Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less


  1. April Ellenburg

    April Ellenburg11 시간 전

    this movie is trying to be like saw

  2. Eddie Steedman

    Eddie Steedman13 시간 전

    So sick of hearing ex machina every single "Everything wrong with". We get it

  3. YeysBaws!

    YeysBaws!15 시간 전

    In just 16min? This movie is so trash I'm shocked that didn't cover the entire movie.

  4. Daan luchtmeijer

    Daan luchtmeijer17 시간 전

    I watched this 3 days ago. but hey, you didn't ruin the experience since I've already viewed it.

  5. Ben smith

    Ben smith18 시간 전

    The most shocking thing about this film was True Blood was in it and I thought to myself, an actor of her calibre should be playing lead roles in films, what's she doing as dead body No.3 in this film? Actually this film was a decent watch.

  6. Katalin Patricia Élő

    Katalin Patricia Élő22 시간 전

    I think they invited more people who didnt show up. The black and white room was for one of them.

  7. frankthelion

    frankthelion일 전

    Sure I watched a movie called escape room, and it wasnt this. A group on a night out for a guys birthday and his girlfriend has arranged an escape room. The girlfriend is locked in a box, and the rest are trapped in 3 rooms and have to try and unlock the rooms.

  8. rat kid

    rat kid일 전

    I never noticed how much you sound like Kermit the frog

  9. Category5Hurricane

    Category5Hurricane일 전

    They should've just cast KOreporterr Chris Ramsay in the movie; he actually has an entire channel dedicated to solving complicated puzzles, so, he can actually design logical puzzles that would work with the movie.

  10. GoldenFox

    GoldenFox일 전

    Idk why they melted the ice like just smash the ice with a rock

  11. Bold Pear

    Bold Pear일 전

    I never watched this movie lol Edit: why does the thumbnail remind of Twd game season 2 when they we traveling in the snow

  12. Johnny Skyfire

    Johnny Skyfire일 전

    This movie is just a cheap knockoff of Cube

  13. Tinopinoh

    Tinopinoh2 일 전

    With better acting performances and a more serious script this movie could have be really good. To me it just comes of super cheesy, not the best movie experience.

  14. Julianna The Boss

    Julianna The Boss3 일 전

    This is actually like my favorite movie. I realize there are many things wrong with it, but it makes you think. So I love it. 🤷‍♀️

  15. Chris Orndorff

    Chris Orndorff4 일 전

    This is the worst pile of crap that you have ever covered. This movie is so bad on so many levels, its insulting.

  16. Nikki Fayette

    Nikki Fayette5 일 전

    No mention of the Belko experiment? Shame.

  17. MisterVercetti

    MisterVercetti7 일 전

    I'm sorry: the Zero Escape series makes more sense than this movie, and that series involves telepathy, multiple universes, and fricking time travel.

  18. adrian sanchez

    adrian sanchez7 일 전

    Who is minos?

  19. YEET

    YEET7 일 전

    me: sees Zahid from Atypical also me: clicks instantly

  20. T P

    T P8 일 전

    You missed the Amanda hanging of the phone cord In the ice room they pulled out a rope and other stuff with jacket but when Danny fell in no one thought to use it? It looked long enough for someone to tie off and dive in, though sure you'd then have 2 people wet from ice cold water in a room thats freezing but still not even a mention

  21. Legions and legends

    Legions and legends9 일 전

    15 is literally explained later in the film.


    MISHIT KINGS10 일 전

    This movie is Ok.. But this girl, is a great actor. I like her in Lost In Space..

  23. Luke Krautkremer

    Luke Krautkremer11 일 전

    Woahhhhhh I had no idea the rooms were designed by jigsaw now it makes so much sense

  24. Wubflex

    Wubflex13 일 전

    Like have you heard of a term movies are a representation of real life making it fake and pleasing for the viewer? If not then dunno why you look for stupid clues ok some of them are valid, but still respect ✊ our existence in this beautiful place called planet Earth

  25. Super Herbie Gaming

    Super Herbie Gaming13 일 전

    I just want one movie like this where the police/government agents are actually competent at their jobs and can find the vast amounts of evidence.

  26. Santos Colon

    Santos Colon13 일 전

    are there any where there’s no sins

  27. Meciah Blacknoll

    Meciah Blacknoll14 일 전

    Everything wrong with green book

  28. Chloe Tesfaye

    Chloe Tesfaye14 일 전

    this movie was SO good wdym

  29. johnhcstaton

    johnhcstaton14 일 전

    "Guy looks under tables and in cabinets instead of in the books and magazines" Have you even been in an escape room? You couldn't be more wrong.

  30. Orbate

    Orbate15 일 전

    missed sin: shocking the heart would stop the heart, not speed it up

  31. Watts Ronnie

    Watts Ronnie16 일 전

    This movie is as pretentious as a really hard escape room

  32. FriskyChan #

    FriskyChan #16 일 전

    You should do Everything wrong with Sweeney Todd!

