Everest: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Bilal Mohammad

    Bilal Mohammad일 전

    This is exactly like Homer in Mount Simpson.

  2. Mad9977 Productions

    Mad9977 Productions4 일 전

    lol the seal pony 😂

  3. Spurious Lathos

    Spurious Lathos4 일 전

    Honestly, 9 out of 11 deaths in a frat house being considered "sad" is still pretty generous...

  4. Mad9977 Productions

    Mad9977 Productions4 일 전

    the Everest is the highest garbage pile on earth, just stop that non-sense, there is no more glory to get.

  5. Barking Ant

    Barking Ant4 일 전

    Fuck that if you can't get to the top of Everest on your own then you haven't accomplished shit other than being a 1st world douchebag. And, look, I'm sorry but if you have no experience in mountain climbing and you insist on climbing a fucking mountain you deserve to die.

  6. Visitant

    Visitant5 일 전

    Wait why is there white guilt that the rich people are paying Sherpas to risk their lives? It's not slavery. The sherpa can say no fuck you I'm not risking my life for you. It's not the rich peoples fault that the sherpas don't have many other options for work and it's not like they would be going there with money at all if there wasn't a service they were trying to procure. The sherpas are as much to blame for accepting the life threatening work as the rich people are for offering it. Rich people in North America also pay poor people to spend their lives doing miserable work that causes them to spend most of their time hating their life and wishing they were dead. FFS they also do it to middle class people they just get paid more. If you have a problem with it then it sounds more like you are criticising the short falls of capitalism that allows a system to be created where people with more capital than others can get those others to do dangerous or degrading tasks in exchange for a tiny amount of that capital. Which is a fine thing to criticise but you can't really blame the player you have to hate the game.

  7. Rainbow Tea Games

    Rainbow Tea Games6 일 전

    Just in case you aren't sure...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makalu

  8. Abhay Chavda

    Abhay Chavda6 일 전

    He just puts nonsense when he doesnt have enough material :/

  9. Aqib.A.C

    Aqib.A.C6 일 전

    Something I love about this segment is the fact that John was willing to wear some heavy snow pants for the entire episode just to prove his point at the end.

  10. Dominick DiBart

    Dominick DiBart7 일 전

    Should Nepal and Tibet tighten up their standards? Yes Should rich white people stop trying to surmount a mountain just for Instagram likes? Double Yes

  11. Nimesh Ghimire

    Nimesh Ghimire7 일 전

    I am from Nepal and Thanks John for covering this topic.

  12. Robert Rowley

    Robert Rowley7 일 전

    11:49 best part of that whole bit. Plus that’s what I do every time I come home from the gym.

  13. scott besemer

    scott besemer7 일 전

    What's the point of climbing Everest? Guess what, you're not first. Idiots.

  14. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky Spanish7 일 전

    Gotta respect the drip at the end tho

  15. kratoselric suzumiya

    kratoselric suzumiya7 일 전

    Mountain climbing might be the one hobby where the hardcore people pissed off about filthy casuals are 100% right

  16. Alli9_9 Z.

    Alli9_9 Z.7 일 전

    Did anyone else just look at John's pants when he stood up at first and go: WTF

  17. Emily Alex

    Emily Alex7 일 전

    Fun fact. Because it is so high up and so cold body’s do not decompose. Body’s are used as land marks. They are usually covered with the flag of the country they are from. Helicopters can’t get that high and people can’t take the body’s down because their body’s are dying. But because of climate change the body’s are melting down the mountain. It’s very sad. (Learned about this is my college geology class)

  18. When the earth is turned into a gripping dungeon

    When the earth is turned into a gripping dungeon8 일 전

    Took him an entire 50 seconds to go through his umpteenth AT&T skit. I love him but god damn does he sometimes not know when to let a joke go.

  19. Alex and the monsters

    Alex and the monsters8 일 전

    every time you say business daddy i really cringe really hard.

  20. Koustubh Jain

    Koustubh Jain9 일 전

    An at and t show making fun of at and t

  21. HenryManson

    HenryManson9 일 전

    14:40 now i really want a amateur circus tv show! xD

  22. Carlos Amorim

    Carlos Amorim9 일 전

    I love how nepal is killing obnoxious white people and taking money out of them at the same time, inspirational.

  23. Ryan Earles

    Ryan Earles9 일 전

    John Oliver(Business Baby) has done it again!!! AT&T, ROASTED!!!! ;)

  24. Erin Spicola

    Erin Spicola10 일 전

    ok, HUGE fan of the fact that he was wearing those snow pants the whole time

  25. The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn

    The Musical Stylings of Brent Bunn11 일 전

    Highest phone call? Er, planes exist.

  26. Per Du

    Per Du11 일 전

    My Mount Everest is watching every single Last Week Tonight, and since I started with the oldest ones, I'm almost at the top!! I wonder what kind of picture I'll make.

  27. captain AMERICA

    captain AMERICA15 일 전

    It was the Indian flag damn them Indians LOL

  28. Bridge Troll

    Bridge Troll15 일 전

    I'm thinking of a term. It starts with "Late", ends with "Global Capitalism", and has "Stage" in the middle...

