[ENG sub] The Call 달달해♡ 김종국x황치열xUVx그레이&로꼬 ′아깝지 않아′[음원 공개] 180622 EP.7


  1. lifeinjenneral

    lifeinjenneral시간 전

    this is such a beautifully arranged song...like imagine you got this as a confession from someone xD how cuteee

  2. Melvic Corsiga

    Melvic Corsiga일 전

    Whats the name of the song??

  3. John Sabello

    John Sabello일 전

    Eng sub for "The Call" please

  4. Hong Minh Do

    Hong Minh Do일 전

    Awww my loco is soooo cute. Hwang chi yeol is so lit . I really love his voice

  5. Nilnat Wongsim

    Nilnat Wongsim2 일 전


  6. Zahra Ghazali

    Zahra Ghazali5 일 전

    loco looks soooo handsome 😂

  7. Nikki Nguyen

    Nikki Nguyen7 일 전

    me as I see silhouettes of men in suits: "ooOohhH!!!"

  8. Dinda Fitria Sabila

    Dinda Fitria Sabila7 일 전


  9. ah eve

    ah eve8 일 전

    I still fall in love hwang chi yeul and muzie. Because i like both of them sing.

  10. Terrarium & Crafts

    Terrarium & Crafts8 일 전

    What is this show?

  11. Bae Sandra

    Bae Sandra6 일 전

    the call

  12. Vixx World

    Vixx World8 일 전

    0:42 ????

  13. pencinta kucing

    pencinta kucing9 일 전

    Sorry... I'm not Korean music fans... Can someone tell me their name...? I just only know KJK because RM... 😂

  14. hrnsa

    hrnsa9 일 전

    I keep on repeating gray part omaigad he slay it !!

  15. maleeha g

    maleeha g9 일 전

    loco is the cutest i can't😭😭😭😭❤

  16. Meliodas

    Meliodas10 일 전

    Loco's part is the best

  17. Hanako

    Hanako10 일 전

    gray look so smolllll lol hahahaha cute

  18. MrRaiderjose

    MrRaiderjose10 일 전

    cool song. whi is the guy that sings after jong kook? please

  19. MrRaiderjose

    MrRaiderjose8 일 전

    Thank you

  20. Farhana Nabilah

    Farhana Nabilah10 일 전

    his name is gray

  21. Ns sN

    Ns sN11 일 전

    is this a new boy group i should stan?

  22. kerster

    kerster5 일 전

    Ns sN it’s not a new boy group 😂😂

  23. Kimberly Estimizo

    Kimberly Estimizo12 일 전

    Witty loco oppa 💛😎

  24. Sônia

    Sônia12 일 전


  25. Surayatul Husna

    Surayatul Husna12 일 전

    Why is this song is too sweetttt ! Omagadddddd

  26. Jess Apolosi

    Jess Apolosi12 일 전


  27. nadine sprls

    nadine sprls13 일 전


  28. Shan Munson

    Shan Munson13 일 전

    .... the ladies dancing ARE SO KIKAY😉😉😉


    NJ SHOOKT13 일 전

    how i wish someone will sing this song for me..

  30. Hendra Alamsyah

    Hendra Alamsyah14 일 전

    what is the title of the song?

  31. Hendra Alamsyah

    Hendra Alamsyah14 일 전

    +Javy jones thanks 😁

  32. Javy jones

    Javy jones14 일 전

    Hendra Alamsyah All 2 U.

  33. 朱颖佳

    朱颖佳15 일 전


  34. 朱颖佳

    朱颖佳15 일 전


  35. GAME mobile

    GAME mobile18 일 전

    Name song please!!

  36. cynkdf

    cynkdf15 일 전

    +GAME mobile "Worth It" ( but on itunes and spotify it's called "All 2 U")



    happy new year

  38. Shan Munson

    Shan Munson19 일 전

    My bias HCY So POWERFUL voice and I can easily distinguished him Love you BABE!

  39. Deyda Hh

    Deyda Hh20 일 전

    loco is so cute I can't

  40. Laura Nogueira

    Laura Nogueira20 일 전


  41. Seybora Armymoo

    Seybora Armymoo21 일 전

    omg ailee!! at 1:41 i died! ahahaha she's too precious!!

