64. Sanchezx22

    Sanchezx2229 일 전


  65. lmao

    lmao29 일 전

    Fournier with the ripped 'dressed for comfort' jeans HAHAH

  66. Yonathan Febri

    Yonathan Febri29 일 전

    Where's patty mills?

  67. The Best Ka

    The Best Ka29 일 전

    For me.... PG- Ricky Rubio SG- Patty Mills SF- Evan Fournier PF- Luis Scola C -Mark Gasol

  68. Naca Bg

    Naca Bg29 일 전

    Bogdanović is MVP

  69. Mon Tag

    Mon Tag29 일 전


  70. Racky Apinar

    Racky Apinar24 일 전


  71. chololennon

    chololennon27 일 전

    Campazzo before Patty Mills

  72. kamote king

    kamote king28 일 전

    ricky rubio took his spot 🙂

  73. Brod yyy

    Brod yyy28 일 전

    I'd take Patty over Fournier

  74. yosefwiizard

    yosefwiizard29 일 전

    Year of Marc Gasol