[EVERGLOW - Adios] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190822 EP.631


  1. TravelingSandy

    TravelingSandy6 시간 전

    Mia voice is amazing

  2. Fer

    Fer11 시간 전

    this group looks fantastic

  3. Sheryl Velarde

    Sheryl Velarde19 시간 전

    Se copio de blackpink

  4. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire시간 전

    No one copies blackpink. They're not the standard in kpop. Please wake up from your delusional

  5. ayung rudy

    ayung rudy일 전

    Mia win



    1:44 Who is that blonde one in the middle?


    K-POP RAINBOW14 시간 전

    @Wavy Nae Thank you! I don't know any of them so... 😅

  8. Wavy Nae

    Wavy Nae17 시간 전


  9. SugaR

    SugaR일 전

    60% talking about aisha 20% talking about that this group is under 19% talking about sihyeon 1% talking about how great the whole group actually is

  10. sarang lee

    sarang lee일 전

    Listen to the vocal! People need to listen and stop sleeping on this group

  11. Bolivar Landazuri

    Bolivar Landazuri2 일 전

    adiós eso suena como avarious:v

  12. Blink 4life

    Blink 4life3 일 전


  13. Alicia N

    Alicia N3 일 전

    Ever boys fanns 🤣🤣

  14. Muhammad Ananda Rizkie Irsan

    Muhammad Ananda Rizkie Irsan4 일 전

    Sexiest stages of adios everglow



    Mia ❤

  16. Rainbow Sparkles

    Rainbow Sparkles5 일 전

    When your looking at the steps 👀 But the camera man is has a lot of movements you 😵

  17. Ilovemad

    Ilovemad6 일 전

    just one i want to say..i dont like lipsing

  18. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire시간 전

    Don't watch kpop at all then

  19. Chiara Tianyi

    Chiara Tianyi5 일 전

    They aren't lip syncing? Lmao

  20. King Jin

    King Jin6 일 전

    They’re voice is so perfect,btw I’m not a fan of Everglow but OMG! I wanna be a fan now lol

  21. Endless Love

    Endless Love6 일 전

    Who's da pink hair girl? Where's her singing line? xD

  22. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire시간 전

    Onda. She sang the "see you later da pilyeo eobseo see you later" part

  23. めんちょん

    めんちょん7 일 전


  24. Tâmily Maia

    Tâmily Maia7 일 전

    rainhas fazem assim ! 💜👏👏👏👏

  25. Rabia -

    Rabia -7 일 전

    i think they are copying blackpink this is clear

  26. Garden Vampire

    Garden Vampire시간 전

    Don't think at all then. You obviously new to kpop. This concept isn't new. It's pretty popular back in second generation era. Blackpink didn't invent and own any concept. Seriously, stop thinking

  27. Chiara Tianyi

    Chiara Tianyi5 일 전

    Blackpink doesn't own the badass concept dude.

  28. Celena Carr

    Celena Carr7 일 전

    Why ain't any of you guys are talking about Onda

  29. Kesha W

    Kesha W8 일 전

    My ears are not used to male screams/chants....


    PINK BLINK8 일 전

    They don't lip sync PERIODT

  31. Shalewa Koleowo

    Shalewa Koleowo7 일 전

    PINK BLINK Ok carry on dreaming

  32. Shoug Ali

    Shoug Ali8 일 전

    Omg I don’t know who is my bias

  33. Juan Andrey

    Juan Andrey9 일 전

    GO 4M

  34. Diane's Channel Vlogs

    Diane's Channel Vlogs10 일 전

    Omg its like blackpink kill this love

  35. Wangs Last

    Wangs Last10 일 전

    E.U. and Aisha bring something different to this group.

  36. help jimin to find his jams

    help jimin to find his jams10 일 전

    Sadly... They didn't won at MAMA 2019

  37. Alisa Zamora

    Alisa Zamora10 일 전

    I have the fattest crush on siyeon oh my god

  38. Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim11 일 전

    I low key think this is mias area

  39. I' am man of culture

    I' am man of culture11 일 전

    Aren't E:u really looks alot like actress kim sohyun ? They both looks so pretty thoo

  40. Toto Marty

    Toto Marty11 일 전

    "Au revoir" n'est pas très bien prononcé, mais j'apprécie quand même.

  41. bri i

    bri i12 일 전

    Outfits giving me SNSD's "You Thunk" vibes!

  42. D E A N

    D E A N12 일 전

    Yiren and Aisha's visual is out of this world. Srsly gorgeous

  43. Alana Firme Silva

    Alana Firme Silva13 일 전

    Everglowwwww. Loveeee

  44. Kook

    Kook14 일 전

    *these fanboys omg i love that*

  45. samajeé latin

    samajeé latin14 일 전

    song slaps harder than my mom when i forget to take out the chicken

  46. M

    M14 일 전

    3.6M view on just one video for a music show and still you didn’t invite them for MAMA2019 this is unfair. You should invite them

  47. Shalewa Koleowo

    Shalewa Koleowo7 일 전

    M IKR I wanted to see them perform

  48. carolina alvarez

    carolina alvarez14 일 전

    Temazo fuerrrte

  49. Esther Maria

    Esther Maria15 일 전

    Están haciendo playback o son profesionales? 😅😮

  50. Stan Everglow

    Stan Everglow15 일 전