Everything Wrong With The Karate Kid (2010)


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    Are you and cinama wins related on KOreporter or is someone pretty much copying you in everything

  2. Yoni Sheerit

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    Cinemasins sin: at 7:52 they misspelled the word happiness

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    Wow, what does it matter? This movie is 8 years old? Btw, would you guys please support my channel? Thank you!

  4. PinkBirdVSmc

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    2:01 Detroit is a real place

  5. J vendetta Laawd

    J vendetta Laawd2 시간 전

    I still love this movie

  6. Joshua Schell

    Joshua Schell2 시간 전

    and I watched it in Spanish.

  7. Terribleee

    Terribleee2 시간 전

    I really enjoyed this movie when I watched it lol

  8. Marilyn Orozco Godinez

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    Lmao 😂 11:25

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    Congratulations on 1 on trending.

  10. Splat

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    mfw the karate kid has no karate in it. it’s almost like they only moved the setting to china to cash in on chinese audiences... oh wait

  11. Colt Foglesong

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    This was the greatest movie ever made

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    Can't believe this is #1 on Trending😅

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    #1 on trending!

  14. Regina STAR

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    If the karate kid moved to China why would he be doing karate in the first place? Karate is not a Chinese thing, Karate is JAPANESE. But IDK so

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    Number 1 trending

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    _"Detroit is not a real place"_ 💀💀💀

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    #1 On trending

  18. Babylonian_death 1

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    Karate kid became some "stamp-the-yard" niggerized shit.

  19. Panda alexaa

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    A little late...

  20. AznBlazn

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    Actually Detroit is a real place it is a city in Michigan

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  23. The.Richest.Chigga

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    *Karate isn't even chinese*

  24. Grvv-tuber

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    You ruined this for me i loved this movie as a kid

  25. ThuầnProducer

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    My favorite movie at all time

  26. Manuel Montufar

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    Bienvenido a miamiiiii

  27. ssmitttyy

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    Bro you’re so annoying for real. And you shouldn’t disrespect a classic.

  28. Burntburgers

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    That’s easy they have a stupid black boy that ruins another movie

  29. Smurphy822

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    *everything wrong with infinity war* (gets 0 sins)

  30. shuotao huang

    shuotao huang2 시간 전

    Honestly some of these sins are just contradictions between different cultures. Mind as well make a video called “everything wrong with the world outside of America” if you’re gonna question every aspect of the Chinese culture lol

  31. Chuck Testa

    Chuck Testa2 시간 전

    “You’re rushing it.” “WeRe YoU RuShInG oR wErE yOu DrAgGing?!” 😂

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    do infinity war

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    number 1 in trending!

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  35. Mason

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    Karate Kid 2010 is my childhood botch

  36. CyberSketcher 11

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    Only decent Jaiden Smith movie

  37. Alain Archambault

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    Exactly what you've said in you description, they couldn't tell Japan from China?

  38. cofeebeans

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    inb4 "this exists"

  39. CrazyGamer

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    Please do infinity war

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    Can someone subscribe to my channel

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    Nice job, you got #1 on trending

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    When jaden Smith wasn't weird

  46. FATAH

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    i respect this trending video only one that deserved it

  47. Zohar Bashan

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    Instead of doing infinity war of FUCKING JUSTICE LEAGUE , Jeremy waists my time on a movie everyone forgot existed. * ding *

  48. Kevin J.

    Kevin J.2 시간 전

    Okay now do The Karate Kid trilogy from the 1980’s!

  49. James Neves

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  50. Eli Patterson

    Eli Patterson2 시간 전

    It is only called Karate kid is America, everywhere else it is Kung Fu Prodigy

  51. Natalie Ansel

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    #1 on trending

  52. Yael Fishman

    Yael Fishman2 시간 전

    I had to watch this three or four times in school. And I've only had the film class for two years. Its so annoying.

