[ENG sub] [Full Ver] BTS Debut Stage Reaction | KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190103 EP.600


  1. Fideline Rachell Tan

    Fideline Rachell Tan시간 전

    Soooo...who comes back here after playing their game because remembered what Yoongi said at that last part? 😏 only me? Well then😌🙈

  2. Pornchai Phisarnanukunkit

    Pornchai Phisarnanukunkit4 시간 전

    haha this is more like jimin regretting everything he did for 7 minutes lol

  3. dorita BTS

    dorita BTS4 시간 전

    love watching this video i come back to it im sorry for being ignorant until 2017 wish i was there to support you the to now i love you all so much

  4. Heather Marie

    Heather Marie6 시간 전

    I feel Jimin's pain on a spiritual level.

  5. Nurul Faradibazumayra

    Nurul Faradibazumayra6 시간 전

    Jungkook:do you like my magical whit a cap? Me:hmm.............. Not really Jungkook:way? Me:I just like you everything you do not your magical but I like you Jungkook:really you sow sweet thank you Me:your welcome

  6. Meghana Bollimpalli

    Meghana Bollimpalli6 시간 전

    The last part where they were reflecting and giving advice to their past self made me cry.

  7. Amir bhat Amir bhat

    Amir bhat Amir bhat6 시간 전

    BTS always no 1 love you guys....❤️👈👍

  8. tae tae

    tae tae8 시간 전

    I love BTS i love V

  9. Taehyung's Scenery

    Taehyung's Scenery9 시간 전

    6:25 Me when I play BTS World and desperately want to tell the members their success and fame in the future

  10. K-pop Jennie

    K-pop Jennie9 시간 전

    Most funny part for me jimin's high note in no more dream

  11. iiKash_rr

    iiKash_rr11 시간 전

    *Playing BTS WORLD* *takes break from being stressed because my cards and comes to watch this* V: we should say thanks to our managers. ( Or something like that ) Me: YOUR RIGHT YOU SHOULD IM WORKING REALLY HARD.

  12. Taesty Kookie

    Taesty Kookie11 시간 전

    Anyone here after BTS WORLD? 😂

  13. master yoda

    master yoda12 시간 전

    it's amazing how much theyve grown since then

  14. master yoda

    master yoda12 시간 전

    their moves were so eye-catching and unique

  15. k-ρoρ ᥒιghtᥴorᥱ

    k-ρoρ ᥒιghtᥴorᥱ12 시간 전

    *7 perfect man!*

  16. The weird Squad

    The weird Squad16 시간 전

    05:19 Jimin’s face though😂

  17. The Fandom Life

    The Fandom Life17 시간 전

    “Wow abs everywhere”

  18. Bts Army

    Bts Army19 시간 전

    This just makes me wanna cry 😭😭our boys came such a long way I love them and I will always support them go Army❤️

  19. Alizha Sanchez

    Alizha Sanchez20 시간 전

    putting Serendipity on while yoongi...cruel move

  20. rareia

    rareia일 전

    this is funnier than what i thought 😂

  21. YoungTae

    YoungTae일 전

    Tae just dancing and enjoying the performance while the others criticizing is adorable😂💜

  22. Dorcas Njoroge

    Dorcas Njoroge일 전

    BTS never cease to amaze me. The irony of life: they mocked/laughed at you, but now they call you legends. Haters, the best revenge is massive success. BTW am i the only one who understands what's being said without eng subs?

  23. 한윤희

    한윤희일 전

    아 이거 왜이렇게 슬프냐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 보다 움ㅠ

  24. Jungkookie _BTS

    Jungkookie _BTS일 전

    Crecieron muy rapido! ㅠㅠ 💕

  25. Wajihah Wardina

    Wajihah Wardina일 전

    If so soft... They was legend now... My babies was grown up... Soon seokjin was enter the military... I'm crying... *run away *

  26. Jinjin Jara

    Jinjin Jara일 전

    Please, don't mention that, don't even to think about that until next year. Lets enjoy the moment😭✊

  27. Mocchi Marii

    Mocchi Marii일 전

    *I felt sad and proud after watching this... Look how many theyve accomplished!* ^-^

  28. Sofi Montes

    Sofi Montes일 전

    6 minutes straight of: RM: regretting his haircut Jin: blaming PD nim a.k.a a-yo hitman bang for everything Jimin: regretting everything he do in the stage Jungkook: laughing at the members J-Hope: imitating all the movements the members do ( in his mind regretting the mask he had on his face) Suga: being savage V: well just being V

  29. Azra Akkulak

    Azra Akkulak일 전

    Suga & Rm: *Looks at rm's debut hairstyle* Rm: that hairstyle is just... Suga : *There's* *a* *reason* *we* *got* *so* *much* *hate*

  30. Shelby Hilliard

    Shelby Hilliard일 전

    Is there a reason why they said "we can't do that move any more" (in reference to abs move) 0:41

  31. Nandini Singh

    Nandini Singh일 전

    Jhope: you can see the passion in our eyes. V: that's the eyeliner



    Jimin ese baby lo amo

  33. rukia_05

    rukia_05일 전

    Wah Lee Joon predicting future at the begining..

