Everything Wrong With Escape Room In 17 Minutes Or Less


  1. Daniel Navarro

    Daniel Navarro15 시간 전

    Ben getting his shit together in barely six months. DING

  2. The Hive - The_Stinger_0113

    The Hive - The_Stinger_0113일 전

    7:38 or smash it that would be 100000x faster than letting f**king body heat do it!

  3. The Hive - The_Stinger_0113

    The Hive - The_Stinger_0113일 전

    3:02 hey im reading that book (Fahrenheit 451 Not The Game) for my f**king summer work! ITS CALLED SUMMER BREAK FOR A REASON SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Name's Nora

    The Name's Nora일 전

    Okay you’re great and all, and I love your videos but all of that perfectly timed shit the movie pulls off, like the fishing hole and the lighter for example? The timing and stuff is orchestrated by a team of trained professionals who do this for a living and are watching their every move. They see an opportunity to... Dunk Danny, or make the ice weaker or even completely breakable under Ben. That’s why when Ben broke the ice, it was a perfect circle, not a removed, uneven chunk. Just food for thought. 🙃

  5. cannypal

    cannypal일 전

    So this wasn't a sneaky spinoff of saw? Shit.

  6. E99Y.O

    E99Y.O2 일 전

    Idk about you guys but insane fruit salad sounds like a band name to me

  7. Christopher Chaboyer

    Christopher Chaboyer2 일 전

    This movie was actually pretty decently done UP UNTIL THE LAST 25 MINUTES

  8. iOS GamePlay

    iOS GamePlay3 일 전

    I saw the thumbnail, went to go watch the movie and then came back so I wouldn’t get spoilers 😎

  9. pyrotheevilplatypus

    pyrotheevilplatypus3 일 전

    You didn't sin for everyone pronouncing Minos the same way!!! I know it's the correct way, but you really expect me to believe that one of them wouldn't pronounce it with short or long i sound???

  10. Sandra Kloman

    Sandra Kloman4 일 전

    I love this movie but he died find the clues or die

  11. V H

    V H7 일 전

    I was lowkey forced to see this movie and I *HATED* it! But I will say this: the origami cube thing would have probably opened up on it's own, like there was a timer in it, in case participants couldn't figure out the puzzle. The problem would have been the gamble of whether or not the invited participants would have showed up. Also to add to the major plot hole for the no evidence thing. They had the cards AND the origami cube, all of the participants. Following up on the dead participants would have made a clear connection, most states (if not, all) have laws of opening investigations on non-natural deaths. The girl could have provided names of those who died and how they died would have caused more suspicion because she would have foreseen how these random strangers deaths before their actual "accidents"

  12. Mystical Herb

    Mystical Herb7 일 전

    Stupid movie

  13. RewardingGrin

    RewardingGrin7 일 전

    This was posted on my birthday.

  14. Redinator Gaming

    Redinator Gaming7 일 전

    The miners room was the last one because you are getting crushed like a cave in

  15. Random Person

    Random Person8 일 전

    what about the fact that only one person takes off their clothes during the first room I'll add that sin myself

  16. BackOfTheBus

    BackOfTheBus9 일 전

    15:52 you forgot to sin the fact that Zoey and Ben are smiling in their passport photos. Isn't that illegal? Or is it legal in Illinois?

  17. Michael H

    Michael H9 일 전

    The scene with the Ice-Cube was so stupid. Why not just pee on that thing? Would be surely warmer than there hands ^^

  18. Billy

    Billy9 일 전

    The acting in this movie was horrible and the characters were unlikable. Especially the guy that said he liked escape rooms. This may sound horrible but i was actually rooting for the bad guys in this movie.

  19. Jason Tachin

    Jason Tachin10 일 전

    RW:that airplane scene ,is this a reenactment to the 1st Final Destination film? *DING* !

  20. Jason Tachin

    Jason Tachin10 일 전

    RW:cops and FBI S are completely useless in horror movies *DING* !

