[EXID - LADY] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180405 EP.565



    STAN MAMAMOO9 시간 전


  2. Arlyn Cruz

    Arlyn Cruz18 시간 전


  3. navi butterfly

    navi butterfly22 시간 전

    very 90's

  4. Ji Yong

    Ji Yong일 전

    Jordan babies!

  5. Bianca Aletti

    Bianca Aletti5 일 전

    This reminds me of early 2000s Harlem kinda style. Love it!

  6. Artha Aulia

    Artha Aulia7 일 전

    Inhale exhale

  7. Trinh Nguyễn

    Trinh Nguyễn16 일 전

    I LOVE LE ❤ I LOVE EXID💙💙💙💙💙

  8. Queen's lai Leggo and Blink

    Queen's lai Leggo and Blink16 일 전

    I love EXID

  9. Monika Nowicka

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  10. Marcus channel

    Marcus channel19 일 전

    Hanii 💞

  11. Sarah De Beer

    Sarah De Beer19 일 전

    I'm living for their shoes!!!

  12. eirka ayase

    eirka ayase20 일 전

    Where is Solji!???

  13. Jilgiori

    Jilgiori21 일 전

    Queens slay

  14. kayla Ly

    kayla Ly29 일 전

    I stan these girls WAYYYYY too much but they are so underrated. I wantt my girls to shineeee way more than they already do

  15. xnblola

    xnblola7 일 전

    kayla Ly YESSS!!!

  16. Băng Trân

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  17. wholemfhearteyes

    wholemfhearteyes개월 전

    2:01 maybe she snapped

  18. V Leggo

    V Leggo개월 전

    I LOVE EXID 💕💕💃🍸🎉

  19. hoangtung vu

    hoangtung vu개월 전

    le rap live so good

  20. Truong Le

    Truong Le개월 전

    I love EXID Forever ❣

  21. hind Nouri

    hind Nouri개월 전

    Hani voice in this song is really good it suit her so much

  22. TheIND GT

    TheIND GT개월 전

    Can someone tell me why solji not here as i look from other video she already comeback 10 month ago at a concert

  23. Sotheary Kim

    Sotheary Kim개월 전

    TheIND GT she had a surgery in January so she couldn’t join this comeback. But she said in her recent vlive that she’s fully recovered now and she’ll be back in the next comeback ;)

  24. kizuchi katsuragi

    kizuchi katsuragi개월 전

    I love exid so much. I love hyelin the most. Each time, she sang, my heart melted. I love HYELIN SEO a lot

  25. Athena Sanchez

    Athena Sanchez개월 전

    Did they win with this comeback?

  26. Athena Sanchez

    Athena Sanchez개월 전

    exceed in dreaming plus eating Thank you!

  27. exceed in dreaming plus eating

    exceed in dreaming plus eating개월 전

    yes :)

  28. Dat Hoang

    Dat Hoang개월 전

    boy đz 💓💓💓

  29. marisol Sánchez bendezu

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  30. fresh tea

    fresh tea개월 전

    *bAbY jUst sTOp* *BaBy JuST sToP* *oOaAaOOoOoOoOOa*

  31. Mei Bee Alaikyu

    Mei Bee Alaikyu개월 전

    When you're too confused......like.....having some sexuality issues or just thinking that Hani is a real oppa^0^...waaahhhhh...

  32. しおり Shiori

    しおり Shiori개월 전

    可愛い :(

  33. LANH _Beep

    LANH _Beep개월 전

    ~~cute~~so cool

  34. Epy Caputra

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  35. Azizia Nurkanida

    Azizia Nurkanida개월 전

    They look like they’re having so much fun... loving this comeback

  36. Lil’ TaeTae

    Lil’ TaeTae2 개월 전

    Dang I keep watching this but too lazy to comment but *THIS* ,Time I want to say is they just killed the stage

  37. 최하니

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  38. Viviana Patagua

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  39. Nhi Uyên

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  40. Nhi Uyên

    Nhi Uyên개월 전

    U Smita metooo <3

  41. U Smita

    U Smita개월 전

    Nhi Uyên m so excited

  42. Micah Amar Jeon

    Micah Amar Jeon2 개월 전


  43. HyunA A-ing Brasil

    HyunA A-ing Brasil2 개월 전

    Exid Queens

  44. Samantha Hernandez

    Samantha Hernandez2 개월 전

    Can we just talk about how Hani's hair and body are goals. She looks amazing and I really like how there are able to make such an amazing comeback.

  45. Veronica Najarro

    Veronica Najarro2 개월 전

    Linda pero extraño a la lider cuando se reintegra.

