EXO 엑소 Concept Trailer #EXODEUX


  1. Mahyun 마현

    Mahyun 마현6 시간 전

    please have mercy on me

  2. maria aparecida madureira

    maria aparecida madureira6 시간 전


  3. Gabriel Jordan

    Gabriel Jordan6 시간 전

    10 days left .

  4. Милана Кумыкова

    Милана Кумыкова7 시간 전


  5. نورة علي

    نورة علي7 시간 전

    انا اكره تشانيول احسه مقررف جداا

  6. عاشقة شقشق suga is my oppa

    عاشقة شقشق suga is my oppa6 시간 전

    اذاً انتي مو اكسول وايضا انتي المقرفة الي يقول انا اكسول يعني يحب كل الاعضاء وما يفرق بيناتهم وايضا..... شانيول تاج راسج 😎😎 😬😬😬

  7. نورة علي

    نورة علي7 시간 전

    يلبيه كله احبهم عسل عسل يجننون لاحد يقرب صوبهن يمال المرض 🙂..

  8. G Wl

    G Wl7 시간 전


  9. Hajzhi Chien

    Hajzhi Chien7 시간 전

    You guys should make a movie instead of music vidoe lol

  10. Kali Y

    Kali Y8 시간 전

    After watching this for 54224678 times.... I am still gonna say this... X-EXO-Ls, we are all gonna die...

  11. Dev/íl

    Dev/íl8 시간 전

    stomp on me

  12. Sharifo Axmad

    Sharifo Axmad8 시간 전

    Oh my god I can't waite

  13. نونه نونه

    نونه نونه8 시간 전

    OMG is so beautiful 😍 I’m miss d.o and lay and xiumin😢 ARAB EXO-l طالعين دمار ما اكدر اوصفهم بس ليش لاي ما موجود شنو السالفة ميصير هيج

  14. ‘army with luv

    ‘army with luv9 시간 전


  15. MsLuca

    MsLuca9 시간 전

    why does sehun have a bloody upside down cross on his eye? creepy

  16. SuperM 々 Amin

    SuperM 々 Amin9 시간 전

    *Anyone here after Jopping ?* *Like* = *Yes* *Comment* = *We are here after Love shot* !! *xd..*

  17. BTS Forever

    BTS Forever9 시간 전

    WHAT THE F**K?! 😱

  18. Reno Exxooo

    Reno Exxooo9 시간 전

    My god

  19. no EXO no LIFE

    no EXO no LIFE9 시간 전

    The best group in the world

  20. Icci Mindiastuti

    Icci Mindiastuti9 시간 전

    Wow.. just wow... suho with xiumin eyebrow .... give me that eyebrow store please !!immediately!!! Urgent !!!!

  21. Lourdes Valencia

    Lourdes Valencia9 시간 전

    This is gonna be AMAZING!

  22. Mariam Alrasheedi

    Mariam Alrasheedi9 시간 전

    Who is missing LAY ? Cry with me 💔👇🏻

  23. 123bunnydance

    123bunnydance9 시간 전

    Chen following Taemin’s lead with the chain.. (Danger MV) heart exploding. So excited!!! 🥰😍

  24. Kiana Strobridge

    Kiana Strobridge9 시간 전

    They really be killin us out here🥵😩

  25. Dian

    Dian9 시간 전

    So this is what they found in Area 51, beautiful looking humans

  26. Милица Вахранева

    Милица Вахранева10 시간 전


  27. Misha Drozdov

    Misha Drozdov10 시간 전

    Can I just say this is one of the coolest MV trailers I've ever seen

  28. peachyjikook

    peachyjikook10 시간 전

    Random person: what’s you favorite anime? Me: Exo concept trailer

  29. eleventeen

    eleventeen10 시간 전

    let the WHAT begin

  30. Alice Fregoni

    Alice Fregoni10 시간 전

    i just realized that this is connected with MAMA MVs first part. OMG.

