FANCAM 191005 SuperM 슈퍼엠 Jopping @ Debut Showcase Capitol Records Hollywood Live Concert Performance


  1. Miraj

    Miraj8 일 전

    Love Lucas 💙💙😍

  2. Ohioiii

    Ohioiii11 일 전

    Taemin q omG

  3. Onew Dubu

    Onew Dubu16 일 전

    3:54 I really love this part and Taemin's dance form when his on the floor is just ART!

  4. Filmed By Jay

    Filmed By Jay25 일 전

    Im so ready for tomorrow they are coming to San José!

  5. 퐁듀

    퐁듀28 일 전

    here to relive these fantastic moments of their debut before the second leg of the tour❤love them all so much

  6. Tonaradoss Tharayn

    Tonaradoss Tharayn개월 전

    This performance made me fall in love with Taemin. For me he is God of dancing and I got deep into the realm of his solo works and SHINee. Although I'm not really into Boygroups Super M has captivated me and I love the songs and all the members and their interactions dearly. So glad that I can see them next month in London!

  7. Kai's Cupcakes

    Kai's Cupcakes개월 전

    everyone be talkin abt taemin but here iam saying THE PRECIOUS KAI SLAYS IT. The move, the smirk i just cantt-

  8. Charlene Tsai

    Charlene Tsai개월 전

    can we just .. hello... Baekhyun bias here :)))

  9. jaemin-ah

    jaemin-ah개월 전

    i love looking at maaaaark

  10. Nafolchan

    Nafolchan개월 전

    When it's taemin part and Kai and baekhyun behind him That shit is goooooodddd

  11. Queen ARMY

    Queen ARMY개월 전

    BTS's new rival

  12. idarachmatika putri

    idarachmatika putri개월 전


  13. idarachmatika putri

    idarachmatika putri개월 전


  14. idarachmatika putri

    idarachmatika putri개월 전


  15. idarachmatika putri

    idarachmatika putri개월 전


  16. Super Devil

    Super Devil개월 전

    3:08 Taemin and Lucas ...

  17. sun shower

    sun shower개월 전

    태민이가 20살때 sm에서 솔로앨범을 내준게 이해가 가는 상황...!!!

  18. shubhanidhi mesta

    shubhanidhi mesta2 개월 전


  19. Nicole

    Nicole2 개월 전

    This look so hard!!!

  20. 춤추지우

    춤추지우2 개월 전

    Im kpop dance cover I hope show my dance Come in my youtube

  21. Marizze Nervez

    Marizze Nervez2 개월 전

    Center Lee Taeyong is what I live for

  22. GadsowertyRBLX

    GadsowertyRBLX2 개월 전

    Watch At 3:08 You guys will see lucas at wrong position.

  23. Auntie67

    Auntie672 개월 전

    I always come back to watch Taemin shine in this constellation. What a king!!! His dancing and charisma is on another level ❤️

  24. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    You cannot deny that Kai is the main link in the group.

  25. Le Monke

    Le Monke2 개월 전

    Jongins pants look like they’re from the Obsession Mv when he was X-Exo

  26. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    Just similar, but in EXO they are more expressive on the figure of Kai.

  27. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    For 90 days on the Internet, Kai was in first place in user requests in the EXO and SuperM groups

  28. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    Kai is an unsurpassed dancer, his external beauty compliments his talent,idol idols .

  29. Di Pauli

    Di Pauli3 개월 전

    I'm sooooo happy that a lot of people are recognizing the Taemin's talent ❤️ he deserves this appreciation

  30. Di Pauli

    Di Pauli2 개월 전

    @just viewer yeah, sure, I agree too. But I really think that they don't need be elect " who is best". This group is on fire and is amazing, every single one is unbelievable and don't need to wait for who will leading. And I only made that comment based on my personal felling, but I cheer for each one sucess, and bigger than this, I cheer for the SuperM's sucess.

  31. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    @Di Pauli You know, I don’t think that we need to single out someone in SuperM, guided by the old merits of the artists. This is not very correct in relation to others, they are all good artists, each in their own way. If you like Shinee and Taemin, see them on the record. This is a new group, let's wait and see who is the best, time will show the leading artists in the group

  32. Di Pauli

    Di Pauli2 개월 전

    @just viewer I made this comment because I'am a huge fan of Shinee and I'am afraid that they will be forgoten litle by litle and nobody in the new generation reconized they talent. So when SupeM debuted I saw a lot of people who didn't know Shinee and Taemin, started to be curios about his talent and his history, and search more about them, so I'am really happy that SuperM's debut had formed more Shawols.

  33. I Am Depressed

    I Am Depressed2 개월 전

    @just viewer shinee is known as princess of K-pop and Taemin is known as best dancer in K-pop..and you think that they are not are so dumb.... please don't make people laugh with your half knowledge.....