  33. Norman5452

    Norman545216 일 전

    I would rather watch Fermat's Room again

  34. Feng ShuiMaster

    Feng ShuiMaster17 일 전

    When you get a cinema sins add before you watch cinema sins

  35. The Great Commisar292

    The Great Commisar29217 일 전

    When it's in 17 minutes or less but you finish it in 18 IAM SPED

  36. Anthony Weaver

    Anthony Weaver17 일 전


  37. sophie fawcett

    sophie fawcett17 일 전

    Captions:HAHAHAHAHAHAAHa real life:hahaha

  38. Daniell Jones

    Daniell Jones18 일 전

    Wrong fishing pole



    Yeet the ice block at a tree

  40. Rapidgamerlad Plays

    Rapidgamerlad Plays18 일 전

    Mike’s room was the hospital room in which he died, they were going to die of poison and run out of breathable air like in his mining accident

  41. Starreaker.9 9

    Starreaker.9 919 일 전

    Wouldn't have worked on me. At the end of the day, after working all day for the city, I just want to go home and do shit for nothing. Escape room party game, nah, I'm tired. Gonna just chill here and watch a movie, oh Escape Room, never saw that one...

  42. Average Minnesotan Hotdish.

    Average Minnesotan Hotdish.19 일 전

    *Ruins of a giant building with an underground elevator to nowhere, a giant factory sized generator, and poisonous gas canisters* Investigator: tHeRe'S nO eVidEnCe Of WhAt YoU'rE DeScRiBiNg.

  43. Sanuka Kithnula

    Sanuka Kithnula19 일 전

    Y’know the part where they tried to melt the ice made me cringe like hell because I really like science

  44. Cairo Omar

    Cairo Omar20 일 전

    I just watched this tonight and I loved it, now I get to watch it again here but I can see all the flaws, making me able to understand more things, thanks cinemasins

  45. Daniel Penrod II

    Daniel Penrod II21 일 전

    I find it hard to believe that not one person went to social media beforehand to post about this mysterious box that showed up or showed a single person. You’re telling me all 6 people received this super cryptic gift and not 1 person managed to let anybody else know about it, see it, or even share the website? I would’ve sent a Snapchat to my girlfriend, at least 10-15 friends, and my family about this mystery box that showed up and is giving me a chance to win $10K. So if I managed to survive, I wouldn’t have been seen as some crazy person making it all up. There would’ve been plenty of people to support my story. Seems odd that it just vanished into thin air.

  46. Daniel Penrod II

    Daniel Penrod II21 일 전

    The melting the ice to get the key scene annoyed me. There were so many ways they could’ve melted the ice faster or smashed it open to get to the key.

  47. Kxng Shxdow

    Kxng Shxdow21 일 전

    Is it me or at 2:53 he sounds like Kermit the frog

  48. Hoseok will be back

    Hoseok will be back21 일 전

    I just watched it because I love Deborah

  49. The Wolfinoid

    The Wolfinoid22 일 전

    My question is, why did none of the characters immediately start looking for tape that is thick so that they can cover valve connected to the tank that released poisonous gas into the room? If they did that, then the timer shouldn’t be much a big problem.

  50. Diego Da Costa Leites

    Diego Da Costa Leites22 일 전

    No one: Not even a soul: The whole cast and produccion in movie: The movie itself: this stupid counter: *ding*

  51. Kyle Roberts

    Kyle Roberts22 일 전

    Hey just binged some of your work! Check out the movie cube, or some of the other more ridiculous sequels!

  52. jonys und georgs heftiger Kanal

    jonys und georgs heftiger Kanal23 일 전

    How green was my valley! Shakespeare in love! Oh sorry i thought we were yelling out undeserving Oscar eines.😂😂😂

  53. ODG Gamers

    ODG Gamers23 일 전

    The title makes sense

  54. xx mercedes swiftie xx

    xx mercedes swiftie xx24 일 전

    this movie has issues but its not as bad as you made it out to be

  55. Tilted Rodent

    Tilted Rodent24 일 전

    I actually enjoyed this movie when watching it, and some of the character’s deaths got to me(mostly because I figured they’d make it to the end over others) Doesn’t mean it’s perfect tho.

  56. Monica Kelly

    Monica Kelly24 일 전

    On her license, the address is a cemetery in Illinois

  57. Lady MF Unicorn

    Lady MF Unicorn24 일 전

    I'm so happy you knew she was from true blood

  58. David Gindi

    David Gindi25 일 전

    I would have given 1,000 sins for the part where if one character dies and they go to the room relating to said character then they'd all be screwed

  59. No No

    No No25 일 전

    Please tell me you tag the makers of these steaming piles of dog shit these videos so they can feel inadequate. Movies should have to have mandatory bullshit editors on payroll.

  60. Vlogging Gabes : VR GAMING

    Vlogging Gabes : VR GAMING26 일 전

    Why didn't they break the box then BREAK THE ICE