1. Dave Casey

    Dave Casey17 분 전

    You could have added another cover for Tainted Love. Marilyn Manson. ;)

  2. Hannah Miles

    Hannah Miles시간 전

    I had no idea The Beatles ever sang Twist and Shout LMAO

  3. Emma Renee

    Emma Renee3 시간 전

    Ednaswap didn't make the original torn, the original torn is made by Lis sørensen in 1993.

  4. Erik R.A. Correwyn

    Erik R.A. Correwyn3 시간 전

    'I'm a believer is written by Neil Diamond, The Monkees were a bunch of actors, not musicians, in a television comedy!

  5. Adirondack American

    Adirondack American4 시간 전

    Grateful Dead’s version of whiskey in the jar is a better cover than either of em imo

  6. Craig

    Craig5 시간 전

    You're wrong aboud Sinead O'Connor being a cover. The song was written by Prince but he did not want to record it, so he gave it to Sinead. He later recorded it himself.

  7. toddbod94

    toddbod946 시간 전

    The Thin Lizzy Version of Whiskey in The Jar is a cover. It's first recording was by the Dubliners.

  8. Ellie Minard

    Ellie Minard8 시간 전

    Wiskey in the jar was written by the Dubliners

  9. Tekla Kulots

    Tekla Kulots8 시간 전

    What about diamonds by sia

  10. Giuliana Sedani

    Giuliana Sedani6 시간 전

    Tekla Kulots technically it’s not a cover because sia never released it but gave it to Rihanna instead. The version you’ve heard is just a demo :)

  11. Tekla Kulots

    Tekla Kulots8 시간 전

    But everyone recognizes rhianna

  12. Adrian Fôrrest

    Adrian Fôrrest9 시간 전

    Who is Withney?

  13. DeathWish808

    DeathWish80810 시간 전

    Oh, and fuck that stupid ass transition between every single fucking song.

  14. DeathWish808

    DeathWish80810 시간 전

    When a mainstream band does a cover of your song and everyone forgets that it's not the original because it's so much better. Obviously, this is subjective and is not the case with every one of these, IMO. Odds are... If you heard and liked the originals first then that's going to be what you usually prefer. If not for the originals then the great covers would have never come about.

  15. Jay JWP

    Jay JWP10 시간 전

    Who's Withney?

  16. Katelyn Brown

    Katelyn Brown11 시간 전

    Man, the 80s were full of covers.

  17. Katelyn Brown

    Katelyn Brown11 시간 전

    I mean personally Slade & The Arrows are really good originally.

  18. Katelyn Brown

    Katelyn Brown11 시간 전

    How crazy that one of Joan Jett's hits is a cover.

  19. stalin did 9/11

    stalin did 9/1113 시간 전

    Could you at least put Dylan’s version of Knocking on havens door? You literally put a cover

  20. delano62

    delano6213 시간 전

    Love Cyndi Lauper to this very day.

  21. David Warshawsky

    David Warshawsky13 시간 전

    Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel's Ain't No Mountain High, was much better than the cover done by Diana Ross, even though her's was the bigger hit!

  22. Fall_Vapor_KnJ

    Fall_Vapor_KnJ14 시간 전


  23. Rasyad aryasatya

    Rasyad aryasatya15 시간 전

    the kinks (old) and van hallen (new)- you really got me

  24. Gabriel Torres

    Gabriel Torres15 시간 전

    Miss higher ground

  25. フリークスジン

    フリークスジン16 시간 전

    but prince version is better and i personally think i am more familiar with it

  26. Ezequiel Balingit

    Ezequiel Balingit16 시간 전


  27. Chris Bond

    Chris Bond16 시간 전

    Funny how a lot of these songs are known as these artists' signature hits and they're not even theirs

  28. TopazLynx22

    TopazLynx2220 시간 전

    12 Covers where I knew both songs 9 Where I didn't know the Cover and 7 where I didn't know either the Cover or the Original Also who knows? Sometimes the old is best and sometimes the new is better. For example... The Isley Brothers were way better than The Beatles. The Monkeeys where not as good as Smash Mouth.

  29. Josh ellis

    Josh ellis21 시간 전

    All songs on metallicas "garage days" album were covers

  30. R Lopez

    R Lopez22 시간 전

    This is a biased list. All covers were better than the original, which is hardly the case. The only exception was the Nirvana cover, which sucked as much as the original!