  53. Carlos Montes

    Carlos Montes2 시간 전

    "God...there better be a...fucking awesome...waterslide down this motherfucker"😂😂😂

  54. Zelo TV

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  55. Michele 257

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    The worst sin here is THEY LEARN KUNG FU NOT KARATE

  56. Tips And tricks

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    This video has me shook

  57. bread simpson

    bread simpson2 시간 전

    also, dre is so fucking fake for the enitre movie, he acts like a douchey white boy. also, WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY MOVE TO FUCKING CHINA? this movie is also really cliche and theres no reason for dre to have a crush on that girl. everybody in japan looks like her. no offense, but shes just another person. also, 11 year old jaden smith has a fucking weird baby face

  58. Anthony Tah May

    Anthony Tah May2 시간 전

    There should be a karate kid where the kid moves to Japan and gets bullied but the bully challenges him to a drift race and the kid there goes on a journey to become the best drifter in Japan.

  59. Ms. llama

    Ms. llama2 시간 전

    What is super strange is that my family love the OLD karate kid so much.. we named our dog sensei.

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    I literally just wasted 15 minutes of my day

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    #1 Trending, huh

  63. Aidan Bain

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    I have a challenge: make a everything wrong with daddy daycare and try to make longer than a minute. It’s impossible because it’s sooooo good

  64. Milo Staley

    Milo Staley2 시간 전

    Detroit isn’t a place?? 😂

  65. austin ca

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    detroit is a real place

  66. austin ca

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  67. Alex Has It All

    Alex Has It All2 시간 전

    Anyone here who LOVED the movie like I DO?

  68. Mason Scott

    Mason Scott2 시간 전

    I just want to say I grew six inches in a year. I have stretch marks all over my back. I think a kid during puberty can grow 1 inch in a year. Lol

  69. True G

    True G2 시간 전

    Can you guys do one for saun of the dead?

  70. B. Raj

    B. Raj2 시간 전

    Do 8 mile

  71. Aero Kijjaroenvisal

    Aero Kijjaroenvisal2 시간 전

    I'm sinning this video for a lack of knowledge of cupping and guasha

  72. rubski 1978

    rubski 19782 시간 전

    should of been called the kung fu kid. not karate kid called he was trained kung fu not karate

  73. Elisabel Rivera

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    1st on trending lol

  74. jamie5303

    jamie53032 시간 전

    This movie was made to make the CCP look good but we know the truth. Free China from its oppressor the CCP.

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    *1 on trending* Nice

  76. guzzini

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    I am SO GLAD i stopped watching this movie right somewhere between the bullying and the match challenge, can't remember...

  77. bataton77

    bataton772 시간 전

    The waterslide bit had me laughing much longer than I'm willing to admit

  78. Malcolm Cox

    Malcolm Cox2 시간 전

    So we're no gonna talk about the ridiculous back flip kick he did at the end. That should of been 40 sins.

  79. Aidan Dunnigan

    Aidan Dunnigan2 시간 전

    I am a 12 year old with abs ): I work out every day... it's okay to be obsessed with muscle at my age. It's not genetically wrong...

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    #1 On Trending 👏🏼

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    "Robert the Sponge Who Wears the Quadrilateral Trousers"

  82. Parth Manish

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    Why tho

  83. Ian Riddle

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    Why did I watch this garbage

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    koreporter.com/v/비디오-gKV0VoXJy2Y.html please watch it

  85. tony qian

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    in China they actually use bricks...

  86. BJ Gamez

    BJ Gamez2 시간 전

    at 8:56 Han say solo get it Han solo 😆

  87. Michael

    Michael2 시간 전

    Random thought: What if HBO made an Avatar the Last Airbender series in the style of Game of Thrones...

  88. CJ official

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  89. ShadowKiri

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    Not even a sin or sin take away from the kick ass backflip kick he does to win?

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    um wouldnt he go to international school with other americans?

  92. Onionstall

    Onionstall2 시간 전

    Anyone else curious on why it took 8 years to make this?

  93. yee boi

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  94. trillionaire

    trillionaire2 시간 전

    Everything wrong with reviewing a 8 year old movie

  95. Simbiomile

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    Псссс, на моём канале вышло первое видео, оцените только строго не судите

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    *I upload Grape Daily* *-I don’t know how I have 695 subscribers-*

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    It funny that kid is Russian like get your facts right

  98. Jessie Shoemaker

    Jessie Shoemaker2 시간 전

    Do you have any idea how strong skateboards? Have you ever tried to break?

  99. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad Joseph2 시간 전

    This movie was ass

  100. Tsm sadude

    Tsm sadude2 시간 전

    2:01 Detroit is a real place lol

  101. Warsin

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    Why you hating?