  46. Soul of EXID

    Soul of EXID2 개월 전

    Veronica Najarro Vuelve en agosto☺🤘🏼

  47. Bánh gạo ARMY

    Bánh gạo ARMY2 개월 전

    Xăng ơi, cute wuá AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA❤❤❤❤

  48. Phan NTN Vlogs Thìn Monster

    Phan NTN Vlogs Thìn Monster2 개월 전

    Việt Nam 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  49. Trần Hảo

    Trần Hảo2 개월 전

    L.E 🖐🏻🖐🏻

  50. Ela Özdemir

    Ela Özdemir2 개월 전

    Dance is easier.

  51. Ela Özdemir

    Ela Özdemir개월 전

    Sara Lambert yes

  52. Sara Lambert

    Sara Lambert개월 전

    Melisa Soyer are you a dancer?

  53. 우너 숭이YMRmonkey Plays

    우너 숭이YMRmonkey Plays2 개월 전

    When will these girls ever stop my sins

  54. emily

    emily2 개월 전

    Hyojin is such a badass I swear

  55. emily

    emily2 개월 전


  56. JunYi Jang

    JunYi Jang2 개월 전

    Jung Hwa ahhhh

  57. plєdíѕ σppα

    plєdíѕ σppα2 개월 전

    Hyelin's 'Oh yeah~' is what I'm gay for lmao

  58. a girl

    a girl2 개월 전

    Best rapper

  59. Dhania Soehartanto

    Dhania Soehartanto2 개월 전

    LE ❤

  60. talent is equals to mamamoo

    talent is equals to mamamoo2 개월 전

    I miss solji so much it hurts! Hoping to her on their next comeback! Fighting unnie~~

  61. Jordana Morais

    Jordana Morais2 개월 전

    i loved this concept, is different and original

  62. Maria Abobakr

    Maria Abobakr2 개월 전

    Those are some really hot backup dancers 😍

  63. Heyhey Haha

    Heyhey Haha2 개월 전

    Solji 😭😭

  64. hương trịnh

    hương trịnh2 개월 전

    Giờ để ý nghe bài này giống 24k magic nhỉ

  65. も も

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  66. Phanthile My

    Phanthile My2 개월 전

    I love hani

  67. cheese fries

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  68. Daniel Bellon

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  69. Daniel Bellon

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  70. Zomuan Puii

    Zomuan Puii2 개월 전

    Le is the best

  71. Looking for Jimin's jams

    Looking for Jimin's jams2 개월 전

    Waiting for the day when *LE and CL* collab💕

  72. 詹友欽

    詹友欽2 개월 전

    這次來林口演唱會 去朝聖 你們呢 七月份登場 演唱會 很多 台北演唱會 在小巨蛋 有很多團體巨星登場 七月份哈囉台灣演唱會 每年都會舉辦演唱會 去

  73. Reina Arana

    Reina Arana2 개월 전

    These girls should collab with BTS

  74. Sara Lambert

    Sara Lambert개월 전

    omg my friend told this too yesterday 😂😂😇

  75. U Smita

    U Smita2 개월 전

    Reina Arana a dream will come true 😁

  76. Bác Trư

    Bác Trư2 개월 전

    Hói mặc áo om đẹp ghê

  77. Kbchick1

    Kbchick12 개월 전

    I feel attacked, Hyelin

  78. Lim Geoffrey

    Lim Geoffrey2 개월 전

    Their vocals super amazing..

  79. Balqiss Aqilah

    Balqiss Aqilah2 개월 전


  80. Alex cardenas

    Alex cardenas2 개월 전

    They deserve the world!!!

  81. Mariana Ayumi Iwanaga

    Mariana Ayumi Iwanaga2 개월 전

    Who is your Bias?

  82. Sara Lambert

    Sara Lambert개월 전


  83. U Smita

    U Smita2 개월 전

    Mariana Ayumi Iwanaga le Hani junghwa hyerin SOLJi 😂

  84. Mariana Ayumi Iwanaga

    Mariana Ayumi Iwanaga2 개월 전


  85. Fariz Alam

    Fariz Alam2 개월 전



    LYKKES FILMS2 개월 전

    I LOVE You...chick

  87. Roonie Cute

    Roonie Cute2 개월 전

    Really miss solji

  88. i'm a person :3

    i'm a person :32 개월 전


  89. Aridian

    Aridian2 개월 전

    I prefer Jungwha with light brown or brunette but she still looks awesome here. Le and Hyelin really look great with brunette. Hani, what can you say? She was just born for redhead! She rocks that color like as if she invented it herself! Salute!