  31. Mark Burrows

    Mark Burrows22 시간 전

    As a musicologist, I am unable to proclaim an opinion on whether an original or a cover is the best. Why? Because it would be exactly that, and opinion. Opinions are personal judgements, it is what critics use to pick or pan a criteria. The sad thing about critics is they generally have no experience in the field of which they are critiquing. Movie critics are not actors, producers, or directors, they are just journalists who have a column in a newspaper who use words to appeal to the sensationalism of the readers. It's exactly the same in all aspects, whether it is art, literature and of course music. As the saying goes, "Those who can't, become critics, or teachers." What is a teacher? Merely a person who can follow a directive and deliver it to a classroom of students. When one goes to higher education, there are no longer any teachers, instead there are professors. Professors are trained and qualified experts within the field of which they lecture students so that they may earn their degrees. Now, there really isn't a degree in becoming a musicologist. It is more of an experience of being involved and around the music industry. It is knowing the artists, the producers, the engineers, the members of various bands, studio musicians, tour musicians, managers, tour managers, songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists. For each individual involved there is a particular unique characteristic involved as well as a variety of idiosyncrasies that makes certain artists arrange a piece within their own creative objective while at the same time paying tribute and respect to the original songwriter, and/or the original performer. It is not about good, better, best nor is it about bad, worse or worst. It is about the intricate style and persona any given artist puts on a piece of music, whether it is their own original material or that of another songwriter and/or artist. Think about it. One of the most gifted songwriters of modern times is Bob Dylan. I am not saying he is the best. What I am saying is he has written material that is extremely adaptable to almost every genre of music. He writes the lyrics, he writes the melody, and he writes the composition. What most people don't know is that Bob, doesn't play what he writes most of the time, he strums and he blows on a mouth organ/harmonica but he rarely plays the intricate parts of the composition, that's one of the reasons he likes to work with a band. He even knows that he is not a good vocalist, but he has a few styles that work for him that are distinctly Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan. All great artists who are known for their original material in songwriting and performing have paid their due respect by doing covers of other artists and genres. It is the nature of the industry. Now, a lot of them don't always go into the studio and record them, because sometimes they are aware that the original songwriter/artist is not getting royalties, that some crooked manager/producer or record label executive stole the rights to said song. So they just perform them during tour, and tour recordings fall under a different set of rules. As a musicologist I choose to appreciate all aspects of music that I consider of being distinct and of character significance. Thus, I have a great deal of trouble with a lot of popular music that is labelled as "Pop" music these days. So many fly by night pop stars and they all sound identical, their vocal arrangements are too similar and very few stand out as being particularly 'gritty' and I find that mostly with female vocalists. I hear songs during movies and I think, oh that must be Natalie Merchant, who I like, but I always watch the song credits at the end only to discover some wanna be who's name I instantly forget. I hope you all understand that I do not make a list. It also stands to reason that I am somewhat particular to the days of analog and when bands had guitar players, drummers, bass players, an organist (a genuine Hammond with Leslie speakers). Real wood and horn sections. Now it is all synthetic loops, and DJ mixers. Look, there was a time I appreciated the electronic music. That was when there were artists such as Vangelis, Jean-Miceal Jarre, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, (last two of Yes fame), Brian Eno (post Roxy Music), and Peter Gabriel (post Genesis). Yet that was different because there was ambience to their compositions, and they collaborated with all sorts of different lyricists, and vocalists. Then along came Disco and yucked it all up. Then the decade we would all love to forget, the 1980s. (apologies to those born in that decade, hey, some of them were my kids! Besides, it wasn't their music, they cut their teeth in the 90s). There is still plenty of great artists, material and music out there, but it is hard to sort out of the over produced mass marketing and the far too many online music promotional sites. What point am I making here? If music just sounds just everything else, then what is there to appreciate. Really? It is like listening to Elvis impersonators, one right after the other. Now, I realize that some folks are into that, but that's can be either an obsession or an addiction. Truth be known, Elvis copped his style from combining rockabilly with Chuck Berry antics. Jerry Lee Lewis who was the same age as Presley was sore because Presley stole his thunder. Lewis had already been touring through Louisiana and the Texas grind with his boogie woogie rockabilly rock 'n roll and was being courted by Sam Philips when along came this pretty boy crooner. Oh yes, Elvis started out as a gospel type crooner and then one day, decided to punch out his rockabilly version of "That's All Right (Mama)" penned by Arthur Crudup. The rest was history. Lewis didn't get to record at Sun Records until 1956, two years after Elvis. Elvis then later screwed over Harry Nilsson merely by dying, when all of Presley's catalog was owned by RCA Records. They were about to finally launch and do a major promotion for Nilsson, but then Elvis ups and dies and Nilsson was put on the back burner. His career bottomed out after that, then Harry died. Yet we still have Elvis impersonators strutting their stuff, young Elvis, fat Elvis, sideburns Elvis, jumpsuit Elvis and come back Elvis. Raise your hand if you can't do an Elvis impersonation. It's easy, Uh, huh huh, Thank ya, thank ya very much. Love me tender......