  34. dorti villa

    dorti villa일 전

    and Jin is concerned about his armpits 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Izzatul Hasanah

    Izzatul Hasanah일 전

    Some dislike from other idol fandom

  36. Tae _ohany 1995

    Tae _ohany 19952 일 전


  37. Laura Stefanowska

    Laura Stefanowska2 일 전

    I think Tae likes 'No more dream' so much

  38. VLove Taehyung

    VLove Taehyung2 일 전

    Jimin: why did V look so much like a baby? Jin: he was a baby, he was still in highschool. He's our baby 💜💜

  39. Tiffanie Eclevia

    Tiffanie Eclevia2 일 전

    "Nobody can diss BTS more than BTS diss themselves."

  40. Sage Yankton

    Sage Yankton2 일 전

    Hobi: The passion in out eyes” “thats eyeliner”

  41. chimchim xx

    chimchim xx2 일 전

    5:15 is when i kept repeating for about 20 times 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  42. chja eja

    chja eja2 일 전

    5:00 , I'm questioning Tae (?)

  43. Firda Hanifa

    Firda Hanifa2 일 전

    I'm not even a fan, but watching this, seeing them so sincere and passionate, made me cry in proud.....

  44. Jeongseokpark Jiminhoseok

    Jeongseokpark Jiminhoseok2 일 전

    Let's admit that : jimin said. I'm sexy

  45. A Sophia

    A Sophia2 일 전

    They're all talking how they were so young look, at what I did back then, we were rookies, like they were 50 yrs old now 😂

  46. `행복

    `행복3 일 전

    맞아....저땐...ㅅ메이크업이랑 헤어도 심했었지.....

  47. Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook3 일 전

    BTS 😘😘

  48. Raven Arboleda

    Raven Arboleda3 일 전

    deja vu

  49. Rachel Varsolona

    Rachel Varsolona3 일 전

    gUyS I tHinK Jungkook hAd oNe tOo mAny jUiCe bOXs

  50. Jungkookie

    Jungkookie3 일 전

    Yall go out saying you are the 1# fan of bts while Taehyung is here

  51. Potato Army

    Potato Army4 일 전

    Now..they are called legends

  52. eggspensive girl

    eggspensive girl4 일 전

    2:13 : *my first reaction when I saw jk's abs for the first time*

  53. Nia Park

    Nia Park4 일 전

    5:19 Jimin*running away* Namjoon be like:"Oh come back where are you going my child you looked so cute"

  54. C.S.L Jimin

    C.S.L Jimin4 일 전

    5:46 😂😂😂😆😆😆 you are the best 💜💜

  55. allens legacy

    allens legacy4 일 전

    no one: absolutely no one: literally not even a soul: jimin: taehyung looks like a baby

  56. zama Army

    zama Army4 일 전

    Finally I clicked this video

  57. Bangtan ARMY

    Bangtan ARMY4 일 전

    I actually can't believe that 1.7K idiots actually wasted their time watching this just to hit the dislike button. I mean, youtube shouldn't have dislike buttons anymore...it hurts the feelings of fans and the actual artists.

  58. Bangtan ARMY

    Bangtan ARMY4 일 전

    Jimin: I thought I was the coolest person in the world Me: YOU FRICKING ARE!

  59. Roza Ch

    Roza Ch4 일 전

    omg Jimin cringing at himself is such a mood skskskkss thats me whenever i watch a video of myself

  60. Kai. L.

    Kai. L.4 일 전

    Taehyung’s funny noises: 4:37 4:43 5:02

  61. Michelle S

    Michelle S4 일 전

    Who said BTS were dad's , I'm crying right here they went through a lot to get to where they are today and No one can bring them down and say bad about them again

  62. Acel Paris

    Acel Paris4 일 전

    I felt so much happiness while there watching their debut. I don't know if it's just me who are feeling proud for them like I'm their mother. Even I not that updated to them but still I saw their progress and journey. Before I don't know why there just got rookie of the year even they already 2 or 3 years in kpop (i don't know if i remembered it correctly, correct me if I'm wrong) and they got a lot of negative comment. Because when i first saw them in their debut. I already became their fan. Sending my love from my heart to the BTS. Keep spreading your music in the world, stay strong and healthy.

  63. Fondmemory

    Fondmemory4 일 전

    6:43 -- Taehyung's smile is the most beautiful of all! What a handsome man!

