FaZe Sway vs FaZe Mongraal


  1. FaZe Sway

    FaZe Sway개월 전

    Mongraal is bootcamping in NYC so we was both on 0 ping.

  2. BH Rain

    BH Rain일 전

    Tomos Williams god loves a dreamer erm ur bad but ok

  3. Hunter TheGreat

    Hunter TheGreat3 일 전

    Lol why is everything you say in the comments and shit just more showoff things to why you won.

  4. Kid SypherPK

    Kid SypherPK5 일 전

    Are you on combat

  5. samir

    samir18 분 전

    I love Dark Bomber

  6. sniperz gaming

    sniperz gaming2 시간 전

    Was that fraizer in the background

  7. Nevxtiz

    Nevxtiz2 시간 전

    Thats so funny hes a fucking controller player 😂😆

  8. f1 zyro

    f1 zyro8 시간 전

    FaZe Kay in the background noises HOLY

  9. Albertjacob Hoefnagel

    Albertjacob Hoefnagel9 시간 전

    Sway is better

  10. Lisa Uaea

    Lisa Uaea10 시간 전

    I thought mongraal was a beast

  11. ALi MPUBG

    ALi MPUBG17 시간 전

    FaZe VS jzm

  12. Aliosman Solmaz

    Aliosman Solmaz23 시간 전

    Brooooo! Faze sway is the best creative player

  13. slimer boy 2536

    slimer boy 2536일 전

    Dude can i get skill and your pc

  14. Barzhii FaNs

    Barzhii FaNs일 전

    Mongraal Beast

  15. iM MCAUDiC

    iM MCAUDiC일 전


  16. Trist R

    Trist R일 전

    You are a god at the game



    Mongraal turns on PC the news its an Earth quake in England

  18. Dong Gecana

    Dong Gecana2 일 전

    How many times does kay said holy

  19. SWAG 2K

    SWAG 2K2 일 전

    Mongral says no turtling but then turtles that’s funny

  20. Daniel Super Gamer

    Daniel Super Gamer2 일 전

    I wonder how much clicking we heard

  21. David Neujahr

    David Neujahr2 일 전

    Ya lil gamers are losers. You are deff not making money off this content. Find a girl and get some booty!! instead staying coop up in your room playing video games all day

  22. Space Astral

    Space Astral2 일 전

    T H A T S I N S A N E

  23. TRuE Flasko

    TRuE Flasko2 일 전

    Mongreal is better

  24. 1,000,000 subscribers with no video's

    1,000,000 subscribers with no video's2 일 전

    And they said pc players are better than controller

  25. Geek Geek

    Geek Geek2 일 전

    they are in general

  26. _ZsnEaKyGaMeR _

    _ZsnEaKyGaMeR _2 일 전

    Die armen leute tuen mir leid die eine Behinderung haben😭😭♥️♥️

  27. xd klynts lol

    xd klynts lol3 일 전

    The intro gay

  28. Gamer

    Gamer3 일 전


  29. xX its imed Xx

    xX its imed Xx3 일 전

    hi. go subscribe to my channel pls

  30. Martina Delgadova

    Martina Delgadova3 일 전

    faze sway can destrpy tfue



    I love how mongraal just starts cranking as fast as he can as soon as sway starts to retake😂

  32. Zero Gaming fan 375

    Zero Gaming fan 3753 일 전

    I V ME

  33. edon ahmeti

    edon ahmeti4 일 전

    you really pro players

  34. Todo 69 3000

    Todo 69 30004 일 전


  35. Novia de mongraal

    Novia de mongraal4 일 전

    Mongraal is my boyfriend❤️

  36. Novia de mongraal

    Novia de mongraal3 일 전

    EvilZ ❤️

  37. EvilZ

    EvilZ3 일 전

    He’s Lucky Having u

  38. hussam Elshazli

    hussam Elshazli4 일 전

    0:11 why did you spoil 😑😑

  39. Jovan Pavlovic

    Jovan Pavlovic4 일 전

    GG for you...LMAO

  40. F en el chat

    F en el chat5 일 전

    1)faze sway 2)bugha 3)mongraal 4)tfue 5)ninja??

  41. ツForeX

    ツForeX일 전

    why ninja?

  42. AC4_ Yasser

    AC4_ Yasser3 일 전


  43. Jadyn Hendricks

    Jadyn Hendricks3 일 전


  44. edge was taken

    edge was taken5 일 전

    I swear to god sway you do your retakes so fast I have to put it on 0.5 speed to see it



    Thank for telling me

  46. Gabriel Östemar

    Gabriel Östemar6 일 전

    Mongraal is still way better if they play a normal game mongraal will win at eveything

  47. Gabriel Östemar

    Gabriel Östemar4 일 전

    @Jason Smith no hes jsut the better player

  48. Jayhhs

    Jayhhs4 일 전

    Jason Smith Well I never said mongraal wasn’t better competitively. but I agree with you . Sways the better pub stomper and Mongraal is the better comp player