  42. Seybora Armymoo

    Seybora Armymoo21 일 전

    omg why am i seeing this now? talented men in suit! they look so hot!!!! kim jonguk voice is like butter! sing for me darling yaaas!

  43. 曹韻琦

    曹韻琦21 일 전

    韓國的演藝界實力 果真不容小覷

  44. Teodoro Hannah

    Teodoro Hannah23 일 전

    Can like someone help me distinguish who is who?

  45. Khalid Isa

    Khalid Isa22 일 전

    From left ,loco,gray,kim jong kook,chiyeol if im not mistaken,muzy with the baret

  46. Khalid Isa

    Khalid Isa24 일 전

    I wish when i am 40,and looks like kjk

  47. Gabriel Lima

    Gabriel Lima26 일 전

    0:57 this part thoooooo LOL

  48. Jiminie Pabo

    Jiminie Pabo26 일 전

    “The reason i only drink water (YOU)” LOSA SHIPPERS WHERE YOU ATT 😝😝😝❤️❤️

  49. rp kzq

    rp kzq26 일 전

    Muzie's voice is seriously good!!!

  50. rosey dovey

    rosey dovey26 일 전


  51. putri kim

    putri kim26 일 전

    So sweet omg:)

  52. Klein O'Neil

    Klein O'Neil27 일 전

    I'm 99.99% straight but every time, fooking every time KJK sings the 0.01% of my gay self takes over 😂😂😂

  53. Shan Munson

    Shan Munson25 일 전


  54. Welsker Gaming

    Welsker Gaming27 일 전

    pls tell me >.< ,what a tittle of song??

  55. Javy jones

    Javy jones14 일 전

    Welsker Gaming All 2 U.

  56. Dhes Lips

    Dhes Lips28 일 전

    Im not korean but how I wish this song will be my husband's wedding song.. however i need to find a husband first 🤣🤣🤣

  57. jan martin

    jan martin개월 전

    Loco and Gray 🔥🔥

  58. Dianne Lajom

    Dianne Lajom개월 전

    KJK’s voice is sooo sweet

  59. denisse chuco

    denisse chuco개월 전

    Jongkook and Chi Yeol, I love them so muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch

  60. DLaigne S.

    DLaigne S.개월 전

    Akong-ako si Ailee nakakaloka

  61. Sheri Mm2

    Sheri Mm2개월 전

    Just gray 😍

  62. REII Tei

    REII Tei개월 전

    I kinda have the auntie smile on me @@

  63. ellan mya

    ellan mya개월 전

    So perfect!

  64. ace goodtime

    ace goodtime개월 전


  65. For fun

    For fun개월 전


  66. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-0개월 전

    1:41 I DIED

  67. RiauPapi

    RiauPapi개월 전

    repeat repeat and repeat again

  68. Shan Munson

    Shan Munson25 일 전

    Same here

  69. Paul Liu

    Paul Liu개월 전

    what's the title of their song? help!

  70. Jason

    Jason개월 전

    Paul Liu All 2 U

  71. Drock1891

    Drock1891개월 전

    Bruhhh, i'm a straight male, but Gray's singing voice is GOALS lol. that shit silky smooth like buttermilk whipped cream...and a little bit of that raspiness...that's the chopped almonds on top

  72. Trí Nguyễn Minh

    Trí Nguyễn Minh개월 전

    Name song???

  73. Javy jones

    Javy jones14 일 전

    Trí Nguyễn Minh All 2 U.

