[ENG sub] The Call 달달해♡ 김종국x황치열xUVx그레이&로꼬 ′아깝지 않아′[음원 공개] 180622 EP.7


  1. Christian Trinidad

    Christian Trinidad시간 전

    Did you guys know, where can I watch the full ep w/ subtittle??

  2. Pratabjai Ruenroeng

    Pratabjai Ruenroeng2 시간 전

    Why do i just recover this? TT

  3. Hyungwoon Daughter

    Hyungwoon Daughter일 전

    Wait???why i always back to this??this sweet ever

  4. Hyungwoon Daughter

    Hyungwoon Daughter일 전

    Suka bgt sama ini

  5. Eliana Suantak

    Eliana Suantak일 전

    Ailee fangirling is me right now. And y do they remind me of BTOB

  6. Natasya Aprilia

    Natasya Aprilia일 전

    This is the sweetest song everr ....

  7. 앙마

    앙마일 전

    0:26 정인 : :0....

  8. Shiong Ong

    Shiong Ong2 일 전

    Do you guys know .the real singer?

  9. hkjhio

    hkjhio2 일 전

    Muzie's voice

  10. Rakell Herbas B.

    Rakell Herbas B.3 일 전

    Omg!! I love them...powerful mix 🥰❤️

  11. Roro Santi

    Roro Santi4 일 전

    Hwang Chi yeul💚

  12. greentea frappe

    greentea frappe5 일 전

    Wowwww so romantic stage ever!!! Love❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. L Lam

    L Lam5 일 전

    Chi Yeul 😍🥰😘

  14. Christine Eve Gabriel

    Christine Eve Gabriel7 일 전

    When Loco starts rapping! Oh damn boy - Kyeopta! ❤️😍

  15. msblue149

    msblue1498 일 전

    The girls are so cute hahaha I’d totally fangirl for all of them too!

  16. Cadi Levox

    Cadi Levox9 일 전

    Damn Muzie. He doesn't have the fanciest high notes but he's still a master singer

  17. Za ko

    Za ko9 일 전

    Kjk so High

  18. Anai Lian

    Anai Lian10 일 전

    Hwang Chi Yeul ❤️❤️❤️

  19. kinggodwon

    kinggodwon12 일 전

    i thought gummy was taemin and i’m pretty sure that just ruined my day oof tHEY DONT EVEN LLOK ALIKE WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY EYES

  20. Bé Trần

    Bé Trần13 일 전

    Phát hiện ra thánh lầy mới #2

  21. Crystal Heart

    Crystal Heart13 일 전

    All my fav! Awwhhh 😍

  22. Angel Ann

    Angel Ann14 일 전

    This made me feel so happy inside and fluffy like I’m in cloud nine 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Monbebe Kihyun

    Monbebe Kihyun14 일 전

    1:40 bro this had me laughing!!😂😂 she was like ME!?!?

  24. Listen to the song

    Listen to the song15 일 전

    What is the name of this show?

  25. Anai Lian

    Anai Lian10 일 전

    The Call

  26. tadho nugroho

    tadho nugroho15 일 전

    whats the song name?

  27. Trâm Đan Nguyễn

    Trâm Đan Nguyễn16 일 전

    Please tell me English name of this songgggg

  28. Julieta Loreiro

    Julieta Loreiro16 일 전

    i love how ailee reacts LOL..... i loved so much this collab....

  29. Jhena Kim

    Jhena Kim16 일 전


  30. Namjoon Shook

    Namjoon Shook17 일 전

    Jong Kook can like get it idc idc idc 😍

  31. kai abs can mess up my tempo

    kai abs can mess up my tempo17 일 전

    I don’t know why, but @1:43 kjk smile just melts my heart 😭💖

  32. Yan Guo

    Yan Guo18 일 전


  33. Pug Lee

    Pug Lee18 일 전

    it's a shame mnet didn't invite the whole cast to kcon last year.

  34. hallides allie

    hallides allie18 일 전

    Why i found loco so late like he’ll enlist in army 😭 like whyyyyyyyy i dont know him beforeeee

  35. Kim Tae Tae

    Kim Tae Tae19 일 전

    march 2019?

  36. Tony Roes

    Tony Roes19 일 전

    What the english title for this song please?

  37. Rae Indra

    Rae Indra19 일 전

    im dead! theyre amazing!

  38. Lucas Gondaimei

    Lucas Gondaimei20 일 전

    What's this song name anyone please?