  90. Cherry Kpop

    Cherry Kpop2 개월 전


  91. Aridian

    Aridian2 개월 전

    Yeah! I wish she'd stop that! :)

  92. Laika Shagya

    Laika Shagya2 개월 전

    good but need more sexy exid 😂

  93. Thanh Thảo Đỗ

    Thanh Thảo Đỗ2 개월 전


  94. Czarynna Mae Apatan

    Czarynna Mae Apatan2 개월 전

    binge watching anything about EXID, and I am loving this women 😍😍😍

  95. sympathetic

    sympathetic2 개월 전

    1:34 I just need this part on repeat

  96. Aridian

    Aridian2 개월 전

    sympathetic : Oh yeah! It’s perfect! These girls are at peak now. I love it! 👏👏👏

  97. sympathetic

    sympathetic2 개월 전

    Aridian It was soo smooth!

  98. Aridian

    Aridian2 개월 전

    You like the way Jungwha sways with it? You're not alone!

  99. Ira V

    Ira V2 개월 전

    hi guys:) not really looking for fame but i would really appreciate it if you would watch my cover of this song:)i'm not forcing you though:Dlovelots

  100. I AM MEH

    I AM MEH2 개월 전

    hani's shoulder had me dying

  101. rosé •

    rosé •3 개월 전


  102. Wendy's English that no one understands

    Wendy's English that no one understands3 개월 전

    LE sound like Jimin (AOA) a little bit

  103. Little yaya

    Little yaya3 개월 전

    Miss seolji😥

  104. Vitor Filgueiras

    Vitor Filgueiras3 개월 전

    360p disguise of 1080p

  105. Mai Trân

    Mai Trân3 개월 전


  106. danturbo316

    danturbo3163 개월 전

    So cute!

  107. duy cao

    duy cao3 개월 전

    Did EXID get any reward for this song? 👀

  108. U Smita

    U Smita2 개월 전

    One win

  109. s d

    s d3 개월 전

    duy cao only one

  110. DOĞA Amaj

    DOĞA Amaj3 개월 전

    LE ❤❤❤❤

  111. Chinh Phạm Trường

    Chinh Phạm Trường3 개월 전

    I like the smiling eyes of HYERIN

  112. Pyper Weiss

    Pyper Weiss3 개월 전

    Guys I’m new to the fandom, for the past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with this song and DDD however I’ve just found out they are a 5 member group but I’ve come to like them as a 4 member , so I feel very conflicted as a new fan 🙃 I’ve had to go back to past videos and I’ll support whatever happens to them in the future, but I came in here believing it was a 4 member group :( ugh how annoying x

  113. U Smita

    U Smita2 개월 전

    Pyper Weiss listen their other songs including side tracks ot5 like lie, every night,ah yeah,thrilling,without you ,don't wanna drive,Le's velvet,Hani's milk song etc..well SOLJi is leader& is on hiatus but will be joining on August comback..shez one of the best singer of kpop..well atleast for me..

  114. s d

    s d3 개월 전

    Pyper Weiss I also joined the fandom this year but I love solji so much...she is such an inspiration. Do you know she debuted in 2006 as a ballad singer and released 23 albums but none of them was a success. But she didn't give up and after almost 10 years, she was first recognised. But life is too harsh for her as she was diagnosed with serious hyperthyroidism diseases in Dec 2016 and on medical leave since then. But she is coming back soon because she is strong. Just search for her a little. Start by watching solji's performances on different singing competitions and you will fall in no time. I am suggesting some and just type these, I can't remember exactly...sorry. King of mask singer: she is the very first winner of that show. Immortal songs: as we live by solji Run to you solji cover Duet song: west sky Solji singing resignation by big mama Solji chandelier and you raise me up Solji singing tears Solji cover of 'listen' when she was in 2NB Solji solo dreamer There Are so many more...lol

  115. Saerin Kwon

    Saerin Kwon3 개월 전

    I love this EXID's era. 😍 Hyerin and Hani's voice are very clear

  116. Cambry Yazzie

    Cambry Yazzie3 개월 전

    I’m glad they are healthy you can tell by their legs nice 👍 and fit

  117. Sıla Filizcay

    Sıla Filizcay3 개월 전


  118. Bernadette Mozo

    Bernadette Mozo3 개월 전

    hyelin omg

  119. Park Sophie

    Park Sophie3 개월 전


  120. Jean Marie Hitosis

    Jean Marie Hitosis3 개월 전

    So Proud of Hye Lin

  121. Fabiola Duarte

    Fabiola Duarte3 개월 전

    Bad lipsinc :v

  122. G-Dragon's Smile Kills the HATERS :*

    G-Dragon's Smile Kills the HATERS :*18 일 전

    lol there is no lipsync if you want u can wach the MR REMOVED

  123. yeri's crossbow in peek-a-boo

    yeri's crossbow in peek-a-boo2 개월 전

    bad spelling