[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [13회] 섹시 주의보 발령! 김요한x손동표x남도현 끈적 모먼트 190911 EP.13


  1. Miracle Sweet

    Miracle Sweet6 일 전

    Yohan being sexy mess again 🤣🤣

  2. Always with Kim Hanbin

    Always with Kim Hanbin7 일 전

    dohyon you’re not sexy ! you’re freaking adorable !!!!!!

  3. mdp pd

    mdp pd10 일 전

    Don't ever let yohan dancing or it will be a shameful

  4. Schatz Lu

    Schatz Lu11 일 전

    Dohyon my child you're so cute dancing to Havana it gives out all my UWU

  5. Phuong Thuy Nguyen

    Phuong Thuy Nguyen12 일 전

    Seungwoo - Havana ??? Where When???????

  6. Mida Mid

    Mida Mid14 일 전

    Sub indonesia plis

  7. I just want to comment so please hear me out

    I just want to comment so please hear me out15 일 전

    Nam dohyun savage and so extra af! HAHAAHAHA

  8. Jazellee Laroza

    Jazellee Laroza15 일 전

    And welcome to Yohan's humility show. 😅 That face though when Hyun Moo told he's a good dancer. 😂

  9. Ranie Ambarsari

    Ranie Ambarsari15 일 전

    Why don't they ask seung woo to do sexy dance. Whyyy??

  10. wookie joy

    wookie joy16 일 전

    😂😂😂👏👏 kimyohan😍😍😍

  11. Lisa

    Lisa17 일 전

    Man, Yohan makes me question my bias list and I'm not even surprised

  12. Marjo-Lynne Ayuban

    Marjo-Lynne Ayuban21 일 전


  13. sefani Lee

    sefani Lee21 일 전

    Giant baby😂😂😂😂

  14. Ecka SmiLe

    Ecka SmiLe22 일 전

    Dohyon baby 👶😍

  15. Hannah Manuele

    Hannah Manuele22 일 전

    Oh no Yohan!!! I'm clicking the dislike button!

  16. Well hello there4

    Well hello there424 일 전

    Omg it's Boy with Luv Yayyyyyyyyyyyy Yohan nailed it ❤️❤️❤️. Dongpyo was cute. Dohyun 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Bianca Evans

    Bianca Evans25 일 전

    God dongpyo!!!!

  18. soph AG

    soph AG27 일 전

    Cute dohyon

  19. MikHope 9405

    MikHope 940527 일 전

    When Havana came on, it took me back to the center evaluation

  20. Arfhntsya

    Arfhntsya27 일 전

    Dohyon so cuteee

  21. Fedia B

    Fedia B개월 전

    Cuteness overload

  22. boos koos

    boos koos개월 전


  23. Han Je

    Han Je개월 전

    Dongpyooooo, I loveee youuuuuuu

  24. anis zahirah

    anis zahirah개월 전

    Where can I watch this full with eng subㅠㅠ

  25. a frog

    a frog개월 전

    the mcs: yohan can freestyle to any song yohan: o___o

  26. Alfi Nurul

    Alfi Nurul개월 전

    1:12 "All rounder kim yohan" thanks to TMI news for that

  27. Resdiani Putri

    Resdiani Putri개월 전

    Seungwoo-ya, neo wae irae???☹️

  28. Raj Patricio

    Raj Patricio개월 전

    Finally, an eng sub... thank you

  29. Kezia Magdalena

    Kezia Magdalena개월 전

    Cuteness overload 😍😍 I keep giggling to myself omg

  30. janica camile de leon

    janica camile de leon개월 전

    Oh , be careful you @yohan not fall too . Care your leg and feet safe.

  31. Yasmin Zulkifli

    Yasmin Zulkifli개월 전

    Dongpyo be like : "no thank you, im good" but he still had to do it🤣

  32. Trang Đặng

    Trang Đặng개월 전

    Yohan babie .__.

  33. Aira _chan

    Aira _chan개월 전

    I'm sorry Yo Han buat please remember that you have two lil sister. Meanwhile Dong Pyo is killin me like crazy.

  34. Alfi Nurul

    Alfi Nurul개월 전

    0:38 - 0:45 yohan doing split His Father in home : My Son Seungwoo in studio : My bro Me in home : Aaaaaaa Yohaaanaaa

  35. Yasmi Ebiya

    Yasmi Ebiya개월 전

    Haha I like Everything of yohan 💓💓💓💓

  36. 나나이

    나나이개월 전

    Yohan more flexible than me for sure and Yohan please remember about your sisters😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Nura Fadilah

    Nura Fadilah개월 전

    When dongpyo said 'It's pain' and then yohan touch his tight and seems pain indeed XD

  38. Hanna Mae Juan

    Hanna Mae Juan개월 전





  40. Valeria Luna

    Valeria Luna개월 전

    Dongpyo and Dohyon: tries to do a sexy dance me: UWUWUWUWUWUWU

  41. Lazy Kpopers

    Lazy Kpopers개월 전

    yohan omg

  42. Junguwu cutie pie

    Junguwu cutie pie개월 전

    I need dongpyo in reality show sksksk

  43. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail개월 전

    Yohan's high kick and Suga's low voice rap are what am I living for

  44. Ching _D

    Ching _D개월 전

    I hope they’ll put english subs..

  45. Pink Bunny

    Pink Bunny개월 전

    My Dohyon is trying hard to be sexy lmao hahaahah

  46. Focus On Ishakeil

    Focus On Ishakeil개월 전

    Yohan: *Oh sht, i'm dead...*

  47. Calcifer •

    Calcifer •개월 전

    OMG dohyon is the cutest 🤣😍

  48. Rainy Shine

    Rainy Shine개월 전

    How can Dongpyo be that cute while doing a sexy dance😶

  49. Myla T. Killa

    Myla T. Killa개월 전

    Han seungwoo😍😍

  50. Binnie Ka

    Binnie Ka개월 전

    Nam Dohyon ah!!!😄😄😄😄My baby X1

  51. nam dohyon not dohyun or dohyeon

    nam dohyon not dohyun or dohyeon개월 전

    Binnie Ka you’re welcome 😊

  52. Binnie Ka

    Binnie Ka개월 전


  53. nam dohyon not dohyun or dohyeon

    nam dohyon not dohyun or dohyeon개월 전

    Binnie Ka *Dohyon 😊

  54. Hunniel Tsyj

    Hunniel Tsyj개월 전

    I need subtitles 😄

  55. Hunniel Tsyj

    Hunniel Tsyj개월 전

    @Jan thank you for reminding me 😄

  56. Jan

    Jan개월 전

    It's there now

  57. Joys Song

    Joys Song개월 전


  58. Diana Yanglem

    Diana Yanglem개월 전

    Seungwoo being a proud parent there

  59. Supisara Phoonnok

    Supisara Phoonnok개월 전


  60. 요한깅ᄉᄅᄒ

    요한깅ᄉᄅᄒ개월 전


  61. Brittney Fernandez

    Brittney Fernandez개월 전

    kim yohan❤

  62. adhinda ayu

    adhinda ayu개월 전

    Dongpyo and sengwoo is the best couple ever. 🤭🤭🤭

  63. adhinda ayu

    adhinda ayu개월 전

    Dongpyo was so cuteeee....

  64. Rein Genialyn Pendon

    Rein Genialyn Pendon개월 전


  65. Kimmy🍭

    Kimmy🍭개월 전

    Não me aguento com os efeitos que eles fazem 😂