  49. Jason Smith

    Jason Smith4 일 전

    @Jayhhs no sway is better at pubs but mongrall is way better competitively

  50. Jayhhs

    Jayhhs5 일 전

    Gabriel Östemar fanboi lmao

  51. Elis Zog

    Elis Zog6 일 전

    Sway is better tha mongraal to takes the highground

  52. Akeyla Walker

    Akeyla Walker6 일 전

    sway did him dirty who want to eat sommer ray

  53. Faisal Almighty

    Faisal Almighty6 일 전

    Mongraal is better than Jarvis Faze sway beats mongraal What a weird human

  54. Nikefrank 11

    Nikefrank 116 일 전

    Jees I was reaching puberty seeing that buildfight

  55. Abood Alassaf

    Abood Alassaf6 일 전

    وين جيش العرب لايك

  56. kirby

    kirby6 일 전

    If it was a killrace in duos than sway would be fucked, he is ALRIGHT in pubs buy he is only better than mongraal in creative

  57. Mr.Jahir

    Mr.Jahir6 일 전

    Who else is talking tf



    Isn’t mongraal in team secret not faze

  59. YT FireZz

    YT FireZz6 일 전

    He joined faze long time ago



    U better

  61. 149162536496481100

    1491625364964811007 일 전

    Butthurt Brits 😂

  62. NekoKami

    NekoKami7 일 전

    Faze sway vs Skite

  63. Dream Russell

    Dream Russell7 일 전

    Who else noticed that most of the time FaZe Sway didn’t have high ground

  64. Epic Gam3r

    Epic Gam3r7 일 전

    Dream Russell that was mainly because Mongraal would mainly just be 90ing up

  65. Boggle !

    Boggle !7 일 전


  66. Faze Mexican mexicanclan

    Faze Mexican mexicanclan7 일 전

    You kinda sound like ceeday

  67. PVP Legends

    PVP Legends7 일 전

    Is that faze kay in the background?

  68. Just Shaayzzy

    Just Shaayzzy7 일 전

    Shing shing

  69. Delight

    Delight7 일 전

    GG I still like Mongraal better

  70. Артур Жаринов

    Артур Жаринов7 일 전

    This worst intro in the world

  71. FancyCloud Gt

    FancyCloud Gt7 일 전

    0:43 Sway and mongraal: **focusing** Kay: HoLY Br-

  72. Lost_ ******

    Lost_ ******7 일 전

    😂 😂

  73. Expert21gta5 Lol

    Expert21gta5 Lol7 일 전

    Faze sway oooooo

  74. Alice

    Alice8 일 전


  75. Void_Jackalope

    Void_Jackalope8 일 전

    0:43 there’s Kay again... When is he not watching

  76. Supreme _Shawn

    Supreme _Shawn8 일 전

    High ground retakes btw

  77. Γιώργος Μπαρκονικος

    Γιώργος Μπαρκονικος8 일 전

    💪💪💪 respect

  78. Clotz-

    Clotz-8 일 전

    Mitro vs Faze sway

  79. Naruto Gaming

    Naruto Gaming8 일 전

    Creative Warriors lol

  80. tHrEsHeR

    tHrEsHeR8 일 전

    Use me as a “why can’t sway do this in a real game” button

  81. gamer noobsup

    gamer noobsup8 일 전

    Plz why you so good

  82. Mlo0n '

    Mlo0n '8 일 전

    Why people are talking about mongraal keyboard sounds when. Mitro and alot of other streamers make keyboard sounds

  83. Bryan Reque

    Bryan Reque8 일 전

    Rata eres cgada

  84. Anna Skeegwalker

    Anna Skeegwalker8 일 전

    That was totally wankers, sway is a PS4 player btw to all you x box players

  85. Anna Skeegwalker

    Anna Skeegwalker7 일 전

    Oh well then fuck me No homo

  86. RearedZebra

    RearedZebra7 일 전

    Anna Skeegwalker he’s a controller player. Controller players play on controllers in pc lobbies :)

  87. Black Bullet212

    Black Bullet2128 일 전


  88. Brayan Luna

    Brayan Luna8 일 전

    Name is song?

  89. male ey

    male ey8 일 전

    i meet you brothe his name in roblox is XXguccifaze

  90. Abdallah_ FM

    Abdallah_ FM8 일 전


  91. Ramesh Nair

    Ramesh Nair8 일 전

    20 min mongraal shooting the air

  92. kp61andw202

    kp61andw2029 일 전


  93. Yossef "Fessahaye G. Medhen

    Yossef "Fessahaye G. Medhen9 일 전

    Che brutto che è sway

  94. Rick Plays

    Rick Plays9 일 전

    all this with controller.

  95. Kenxenyt Stereamer

    Kenxenyt Stereamer9 일 전

    Lets GO Faze Sway #FazeSwayssquad

  96. TheKing800 _

    TheKing800 _9 일 전

    sway just over builds

  97. YUNG FLY TY Die

    YUNG FLY TY Die9 일 전

    Help me get 500 subs

  98. Etoro plays

    Etoro plays9 일 전

    Creative only huh?