  32. akjlatif

    akjlatif23 시간 전

    Imagine a razor commercial being more famous for a song than the original artist and the cover artist.

  33. Oscar Mendez

    Oscar Mendez23 시간 전

    What happened to "the great pretender" originally by the platters covered by Freddie Mercury

  34. Edwin Velez

    Edwin Velez23 시간 전

    A new list should be made to include The Cranberry’s and Bad wolves with Zombie. Also No doubts/ Gwen Stef and Jason Damas with if I was a rich man/girl. Also the Fugees and Roberta Frank with killing me softy

  35. Michael Weinheimer

    Michael Weinheimer일 전

    The Brownsville Station studio version of "Smoking in the Boys' Room" is better than the Motley Crue version. The particular live version wasn't their best.

  36. Underground906

    Underground906일 전

    Elvis's version was one of the rare times a white artist took an African American song and not only didn't create a pale imitation but created a style that changed the world.

  37. Psiberzerker

    Psiberzerker일 전

    OMG, Metallica basically started out a Norwegian metal cover band. I mean, that's one, but there were so so many.

  38. John Smith

    John Smith일 전

    Slade's more famous isn't it?

  39. Carefree CFC

    Carefree CFC일 전

    NIN´s ”Hurt„ beats Cashs´ cover all day.

  40. FunOBot

    FunOBot일 전

    i will h u r t you

  41. Keaton Hurlbut

    Keaton Hurlbut일 전

    Mad world?

  42. sumbutt

    sumbutt일 전

    Finally someone said it

  43. windfuckersister

    windfuckersister일 전

    Oh, I didn't know about "I love Rock And Roll"! And it's one of my favourite songs!

  44. Emma W

    Emma W일 전

    8:19 surely it's pretty clear that "i'm a believer" is originally by The Monkees??

  45. ansteystreet1

    ansteystreet1일 전

    1) Dolly 2) Cyndi 3) Joan 4) Slade 5) Raf 6) Gloria 7) Guns 8) Prince 9) Natalie 10) ? 11) ? 12) Beatles 13) ? 14) Blondie 15) strangeloves 16) Monkees 17) George 18) shocking blue 19) brownsville 20) Elvis 21) ?

  46. Shaun House

    Shaun House일 전

    Why for Big Mama Thornton have you used a picture of I believe Josephine Baker? Also a few additions, first another with a more famous than the original Blondie cover - "Hanging on the telephone" originally by the Nerves, "Respect" original by Otis Redding although the Aretha Franklin's version does have the significant addition of the spell-out refine, and the Johnny Cash cover of "Hurt" by the Nine Inch Nails.

  47. Timothy Taggart

    Timothy Taggart일 전

    KOreporter should be renamed CommercialTube. I can't wait until there's a viable option.

  48. Dr. Drinkling

    Dr. Drinkling일 전

    Adblock, my friend.

  49. Anthony Lam

    Anthony Lam일 전

    8:11 ahh, what I came for

  50. Yung Royce

    Yung Royce일 전

    all along the watchtower maaan, it's originally a Bob Dylan song

  51. UndeadGaming

    UndeadGaming일 전

    Is this just the GTA Vice City soundtrack?

  52. Jeff Phillips

    Jeff Phillips4 시간 전

    UndeadGaming quiet riot that’s about all

  53. Mimi YuYu

    Mimi YuYu일 전

    George Michael’s/ Limp Bizkit’s Faith?

