[EXID - LADY] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 180405 EP.565


  1. camila querales

    camila querales2 일 전

    alguien español?? Holaaaaaa

  2. trúc trần

    trúc trần10 일 전


  3. Tae_ amo

    Tae_ amo12 일 전

    DOWNLOAD THE SOOMPI APP TO VOTE FOR EXID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 'ANNUAL SOOMPI AWARD 14 - is an annual big international music award - this year is the 14th year' EXID is nominated for 2 categories: BEST FEMALE GROUP and BEST CHOREOGRAPHY. And trend HASHTAG on TWITTER in BEST FANDOM and RISING FANDOM ACHIEVEMENT category. Trend hashtag: # Team EXID # Twitter Best Fandom # Soompi Awards @EXID official

  4. Alejo De Garuda

    Alejo De Garuda17 일 전

    They're so amazing i love them. Long life to EXID

  5. Alejo De Garuda

    Alejo De Garuda17 일 전

    They're so amazing i love them. Long life to EXID

  6. Jack Nguyễn

    Jack Nguyễn22 일 전

    This song make me feel like in 1980

  7. ngbntrn 2805

    ngbntrn 2805개월 전

    Am i the only who stares at those dancers ?

  8. Muffin Monster

    Muffin Monster개월 전

    I love exid, then mamamoo, then Gfriend

  9. booty ceps

    booty ceps개월 전

    never before in my life have i seen a song so slept on

  10. Bryan Tigas

    Bryan Tigas개월 전


  11. Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists

    Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists개월 전

    I love this song by EXID. Did you notice the live performance has over 3 million KOreporter views? That's pretty cool!

  12. qal bradyyy

    qal bradyyy개월 전

    jeonghwa is all grown up maknae, korea please stop sleeping on them !!

  13. Dani Duarte

    Dani Duarte개월 전


  14. Hoseok's Princess

    Hoseok's Princess2 개월 전

    Where is Solji?

  15. chanapa meen

    chanapa meen2 개월 전

    She's sick but now she's fine😀

  16. Ngọc Tú Nguyễn

    Ngọc Tú Nguyễn2 개월 전

    Lee Rap good!

  17. Aqua Happiness

    Aqua Happiness2 개월 전

    Is it me or does Hani look different when it goes to her in facecam

  18. G idle Minnie is my lifeu Oof

    G idle Minnie is my lifeu Oof2 개월 전

    Who else thinks Le sounds like G idle's Soyeon?

  19. Alex cardenas

    Alex cardenas개월 전

    Mango Touray You mean G idle’s Soyeon sounds like LE lol

  20. Min Suga

    Min Suga3 개월 전


  21. nguyen phuong

    nguyen phuong3 개월 전

    very good 💟💟

  22. QuencySVlogs

    QuencySVlogs3 개월 전

    LE looks like a chola

  23. Giahan Ly

    Giahan Ly3 개월 전

  24. Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists

    Best Kpop, Jpop, etc-Pop Playlists3 개월 전

    Solji was out with a thyroid disease; she needed to receive therapy or suffer permanent serious health damage. her EXID sisters missed her very much and wanted to wait for her return before releasing "Lady", but management decided not to delay EXID's comeback, and Solji's EXID sisters thought of her while releasing it. They are a five-sister group who adore Solji, their leader. They are very loyal to each other. They cried when a false rumour stated that EXID's other four members were working hard while Solji just took time off; they knew their sister Solji was sick. There is a KOreporter where Hani and others are crying their eyes out because of the false rumours, as they were very concerned about their EXID sister and leader. Solj just came back with her EXID sisters with the BOP "I Love You" which is #1 on many charts now. Glad she is back! -- Ervin in U.S. on Dec. 11, 2018

  25. Tien Nguyen

    Tien Nguyen3 개월 전

    junghwa and hani always make me question my sexuality

  26. Yoonah Hsiao

    Yoonah Hsiao3 개월 전

    I've listen to this song soo many times religiously to notice Hye was late at 2:58 cuz she was having fun and I think its cute.