  64. 찬CHAN

    찬CHAN5 일 전

    Thank you Mnet

  65. ish ish

    ish ish5 일 전

    Suga :your arm pits are so...clean Jimin:Me? I look sexy...😂💜💜💜💜💜

  66. Nooralain Eltayeb

    Nooralain Eltayeb5 일 전

    I like how Tae can't help but dance and sing along

  67. Ricardo Amendoeira

    Ricardo Amendoeira5 일 전

    Omgg the little pff Jimin did was cute af umg

  68. Amina A

    Amina A5 일 전

    I miss Jimin musicale arms tbh 😂

  69. May

    May5 일 전


  70. Cookies For Kookie

    Cookies For Kookie5 일 전

    Taehyung singing the lyrics and dancing makes me so soft uwu

  71. BTS Baby

    BTS Baby5 일 전

    "Your armpits are so... Clean" - Suga

  72. Skyler Hernandez

    Skyler Hernandez5 일 전

    I feel like tae was enjoying the no more dream performance

  73. aya aissoug

    aya aissoug5 일 전

    bts more good and cute now 2019

  74. Mina Ahmed

    Mina Ahmed5 일 전

    Bts is going to military but even if they go to war remember they are bulletproof Please don’t copy my comment

  75. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine5 일 전

    Period jin said people made fun of them but now this haters call them legends like that’s how you know they came so far 😭😭💞

  76. Anukta Pandey

    Anukta Pandey5 일 전

    *At this point in 2019, I don’t know should I laugh watching their reactions or be proud and cry because they’ve come so far and achieved so much*

  77. when you watch too much vminkook

    when you watch too much vminkook5 일 전


  78. Anna

    Anna5 일 전

    J-Hope imitating Jimin's high note always gets me, it will never not be funny how many regrets jimin has regarding the debut lmao

  79. Lollipop -.-

    Lollipop -.-6 일 전

    I geared up because I saw BTS’s performance stage on accident, the week it was uploaded. That same week I became an army. I never regretted my decision.

  80. The Gr8 M8

    The Gr8 M86 일 전

    1:31 Jin: Oh no my armpits! Me: Oh yes! His armpits! 😂 Who's with me? Just me? Ok 💜

  81. Bts Army

    Bts Army6 일 전

    5:17 tho jimin❤️😭🤧❤️

  82. Matilda Areda

    Matilda Areda6 일 전

    *bts dragging themselves for 7 minutes straight*

  83. fefesmith82

    fefesmith826 일 전

    Every time I watch this I die laughing!! Theu r hilarious and Jimin laughing at himself when he hit that note I rewind that part at least 10 times!!! I'm soooooo proud of them thru all the hardships n pain they made it n Jin said it right when they tell their kids this story they'll know they truly were Legends!!!!!

  84. Sara Shelton

    Sara Shelton6 일 전

    3:30 Jimin was thinking "fuck all yall* 😂😂💀

  85. sad valentines

    sad valentines6 일 전

    jin: why did they dress me up like that iM lEavInG A bAd YeLp RevIeW!~

  86. Megan Williams

    Megan Williams6 일 전

    Bts: shows there abs Also bts: *cringes hard* 😂😂😂

  87. Minchae Kim

    Minchae Kim6 일 전

    봐도 봐도 감동인 영상.

  88. Shane Cruz

    Shane Cruz6 일 전

    Eyeliner era~

  89. DarkKrad Rebo

    DarkKrad Rebo7 일 전

    it's nice to know they do reactions of their very own videos

  90. Uncommon Name

    Uncommon Name7 일 전

    I wonder who would cry more if debut BTS met present BTS

  91. 민윤기여미

    민윤기여미7 일 전

    슈가 뒤에서 훌쩍였어ㅠㅠ

  92. Melva Julie

    Melva Julie7 일 전

    I watch many times,, look the debut stage, look the subs and look bts reactions 1 by 1... The I-army strugle✌😎

  93. Xireni PJM

    Xireni PJM7 일 전

    JK are so hyped because of Jimin haha 😅❤️❤️❤️ JIKOOK is REAL 🙊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  94. ᄋangelinaᄋ

    ᄋangelinaᄋ7 일 전

    Wait- did hoseok really said that? :D 2:30

  95. Why Not Kayla Ly ?

    Why Not Kayla Ly ?7 일 전

    I cried at the end when they were taking and fucking serendipity came on!! 😭🤣

  96. 손하늘

    손하늘7 일 전

    ㅋㅋ 2014년에 티비서 우연히 처음 보고 입덕했는데 그때도 저 컨셉은 충격이었다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  97. Anna From California

    Anna From California7 일 전

    BTS are LEGENDS! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  98. Chimchim Mochi

    Chimchim Mochi7 일 전

    Jimin kept saying that Tae looks like a baby, yet he also look like one ☹️🤷‍♀️💜💜

  99. Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen7 일 전

    Personally, I think RM looks cool back then. I mean, everything suits him, the glasses, the hairstyle, the energy.

  100. xxXBluberryTealXxx Teal girl

    xxXBluberryTealXxx Teal girl7 일 전

    i liked the lalalalalal part but not the abs

  101. cetriya's Art n Comics Channel

    cetriya's Art n Comics Channel7 일 전

    Lol, glad to know it's not just me that cringe in a funny way when I watch their first 2 years