Every Lightsaber Duel from Star Wars (Episodes 1-6)


  1. Cableguy15

    Cableguy1514 분 전

    17:56 is very similar to the move Anakin used to cut off Dooku's hands. I always loved that little bit of continuity. And of course, Obi Wan knows him so well that he was able to counter it.

  2. Zephyr X

    Zephyr X시간 전

    Men cried when obi wan fought anakin.

  3. Zephyr X

    Zephyr X시간 전

    We’ve seen to much blaster stuff in the new movies, WE NEED MORE LIGHTSABERS!!

  4. Mr Ladz

    Mr Ladz2 시간 전

    Ok, so they improved the lightsaber battles in the prequels(massively). Wtf happened in the sequels?! Compared to the prequels, those battles are like 2 kids swinging sticks at each other in the back yard.

  5. Bertha Ortiz

    Bertha Ortiz2 시간 전

    5:17 when you drank potion of slow falling right before the fight for hte diamonds

  6. 100,000 Videos with no subscribers

    100,000 Videos with no subscribers2 시간 전

    “You’ll find that I’m full of surprises” *Like losing my LightSaber*

  7. Victor

    Victor3 시간 전

    Did y’all know when obi wan and darth maul were fighting they had to slow it down because it was too fast?

  8. Gator4155

    Gator41556 시간 전

    i've always loved the moment at 16:55. something about the music and location with the very definition of good vs evil is just awesome

  9. Ryuga Anderson

    Ryuga Anderson7 시간 전

    When he said 12:15 I really felt that

  10. Linus de Vries

    Linus de Vries8 시간 전

    Luke vs. Vader in Empire. Die if you doubt.

  11. João Bulhões

    João Bulhões8 시간 전

    Is it me or Vader and Luke are similar to sasuke and itachi??

  12. ThomasSFH

    ThomasSFH8 시간 전

    Why do they make the fights so stupid?? Like when Obi Wan jumps up and over the SIth and slices him he just watch him for the whole duration and doesn't do anything to fight back?? And when the chanceller is being arrested he just jumps towards them and kill 2 jedi masters without them even getting a block in? REALLY... It's like watching a B movie

  13. pkillerx

    pkillerx9 시간 전

    12:15 Wow.

  14. That

    That9 시간 전

    4:57 Lmao

  15. Jacob Weller

    Jacob Weller9 시간 전

    Darth maul wins

  16. EpicSkillLP

    EpicSkillLP10 시간 전

    My favorite few seconds of Lightsaber Combat (Only Prequels) Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui Gon Jinn VS. Darth Maul (9:32) Producer: How fast should Obi-Wan and Maul clash their blades? George Lucas: Yes! Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker VS. Count Dooku (13:28 - 13:35) I just like how determinedly Anakin swings his saber so dynamic. And that jump tho. (13:39 - 13:45) This aggresion Anakin uses to duel Dooku. Fast and unexpected strikes. A wonderful choreograghy within this few seconds! One of my favorite seconds of the whole Star Wars Prequels! Mace Windu, Kid Fisto,... VS. Darth Sidious (15:44 - 15:57) Both of them are dueling so ellegant! Two Master of Lightsaber Combat dueling. (16:01) I love that overhead attack and the following strikes after! Master Yoda VS. Darth Sidious (17:11) I like how Yoda jumps around Sidious. Anakin Skywalker VS. Obi-Wan Kenobi (17:22 - 17:57) Such a beautiful choreograghy. Aggresion, Anger, Sadness, Fear in one duel. You can see Anakins Anger and Hate and Obi-Wans Fear, cause he knows he is going to kill his own Padawan in the next few minutes! The choreograghy is A+ fast movements, quick blocks. I like it! (18:30) That's funny tho. (18:38) The critics said that no human beeing got such fast reflexes, which are needed to fight so fast and accure at the same time. Maybe you could execuse this critic with the fact that the force pushes their reflexes to a maximum. They have known each for a long time and surely know the fighting style of the other. Both are Master of Lightsaber Combat and it looks fricking awesome! Lightsaber dueling isn't really a fight like it was in the middle age 500 years ago, with all the german knights and similar things. Its more like an dance! (18:49) Just seeing two Master of the Force coling together witch the Force. This moment still excites me! (21:30 - 21:46) Idk why? But I like how they swing their sabers.

  17. EpicSkillLP

    EpicSkillLP10 시간 전

    9:32 Just that sound of fast clashing lightsabers.

  18. EpicSkillLP

    EpicSkillLP10 시간 전

    From the beginning of the Video to the end the choreograghy of the Duels gets better. Starting with the "boring" fight between Darth Vader VS. Obi Wan and ending with George Lucas' Masterpiece "Duel of the Heros" Anakin VS. Obi Wan!

