Every Console In One Box - The Origin Big O


  1. Isaiah Padilla

    Isaiah Padilla52 분 전

    What did it cost? Everything!!!

  2. RandomizedGamer

    RandomizedGamer시간 전

    Do this with the ultimate gaming set up

  3. Finn Soup

    Finn Soup시간 전

    It's not like I needed my kidneys or anything...

  4. TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More

    TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More시간 전

    There is at least one person in the 7 billion that would use this for fortnite

  5. TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More

    TheRedGuyYT Roblox and More시간 전

    That's one big device (That's what she said ok I'll get out)

  6. Kayse Nix

    Kayse Nix2 시간 전

    Gamora: did you get the big o? Thanos: yes Gamora: what did it cost? Thanos: everything

  7. DumbleDefault

    DumbleDefault3 시간 전

    Not even a pro controller for switch 😂

  8. BlurredFaced 702

    BlurredFaced 7024 시간 전

    I need one 💔💔

  9. Oakley Sparrow

    Oakley Sparrow5 시간 전

    My only problem is that when the PS5 comes out and the Next Xbox like...

  10. papa pete

    papa pete6 시간 전

    Balanced as things should be

  11. I’m good thanks

    I’m good thanks8 시간 전

    Everyone be looking at their parents like: please?👁👄👁 Our parents: No

  12. kxng azul entertainment

    kxng azul entertainment8 시간 전

    Gaming channel...???..i would watch

  13. Pl4asma_Gamer

    Pl4asma_Gamer10 시간 전

    We live in the future

  14. rachid khellaf

    rachid khellaf10 시간 전

    can you send me any laptop you don't need it

  15. 4400jman

    4400jman11 시간 전

    Did they put a larger micro sd in the switch? This thing is garbage if I don’t have a 2tb micro sd card in the switch

  16. WOKE Futurito

    WOKE Futurito14 시간 전

    I believe SpeirsTheAmazingHD was sent one of these ..I could be wrong

  17. Stingray89

    Stingray8914 시간 전

    Just need a nuclear power plant in your back garden to keep it on all day

  18. DevilsReaper

    DevilsReaper16 시간 전

    Pretty cool but who runs 3 consoles at the same time just in case someone wants to play on something i'm not playing on right now?

  19. Herman Fourie

    Herman Fourie16 시간 전

    Hahaha unboxing with THAT knife though...,👌

  20. Talha Nusaer

    Talha Nusaer17 시간 전

    Why not go with 970 pros!!!

  21. LayerZlayer 2000

    LayerZlayer 200020 시간 전

    I want that right now

  22. VOID Rhyno

    VOID Rhyno21 시간 전

    but, wheres the xbox 360, the xbox one original, the ps3, the ps2, the original playstation, the original wii, the nintendo 64, the super nintendo, the wii u, the atari. WHERE IT AT, ITS NOT THE ALL CONSOLE IN ONE BOX MACHINE

  23. __________

    __________22 시간 전

    This is a fucking behemoth that i'm going to get nightmares about

  24. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!일 전

    Why titan why not rtx 2080 ti...

  25. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!일 전

    All of them had a logo except switch tf?

  26. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!일 전

    But how do u get your games tho only digital or wat but wat if u only have discs then where do u put the discs in?

  27. hola It's. A button dude!

    hola It's. A button dude!일 전

    Who’s still playing tasm 1 or 2 video game in 2019 tf

  28. Marumerboy

    Marumerboy일 전

    I need it

  29. gtaplayz FTW

    gtaplayz FTW일 전

    Bigger O: has every single frinkin console made

  30. HKKL-_-_RECON yr

    HKKL-_-_RECON yr일 전

    how do I become a intern here

  31. Banjo_xD

    Banjo_xD일 전

    Creeper 1:08,1:35

  32. _ _

    _ _일 전

    This is the most american thing I've seen for a while.