  31. Leydy Peralta

    Leydy Peralta10 시간 전

    Epico. Los reyes

  32. MAHA Majed

    MAHA Majed10 시간 전

    I am afraid I am happy I am excited I am ready حب حب اكسو

  33. Kawal Sandhu

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  34. MissGiyongchy 1

    MissGiyongchy 111 시간 전

    This is showing endtime signs right in front of your eyes.

  35. Kawal Sandhu

    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Major missing lay,DO,xiumin oppa

  36. Kawal Sandhu

    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Can't tell how much we are excited

  37. Kawal Sandhu

    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전

    Legend's are back

  38. Kawal Sandhu

    Kawal Sandhu11 시간 전


  39. Trish Gdl

    Trish Gdl11 시간 전

    dont make us wait too long, sm. we have to watch this olredy !!!!!! 😭😭😭❤

  40. маена 92530111

    маена 9253011111 시간 전

    Where is DO?😳

  41. маена 92530111

    маена 9253011111 시간 전

    @z z thanks

  42. z z

    z z11 시간 전


  43. Alviani SayyudatulM

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  44. Legendary EXO

    Legendary EXO11 시간 전

    EXO vs X-EXO Who will win?

  45. เจ้า ปุกปุย

    เจ้า ปุกปุย11 시간 전


  46. Rania Rania

    Rania Rania12 시간 전

    YAAAAAS 😍😍😍❤

  47. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom12 시간 전

    WARNING! "THE KING IS BACK TO BEAT THE REST!", said Suho's eyebrows😏😍

  48. Harshini Harshu

    Harshini Harshu12 시간 전

    i think there will be 9 in this comeback bcoz what i observe there is 9 different types of identities in middle of trailer i hope they will release more 3 again DO,XUIMIN and LAY

  49. Procrastinator

    Procrastinator7 시간 전

    Sorry, but the most they will have in this comeback is 7, but it seems more likely it will be 6 members. Xiumin and D.O are serving in the military and Lay has his own schedule and because he's an ambassador, he has to be careful what he does. There still seems to be tension between China and Korea. Hopefully, by the time EXO is done with the military in a few years, we'll have OT9 again... I'm glad there are 9 symbols in this video, though. SM hasn't forgotten there are nine members.

  50. Annisanggra

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  51. Aulia Hanung Hanifah

    Aulia Hanung Hanifah12 시간 전

    Berasa ngeliat bts dna anjir tpi persi serem:(

  52. EXOxBTS_Kings

    EXOxBTS_Kings12 시간 전

    Kai looking like the joker

  53. EXOxBTS_Kings

    EXOxBTS_Kings12 시간 전

    Where is everybody?! Xiumin? Lay? Kyungsoo?

  54. z z

    z z11 시간 전


  55. Ducky Sicko Quack

    Ducky Sicko Quack12 시간 전

    Yall better prepare for this

  56. Ka Ka

    Ka Ka12 시간 전


  57. قائدة الاكسوالز #EXO_L قائدة الاكسوالز# EXO_L

    قائدة الاكسوالز #EXO_L قائدة الاكسوالز# EXO_L12 시간 전

    يلااا اكسوالللززز معاااي)))): كيم جونميون كيم مينسوك كيم جونغداي بيون بيكيهيون بارك تشانيول دو كيونغسو كيم جونغ ان اووه سيهون EXO))) Fighting.......

  58. kORE kızı

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  59. jean• Amper•

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  60. rose are rosie

    rose are rosie13 시간 전

    Baekhyunee ahhh

  61. rose are rosie

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  62. ROMAÏSSAA army blink

    ROMAÏSSAA army blink13 시간 전

    I hate exo

  63. Eslem Göker

    Eslem Göker13 시간 전

    Omg suho

  64. Lover Kim Kai

    Lover Kim Kai13 시간 전

    كاااااي مين قالك كون بذا الجمال وسيهون بلنهاية من يرمي السهم حسيته يرمي على قلبي -تبكي بلزاوي-

  65. Nimah 4888

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