  39. Sinjai Khped

    Sinjai Khped20 일 전

    Lucas Gondaimei All 2 U

  40. akani kiho

    akani kiho21 일 전


  41. Kelly Pham

    Kelly Pham21 일 전

    the other men too thoughhh they all sound so good

  42. Kelly Pham

    Kelly Pham21 일 전

    always gotta love jungkooks voiceee

  43. Roanne Diwa

    Roanne Diwa23 일 전

    Gray is the ideal man you can have. Intelligent, talented (can sing, rap, produce songs) , charismatic and handsome. ❤️😍

  44. Handy Kusuma

    Handy Kusuma23 일 전

    Is that jongkook sing voice?? very beautiful. no joke.

  45. Seila Hayatus Sholeha

    Seila Hayatus Sholeha23 일 전

    why i wanted this song played in my wedding so much. live song hiks.

  46. Christian Nino Casabuena

    Christian Nino Casabuena24 일 전

    Can you tell me what is the title of the song they were singing?

  47. suga minmint

    suga minmint24 일 전

    *Loco's* rap is soooooooo Good

  48. Ms. Periwinkeu

    Ms. Periwinkeu24 일 전

    This is a bop

  49. Tống Tùng Lâm Lâm PTHM

    Tống Tùng Lâm Lâm PTHM24 일 전

    please someone tell me their name from the left to the right ??? i only know gray & kjk out of them 😅😅

  50. Anai Lian

    Anai Lian10 일 전

    Loco, Gray, kjk, Hwang Chi Yeul, Muzie.

  51. Weilun Pang

    Weilun Pang24 일 전


  52. Ariam Asereth Adropitna

    Ariam Asereth Adropitna25 일 전

    Why not any film agency catch thing like this? Kim Joon Kook and Ailee is now a hot issue and they have a good chemistry even off screen. If in Korea doesn't work well then there's more profit internationally. These two musicians are established enough to give a project together. There is this warm and fuzzy feelings watching them together. When Meteor Garden 2018 started Dylan Wang and Shen Yue are an alien to our ears and yet just that they became sensational all over the globe to think this now lovebirds are very new in the business and that's the only time China picked it up. For sure Joon Kook and Ailee can do the same with the right story and casting. If I am a producer, I will not just think inside but take the opportunity outside. Until now even the remake of Moon Lovers in modern day haven't been given a try to think fans around the globe were requesting for it and that means profit. I have been an avid watcher of Korean novela since Winter Sonata days but lately the dramas that I am seeing is either unknown celebs or poor casting and story. Give Joon Kook and Ailee a chance. Their chemistry is enough to tickle our hearts. One straightforward Ailee and one laidback Joon Kook. Isn't it good enough to try?

  53. vintage puyo

    vintage puyo25 일 전


  54. Tash KJ

    Tash KJ25 일 전

    What is the song called

  55. rocio revilla

    rocio revilla25 일 전

    Good song romantic !!!🇵🇪❤😊😆😉😘

  56. Tom Tam

    Tom Tam25 일 전

    loco: the reason i only drink water *(you)* hwasa: 1:41

  57. Anh Thư Phạm

    Anh Thư Phạm26 일 전


  58. iKON Saranghae

    iKON Saranghae26 일 전

    and here's the man looking like a full meal 3:10

  59. lizzaneee

    lizzaneee26 일 전

    0:43 thats me

  60. Sinjai Khped

    Sinjai Khped28 일 전


  61. Tae Yang

    Tae Yang28 일 전

    I can hear Jay Park singing this

  62. Siti Fatimah

    Siti Fatimah28 일 전

    1:51 hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

  63. Friday Damayanti

    Friday Damayanti28 일 전

    GRAY 😍

  64. en Li

    en Li29 일 전


  65. Jeje Juliani

    Jeje Juliani29 일 전

    Locoooo...miss u already my sweet pooh😭😭😭

  66. Linnie Kanyan

    Linnie Kanyan개월 전

    ship loco n hwasa

  67. Tieka J

    Tieka J개월 전

    I fall in love with Loco

  68. Sofia

    Sofia개월 전

    maaaan i love matured and smooth men ; u ; i fall for these type of men easily tbh (DAMN GRAY AND HWANG CHIYEUL AAAAA)

  69. Rock Pleon

    Rock Pleon개월 전

    Đây là chương trình gì mà thấy nhiều sao kết hợp với nhau vậy mọi người?