  33. Belal Bebo

    Belal Bebo일 전

    The Price is $17,000

  34. Tucky Squad

    Tucky Squad일 전

    Friend One: I have an Xbox One X!! Friend Two: I have a PS4 Pro!! Friend Three: I have a Switch!! Friend Four: I have a Gaming PC!! What do you play? Me living in the box it came with: Yes

  35. Chrono

    Chrono21 시간 전

    Tucky Squad lmao cross play with all but friend two

  36. Bruzr G

    Bruzr G일 전

    What are the dimensions of the case?

  37. Thimira Lamahewage

    Thimira Lamahewage일 전

    Is it available for sale.

  38. Seth Man

    Seth Man일 전

    When you guys are done, let me know - I'll send you my address so you can ship that down here :P

  39. Hentai King

    Hentai King일 전

    But for 8 grand I don’t think so

  40. Sava

    Sava일 전

    Why make this at the EOL of the systems? When they could've waited and did the same with the new gen.

  41. The Randome

    The Randome2 일 전

    For sevenk as an electriacal enginer i could make this myself and so could you proberly minus tge water coing just get a switcher

  42. gabriel tirado

    gabriel tirado2 일 전

    How much for all??

  43. Fausto Manuel Espinal Espaillat

    Fausto Manuel Espinal Espaillat2 일 전

    Can I buy this?

  44. Funky Coyote

    Funky Coyote2 일 전

    Can I have it?

  45. TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _21

    TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _212 일 전

    I need experts, is is possible to do it ur self without a team or a couple?? Cuz I ain't spending 8k on this if I can make it by myself for like 4k

  46. BronerBeast

    BronerBeast14 시간 전

    @TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _21 Well if you ever do it, you know you have to upload that onto youtube. Or show the build process, would get tons of views!

  47. TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _21

    TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _2118 시간 전

    @BronerBeast yea ik wym that's y I'm just making plans on how I want it to look and work before we start to do anything

  48. BronerBeast

    BronerBeast18 시간 전

    @TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _21 Yea, it definitely aint going to look as dope as it does on the video. If they were smarter they would make it 5 grand cheaper, everyone would buy this. If people pay 2 grand for a gaming pc, they would easily pay 5 grand for an Origin!!

  49. TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _21

    TakeoffDoTSaVaGe _2121 시간 전

    @BronerBeast yea ik I can, i'm just waiting for my brother to go get the supplies to start now that I think about it I'm pretty much just using my old consoles and old pc but need a pc case and a switch but this is gana take a while cuz my brother is the brains of this

  50. BronerBeast

    BronerBeast일 전

    Yes you can make this yourself. Maybe not with every single feature, but you definitely can make this for way less than 8k

  51. travis sprague

    travis sprague2 일 전

    Am i the only one who doesn't find this very impressive? All the consoles are still run separately, and still need to be switched to the correct inputs to work..so..how is it any different from just having all the systems sitting next to eachother plugged into different inputs on a monitor? The only accomplishment here, is that they managed to fit all the hardware into one PC box. Now if you say, created a custom UI that had a list of all the games from every system listed on it and ready to play on the tap of a button, now that would be impressive and something noteworthy to show off. Not hating this btw, i just don't think its all that great.

  52. Scott K

    Scott K2 일 전

    I have a couple questions. How do you run all 4 systems run on the same hard drive? Is there spliced wires or is the ps4, xbox, switch and computer running on 4 diffrent hard drives? Also, where can i buy large cases for my build.

  53. umad?

    umad?2 일 전

    That xbox lan setup is kinda dumb, why wouldn't they have solded in the connection or set it up so it's all hardwired internally with one outgoing lan port?

  54. Ritesh Valanju

    Ritesh Valanju2 일 전

    I like ur beard 😊

  55. Suffergenius1

    Suffergenius12 일 전

    Is it really possible to run out of saliva this fast? This isn't normal.

