[ENG sub] The Call 달달해♡ 김종국x황치열xUVx그레이&로꼬 ′아깝지 않아′[음원 공개] 180622 EP.7


  1. Widow Maker

    Widow Maker12 시간 전

    Mp3 for this song? Without the voices from other people ofc 😂

  2. Manting Xiong

    Manting Xiong일 전

    Anyone know where I can find a clean audio of this song? It’s so good👀🔥🔥

  3. Mie Mie Khin

    Mie Mie Khin2 일 전

    Hwan Chiyeol😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. hajar ber

    hajar ber3 일 전

    Ailee so funny hh

  5. Mohammed Abdelfatah

    Mohammed Abdelfatah5 일 전

    Gray and loco omg 😍😍❤❤

  6. Juliet Torres

    Juliet Torres6 일 전


  7. 簡家逸

    簡家逸7 일 전

    What is this song name?

  8. Hue Trinh Thi Minh

    Hue Trinh Thi Minh8 일 전

    aghhhh hwang chi yeul

  9. Emily Emerick

    Emily Emerick10 일 전

    Can I just say that all of them look so amazing, but Loco looks especially charming in a suit! 😍

  10. Net Hwang

    Net Hwang10 일 전

    Tim thòng xuống đầu gối r ấy các a các chú 😆❤️ Nghe không đã thấy mượt đọc lời còn thấy ngọt hơn 😆

  11. jan bozman

    jan bozman11 일 전

    I cannot stop watching this; and, now my friends and students that I work with are watching it. It's addictive! Sound, demeanor. This video has it all. Great song.

  12. minseok's marshmallow

    minseok's marshmallow11 일 전

    This is so gooooood

  13. Tamizha

    Tamizha11 일 전

    this makes my heart flutter everytime

  14. Rk Rk

    Rk Rk13 일 전

    first time listening to it😍😍😍 can they just form a group hahahha,

  15. Kalwane Kakal

    Kalwane Kakal13 일 전

    Wéllen ir para o meu coração e a gente se ❤❤❤?

  16. Vaiola Lauti

    Vaiola Lauti13 일 전

    is this a oldie cover or there own song?

  17. Eva V

    Eva V14 일 전

    The best collaboration , I think. Superb!

  18. ShowShow Chiu

    ShowShow Chiu15 일 전


  19. Waldi Nurhamsyah

    Waldi Nurhamsyah15 일 전

    i love the show..

  20. nessemie chwan

    nessemie chwan15 일 전

    I want a man like Jongkook

  21. Faren Sabri

    Faren Sabri16 일 전

    Ailee's smile is so beautiful

  22. Cik Dahlia

    Cik Dahlia16 일 전

    1:43 syggggggg. Arghhhh. Ni buat makin jatuh cinte ni. 😍

  23. Jasper JJJ

    Jasper JJJ16 일 전

    KJK HYUNG so awesome 👍🏻❤ Hwaiting!!

  24. Jasper JJJ

    Jasper JJJ16 일 전


  25. a tofu

    a tofu17 일 전

    but idk jongkook is taller than gray 😂

  26. Ang WeiHan

    Ang WeiHan18 일 전


  27. Jay Tea

    Jay Tea18 일 전

    Hwang Chi Yeul is so captivating. Cant take my eyes off him. And the voice.... sexy

  28. Ha Ha

    Ha Ha19 일 전

    Huang Chi Yeol

  29. sugar rush

    sugar rush19 일 전


  30. Amirul Amin

    Amirul Amin19 일 전

    0:34 that girl name who is she?

  31. sparklefreeze

    sparklefreeze18 일 전

    Amirul Amin Suran

  32. XxHAVVAxX

    XxHAVVAxX20 일 전

    Who else ships ailee and jk so hard 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ and gosh hwang chi yeol killin me softly

  33. rahayu novitasari

    rahayu novitasari21 일 전

    Ohhh.. loco, gray and jongkook

  34. Shinta Ramayanti

    Shinta Ramayanti23 일 전

    rip replay button....😂️

  35. Maria Muniz

    Maria Muniz24 일 전

    I ❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶

  36. lover kdrama

    lover kdrama24 일 전

    please tell me name of all these singers Thank you😊

  37. lover kdrama

    lover kdrama22 일 전

    cynkdf THANK YOU💕

  38. cynkdf

    cynkdf22 일 전

    +lover kdrama From left to right: Loco, Gray, Kim Jong Kook, Hwang Chi Yeul, Muzie (one half of music duo UV) in dark glasses, and the guy at the end - Yoo Seyoon (the other half of UV)

  39. Ziku Hatsume

    Ziku Hatsume25 일 전

    Any one know name dat song ?