  29. I'm Iron Man

    I'm Iron Man16 일 전

    Fat fuck shouldn't be climbing

  30. Laura Hirsch

    Laura Hirsch17 일 전

    "Don't get scared" ... Seriously? Is that a joke? Because what else is he supposed to feel?😅

  31. Dr. Steve Phil

    Dr. Steve Phil18 일 전

    One of my life goals is to see this rat faced bastard's show live

  32. Necyn

    Necyn18 일 전

    A swede went up everest without shrepa help and without oxygen

  33. Abhiram Kakani

    Abhiram Kakani18 일 전


  34. Andre Fourie

    Andre Fourie19 일 전

    "white guilt" What the actual f*? Always pushing an agenda.

  35. Mehmed Duska

    Mehmed Duska19 일 전

    Maybe I'm stupid, but if the sherpas have to put down ladders across the crevasses individually for hundreds of climbers, wouldn't it be more cost-effective in human capital for them to just build semi-permanent bridges? I understand that the climate and topography is generally unforgiving on Everest but I'm sure SOMETHING safe, however primitive, could be built as a semi-permanent installation every climbing season.

  36. Alif Fadzly

    Alif Fadzly21 일 전

    "Its so wide, three ladders need to be lashed together" would be a decent your mama joke.

  37. blacktongue1000

    blacktongue100021 일 전

    You laugh at that Sherpa first date info, but I'm totally gonna use that if a woman ever talks to me

  38. pashley1411

    pashley141121 일 전

    With all due respect to the true mountaineers, one good storm and collective intelligence of the human race goes up a notch. But dangereous jobs are the human condition. The coal miner a mile down who could be buried any time so you can watch this video.

  39. Wheels Lifts

    Wheels Lifts23 일 전

    when your brain swells so much that it leaks out your ears, it really describes your intelligence level. very low. it's pretty stupid to climb everest. with all the sherpas that help you, it's not really a great achievement anymore

  40. Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory23 일 전

    Everest has been a human rights violation for years...

  41. Indubitably Dope

    Indubitably Dope25 일 전

    Rick rolled in 2019, well played LastWeek, gg

  42. * FaboRules

    * FaboRules25 일 전

    Last week tonight with Barney Stinson

  43. Nic DeGrave

    Nic DeGrave26 일 전

    That capitonym fact is a panty dropper.

  44. sristi paudel

    sristi paudel26 일 전

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  45. Graham Colligan

    Graham Colligan27 일 전


  46. sonnossonnos

    sonnossonnos27 일 전

    Another case of natural selection

  47. Dion7

    Dion728 일 전

    I don't see a problem with some Darwin awards being handed out. The sherpas should just take the money, then stand and watch these idiots kill themselves.

  48. Strelok

    Strelok28 일 전


  49. Lexa Garvey

    Lexa Garvey28 일 전

    that investment banker joke cut like the wind at the summit through my soul with the d-bags i've dated.

  50. stav srefis

    stav srefis29 일 전

    People walk down escalators in america?

  51. Judy Corso

    Judy Corso개월 전

    Leave it to RICH ENTITLED WHITE PEOPLE FROM THE USA to go over there and eff up MT E AS WELL....sherpas...please up the cost 10 x and make THEM CLEAN UP ALL THEIR OWN SHITE, LITTER AND EMPTY O2 CANS TOO

  52. Wisley Lau

    Wisley Lau개월 전

    Just watched a china movie about the hard journey to climb Mount Everest even though at first they have already done that in 1960 but didn’t take a photo as part of celebrating China 70 years. And using that movie to compare to the things that had been described in this video. And the difference of people dying up there was so fucking different in these 50 years

  53. Μπουρμπουληθρα

    Μπουρμπουληθρα개월 전

    Well I google searched Makalu, just to make sure, that John hasn't bullshitted us. *He hasn't.

  54. August West

    August West개월 전

    Aww... everyone knows what was up in Simon and Garfunkel, you didnt have to call it out like that. That just seemed kinda harsh. It was still funny but kind of unnecessarily spiteful. He's an incredibly talented musician and seemingly decent guy that keeps to himself.

  55. Coach Blu Robinson

    Coach Blu Robinson개월 전

    Absolutely Brilliant

  56. New Jones

    New Jones개월 전

    Everst is a joke a true climber will now the fear of the K2 The True King Of The Moutains.

  57. Alhussain Ali

    Alhussain Ali개월 전

    So basically.. if you want your ascent up mount Everest to count you need to do it yourself is what I am hearing.

  58. Annie Lanier

    Annie Lanier개월 전

    The episode should have been titled, "Zazu Talking About FOMO"

  59. Stay Out of My Account!!!

    Stay Out of My Account!!!개월 전

    Oh TRUST -ME! Mr.Oliver I GOT YOU✨

  60. Stay Out of My Account!!!

    Stay Out of My Account!!!개월 전

    If you can afford to offer this than you can also help clean it! Every Sherpa ranks as a BEAST! #Sherpaslivesmatters