  56. Edgar Renje

    Edgar Renje2 일 전

    Actually, this solution shows the sad truth of the fragmentation of exclusive titles in video games...soon we will see something like that for streaming devices as well.

  57. Alias

    Alias2 일 전

    Can I have yours?

  58. Ali Kamal

    Ali Kamal2 일 전

    This box is art, designed for somebody who doesnot want to get out of the room!!

  59. Siddartha roy Siddartha

    Siddartha roy Siddartha2 일 전

    I am a very big fan of you and your videos but this the another level. For this video I have no words to describe. I just loved it

  60. Bill Wyant

    Bill Wyant2 일 전

    So what are they going to do with the next gen coming out next year? Then this will be pretty much obsolete

  61. Nirmalamma K L

    Nirmalamma K L2 일 전

    All right let him play one game completely for god's sake ....

  62. Øn

    Øn2 일 전

    But the question is........ Can it run doom?

  63. suraj pal

    suraj pal2 일 전


  64. tylar Hendrix

    tylar Hendrix2 일 전

    Is this the end of the console wars?? But this looks expensive asf 😂😂

  65. Bivv93

    Bivv933 일 전

    May ALLAAH Bless u Origin fellows

  66. Fazle Sattar

    Fazle Sattar3 일 전

    I want this

  67. Library Of Thoughts

    Library Of Thoughts3 일 전

    One to rule them all.

  68. jay_615

    jay_6153 일 전

    I work too much ain't got time for games

  69. Егор Терентьев

    Егор Терентьев3 일 전

    Когда ты тоже хочешь себе такой ПК, но тебе никто такой не подарит, хотя б клавиатуру... =(((



    Gotta sell my car see y’all later

  71. Scott K

    Scott K3 일 전

    I have been trying to build this for years, and i joined 3 diffrent facebook groups to learn how... EVERYONE said it was imposible... i couldnt get the 2 systems ps4 and xbox to work together. So, how did they? Ps, they are missing VR gaming headset for that

  72. life of mike

    life of mike3 일 전

    Lord of the ring narratioN voice. For another console was made ..one console to rule them all

  73. bradshaw gaming

    bradshaw gaming3 일 전

    I will never buy one of them

  74. prenses mörf

    prenses mörf3 일 전

    It's not worth, you can get 2080 Ti SLl rig + PS4 Pro + Xbox One X + Nintendo Switch for $5200, maybe $5000.

  75. Erik MetalyRock

    Erik MetalyRock3 일 전

    Nice, I got my 10k setup complete. I can play overwatch now...

  76. Trinankur Sarkar

    Trinankur Sarkar3 일 전


  77. EXORY

    EXORY3 일 전

    cool.. another thing I can't afford

  78. Soumik Pattanayak

    Soumik Pattanayak3 일 전

    What is the price????

  79. V. Sriram Sundar

    V. Sriram Sundar3 일 전

    This with the Samsung 240Hz QLED gaming monitor is the best setup.

  80. Rob Kroll

    Rob Kroll3 일 전

    Test the new Atari console.. coming out in December

  81. countrycbc

    countrycbc3 일 전

    Ok so what's the point of this video they wont even sell this thing so to me I domt get it if u cant buy it then what the hell is this all fake


    DIZZYDRE3 일 전

    Who paid?

  83. Rinaldi James

    Rinaldi James3 일 전

    Does it become outdated if the PS5 releases ? I mean this isn't cheap. Can't just throw it aside.

  84. Faithy boi

    Faithy boi3 일 전

    Asking a Rich Friend something: Hey man Xbox, Ps4, switch, or PC? Rich Friend: All 4 bitch.

  85. คฬร๏๓єร‽๏ttєг

    คฬร๏๓єร‽๏ttєг3 일 전

    My wallets telling me no. *But my body my body is telling me yes.*

  86. Ray wang

    Ray wang3 일 전

    My brain: I want THIS !!!! My wallet: No, you don't.