  54. Mimi YuYu

    Mimi YuYu일 전

    I like the Marilyn Manson version of Tainted Love the best

  55. Michael Holmes

    Michael Holmes일 전

    Live and let die gnr much better than wings version

  56. tonyincltn

    tonyincltn일 전

    nothing compares 2 u is wrong. Prince didnt work with Rosie Gaines until the 90s. Prince wrote it and recorded it, but never released it. It was first published by the group "The Family" (one of Prince's project groups, and the first album released with his Paisley Park company). No radio airplay, but I got the tape, because of the song "screams of passion".

  57. Brad

    Brad일 전

    3:22 its not even Bob Dylan. If you are going to say that Bob Dylan was the original, that atleast play his version. Bob’s voice is way more raspy

  58. MrDuelingBanjo

    MrDuelingBanjo4 시간 전

    +Brad far too tuneful for his Bobness :)

  59. Brad

    Brad4 시간 전

    +MrDuelingBanjo Oh, It is, i wasn't paying attention of who i could be, just who it wasn't lmao

  60. MrDuelingBanjo

    MrDuelingBanjo4 시간 전

    That's Clapton's version...

  61. Andrew Chou

    Andrew Chou12 시간 전

    If that is Bob Dylan's voice, he can be nearly perfect as a singer

  62. Tristan Wells

    Tristan Wells일 전

    What is the tune played between each pair of songs. It’s really nostalgic

  63. Dr. Drinkling

    Dr. Drinkling일 전

    The 60s Batman theme

  64. BurritoBurger

    BurritoBurger일 전

    Um yeah I think we all knew I'm A Believer was a cover

  65. johnny martinez

    johnny martinez2 일 전

    Wtf was that ad

  66. Ricky Vendrell

    Ricky Vendrell2 일 전

    Kurt Cobain completely dominated The Man Who Sold The World LMAO

  67. Dr. Drinkling

    Dr. Drinkling일 전

    Imo the midge ure version is the best

  68. Brady Bern

    Brady Bern2 일 전

    7 minutes in and Prince has only been brought up once...

  69. Brady Bern

    Brady Bern일 전

    5 words "you. Don't. Call. Me. Anymore"

