EXTREME Try Not To Laugh Challenge


  1. Sydney Riney

    Sydney Riney일 전

    Eugene : this is a pig Me : yes it is

  2. Marsh Patrick

    Marsh Patrick2 일 전

    1:56 ok but her laugh was just adorable

  3. Diana Naddo

    Diana Naddo2 일 전

    Even tho Eugene didn't do anything to make us smile or laugh but the way he speaks and act it just force you to laugh and smile without even realizing it 😂😂😂.

  4. Irina MC

    Irina MC2 일 전

    It's just a pig, it won't make me smile. Unless it s**ts on my arm.

  5. Star

    Star3 일 전

    And Eugene smiles . . . . . . . when pig start pooping

  6. Nerd Geek

    Nerd Geek3 일 전

    I wish I were one of the kids. _They hugged Eugene!_

  7. avias life

    avias life3 일 전

    *I smiled once and i hated it* mood.

  8. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears4 일 전

    Anyone else concerned about the fact that Clark is laying all over the floor the pig shat on and is butt scracthing his poop hole that probably was not wiped

  9. Dreams & Teddy Bears

    Dreams & Teddy Bears4 일 전

    Us Asians are experts at controlling our facial expressions

  10. Kian 0708

    Kian 07086 일 전

    “What’s your name?” “Blake” “Ok and what’s your name?” “...” “Also Blake?”

  11. coco bork

    coco bork7 일 전

    eugene gives off strong rosa diaz vibes

  12. Sanjukta Mitra

    Sanjukta Mitra7 일 전


  13. Marie

    Marie9 일 전

    "cute dogs and adorable children dont get me, but once something shits in front of me..." -Eugene 2017

  14. Christa Anne Degala

    Christa Anne Degala9 일 전

    Haha I really love you eugene 😍

  15. Gachaworld M

    Gachaworld M10 일 전

    I remember Eugene laughing when Ned was mortified from Eugene’s blizzard of kisses

  16. Tamara Baeza

    Tamara Baeza10 일 전

    02:05 "hE jUst lEft mE :CCCC"

  17. Isabella Smith

    Isabella Smith11 일 전

    Eugene has no heart unless it's pigs. 🐖 Yet everyone loves him.

  18. ilovecake

    ilovecake11 일 전

    Its extremely difficult to smile when I'm alone but I laugh/smile around other peeps b/c I'm nervous

  19. Huskaya Ken

    Huskaya Ken11 일 전

    Eugene? ThatMidgetAsian? I know it’s not him but still

  20. Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!

    Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!12 일 전

    Eugene is the embodiment of my soul, but I don’t end up that way.

  21. 「 komaki sue 」

    「 komaki sue 」12 일 전

    *when u say ur not going to smile but u smile right after u say that*

  22. Haku Saku

    Haku Saku12 일 전

    comments made me laugh

  23. Harshita Chatterjee

    Harshita Chatterjee13 일 전


  24. Silvia Garza

    Silvia Garza14 일 전

    Do you guys see Clark’s pit stains??

  25. Anupriya Ganigera

    Anupriya Ganigera14 일 전

    I love Eric's face at last

  26. Fabulous Cactus

    Fabulous Cactus15 일 전

    "Has he pooped on everyone?" God 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Victoria Reis

    Victoria Reis16 일 전

    They gave me Rosa and Boyle vibes

  28. Lisa Manalo

    Lisa Manalo16 일 전

    Eugene crabs

  29. dominika kwiatek

    dominika kwiatek17 일 전

    Am I the only one who thinks Eugene looks a little like Cole Sprouse?

  30. Taehyung's Queen

    Taehyung's Queen18 일 전

    *I bet....Blonde guy is the great dad*

  31. Zoey luna kaname

    Zoey luna kaname20 일 전

    Play Lost in the beginning with the freaking bulldog with his hat I left when the pig took a poop on Eugene LOL

  32. Bannasqaudppl

    Bannasqaudppl21 일 전

    That's what you get for not smiling at such adorable things, a pig dropping

  33. Abhipsha Parida

    Abhipsha Parida21 일 전

    1:57 girl:hehehehahaha Eugene: oh flip here they come again

  34. Steven Castillo

    Steven Castillo21 일 전

    to be honest this is like a try not to laugh for me XD

  35. Pat Black

    Pat Black21 일 전

    Oh it killed me that Eugene didn't smile at the children... You HAVE to smile at children even when you're mad or sad or don't like children!

  36. Linda

    Linda19 일 전

    Uh no, you don't HAVE to.

  37. Maisha Munir

    Maisha Munir22 일 전

    I need a Clark in mah lyf

  38. ninaeatworld

    ninaeatworld26 일 전

    This combined Eugene's three biggest fears: kids, hugs and no alcohol.

  39. Anusha Nandan

    Anusha Nandan27 일 전

    well i failed the thumbnail made me laugh so...

  40. Anushka Harish

    Anushka Harish27 일 전

    eugene is kinda like Rosa Diaz

  41. Rosalinda Guidry

    Rosalinda Guidry개월 전

    1:15 omg his arm pits

  42. Kheilas Reti

    Kheilas Reti개월 전

    Clark = Joker Eugene = Batman

  43. Kheilas Reti

    Kheilas Reti개월 전

    Clark = superman

  44. sabina mclaughlin

    sabina mclaughlin개월 전

    EUGENE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS, how are you soooo good at not smiling?❤️🏳️‍🌈

  45. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk개월 전

    He smiles all the time. Idk why he tries so hard

  46. Liger Tea

    Liger Tea개월 전


  47. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans개월 전

    Eugene just needs a hug. or to be pooped on

  48. Rita C

    Rita C개월 전

    lmao the lil kids were actually cute

  49. Amaze the Amazing

    Amaze the Amazing개월 전

    1:15 look at his armpit

  50. Dani Danini

    Dani Danini개월 전

    Damn, I don't think a youtube vidio has made me laugh that hard like EVER!!!! I'M CRYING😂😂😂

  51. Littlespider310

    Littlespider310개월 전

    Its buzzfeed. Of course you'll never smile.

  52. retro aesthetic

    retro aesthetic개월 전

    tHiS iS a PiG

  53. Alexandra Salusbury

    Alexandra Salusbury개월 전


  54. Best Belle

    Best Belle개월 전

    Eugene looks like zack king

  55. Lara Pritchard

    Lara Pritchard개월 전

    Eugene really reminds of Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn nine-nine.

  56. seremos extraños juntos o no

    seremos extraños juntos o no개월 전

    Wild Eugene being attacked by wild kids

  57. Angelic Exo-L 6104

    Angelic Exo-L 6104개월 전

    You knw wht buzzfeed Eugene isn't a emotionless human being. He knw how to smile, laugh and he also knows how to have fun. You want some proof then watch THE TRY GUYS videos 😊 good day/night

  58. Katie Dykeman

    Katie Dykeman개월 전

    Yo why is Eric cutr

  59. Dork Forever

    Dork Forever개월 전

    I just lost the pig!!!

  60. AsherahTheCat

    AsherahTheCat개월 전

    Eugene didnt smile at cute dogs Eugene didnt slime at cute kids *It did make him laugh when the pig pooped on him*

  61. xXGelxto MilkteaXx

    xXGelxto MilkteaXx개월 전

    *pig enters* me: iS THaT a CHicKEn?!?!?

  62. Kinzy Fouad

    Kinzy Fouad개월 전

    OMG .... I thought I'm the only person who doesn't know hoe to connect with children 😆