  27. hellida luna

    hellida luna3 개월 전

    Una versión en inglés y con soljiiii

  28. flop. anyway, stan loona stan talent

    flop. anyway, stan loona stan talent3 개월 전

    *im so in love with exid*

  29. Mụn ARMY

    Mụn ARMY3 개월 전

    *They are so beautiful ❤*

  30. Cuong Ha

    Cuong Ha3 개월 전

    Xăng điuuu

  31. Mai Phạm

    Mai Phạm3 개월 전


  32. katherine

    katherine3 개월 전

    support exid's comeback on nov 21!!! 💞🌹

  33. You better know

    You better know4 개월 전

    I love them. ❤🌻

  34. jordyn mccallum

    jordyn mccallum4 개월 전

    I can hear them so clearly omg yesss so beautiful!!♡♡

  35. Qúy Phi Lệnh

    Qúy Phi Lệnh4 개월 전


  36. Kjgj In BBC bj

    Kjgj In BBC bj4 개월 전


  37. chanapa meen

    chanapa meen2 개월 전


  38. Ahn Sister

    Ahn Sister4 개월 전

    Husband : HeeYeon 💛 Wife: jiong jiong

  39. hanh nguyen

    hanh nguyen4 개월 전

    Hát live tốt

  40. khoa huynh

    khoa huynh4 개월 전

    the boy dancer so handsome =))

  41. nadine wang

    nadine wang4 개월 전

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm in love with this and no one can make me state otherwise 🤣🤣 their expressions make me more into the song, makes me like, feel it.

  42. Ucok Rachmat

    Ucok Rachmat4 개월 전

    Aduh aku fens banget ke EXID

  43. Bilal Gill

    Bilal Gill4 개월 전

    I love the choreography so much

  44. Giahan Ly

    Giahan Ly5 개월 전


  45. vani chan

    vani chan5 개월 전

    Wonderfull girls!!!😍😍😍😍

  46. Fharel Firmansyah

    Fharel Firmansyah5 개월 전

    I'm shook seeing their faces. Like not exid "UP & DOWN" era😦😦😭😭

  47. K-pop Bts twice

    K-pop Bts twice5 개월 전

    2:00 I'm crying 😭😭😭

  48. filos photoworks

    filos photoworks5 개월 전

    I just realized that jeonhwa and hyelin has so many parts here (and hyelin is significantly better than the past)

  49. しましま

    しましま5 개월 전


  50. guido

    guido5 개월 전


  51. Sharon Jose

    Sharon Jose5 개월 전


  52. Aridian

    Aridian5 개월 전

    I keep seeing comments that LEGGOS are mostly girls and the fanchants are all girls! Shiiiyayyaaattt! Guys, post your opinion of the way Jungwha sways her hips at 1:31! Don't pretend you didn't notice!

  53. carla ___

    carla ___5 개월 전

    Why is Solji not here?

  54. chanapa meen

    chanapa meen2 개월 전

    NOW!!!!👉🏻I love you-exid 👈🏻

  55. chanapa meen

    chanapa meen2 개월 전

    Now she's fine😀

  56. Aridian

    Aridian5 개월 전

    She had a thyroid surgery.

  57. Marvina Ariana

    Marvina Ariana6 개월 전

    LE LE LE

  58. Exooo-L-stann Nn

    Exooo-L-stann Nn6 개월 전

    This ladies❤️❤️♥️I want them to Shine😭😍🙏🏼 Let's keep supporting them Leggos❤️💜

  59. Giahan Ly

    Giahan Ly6 개월 전


  60. Italo Torres

    Italo Torres6 개월 전

    I just bought yellow boots because of them.

  61. Sir Alonne Vincent Han

    Sir Alonne Vincent Han6 개월 전

    the only girl group i can think of can made the ladies so gay for them!

  62. yuli

    yuli6 개월 전

    This will never stop being iconic. It's perfection. This is the route I would have wished for Fifth Harmony to have gone in since the beginning of their careers but well we know how that went, America once again threw away a group that had ALL the damn potential and instead put one single girl in a pedestal sending the other 4 to hell. Anyways, I'm glad I found a Kpop girl group that has a strong image rather than a cute adorable one. YAS EXID. ICONIC LEGENDS.

  63. wndy ts ww

    wndy ts ww6 개월 전

    I wonder how it's fells in the stge!!

  64. vani chan

    vani chan6 개월 전


  65. Natalie Oporta

    Natalie Oporta6 개월 전

    Solji is back and if they don’t have a comeback soon I’ll sue

  66. Paula Robles

    Paula Robles6 개월 전


  67. Yến nhi Exid

    Yến nhi Exid6 개월 전

    Love exid 😍❤

  68. TheAngelic Emerald

    TheAngelic Emerald6 개월 전

    Junghwa improved so much

  69. You Tube

    You Tube6 개월 전

    Yêu hani √√√√

  70. ツseoulvideos

    ツseoulvideos6 개월 전

    my favourite song besides idol.