  70. Fox Larson

    Fox Larson2 일 전

    All songs

  71. bumbum boy

    bumbum boy2 일 전

    Ya'll forgettin about the great pretender

  72. Christopher Bell

    Christopher Bell2 일 전

    The Shocking Blue version of Venus is a classic

  73. bebbo92

    bebbo922 일 전

    Aretha Franklin - Respect Joe Cocker - with a little Help from my friends Joe Cocker - Feeling alright Joe Cocker - unchained my Heart (Joe Cocker generally Had a Lot of good Cover Songs sind was Well known for that) Tina Turner - proud Mary Santana - oye Como va ( i didn't know that this was a Cover before) Korn created an amazing Cover of cameos - Word Up Eric Clapton covered Bob marleys - i Shot the sherrif Tracy chapman covered Bob Dylan "the times they are changing" live Marvin Gaye - i heard It through the grapevine, ccr, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker also covered that song hot 8 Brass band Had a wonderful Cover of Sexual healing, which i can only recommend You to Listen immediatly ;), even German Pop Singer Had a Cover of Sexual healing which was OK (i love IT, because it was the time where i Fell in love with a Girl for the First time) Mad world - Gary Jules Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley Jose Feliciano - light my fire Stevie Ray Vaughn - little Wing Jimi Hendrix all allong the watchtower Jimi Hendrix - Like a Rolling Stone (expacially one Live Performance, can't say which one at the Moment) Jamie cullum - the Wind cries Mary Easy star All Stars - with a little Help from my friends Nirvana - wäre die You speep Last night MTV Unplugged Fantastic negrito - in the pines i think that toploader did a good Job with Dancing in the Moonlight, Big Yellow Taxi was a good Cover Made by counting crows, Falco - it's all Over now baby Blues Them - it's all Over now baby blues Seal and Jeff Beck - Like a Rolling Stone black sorrows Had a wonderful Radio 90s Pop Cover of Bob marleys - stir IT up And Johnny Nash also Had a good Cover of stir IT up Ray lamontage - the man in me( there is a Studio Cover and a live Radio Cover, i prefer the live Radio Cover of the Song) James Morrison - the man in the mirror (He Made two acoustic covers of the song, Gangsters Paradies, acoustic cover) Katy Perry - electric feel Santana - black Magic woman Easy star All Stars and the Flaming lips both covered the entire Pink Floyd Album " the DARK Side of the Moin", the dass Cover ist awesome AS a whole, Fläming lips did an excellent Job with "the great Gig in the sky" and "any colour You Like" Johnny Cash - Hurt Jimmy Cliff Made a great Cover of Jimmy nash' - i can See clearly now the fugees Had a decent Cover of "Killing me softly" Bruno Mars covered Breakboats "i am yours" with Treasury and in my opinion it was Well done i also think, that Madonna did a good Job with " American pie (of course i prefer the original, for Sure, but i also Like her Version) Adele - make You feel my love blue & Elton John - sorry Seems to be the hardest Word (OK let's bei fair with that, Elton John was involved so weit can't really call IT a Cover) Led Zeppelin - dazed and confused (by the way, Led Zeppelin Had a Lot of, let's Just call IT "inspiration" of old Blues songs and they didn't even give Credit for it, which is the Definition of a bitchmove in my mind, "Houses of the holy" was their First "original album) Cher did a good Cover of the shoop shoop Song, and of Walking in Memphis ( although i prefer the original) Nancy sinatra covered chers - bang bang (my by baby Shot meine down) German Reggae Band seed Used the Refrain of "the Tide is high" for their Kind of a Cover with the Same Name Marvin Gaye covered groovin from the rascals and i dont consider It as being better than the original, but it's a good Cover sinead o ' Connor - nothing compares to You wir sind Helden - halt dich an deiner liebe fest Freundeskreis - halt dich an deiner liebe fest Jan delay - für immer und dich (Last Three one are German, but Musical ist a Universal language, isn't it?) Miriam makeba - mmbube Club nouveau - Lean on me ain't No sunshine - unknown female Artist don't Leave me baby - duffy Zoe Kravitz - don't ky'an Marley - electric avenue There are plenty of good Cover Songs Out there, musicians Used to cover Songs all the time, so i didn't really understand why Cover Songs often have a negative connotation. IT was a normal Thing to do in the 60's and still ist. There are a Lot of "KOreporter" musicians, who make excellent Covers, Just Look Up for it. Musician covered and inspired'n influenced Esch Other.

  74. phaelax

    phaelax2 일 전

    Sweet Dreams was a pretty famous cover. Chili Peppers Higher Ground? Or I wonder how many people knew that Rage Against the Machine's "Renegades of Funk" was actually a cover

  75. Phoenix Shadow

    Phoenix Shadow2 일 전

    I’m surprised that Mess if the Blues (cover by Status Quo) (originally by Elvis Presley) wasn’t on here.

  76. phaelax

    phaelax2 일 전

    I've been trying to figure out a video I saw as a kid for like 20 years now, and now I finally figured out who it was, george harrison!

  77. FelisTerras

    FelisTerras2 일 전

    First and foremost, really enjoyed this video. No stupid commentaries, random trivia and useless rumours, just the bare facts and music. Very soothing and, if I may say so, professional. That said *cough *Creedence Clearwater Revival *cough *Ike and Tina Turner *cough *

  78. XDHateLifeXD :/

    XDHateLifeXD :/2 일 전

    Bush covered 911

  79. Stuart Cooper

    Stuart Cooper2 일 전

    If you didn't already know these were covers your musical education and knowledge is shockingly appalling. Just saying.

  80. SilentApprentice

    SilentApprentice2 일 전

    Killing me softly wasn't original by Roberta flack either. It was from a white folk/indie singer, can't remember her name at the moment.

  81. Phoenix Playz

    Phoenix Playz2 일 전

    Disappointed House of the Rising Sun was not on this list

  82. Alexandre Mamed

    Alexandre Mamed2 일 전

    Crazy little thing called love

  83. Alejandro Caballero

    Alejandro Caballero2 일 전

    The Thin Lizard one is already a cover

  84. Kevin J. Loos

    Kevin J. Loos2 일 전

    Glad to see Nirvana covered in there * pun intended *

  85. почему бы и нет

    почему бы и нет2 일 전

    Where is viktor coi

  86. Sam Andersson Kleist

    Sam Andersson Kleist2 일 전


  87. Felicia

    Felicia2 일 전

    Who on earth would know Metallicas version before the supreme classic of Thin Lizzy?

