Ewoks: The Battle for Endor 1985 Trailer | Wilford Brimley | Warwick Davis


  1. David conway

    David conway5 시간 전

    Earth Child? Whomever wrote that promotion didn't have a clue.

  2. Mike Dimond

    Mike Dimond7 일 전

    Earth child? No. Why??

  3. Lockie

    Lockie12 일 전

    Earth child is probably an accountant now.

  4. NPC 37724

    NPC 37724개월 전

    Looks better than anything Disney starwars can make at least.

  5. TheRadioAteMyTV

    TheRadioAteMyTV개월 전

    Looks a lot more like Willow than Star Wars.

  6. tweezerjam34

    tweezerjam34개월 전

    Sweet I can’t wait til this comes out 🤘🏼

  7. Александр Косолапов

    Александр Косолапов3 개월 전

    blu-ray please!

  8. Lorna Lausin

    Lorna Lausin4 개월 전


  9. TJRockPL

    TJRockPL4 개월 전

    And a courageous “earth” child. Oh that bothers me that she’s from earth...

  10. David conway

    David conway5 시간 전

    @TheRadioAteMyTV I heard she makes an appearance in a Star Wars novel as a reporter...roughly twenty years later. I'm too lazy to research it.

  11. PrincessOzaline

    PrincessOzaline2 일 전

    Don't think the movie itself ever says she's from Earth... that's an assumption by the person who wrote the trailer script.

  12. KaijudoMaster11

    KaijudoMaster113 일 전

    @TheRadioAteMyTV The same way E.T. got here.

  13. TheRadioAteMyTV

    TheRadioAteMyTV개월 전

    What era do you think she is from, since it was a long time ago? And how did she get there, since it is a galaxy far FAR away? We want answers!

  14. bkokohut1980

    bkokohut19805 개월 전

    I was born in 80' and still have nightmares about it.... Absolutely great movie!

  15. bkokohut1980

    bkokohut19803 개월 전

    No shit, Admiral Ackbar commented on my comment.... I feel honored.

  16. Admiral Ackbar

    Admiral Ackbar3 개월 전

    You have nightmares about being born? D: That's awful! Yeah love this movie.

  17. Daniel Jones

    Daniel Jones5 개월 전

    I always thought the "speedy sidekick" was really neat.

  18. Marcus Nez

    Marcus Nez2 개월 전

    Daniel Jones ..used to think his ass was a Yeti midget

  19. shipdop dop

    shipdop dop6 개월 전

    Earth child?

  20. d c

    d c6 개월 전

    malooonnneee where areee youuuu

  21. Ashley Cording

    Ashley Cording6 개월 전

    Is this cannon?

  22. KaijudoMaster11

    KaijudoMaster113 일 전


  23. GoatSkits

    GoatSkits10 일 전

    No, they even mention earth in this trailer

  24. General Skywalker

    General Skywalker3 개월 전


  25. Mr Jones

    Mr Jones6 개월 전

    *Story by George Lucas. Not something I imagine his fond of over the years. Still, a better SW film than TLJ.

  26. MaxedGreef

    MaxedGreef2 개월 전

    I dont think if this is cannon in the star wars timeline,but yea i agree with you a lil bit

  27. Joan Ruiz Jacob

    Joan Ruiz Jacob9 개월 전

    the dark side was NOT strong with this pile of crap of a movie

  28. Bruh Butch

    Bruh Butch8 개월 전

    Joan Ruiz Jacob the force* you uncultured swine

  29. dariusworld, soon to be closed World

    dariusworld, soon to be closed World11 개월 전

    0:20 run Forrest run!!!! (Like if you get the reference)

  30. Joe Dunphy

    Joe Dunphy3 개월 전

    A League of Their Own, loved that one

  31. Tactix88

    Tactix8811 개월 전

    Still a better movie than force awakens and last jedi

  32. inthinkable

    inthinkable3 개월 전

    ​@Joan Ruiz Jacob No, you are clearly the idiot because Tactix88 just severely owned you.

  33. Ok boomer

    Ok boomer5 개월 전

    Is that an opinion. Wait that's illegal

  34. Herlitz Art Studio

    Herlitz Art Studio7 개월 전

    Those are different films; for different formats. "The Caravan of Courage" and "The Battle for Endor" are magnificent TV films: fantasy and science fiction very well fused, and the first movie is almost the documentary of a distant world in a remote galaxy... All mixed with adventure and magic. I would have wanted a third Ewoks film to clarify the fate of the characters, but at this point I feel that the only ones capable of taking up a project like that would be John Korty, Ken Wheat or George Lucas himself. Bob Zemeckis or Spielberg also handle that way of telling stories.

  35. Uberdust5

    Uberdust58 개월 전

    It's true. Despite their low budget(compared to the other Star Wars films) and debatable placing in the timeline, the Ewok movies had a lot of heart and imagination to them. Because of them, Endor is easily one of the most fleshed out and interesting planets in the entire franchise. We learned that there is straight up magical elements in the Star Wars universe that are completely separate from the force. Too bad they never made a third Ewok movie.

  36. Tactix88

    Tactix889 개월 전

    @Joan Ruiz Jacob lol why do you say even PTM is better when it was miles better than TFA. If you thought that god awful movie was a decent entry into the starwars universe you should have your brain examined.

  37. Trust Me

    Trust Me11 개월 전

    I have this film but in French version

  38. GoatSkits

    GoatSkits10 일 전

    Oui oui

  39. Marshalsify

    Marshalsify11 개월 전


  40. Marshalsify

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  41. Marshalsify

    Marshalsify11 개월 전


  42. nemo hoes

    nemo hoes년 전

    I can't never find this one its 1 of the top best ever made my dads a star wars fan and he dont remember this one alot people forgot about this 1

  43. bill wenham

    bill wenham6 개월 전

    You can buy both of these on Amazon.

  44. Trust Me

    Trust Me11 개월 전

    I have this film but in French version

  45. Trust Me

    Trust Me년 전

    My childhood Film

  46. Ok boomer

    Ok boomer2 개월 전

    @The Greasy Strangler ok buddy it was a joke

  47. The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy Strangler2 개월 전

    @Ok boomer go play your video games, you little baby

  48. Marcus Nez

    Marcus Nez2 개월 전

    Trust Me ..Same here classic Old Skool flick

  49. Ok boomer

    Ok boomer5 개월 전

    Poor child

  50. Bauer Paul

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  51. yellow 5000

    yellow 50002 년 전


  52. R7

    R76 개월 전

    There is none

  53. The Greasy Strangler

    The Greasy Strangler년 전

    HiddenOmega why