  40. cynkdf

    cynkdf22 일 전

    +Ziku Hatsume "Worth It" (also known as "All 2 U" on Spotify and Itunes)

  41. Wifak Hyunjoong

    Wifak Hyunjoong26 일 전

    Amazing collaboration ❤❤❤❤❤

  42. Music Wang

    Music Wang26 일 전

    Goosebumps 3:08 #黄致列

  43. Roseabigaelle Onguenet

    Roseabigaelle Onguenet26 일 전

    So good

  44. Mrs. Wang

    Mrs. Wang26 일 전

    Imagine if jay park sing this song......

  45. Nhâm Vân Anh

    Nhâm Vân Anh26 일 전

    Loco i love u aaaaaaaa ❣❣❣❣

  46. Amms Chin

    Amms Chin28 일 전

    Grayyyyy looks extremely attractive😘😘n im freaking love their voices in that song🙌🙌

  47. Titus Sim Sheng Cheng

    Titus Sim Sheng Cheng28 일 전

    kim jong kook voice really god damn awesome love it so much

  48. Shuang Mao

    Shuang Mao28 일 전

    I'll give it all to you Kim Jong Kook

  49. corosol34

    corosol34개월 전

    was so far the best episode, Pinocchio had me shocked too

  50. 혜정이 누구니?

    혜정이 누구니?개월 전

    if someone would sing this to me im gonna die

  51. tanya kicam

    tanya kicam개월 전

    How can Loco is very cute and sweet here...... LOCOOOO I'M ALREADY FALLIN FOR YOU. BUT NOW I'M REALLYYYY FALLIN ALL IN YOU❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  52. Effa Saha

    Effa Saha개월 전


  53. Au Vi Lam

    Au Vi Lam개월 전

    So funny, so great.

  54. Tran Dant

    Tran Dant개월 전

    I love Muzie's voice

  55. Blu7776

    Blu7776개월 전


  56. empress A

    empress A개월 전

    Hope there will season 2. Really miss them. I can't stop repeating these songs.

  57. Celee Vilte

    Celee Vilte개월 전

    Luego se preguntan por que los amo :'v

  58. marisainloveforever

    marisainloveforever개월 전

    What the name of this song, I can't get enough of it.

  59. swagnificient

    swagnificient개월 전

    gray is so handsome!!!

  60. andari viana

    andari viana개월 전

    Love it 😍😍

  61. Falont L

    Falont L개월 전

    1:36 I'm tf there's two of them 1.Why does this remind me of BTS Hold Me Tight 🎶🎶 2. When he grab that phone. I was like. 😂😂🤣😄😅😍

  62. Lucas Cardozo

    Lucas Cardozo개월 전

    Kim Jong Kook, Hwang Chi Yeul, UV, Gray, Loco - All 2 You

  63. eliot eliot

    eliot eliot개월 전

    loco is so cute..im a lesbian tho😂

  64. Joyce

    Joyce개월 전

    Gray e Loco ❤

  65. oh sehun

    oh sehun개월 전

    oh my god this was amazing

  66. Nady world

    Nady world개월 전


  67. pinkdomingoes78

    pinkdomingoes78개월 전

    Sometimes I forgot that KJK and Muzie are singers 🤣🤣

  68. wynng88

    wynng88개월 전

    I’m actually in love with grays voice!!

  69. Marcellino Diandro

    Marcellino Diandro개월 전

    What a title of this song , i really like it

  70. Anandyta Pratiwi

    Anandyta Pratiwi개월 전

    What the title of this song please !!!

