1. Ashton The Queen

    Ashton The Queen시간 전

    As a Virgo, I feel attacked

  2. Thi Dinh

    Thi Dinh6 시간 전

    I'm Pisces ♋️

  3. RoboLoco

    RoboLoco10 시간 전

    Why is this so me :Libra Kayla oh gosh no uhhh

  4. Ling Be

    Ling Be13 시간 전


  5. James Bond

    James Bond13 시간 전

    Pisces: You’re right, but I’m offended


    THE DAB POLICE17 시간 전

    Pisces is so incorrect for me, I'm the complete opposite.

  7. Omar Mahmoud

    Omar Mahmoud18 시간 전

    me, a pisces: laughs in crying

  8. Father Of Dogs

    Father Of Dogs일 전

    Im Sagittarius, I feel offended a little.

  9. Sunset Roblox

    Sunset Roblox일 전

    I'm Taurus....😐

  10. thomas

    thomas일 전

    this was made on my birthday hA

  11. Andrea Williams

    Andrea Williams일 전


  12. oriental cats

    oriental cats일 전

    this was made the day before my birthday

  13. brooklyn dixon

    brooklyn dixon일 전

    Im so like my zodiac sign im aries ♈

  14. Kelsey Heuschkel

    Kelsey Heuschkel2 일 전

    I'm a Scorpio so the Scorpio sketch was very accurate

  15. Shaianne Schneider

    Shaianne Schneider2 일 전

    My zodiac is a Sagittarius, and the majority of it is so untrue. But surprisingly, I'm not offended. I find it quite funny. Okay, I don't find it funny. I'm literally just sitting here with a plain face.

  16. Axel Trujillo

    Axel Trujillo2 일 전

    How dare you I’m a Taurus

  17. Olivia Shanks

    Olivia Shanks2 일 전

    I’m a Taurus, and I’m the exact same way.

  18. Miss Exotic Games

    Miss Exotic Games2 일 전

    Ironic how if I would’ve been born a day later my personality would change completely.

  19. Ash Astin

    Ash Astin2 일 전


  20. Ilona hi

    Ilona hi3 일 전

    As a sagittarius i'm not that social 😂

  21. Young Dubb

    Young Dubb3 일 전

    I’m just a Pisces that acts weird

  22. Rose Pastel

    Rose Pastel3 일 전

    isn't it actress for a female, when he says Tilda Swinton is an amazing "actor"

  23. Hawk Olguin

    Hawk Olguin3 일 전

    I'm a leo

  24. Loki Gress

    Loki Gress3 일 전

    Sagittarius *Watches* ya, thats accurate...

  25. Vita Bialiauskaya

    Vita Bialiauskaya3 일 전

    As a Gemini, I have no idea how to help my situation which directly resembles this scene. I feel attacked.

  26. Woody

    Woody3 일 전

    I'm a Capricorn ngl i feel kinda attacked but that's honestly pretty accurate

  27. NotTwinBrothers T

    NotTwinBrothers T3 일 전

    I’m happy to be a Taurus because that is literally my personality

  28. Coral Kovalsky

    Coral Kovalsky3 일 전

    The Pisces sign is so true it hurts

  29. Coral Kovalsky

    Coral Kovalsky3 일 전

    Cause I’m a Pisces

  30. Mali Darko

    Mali Darko4 일 전

    you just literaly explaind me in a few sentiences 5:26

  31. Mali Darko

    Mali Darko4 일 전

    so im a capricorn cuz i was bor on january 18th

  32. lucky cat 101

    lucky cat 1014 일 전

    I'm a pisces

  33. Cinnamind Controlled

    Cinnamind Controlled4 일 전

    5:55-6:24 Steven universe future in a nutshell

  34. Alexandria B.

    Alexandria B.일 전

    Cinnamind Controlled omfg 🥺

  35. XX_Yaretcy_XX oo

    XX_Yaretcy_XX oo4 일 전

    ima libra thats it:/

  36. Kaitlyn Dao

    Kaitlyn Dao4 일 전

    Why is pisces so right😅

  37. YaZidla games

    YaZidla games4 일 전

    My favourite smosh video ever 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  38. Dani -san

    Dani -san4 일 전

    Wow I’m really crazy

  39. Karen_Gillan Fan

    Karen_Gillan Fan4 일 전

    Umm who else heard sims music at 6:52

  40. Karen_Gillan Fan

    Karen_Gillan Fan4 일 전


  41. Kierah mccants

    Kierah mccants4 일 전

    I'm a Gemini

  42. Dahboo_4_Dayz

    Dahboo_4_Dayz4 일 전

    I don’t believe in astrology but as a Libra that is totally me... at least I think it is. Maybe not. Oh gosh idk

  43. I Is PUSHEEN

    I Is PUSHEEN4 일 전

    I’m a Sagittarius, and that was totally me! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  44. Im weird.

    Im weird.4 일 전

    I'm a libra and I don't even know why they had shayne pick Olivia or Courtney and Courtney said why are Libras crying all the time and that's true

  45. Datz Me ZZ

    Datz Me ZZ5 일 전

    Me As a Scorpio i can............. Relate

  46. Gacha_IN

    Gacha_IN5 일 전

    0:18 basically me

  47. Cherri Bomb

    Cherri Bomb5 일 전

    Pisces=every mom ever

  48. Sdrawkcab lrig

    Sdrawkcab lrig5 일 전

    Pisces is spot on I'm a bit of a dickhead.

  49. Sophia Vigil

    Sophia Vigil5 일 전

    Virgo is so true 😂 (I’m a Virgo btw)

  50. yo sharky

    yo sharky5 일 전

    Umm I'm a virgo and that's not accurate we dont want everything to be perfect... oh shit I'm trying to make this vid perfect

  51. Mia Jones

    Mia Jones5 일 전

    im aries 🤦🏼‍♀️

  52. Taleen_ The Potato

    Taleen_ The Potato5 일 전

    I'm Sagittarius

  53. Amanda Mankus

    Amanda Mankus5 일 전

    When Shayne (Virgo) colored the wall it looked like he just murderer someone XD. Who else agrees?

  54. Amanda Mankus

    Amanda Mankus5 일 전

    I have 2 ideas: Every Country ever and Every Phone Call Ever!!

  55. Kailee Palardy

    Kailee Palardy6 일 전

    As a Virgo I can confirm

  56. Estelle Wilson

    Estelle Wilson6 일 전

    I'm Capricorn

  57. ZoeyTheOreo

    ZoeyTheOreo6 일 전

    as a sagittarius, I find mine quite accurate.

  58. Anthony M

    Anthony M6 일 전

    ever notice how all zodiac signs show vague personality traits that vaguely describe like all people? and maybe it's better to identify as an individual rather than by the "star sign" you were given at birth. even though the stars have shifted over time and the dates are all wrong. maybe it's just me

  59. jasteffy 117

    jasteffy 1176 일 전

    Gemini 🔯♈♉♊♋♌♍⛎♓♒♑♐♏♎⚕⚜✳🈳️I found everyone since I can't remember what my sigh looks like

  60. Izzy Win

    Izzy Win6 일 전

    I’m Aries ♈️

  61. The Pan With A Plan

    The Pan With A Plan7 일 전

    the Sag is so true, it hit me

  62. Storm - Blade - 008

    Storm - Blade - 0087 일 전

    My mum is a canerian but she acts like a pirses or what ever the fish one is no offense