  70. Dina Jung_255

    Dina Jung_255개월 전

    I'm going to play this at my wedding😍btw,i really like their voices tho especially gray's voice😍

  71. nvembertrbl

    nvembertrbl개월 전

    literally all my fav in one song OMG

  72. elizabeth

    elizabeth개월 전

    gray and loco....iM ATTACKEDTTT

  73. Yza J

    Yza J개월 전

    Gray... 😍

  74. Quang Linh

    Quang Linh개월 전

    What song?? Thankkk

  75. Nhan Dinh

    Nhan Dinh개월 전

    What song is this???

  76. Aira Rukawa

    Aira Rukawa개월 전

    the choreo is wack but the song is lovely..hahaha

  77. Pug Lee

    Pug Lee18 일 전

    +Aira Rukawa stupid.

  78. Aira Rukawa

    Aira Rukawa18 일 전

    Pug Lee ohh is that the new way to say hello? You’re stupid too... 😂😂😂

  79. Pug Lee

    Pug Lee18 일 전

    Aira Rukawa stupid.

  80. nahdya

    nahdya개월 전


  81. JM Bautista

    JM Bautista개월 전

    I just discovered these 3 hot guys Loco, Gray and Whang chi yeul in ICSYV❤ So hot! And their voices.. 😱👌👍 love it!

  82. The Sun Hidden Under the Clouds

    The Sun Hidden Under the Clouds개월 전

    Why am I so far across the other side of the world now😭❤️🥰💕

  83. mj23allday247

    mj23allday247개월 전

    This is so cheesy and perfect. I love how Ailee fangirls over other singers and just enjoys it

  84. Mary ann Claudio

    Mary ann Claudio개월 전

    Loco 🥰🥰🥰

  85. itsNinaLeeyo

    itsNinaLeeyo개월 전

    Fly assssssssss fuuuck. Fan girling to the max! And yes this concept matches KJK so much! Ughhh and then Gray right after ❤❤

  86. Jeonghan Side

    Jeonghan Side개월 전

    3:10 Taemin immersed into the song so much. Hahaha cutie❤

  87. _wiwi. pgm_

    _wiwi. pgm_개월 전

    The reason why Loco is only drinking water is Hwasa 😁❤

  88. Aslinda Omar

    Aslinda Omar개월 전

    Thanks for English caption.. I love Korean song even I don't understand.. Haha.. They all have good voice and nice songs😍😍

  89. Lesitte Lesigues

    Lesitte Lesigues개월 전

    Whats this show about?

  90. Nia Ramadhani

    Nia Ramadhani개월 전

    Please make this song's official mv producer gray-sama😀😀😀

  91. Frech Sinaga

    Frech Sinaga개월 전

    Ailee I Love U

  92. Yoo SeolSaeng

    Yoo SeolSaeng개월 전

    Amazing Collab!! Love you Gray.!!! 😍😍😍😘

  93. DR. Vince

    DR. Vince개월 전

    The sad part is that i kept seeing this in my recommended videos AND I ONLY CLICKED JUST NOW WHATS WRONG WITH ME!🔥 LOCO AND JONG KOOK FIGHTING!

  94. Shan Munson

    Shan Munson25 일 전


  95. tRaumAtiZd ni3j

    tRaumAtiZd ni3j개월 전

    Now these are MEN that knows how to send d right chills to Girls😍😘




  97. Anh Bui

    Anh Bui개월 전

    Jong Kook 😮

  98. Anh Bui

    Anh Bui개월 전

    Loco ♡

  99. Mi Gin

    Mi Gin개월 전

    Loco anyone????

  100. Errica Lieana

    Errica Lieana개월 전

    Gray ❤❤❤❤❤

  101. Dian Ramdania

    Dian Ramdania개월 전

    Gray just way too cute. The way he moves, especially at the last part that they dance together, he gots me, for sure

  102. Dora Chan

    Dora Chan개월 전

    What boy band is this!?

  103. gula guli

    gula guli개월 전

    Btw it's not a boyband😂

  104. kenneth efa

    kenneth efa개월 전

    can someone explain to me what's the mechanics of this show?

  105. Nia Ramadhani

    Nia Ramadhani개월 전

    I cant stop my self to repeat gray's part😍😍😍😍

  106. Kevan Vu

    Kevan Vu개월 전

    To make this even more perfect, we need more KJK and Grey

  107. amabelle cuntapay

    amabelle cuntapay개월 전

    soooo gooood!!!

  108. Elisa Canosa

    Elisa Canosa개월 전

    Love you Gray 😍