  74. fatin kimkai

    fatin kimkai개월 전

    Kjk 💪💪

  75. happy gurl

    happy gurl개월 전

    So im just waiting for Gray's new album🌚🌚🌚🌚

  76. happy gurl

    happy gurl개월 전

    Lmao Ailee😂

  77. Roseyy Gray

    Roseyy Gray개월 전

    am i the only one notice that the lyrics of loco is for hwasa? 😍😍😍

  78. Horror Pill

    Horror Pill28 일 전

    He lowkey gotta do that lol. xD

  79. Judith Peter

    Judith Peter개월 전

    1:42 *died*

  80. Anissa Risamelia

    Anissa Risamelia개월 전

    loco’s lyrics... he totally sang this for hwasa

  81. Lez HobiRose

    Lez HobiRose개월 전

    Ailee is my spirit animal😂

  82. Lez HobiRose

    Lez HobiRose개월 전

    Oh my god😭spartakook took my heart away💕😍😭

  83. Xylene Athena Mariano

    Xylene Athena Mariano개월 전

    Gray looks so extra small in this. omg i love this

  84. Ma Rubelita Cristobal

    Ma Rubelita Cristobal개월 전

    Hwasa should watch loco her man 😍😍😍

  85. kenzaki daisuke

    kenzaki daisuke개월 전

    Muzie! His voice is 🤩

  86. Elisabete Schuller

    Elisabete Schuller개월 전

    talents so different and the result was very harmonious ... nice to hear !!! 👏👏👏👏💕

  87. patarawarin marak

    patarawarin marak개월 전

    Locoooooo socute

  88. Ma Ac

    Ma Ac개월 전

    LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Wish I could watch the full episode but there's no eng subs :(

  89. Kdramas Lover?

    Kdramas Lover?개월 전

    OMG what if they are the 5 member group that’s debuting early next year OMGGG I AM GOING TO DIE FROM A HEART ATTACK (I hope they are the ones)

  90. Kdramas Lover?

    Kdramas Lover?개월 전

    If they form a idol group then they’d be more popular then BTS and others (my opinion)

  91. Park Mai

    Park Mai개월 전

    LoSa on and on...

  92. Whosthatgirl

    Whosthatgirl개월 전

    Can't sleep without watching this.

  93. Junghoon Kim

    Junghoon Kim개월 전

    썸네일 안일권인줄

  94. Kdramas Lover?

    Kdramas Lover?개월 전

    1:44 ahhhhhhhhhh he’s smile is just to sweet ahahahhhagahahahahdjsisncaah absuaqiahah I might die from a heart attack bye

  95. jisoo trash

    jisoo trash개월 전

    Wow i did not expect that from jong kook!!!! Amazing

  96. Kdramas Lover?

    Kdramas Lover?개월 전

    My reaction is Aliee’s reaction when he look at her and said You BUT .... it’s not me 😭😭

  97. Kdramas Lover?

    Kdramas Lover?개월 전

    Jong kook DOES NOT LOOK HIS AGE HE’S 42 And looks like a 20 year old how the heck I’m 13 and I look like a ugly 15 year old lol

  98. Choua Moua

    Choua Moua개월 전

    If I was Korean, and I get married, I would so want this as my wedding song, or my groom sings it to me.

  99. Ziku Hatsume

    Ziku Hatsume개월 전

    Any one know who is she the short hair girl at 2:57

  100. Nguyen Ha Tien

    Nguyen Ha Tien개월 전

    Gummy the rnb queen

  101. BigHit’s BTS & TXT stan

    BigHit’s BTS & TXT stan개월 전

    Suran sshi❤️

  102. Elin Biete

    Elin Biete개월 전

    i don’t know why but i can’t go to sleep without watching this

  103. Chynna Lynnmei Denila

    Chynna Lynnmei Denila개월 전

    I sometimes forget that jong kook is a singer. His voice is so 💓

  104. susan marietha

    susan marietha개월 전

    Please can somebody tell me "the call" is about what show?

  105. shai neh

    shai neh개월 전


  106. Miss Anonymous

    Miss Anonymous개월 전

    Goodness all of them are good. Each of them, have a sweet voice 😍😍😍😍😍

  107. Perla C

    Perla C개월 전

    Fantastic, can’t put rite words for these group go great voices🕴🏼🕴🏼🕴🏼🕴🏼🕴🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  108. andari viana

    andari viana개월 전

    What the title of this song??

  109. بني جاوي

    بني جاوي개월 전

    Damn this song. Perfectooo collabration..😁

  110. whichwitch

    whichwitch개월 전

    I'm in love with all of them x.x.

  111. Khalid Isa

    Khalid Isa개월 전

    I like this kind of music.classs

  112. Yen Ha

    Yen Ha개월 전

    0:39 Gray so cute

  113. ananmama memories

    ananmama memories개월 전

    That Ailee was represented of fangirl all over the world

  114. nesma ahmed

    nesma ahmed개월 전

    This is art.

  115. Br na Dramaland

    Br na Dramaland개월 전

    Aigoo a voz do Loco me leva a loucura!