1. Zoe Beth Parent

    Zoe Beth Parent2 시간 전

    Pisces is every mom ever...

  2. That Guy

    That Guy2 시간 전

    I’m cancer ♋️

  3. Blue Rosario

    Blue Rosario5 시간 전

    They should have done a food thing smh

  4. Brush Dude

    Brush Dude5 시간 전

    I’m a Leo yes I’m on the 23rd

  5. Josie Annette

    Josie Annette7 시간 전

    *im the trash boy!* Me, angrily feeling attacked: why do I always have to do stuff?

  6. Isaac Belleza

    Isaac Belleza7 시간 전

    Im not that sensitive 😆 Im a cancer 🙃

  7. Renatta Rivero

    Renatta Rivero8 시간 전

    My birthday is april 21 so im a taurus but just about to be aries

  8. valente the undercover detective

    valente the undercover detective8 시간 전

    Im a Taurus

  9. Alex Yeet!

    Alex Yeet!11 시간 전

    me and my friend are aries but i dont act like on the vid but my friend does???

  10. The_Golden_Prime

    The_Golden_Prime12 시간 전

    I'm a pisces

  11. Stuff

    Stuff12 시간 전

    Aw sweet I got Shayne for my sign

  12. Gloss V

    Gloss V12 시간 전

    You did Scorpio dirty

  13. Christian Chrone

    Christian Chrone13 시간 전

    Im a libra but i dont cry but i cant make decisions

  14. Kenny Guterres

    Kenny Guterres14 시간 전


  15. Kidtactical

    Kidtactical15 시간 전

    I’m a Taurus ♉️

  16. Remi k

    Remi k15 시간 전

    Ong sagittarius is sooo sooo accurate ..

  17. Doggirl Productions

    Doggirl Productions17 시간 전

    I'm a libra :) libras unite!♋️

  18. TheDeadlyGamer

    TheDeadlyGamer18 시간 전

    As a Taurus so true

  19. Myworldandyours

    Myworldandyours20 시간 전

    6:28 anyone notice it's the music for sims lol

  20. Versa 101

    Versa 10122 시간 전

    I’m Aries XD It’s true how I act 0:02

  21. God NateBoi

    God NateBoi23 시간 전

    *Communist* *Hippity hoppity ur land is our property*

  22. Maximilianmus

    Maximilianmus23 시간 전

    Capricorn ♑️

  23. Rip Grumpy Cat

    Rip Grumpy Cat일 전

    I'm a Libra and I can never make up my mind.

  24. TealCougar

    TealCougar일 전

    Trash boy

  25. Bleu

    Bleu일 전

    *tRaSh BoOoOOooOOOoOOOOoOOOooooooOOi* dats me

  26. Christen_ Animations

    Christen_ Animations일 전

    For me as a Leo I always feel the opposite I don't really like expensive things that is just a one time thing

  27. Septic_Sister _Coder

    Septic_Sister _Coder일 전

    Im an Aquarius and I have never seen something so relatable

  28. Isa M

    Isa M일 전

    As an Aries, I can tell that it was 100% accurate😂

  29. Kendal Hunt

    Kendal Hunt일 전


  30. ItsYaHomegirl

    ItsYaHomegirl일 전

    I'm a cancer and my dog passed last month :D ...kill me ;-;

  31. khazz33

    khazz33일 전

    I feel like Virgos are the real narcissists tbh

  32. khazz33

    khazz33일 전

    I’m sorry, but that exact scenario...that’s me as a Sagittarius. I always HATED group projects 😂

  33. MelLovesToDraw

    MelLovesToDraw일 전

    Libra is undecives AND WE GET IT! Tell us something we DON'T KNOW! -Libra ♎

  34. Toby Davies

    Toby Davies일 전

    I’m a Sagittarius ♐️ That is so me but only with the group project (I don’t want to take over a school)

  35. Ruby Cristine

    Ruby Cristine일 전

    I’m a Leo ♌️ and I relate to that soooo much😂

  36. Tonji

    Tonji일 전

    Why does every video like this make Cancers look like crap?! Lol

  37. NovatokesUncut

    NovatokesUncut일 전

    please make this again as attacked as i feel it was the funniest thing ive seen from yall in forever

  38. Annie

    Annie일 전

    "Why are Libras always crying?" Then the whole bit is just straight up unable to make a decision... I feel like this is a targeted attack.

  39. Lovely Chavez

    Lovely Chavez일 전


  40. Brenna San Nicolas

    Brenna San Nicolas2 일 전

    The Aquarius is so accurate because I'm Aquarius and I just stall and change the subject

  41. McKenna Massacre

    McKenna Massacre2 일 전

    I’m a slob Virgo.

  42. Amara Rose

    Amara Rose2 일 전

    As a Leo I can confirm this is completely true!

  43. Lily Chan

    Lily Chan2 일 전


  44. SugaTea

    SugaTea2 일 전

    I 100% relate to libra and aquarius

  45. nora

    nora2 일 전

    Leo. I have been told i have expensive taste😂 but i never say to someone that I’m worth the money🤔

  46. jerryaepi

    jerryaepi2 일 전

    I a LEO

  47. Greenamations

    Greenamations2 일 전

    Every band ever

  48. ParanoeX

    ParanoeX2 일 전

    watching these all waiting to get to my sign, i was thinking that aquarius will be something just as stupid but... honestly... thats quite accurate

  49. Caitlyn Stuff

    Caitlyn Stuff2 일 전

    Sagittarius is so accurate 😂

  50. Skyler Haldens

    Skyler Haldens2 일 전

    ♑ I'm a new years fish goat who stresses over perfection