  88. Ben Aman

    Ben Aman2 일 전

    Recycle song with twist

  89. Brian Lynch

    Brian Lynch2 일 전

    "I'm a Believer" was originally written and recorded by Neil Diamond. The Monkees' version was a cover, as was Smashmouth's

  90. FilmsBoro

    FilmsBoro2 일 전

    fun fact: Robert Wyatt from Soft Machine has covered "I´m a believer" after his accident to some critical success. I´m out

  91. Lisbonized

    Lisbonized2 일 전

    Don’t forget Oasis Wonderwall is a cover of a Mike Flowers Pops song!

  92. pencil case

    pencil case2 일 전

    Woooah!! No way!

  93. Александър Павлов

    Александър Павлов2 일 전

    "The man who sold the world" is David Bowie's song? Now I'm shocked...

  94. jack holcomb

    jack holcomb2 일 전

    why use a Josephine Baker picture for Big Momma Thornton?

  95. Craig Hicks

    Craig Hicks2 일 전

    that was not bob dylans version

  96. Soaring Hawk

    Soaring Hawk2 일 전

    Dont sound like the dylan version of heavens door to me

  97. Sticky Toast Crunch

    Sticky Toast Crunch2 일 전

    The original girls just wanna have fun is WAYY better imo

  98. curren caples

    curren caples2 일 전

    fun fact bohemian rhapsody was originally made by tekashi 69

  99. Lotza Pop

    Lotza Pop3 일 전

    This was really good TY

  100. mother 3 fan

    mother 3 fan3 일 전


  101. Dan Huyck

    Dan Huyck3 일 전

    "Ice cream man" was not an original Van Halen song LoL Jim Brim did the original

  102. Exxplosion

    Exxplosion3 일 전

    Whiskey in the jar was written sometime in the 17th century btw

  103. Steve Krickovic

    Steve Krickovic3 일 전

    waiting for Carl Perkins & Elvis - Blue Suede Shoes!

  104. Greg Jones

    Greg Jones3 일 전

    Can someone tell me the first songs name in the intro instrumental

  105. Benjamin Berry

    Benjamin Berry3 일 전

    Surprised not to see "Blinded by the Light" here. Plus some others I've seen in the comments. But good compilation nonetheless.

  106. ThomasGoessaertIsGayChannel

    ThomasGoessaertIsGayChannel3 일 전

    Didn't even know smash mouth cover lol

  107. et109

    et10923 시간 전

    Same here.

  108. Riding Mower

    Riding Mower3 일 전

    in most cases...the covers were better...in most. What about ' Mad World ' Tears for Fears...Cover Gary Jules.

  109. Rufo Rufo

    Rufo Rufo3 일 전

    much of Stevie Ray Vaughn's stuff were covers.

  110. Diego CJ

    Diego CJ3 일 전

    You missed any and all of Black Eyed Peas they are a rip off like the "Miserlou" song by Dick Dale. AC/DC copy themselves in each song also. The riff in "More Bounce to the Ounce by Zapp 1980" was stolen by Bruno Mars. Charlie Puth grabbed the melody in "Tell it to my Heart" by Taylor Dayne and used it for his chorus (though probably most pop songs are a rip off anyways - it all uses the same 4/4 bars - 3 repeated, 1 different) and I could keep going "All Night Long"...

  111. Diego CJ

    Diego CJ3 일 전

    "Why can't we be Friends" is also sung by Smash Mouth but the original is from War.

  112. Wolf_Kid_ Kaylee1

    Wolf_Kid_ Kaylee13 일 전

    Robert Hazzard kinda looks like bill nye

  113. Richard S

    Richard S3 일 전

    I'm a believer was written Neil Diamond who also covered his own song!

  114. Peter Herrington

    Peter Herrington3 일 전

    Excellent compilation Few surprises in there too . Add 1 sub

  115. Mighty Chuba

    Mighty Chuba3 일 전

    Dolly Parton covered the dong also. I forget the name of the original singer

  116. Андрей Колесников

    Андрей Колесников3 일 전

    Tained love- Marylin Manson)))