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    this is the only one apink and monsta x moments that i know :’)))

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    Can y’all stop complaining about the “African American way of speaking” comment? African American Vernacular English (aave) is a real thing. So yeah many African Americans have their own way of speaking English it’s not that deep.

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    Our wonho😭😭

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    it's ok monbebe wonho will come back soon

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    Stay Strong Wonho!!!!!!😭✊😭✊😭✊

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    We. Want. Wonho. Back 😭🔙

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    Gonna miss u wonho oppa😭😭😭

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    “African-American feel” uhmmmm? Wth do you mean by that

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    Wonho we'll miss you

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    Admin... I need vidio n teanslate that mcountdown first stage for FOLLOW.. pleaseee 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Changkyun: (sees where his hyungs are going with what they're saying) ...fuck

  14. Seren_ dipitous

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    Minhyuk: "Don't say that! They'll air the footage!" Staff: (presses button) "... No we won't"

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    Damnnn boys, get that bank for your watches Aww bomi 🥺 the idol path is so demanding, that sucks that she developed eczema from dieting so hard. Kihyun is me, saying aigoo. Hyungwon and Bomi are such a visual friend pair 😍

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    6:45 I know my bias manager from his walk y'all i'm trippin

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    This shows are so stupid. I really feel regret that idols waste their time on such shows. And all that quotes on screen remind me of scene in the church from first Shrek where man was showing people where they should laugh or be amazed. There is so much fakeness in it.

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    Thank you for subbing♥ *kisses*

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    Thank you for subbing ❤

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    what's the song at 9:01??

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    hyunmoo there is no reason to be racist sir

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    Y'all act like African American english is not a thing lmao don't sit here and play yourselves with this fake outrage towards this. There is such a thing as african american english.

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    OT7 looks gorgeous 👀

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    the pop up larger words on the screen are so annoying, they're literally the words being said but covering a whole third of the screen. i kow this is common with kshows but never every two seconds...

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    Jooheon is for sure a boobie guy 😂😂😂

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    The watches were such a comeback spoiler

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    The Monsta X stylist really is next level

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    Why am I only know finding out about Hyungwon’s eczema?

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    Sorry the content I see is VISUALS VISUALS VISUALS

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    i then saw eunu then freaked out

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    Take that as a funny story Alligator comeback live on mnet

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    alexarocks99 nooo he doesn’t like it. He wanted us to forget about it. 🤧 but, it is like in stage accident comps

  36. xuximytuxi UwU

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    That one host is so close minded and ignorant talking about America. “African American English” “American gestures” I’d like him to elaborate on wtf he means by that Edit: Thanks for the subtitles btw❤️

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    Dindin cute

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    12:11 really hyunmoo??? "an african-american english feel"??

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    i like that the other guy was like "no it's korean-american" frickin idiot lol

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    티니누리아 Ikr. Like why??

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    "DingDing" "Apollo, means chicken" I'm out-

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    Maki Nishikino lol “a pollo” = “a chicken” in Spanish lol

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    Thanks for the subtitle❤

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    Did anyone catch the “African American” thing

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    @QUINJA you're a lot ignorant based on this comment

  46. monbooboo the fool

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    Princess Daisy okay but if we try our best to respect them and their culture, they can learn to respect other cultures. If you’re black, this was really not it, sis.

  47. Tori Monet

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    Princess Daisy since I like pop, should I not get upset if a white person calls me a slave??

  48. Tori Monet

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    Princess Daisy oh shit fr?? So ig that makes it alright to not get upset when they’re ignorant and it should slid right?? Gtfoh what does liking a genre of music have to do with someone of another race being ignorant? That was bad on ur part

  49. Princess Daisy

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    Yes we did but we don't need to bring up every single time some korean dude is ignorant af😂 like it's Korea chill they do not care or respect any other culture than there own! If you are a kpop fan I'd suggest you to not pay attention to these things or leave bC YOU ARE GONNA GET TRIGGERED trust me

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    9:49 hahaha

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    3:28.. Anyone know song name? 🙏🙏 & thank u subbing team!! P

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    @A T thank u dear 😊

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    emilY EmiLy We All Lie by Ha Jin

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    Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

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    Thank you so much for your Hard working

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    what the hell is an "african american way of speaking" um...

  58. Pamela Echevarria

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    Their isn’t an African American way of speaking, everything is slang, and it’s not African, it’s lazy American slang of all the young who use it!

  59. Jayla McKiver

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    I noticed that too and eventually you have to learn to brush off certain stuff like frat because although it offends me I know it won’t change anything if I just gave attention to it you know?

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    I feel offended in a personal level there is no African American way of speaking. You speak how you speak 😤

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    I can answer tht for u....there is no way...BTW im black

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    Thank you Joon for correcting that ish

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    Bomi and Hyungwon are cute

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    *plot twist how Bomi know Hyungwon* Hyungwon actually long lost twin of Apink maknae, Hayoung😆 Is it me or they really are twin?

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    i really hope that u guys make the subtitles for i log u monsta x in jeju.... please.....

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    Hello monsta X

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    OMG thanks for the sub! ♡♡

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    don't you know Monsta X is the idols who love to bragging about their watch hahah

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    I'm gonna watch this later at work during breaks before monster net takes this down. Thank you for the hard subs! 💕

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    Ohmygee finally someone subbed their episode thank you so much you don't know how long am i waiting for this💛

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    I watched parts of this show, with and without sub and THIS IS a bless!!!If i could give you more likes, i would!Thank youu!!!💕😘

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    Hello Min Sunshine!

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    it was definitely worth the wait!!! thank you ♡♡♡ the watch part omg i love my dumb kids akjahshs

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    thank you so much for your hard work!!! i couldn't find any other subbed versions omg ;;

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    Pensé que nunca iba a ver esto subtitulado, gracias. 💗😭👌

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    thank you so much!! :)

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    Thank you so much! Have been waiting for months now! Hopefully it won’t be blocked anymore 😭💜💚

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    HOLD UP! I might be wrong but 11:12 clearly the girl holding BTS banner (idk what that called) I was wondering if the editing staff really took the footage from their concert or just put it in whatever hhmm (if that is true kind of disappointing)

  83. Anna Carollina

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    As said above that video is from kcon in all in era but i must say some fans go on their concert wearing merch of other groups, its actually a point of discussion in the fandom whether thats respectful or not

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    no it's just a cap with BTS name ...

  85. wonho's cane in sexy back

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    @Luna_ Alveera It's okay. They were rookies at the time. No lightstick and no banners yet. But they got one of the loudest cheers at the ending. And now they're performing there alone 😍

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    @wonho's cane in sexy back oh I see its explain everything but still out of so many footage video ~~~

  87. wonho's cane in sexy back

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    That was 2016 kcon LA when MX were still rookies. They were showing the footage of MX performing in Staples for the first time.