  34. just viewer

    just viewer2 개월 전

    @Jojo Marie

  35. 킹콩

    킹콩3 개월 전

    태민 왤케 잘춰.. 몸 움직이는 거 개신기해

  36. 킹콩

    킹콩3 개월 전

    역시 태민... 텐도 대박

  37. 도이

    도이3 개월 전


  38. Kari and Lianna

    Kari and Lianna3 개월 전

    i love how we’re just talking about taemin but let’s show some love to the other members 🥺. their performance was amazing

  39. Deeptanshu suman

    Deeptanshu suman3 개월 전

    Baekhyun's high notes damn 😘😘jst loved it

  40. Ditha Cahyaningtyas

    Ditha Cahyaningtyas3 개월 전

    Taeyong 😍

  41. Donna Nahoum

    Donna Nahoum3 개월 전

    I agree with Love Love, I would love to see Taemin in a Solo Concert. I wonder if he will be performing one of his own song at the Garden.

  42. Donna Nahoum

    Donna Nahoum3 개월 전

    Absolutely right about Taemin, I just love to watch him dance.

  43. Mariela Soto

    Mariela Soto3 개월 전

    I’m in love with Taemin’s movements, just incredible the way he dances

  44. Sanse Jean

    Sanse Jean3 개월 전

    Best dancers in one performance and Kai is still the best. T.T

  45. Aorta Z

    Aorta Z3 개월 전

    Wow their power!!!

  46. iAdamus

    iAdamus3 개월 전

    Uh, you think ya big boi, throwing three stacks I'ma show you how to ball, you a mismatch Opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts Throwback, I might throw this on an eight track still my fave part lol

  47. 남보라

    남보라3 개월 전

    어쩜 춤을 이렇게 다들 잘출수가있지

  48. Анисимова Дарья

    Анисимова Дарья3 개월 전


  49. Atom Nizer

    Atom Nizer3 개월 전

    taemin is a legend

  50. S H O O T I E

    S H O O T I E3 개월 전

    4:32 damn taeyong did that so hard, he broke his coat. Look we can see a button flying

  51. meet me in the hallway oopies

    meet me in the hallway oopies3 개월 전

    okay but Ten's dancing is FLAWLESS he has the energy and the precision woah, he's my nct bias wrecker but he's my superm bias

  52. meet me in the hallway oopies

    meet me in the hallway oopies3 개월 전

    Marks rap the second time still send me to another dimension

  53. Lucas Hyun

    Lucas Hyun3 개월 전

    Taemin 😎😎🤗🤗🤗😘 Since you got here, give it like ami dance cover SuperM Jopping:

  54. 마카롱Macaron

    마카롱Macaron3 개월 전

    태민이 무브때도 그렇고 꾸물꾸물한 춤만 보다가 또 갑자기 이렇게 하드한가 추는가 보니까ㅜ너무젛다ㅜ하

  55. haney

    haney3 개월 전

    I shook my head every second while saying "damn"

  56. 플레이스뚝딱

    플레이스뚝딱3 개월 전

    마지막에 태용 센터에서 소름 돋음... 춤을 어떻게 저렇게 추지

  57. 이게뭐람

    이게뭐람3 개월 전

    근데 이분들 그럼 각자 팀에는 언제 돌아감??

  58. Jenny Leong

    Jenny Leong3 개월 전

    Love SuperM and this choreo so much!! But Ten and Lucas deserve much more than what they get in this ://

  59. Matíi l

    Matíi l3 개월 전

    Taemin is the dance machine of Kpop

  60. Tay Hunter

    Tay Hunter3 개월 전

    They really did that that

  61. Tay Hunter

    Tay Hunter3 개월 전


  62. MY WAY

    MY WAY3 개월 전

    에스엠 클라스 제대로 보여주네

  63. Subrina TAN1717

    Subrina TAN17174 개월 전

    This is a true Avengers team. With amazing vocals like Beakhyun, Taemin and Ten, powerful dancers like Kai, Ten, Taemin and Taeyeong, awesome rappers like Mark, Taeyeong, Kai and Lucas, stunning visuals as Kai, Taeyeong, taemin, cute and charming Baekhyun, Mark and Lucas and not to mention the complicated powerful dance choreography and how synchronised they are while performing. My eyes is so busy to catch and look at each of them and my jaw dropped with saliva dripping down. SuperM definitely is a flawless boy band.

  64. 김명기

    김명기4 개월 전

    Sm항상 이런식ㅜ

  65. Joung In Joung

    Joung In Joung4 개월 전

    다들 대박 매력쩜니다

  66. skcbsc.EXO-L.xdlklt

    skcbsc.EXO-L.xdlklt4 개월 전

    Baek's voice and Kai's moves and stage presen is really on a another Level🔥🔥