Every Girl's Purse | Anwar Jibawi


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    Adwaith Shaji

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    Anwar Jibawi I joined membership

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    Anwar Jibawi z

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    Are u amuslim?

  6. Mine Craft in a nutshell

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    The girl eating ships I a freaking asmr

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    Doraemon 👝 .

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    U the best men, favorite you-tuber on the platform for sure

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    U can just dump all out

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    Kid:Teacher! How can a men lived in purse for 6 month? Teacher:Because,the woman’s purse is a black hole. Be careful,when you date a girl with a purse you’ll never see the light!

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    Is anwar Muslim

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    You opened a umbrella inside oooooooooooo

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    ليش تكذب يا يوتيوب ليش تكوال 33 مليون مشاهدة او حقيقية 3 مليون مشاهدة 😐

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    Mate it’s 2019

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    I only got in my purse is PowerBank,Phone and a wire (for PB)

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    wtf man i havent watced it yet

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    lol just saying at 2:12 that weapon is actually called a morning star. A mace is like a club with spikes on its end I was shocked when I knew this

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    She is Mary poppins

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    Should he do a Part 2 of Vanessa In the couch

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    the last scene 😂

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    Never understood women's purses they carry around half their apartment in there

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    i saw anwars pants

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    Bigger than doraemon's pocket🤣

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    Bad luck

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    He asked what year it is but he said "ive been in ur purse for six months "

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    Boyfriend finds ex: surprised face Girlfriend finds ex: "I AM GONNA KILL YOU" face

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    Anwar: I'm gonna build a House using supplies in your purse.😯😯

  33. This is RANDOM

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    That's literally my school bookbag

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    Somebody's in that purse

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    99k likes lmao🤣😅

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    Venessa is like a really popular name for anwar

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    You also spoiled the note book for everyone watching this

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    Yo Anwar cooool skateboard

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    Us girls can fit a whole house in our purse

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    1:24 what am I dating marry poppins Me: well she stole Mary poppins bag

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    lol the things in my bag is only a pink and purple highlighter, wallet, umbrella, phone and earphones, done lol

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    That’s definitely not my purse

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    What if she is just a kleptomaniak

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    This is so true! I don't usually keep a purse so this usually happens! 😂😂 Me: mom can I have my charger! Her: yeah sure it's in my purse. Me: *takes 3 hours trying to find it and realizes it's on the side pocket* Me: mother........... YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! 😂😂

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    Are you Arabic?

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    And I OOOOP into the purse

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    Can you do a part 2 of every guys couch

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    Is it just me or did she sound like Hannah stocking

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    Wooo this purse is to much

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    Every mans sofa set

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    do more videos with her

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    1:23 What am i datting? Marry poppins? Hahahaha

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    Sexy ass legs