  19. The Monopoly Guy

    The Monopoly Guy11 시간 전

    Dooku has the high ground 13:16. Just saying

  20. movie gurl74

    movie gurl7411 시간 전

    Nothing beats Yoda dueling...I remember the first time I saw attack of the clones,and how blown away I was by Yoda

  21. PatThammavit

    PatThammavit11 시간 전

    5:50 Luke: I have a high ground Vader: Not dis time boii\\ throw dat light saber

  22. Smorez

    Smorez12 시간 전

    Revenge of the sith had the best light saber battles.

  23. Brian Taylor 2.0

    Brian Taylor 2.014 시간 전

    If we’re going according to canon, this is out of order

  24. Floydthefuckbag

    Floydthefuckbag14 시간 전

    I really hate how the Jedi as as weak and expendable as droids in the prequels. If you weren't in the OT or played by Samuel Jackson you are literally useless. Like don't these people have training and force powers? Shouldn't they be way better than Luke in New Hope? They seem more like Stormtroopers with lightsabers than Jedi Knights.

  25. Paul Langland

    Paul Langland15 시간 전

    I had a debate at a sci fi convention about the object of lightsaber duel is to cut the other opponent's hand off. I used all the evidence I had. Vader cuts off Luke's hand and then in Return of the Jedi, Luke chops off Vader's robotic hand. Then Dooku in Episode 2 cuts off half of Anakin's arm and then in episode 3, He cuts off both of Dooku's hands. Obi Wan severs 3 of Gen. Grievious's hand and then Obi Won severs Anakin's other arm and both his legs. I have the evidence.

  26. Just Peanut Butter

    Just Peanut Butter16 시간 전

    Who else wants episodes 4, 5, and 6 to re-do their duels?

  27. neophytosdm

    neophytosdm16 시간 전

    Let's be real people. All fight scenes are bad. Even darth maul vs the two guys. They had more than one openings to attack and take advantage but they passed.

  28. Elite Gunner 747

    Elite Gunner 74717 시간 전

    15:26 the other 3 Jedi were completely useless like I thought they were on the council for being a good Jedi master and they didn't even swing their lightsaber once like wtf

  29. Mushrooms423

    Mushrooms42319 시간 전

    As much as the prequels are hated, nothing can beat episode 3's fights

  30. Blitz crank

    Blitz crank23 시간 전

    Where is throne room scene

  31. Fat Yoshi

    Fat Yoshi23 시간 전

    I feel disappointed with those easy attacks that even a jedi master could not avoid

  32. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki23 시간 전

    Maul vs Yoda if it was ever possible. Then we would have spinning sabers rather than normal people who just stand and swing them like idiots

  33. Jack Scott

    Jack Scott일 전

    5:52 You know Darth Vader is good when he can still attack Luke on the high ground

  34. Zogloid -_-

    Zogloid -_-일 전

    12:16 So that’s where the Lego Yoda death sound came from

  35. Jeffy The clown

    Jeffy The clown일 전

    1 year old me play with my pencils

  36. vLxgend 23

    vLxgend 23일 전

    15:33 this clip makes me mad every time how do 3 trained jedis just get stabbed they didn’t even get a chance

  37. Katie Hammel

    Katie Hammel일 전

    13:53 I love the acting because dooku’s face definently says “OH SHOOT I JUST LOST MY HANDS”

  38. Katie Hammel

    Katie Hammel일 전

    22 minutes of CGI goodness

  39. Milk Carton

    Milk Carton일 전

    Call me an old man or purist but i think the two Luke vs Vader duels are far better than any of the over-choreographed duels of the prequels, not to mention of course that they tell the best story. And as a kid in the 80's i never thought man they should jump aroudn and flip and do all kinds of cool shit more. I found them exciting as they were. I want that over the top stuff in an HK martial arts film, not in SW. Also by far the worst duel in the while series is the Yoda-Dooku one. I always thought yoda should be like the emperor, he shouldn't need a lightsaber. When i learned he was gonna have a duel in Clones i thought well he's probably just basically gonna barely move and own his opponent with the force. When i saw him start to flip everywhere i pretty much facepalmed and thought "oh no...you did not"

  40. The Joner

    The Joner일 전

    Obiwan: *barely gets touched by lightsaber and it burns through him and he falls to the ground, even though he is a Jedi master* Disney:”IMPOSSIBLE” Also Disney: *makes fin, someone who has never used a lightsaber, get his spinal cord sliced by a sith master, nut then gets up and is apparently fine* Me: “F#cking Disney always has to ruin every movie”