FASTEST CAR BUILT from JUNK WINS CHALLENGE! - Hacker PZ9 vs SPY NINJAS to Reveal Vy Qwaint Secret


  1. Vy Qwaint

    Vy Qwaint24 일 전

    Who do you think built the best car? Me, Chad, or PZ9? Which is your favorite?

  2. Talal Qu

    Talal Qu20 일 전


  3. ahola world stuff arts and crafts

    ahola world stuff arts and crafts24 일 전

    Your one

  4. Isabella Sutherland

    Isabella Sutherland24 일 전

    Vy Qwaint

  5. FortniteNews Xbot

    FortniteNews Xbot24 일 전

    Vy Qwiant i think that the spy ninja’s won Pz9 does not win like if agree

  6. Giovanna Hany

    Giovanna Hany24 일 전

    No, way don't be dumb and don't be an idiot

  7. Tracky Yew

    Tracky Yew5 시간 전

    You and chad

  8. Ryan Barletta

    Ryan Barletta5 시간 전

    Chad your videos are amazing I’m a big fan of you and vy

  9. em n

    em n7 시간 전

    Vy built the best car.

  10. ryleigh salmons

    ryleigh salmons10 시간 전


  11. ryleigh salmons

    ryleigh salmons10 시간 전

    Melvin just show us your face all ready

  12. Rhaiven Jacob Rivera

    Rhaiven Jacob Rivera11 시간 전

    pz9 hahahhahahah pz hahahhahahahah pz9 is funny looking and sux

  13. Eunyeh Mitchell

    Eunyeh Mitchell11 시간 전

    Pd9 give her back her secret and her phone right now

  14. Eunyeh Mitchell

    Eunyeh Mitchell11 시간 전

    I mean tv9 give her back her right now or I'm commenting

  15. Adriana Montalvo

    Adriana Montalvo12 시간 전

    Loser vy

  16. Ahmer Nafis

    Ahmer Nafis12 시간 전


  17. Nick Adrien Estrella

    Nick Adrien Estrella13 시간 전


  18. Tracea Mitchell

    Tracea Mitchell14 시간 전

    Hay. Gag

  19. Gabriel Monge

    Gabriel Monge14 시간 전


  20. Ultimate Shrek

    Ultimate Shrek15 시간 전

    I’m sorry vy but u are not suppose to be mean and say you are the best spy ninja

  21. Lizeth Ornelas

    Lizeth Ornelas19 시간 전

    U have that hoverboard

  22. Ameer Ameer

    Ameer Ameer22 시간 전


  23. Rian Ziqry

    Rian Ziqry일 전

    Boo vy is the worst

  24. Dan Steadman

    Dan Steadman일 전


  25. Wina Pikapika

    Wina Pikapika일 전

    11:17 I think Vy has a(puns) "LEG"O Stategy Haha get it?

  26. Spiral Acro Overlord

    Spiral Acro Overlord일 전

    Pz9 looks so nice other pz members instantly but pz9 the greatest fighter dosent instantly attack Once again.. PZ9 IS THE BEST

  27. Char Lockwood

    Char Lockwood일 전

    My phone was on the way to the

  28. Eugenia Lopez

    Eugenia Lopez일 전

    pz9 take the mask when you did the trick

  29. Dalin Mann

    Dalin Mann일 전

    Emily day

  30. Katrina Lofberg

    Katrina Lofberg일 전


  31. Elena Pera

    Elena Pera일 전

    The fastest car in their but pz9 shes show his face

  32. Megan Bao

    Megan Bao일 전

    i’m just telling you

  33. Cotton Candy Plays -Skits Animated Vids & More

    Cotton Candy Plays -Skits Animated Vids & More일 전

    PZ9 IS MARLIN! (marmar)