  21. Jason Tachin

    Jason Tachin10 일 전

    RW:man I hate these type of movies with death puzzles,this like a mixture of The Cube movie trilogy and those FUCKIN SAW movies.!😠👎

  22. Jason Tachin

    Jason Tachin10 일 전

    RW:I hate escape rooms,I can't believe we have on here in AZ.😓

  23. Bradarious Spar

    Bradarious Spar10 일 전

    0:37 Missed a sin- HORRIBLE DRUNKEN HOLIDAY SINGING. Though really horrible drunken singing would've been sinnable too

  24. Sean Selig

    Sean Selig11 일 전

    Indian kid looks like the one from wonder park

  25. white rhino

    white rhino11 일 전

    hey man could you do some more cienmasins on movies that released this year and last year cause i havent had time to watch them.... ;)

  26. J McN

    J McN13 일 전

    Me - *watches movie* ‘oh, this movie is actually really good’. CinemaSins - *exists* Me - ‘I’m a blind fool’

  27. lil isaiah

    lil isaiah13 일 전

    This movie was so corny lmao

  28. Derek White

    Derek White14 일 전

    I'm gonna add 10000 sins to Cinema Sins just for thinking that this is worth comparing to Saw. When in fact it's a PG-13 discount of that far better franchise.

  29. D33Y4

    D33Y414 일 전

    And Zoey and Ben ended up driving to Minos HQ....

  30. Stickiboi

    Stickiboi15 일 전

    This movie could’ve been so freaking interesting! Too bad it sucks!

  31. GoingInBlind

    GoingInBlind15 일 전

    I love Clue.

  32. beetlegrub

    beetlegrub16 일 전

    This movie wouldve been better if it was just a bunch of people solving normal escape rooms as a very slow stumbling murder made its way from one room to the next after them.

  33. Oliver

    Oliver16 일 전

    I watch these videos just before the dead meat kill count on them. And both of them combined is awesome

  34. Shannon Mitchell

    Shannon Mitchell16 일 전

    Why do you sound like kermit?

  35. xXwolf_playsXx

    xXwolf_playsXx16 일 전

    *LiTTle BoXEs On THe HilL TOpS*

  36. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr17 일 전

    LOL So Basically Saw, but with Rooms!

  37. Derek White

    Derek White14 일 전


  38. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr17 일 전

    Just Escape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ANGERY BOI!17 일 전

    What a poopoo movie

  40. Tsusaku Cohenat

    Tsusaku Cohenat17 일 전

    Well i liked it and when that happens i mostly just watch and don't do much thinking, so i don't mind the holes :)

  41. Maui Randall

    Maui Randall18 일 전

    "Survival of the fittest" referring to someone who sacrificed themselves for the group, what a dick I guess it sounds better than survival of the cowards It's not that means in the slightest

  42. Jt Chicken

    Jt Chicken18 일 전

    You sound like Kermit you the same guy?

  43. drawing moments

    drawing moments18 일 전

    Stop doing all of this shut the f**k up me and my family liked it

  44. Retro Core

    Retro Core9 일 전

    Oh ok, I guess people can't dislike a movie because you like it? Guess you think the world just REVOLVES around you and everything on this Earth must follow your wishes

  45. Divita IsAwesome

    Divita IsAwesome18 일 전


  46. JustActing

    JustActing18 일 전

    No movie is good. You need a whole lot more suspended disbelief nowadays!

  47. jamari shoy

    jamari shoy19 일 전

    The books!!!

  48. Multifandom Alien

    Multifandom Alien19 일 전

    I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry when people take a satirical video too seriously :/

  49. Cracker

    Cracker19 일 전


  50. CNoelle

    CNoelle20 일 전

    This looks like a cross between Saw and The Belko Experiment

  51. Lauren Dobre

    Lauren Dobre20 일 전

    Stooop I love Ben (jk don’t stop your a great person!❤️)

  52. nbababy_ 420

    nbababy_ 42020 일 전

    wow, its so cool how you mess up movies...