  71. Arlyn Lac

    Arlyn Lac개월 전

    Okay but Loco’s part where ‘The reason I only drink water(YOU)’ is lowkey related to Hwasa or is it just me?? Because of their collaboration with ‘Don’t Give It To Me’ hahahahahaha

  72. Crisostomo Jingky

    Crisostomo Jingky개월 전

    Kim Jong kook 😍😍

  73. Crisostomo Jingky

    Crisostomo Jingky개월 전

    Wow soo nice song 🤩🤩🤩

  74. Catherine Yovita

    Catherine Yovita개월 전

    Why none of you guys talk about Muzie's voice? 😍😍😍

  75. Didi Diana

    Didi Diana개월 전

    Okay what is this? Can someone tell me coz I think I just fall in love😍😍😍

  76. kk fine

    kk fine개월 전

    Hell yes...they should form a group called "Hot AF"

  77. no comment

    no comment개월 전

    It's a nice song. You sing very well.

  78. The Lone Samurai

    The Lone Samurai개월 전

    DEAN could have fit in this easily

  79. Pedro Pedrella

    Pedro Pedrella개월 전

    Awesome singers! All of them! And MUZIE, what a singer....👏👏👏

  80. ااات االف

    ااات االف개월 전

    grrrrr looovee ittt😭😭😭😭😭🌟

  81. xxjust. aj

    xxjust. aj개월 전

    i need one LOCO in my life . please 😍

  82. MB Boran

    MB Boran개월 전

    GRAY!! 💚

  83. kyra yusoff

    kyra yusoff개월 전


  84. Oky Mucho

    Oky Mucho개월 전

    Whats the tittle ?

  85. Oky Mucho

    Oky Mucho개월 전

    Jacob Lee thanks ...😊😊

  86. Jacob Lee

    Jacob Lee개월 전

    Oky Mucho All 2 U

  87. Cnidoblast Nguri

    Cnidoblast Nguri개월 전

    Please visit 2 days 1 night

  88. Fernanda Adria

    Fernanda Adria개월 전

    GRAY E LOCO 😻❤

  89. Pedro Pedrella

    Pedro Pedrella개월 전

    Name in english please!!!! They're awesome!

  90. Thanh Huyền Nguyễn

    Thanh Huyền Nguyễn개월 전

    Can you tell me What is the name of program??

  91. Bpositive 01

    Bpositive 01개월 전

    The Call

  92. Andy Velasco

    Andy Velasco개월 전

    Ow it's a perfect song, perfect voices, and Loco doesn't dance very well 😂❤️

  93. Bangtan eshowat

    Bangtan eshowat개월 전

    Need like this again

  94. FIDES

    FIDES개월 전

    I LOVE THIS!!! Great collaboration too!

  95. radreviews

    radreviews개월 전

    I really want this show back and i want this set up again i love this song it makes me groove

  96. Rob Kim

    Rob Kim개월 전

    songs great! theres like a autistic kid by the mic say aye- like a hundred times in the beginning tho

  97. Loh Jenning

    Loh Jenning개월 전


  98. vincent lee

    vincent lee개월 전

    wish Gary was there😑😑

  99. CatLinh Nguyen

    CatLinh Nguyen개월 전

    this songs so cute wtf

  100. CatLinh Nguyen

    CatLinh Nguyen개월 전

    ok but could gray get any more PERFECT KSDKENF

  101. Aileen Guanzon

    Aileen Guanzon개월 전

    Loco’s voice really gives flavor to any song

  102. Hena Kim

    Hena Kim개월 전

    Mnet could you please invite Jay Park for season 2 TTTTT

  103. Irena Audila

    Irena Audila개월 전

    Jongkook intro, loco rap, muzie voice...

  104. Al Haris

    Al Haris개월 전

    Loco is awesome

  105. RP Gaming

    RP Gaming개월 전

    Okay just one thing.. mnet is crazy.. hire legendary artist like this.. how expensive this?

  106. Mayaringga Dewi A

    Mayaringga Dewi A개월 전

    3:11 Taeminie is done with this performance 😍

  107. Nadia Febrianti

    Nadia Febrianti개월 전