  34. Eduard Jacob Solabo

    Eduard Jacob Solabo22 시간 전

    You sure bro i think its not marlin

  35. Angelica Barrientos

    Angelica Barrientos일 전

    U subterráneo

  36. Bianca Oliva

    Bianca Oliva일 전

    Lol when vy said be afraid of me lol lol lol

  37. royalty kidstv

    royalty kidstv일 전

    We're do you live

  38. stellci

    stellci2 일 전


  39. Ehsan Rahim

    Ehsan Rahim2 일 전

    5 times

  40. Ehsan Rahim

    Ehsan Rahim2 일 전


  41. noriel flores

    noriel flores2 일 전

    i like Vys idea and is cool

  42. George Project

    George Project2 일 전

    when pz9 stabbed a ballon Poor balloon but anyway chad said come on you got this to pz9 like he is some sort of friend or chad was just being kind to someone who POOPS HIS PANDS AAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  43. Aimee Ytzel Rodriguez

    Aimee Ytzel Rodriguez2 일 전

    Vy betrayed the spy ninjas BUT WAIT DO NOT KICK HER OUT Of THE TEAM PLEASE!!!

  44. Gemma Cuyno

    Gemma Cuyno2 일 전

    Vy pz9 he is tick off is masks

  45. Rachel Sanft

    Rachel Sanft2 일 전

    Vy is working with progect zorgo

  46. Brenda Gomez

    Brenda Gomez2 일 전

    Hi vy and chad

  47. Jose Rivera Linares

    Jose Rivera Linares2 일 전

    vys is the best

  48. DJ G

    DJ G2 일 전

    At 3 mins 5 pz9 took of his mask

  49. jayden potiwal

    jayden potiwal22 시간 전

    I see it

  50. eric leeth

    eric leeth2 일 전

    ugh I'm tired as I am going back and get it done and over and we are going through the day I was just thinking that too but it's a great time with the girls to be with him in his own way and you are not the best for the day off today but it is not the only thing that has to do that for a bit late but happy for u and ur mom is in my room to the hospital with her in her mouth to be a great weekend too babe I'm going home to me that you have to do it again and it will get a job at it for me to go out and get a chance with me and my dad and mom are going through a few minutes to go back in time and place on a Sunday afternoon or night with the day before yesterday was my fault that he

  51. Yay Tea

    Yay Tea2 일 전

    |stop doing kickbumps in the middle of a callenge like so chad can see this |

  52. Byron Markovic

    Byron Markovic3 일 전

    She betraded the spy ninjer

  53. Gordon Tucker

    Gordon Tucker3 일 전

    love you cwc

  54. Pauline Alianza

    Pauline Alianza3 일 전

    Vy. Is. U. Have. Pz700

  55. Pauline Alianza

    Pauline Alianza3 일 전

    Vy. is. The. What

  56. William Nobles

    William Nobles3 일 전

    When you did the race it did not count when we did it because she did not touch point b Soho time does not count c is a cheetah🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😠😠😤😱😱😱

  57. Fernando Vences

    Fernando Vences3 일 전


  58. K1 loose

    K1 loose3 일 전


  59. Alan Booth

    Alan Booth3 일 전

    LOVE YOU 💟💗💖💗💟💝💗

  60. dharani kumar

    dharani kumar3 일 전

    YES yes yes

  61. nicolaann skelton

    nicolaann skelton3 일 전

    That hacker’s voise

  62. Gabriela Rowinska

    Gabriela Rowinska4 일 전

    shut up VY

  63. Dean the map creator Pagunsan

    Dean the map creator Pagunsan4 일 전

    Why does pz9 always trips😂😂🤣

  64. Karen H

    Karen H일 전

    becas he is clonze and trip

  65. Jose Salazar

    Jose Salazar4 일 전

    I like it your vy

  66. Deandre Rhinehart

    Deandre Rhinehart4 일 전


  67. The Squishatory

    The Squishatory4 일 전


  68. Jackson Gray

    Jackson Gray4 일 전

    he said losers count him down but he counted his self down

  69. nada alesa

    nada alesa4 일 전

    Subscribe to Chad and VY and Regina 🧸 and Daniel 💻 By everyone 👋

  70. Adelle Carrillos

    Adelle Carrillos4 일 전

    Who’s phone