  71. eden

    eden6 개월 전

    The only thing that really matters is this song & stage xoxox sorry i dont make the rules

  72. Giahan Ly

    Giahan Ly7 개월 전


    STAN MAMAMOO7 개월 전


  74. alex dconnor

    alex dconnor7 개월 전


  75. navi butterfly

    navi butterfly7 개월 전

    very 90's

  76. Ji Yong

    Ji Yong7 개월 전

    Jordan babies!

  77. Bianca Aletti

    Bianca Aletti7 개월 전

    This reminds me of early 2000s Harlem kinda style. Love it!

  78. Artha Aulia

    Artha Aulia7 개월 전

    Inhale exhale

  79. Trinh Nguyễn

    Trinh Nguyễn7 개월 전

    I LOVE LE ❤ I LOVE EXID💙💙💙💙💙

  80. TEB Channel

    TEB Channel7 개월 전

    I love EXID

  81. Monika Nowicka

    Monika Nowicka7 개월 전


  82. Marcus channel

    Marcus channel7 개월 전

    Hanii 💞

  83. Veri nice

    Veri nice7 개월 전

    I'm living for their shoes!!!

  84. eirka ayase

    eirka ayase7 개월 전

    Where is Solji!???

  85. chanapa meen

    chanapa meen2 개월 전

    She's sick but now she's fine

  86. hiamae

    hiamae7 개월 전

    Queens slay

  87. Why Not Kayla Ly ?

    Why Not Kayla Ly ?8 개월 전

    I stan these girls WAYYYYY too much but they are so underrated. I wantt my girls to shineeee way more than they already do

  88. xnblola

    xnblola7 개월 전

    kayla Ly YESSS!!!

  89. Băng Trân

    Băng Trân8 개월 전


  90. wholemfhearteyes

    wholemfhearteyes8 개월 전

    2:01 maybe she snapped

  91. V Leggo

    V Leggo8 개월 전

    I LOVE EXID 💕💕💃🍸🎉

  92. hoangtung vu

    hoangtung vu8 개월 전

    le rap live so good

  93. Truong Le

    Truong Le8 개월 전

    I love EXID Forever ❣

  94. hind Nouri

    hind Nouri8 개월 전

    Hani voice in this song is really good it suit her so much

  95. TheIND GT

    TheIND GT8 개월 전

    Can someone tell me why solji not here as i look from other video she already comeback 10 month ago at a concert

  96. Sotheary Kim

    Sotheary Kim8 개월 전

    TheIND GT she had a surgery in January so she couldn’t join this comeback. But she said in her recent vlive that she’s fully recovered now and she’ll be back in the next comeback ;)

  97. cony set

    cony set8 개월 전

    I love exid so much. I love hyelin the most. Each time, she sang, my heart melted. I love HYELIN SEO a lot

  98. Athena Sanchez

    Athena Sanchez8 개월 전

    Did they win with this comeback?

  99. Athena Sanchez

    Athena Sanchez8 개월 전

    exceed in dreaming plus eating Thank you!

  100. exceed in dreaming plus eating

    exceed in dreaming plus eating8 개월 전

    yes :)

  101. Dat Hoang

    Dat Hoang8 개월 전

    boy đz 💓💓💓

  102. marisol Sánchez bendezu

    marisol Sánchez bendezu8 개월 전


  103. Mei Dei

    Mei Dei8 개월 전

    When you're too confused......like.....having some sexuality issues or just thinking that Hani is a real oppa^0^...waaahhhhh...

  104. しおり Shiori

    しおり Shiori8 개월 전

    可愛い :(

  105. LANH _Beep

    LANH _Beep8 개월 전

    ~~cute~~so cool

  106. Epy Caputra

    Epy Caputra9 개월 전


  107. Azizia Nurkanida

    Azizia Nurkanida9 개월 전

    They look like they’re having so much fun... loving this comeback

  108. iнøиёуi

    iнøиёуi9 개월 전

    Dang I keep watching this but too lazy to comment but *THIS* ,Time I want to say is they just killed the stage

  109. 최하니

    최하니9 개월 전


  110. Viviana Patagua

    Viviana Patagua9 개월 전


  111. Nhi Uyên

    Nhi Uyên9 개월 전


  112. Nhi Uyên

    Nhi Uyên8 개월 전

    U Smita metooo <3

  113. U Smita

    U Smita9 개월 전

    Nhi Uyên m so excited