Empty House Tour!!! KKandbabyJ


  1. Kevin C.

    Kevin C.2 일 전

    May I know the song name at 0:18 ?

  2. Tracy Jackson

    Tracy Jackson3 일 전

    Congrats...its beautiful

  3. kokinette

    kokinette3 일 전

    The drink is called a Moscow mule

  4. Shania Steinmetz

    Shania Steinmetz3 일 전

    Moscow mule!

  5. Florence Zaw-thet

    Florence Zaw-thet3 일 전

    how many times did khoa say saucy in this video. and im so jealous im gonna scream

  6. Blue-Berry

    Blue-Berry4 일 전

    Ive have never had a room by myself, and neitherr have a ever had a room as nice as suttons -_-

  7. Rina S

    Rina S7 일 전

    so happy for u guys. god bless

  8. Steph Rosales

    Steph Rosales8 일 전

    I. Am. So. Damn. Jealous.

  9. 13bb

    13bb9 일 전

    She has an amazing mom body

  10. Paris

    Paris10 일 전

    I’ve been watching them ever since they were in that tiny apartment and before 100k and to admit i missed a lot of vlogs. After seeing this im in actual shock you guys accelerated so fast.

  11. Alison00

    Alison0010 일 전

    moscow mule

  12. edug

    edug11 일 전

    wow this is unbelievable. it’s truly time to eat the rich.

  13. Colleen Connelly

    Colleen Connelly15 일 전

    moscow mules!

  14. Alexandria Hrdlicka-Kerr

    Alexandria Hrdlicka-Kerr16 일 전

    Moscow Mule?

  15. Vanessa Okeowo

    Vanessa Okeowo17 일 전

    Wow. Congrats guys

  16. Jelena Pindzo

    Jelena Pindzo20 일 전

    Moscow Mule! :)

  17. Gema Diane

    Gema Diane21 일 전

    Yo también quiero ser rico 😣

  18. Morgan Voorhees

    Morgan Voorhees21 일 전

    Wine and coffee bar

  19. Camiel08Erin11

    Camiel08Erin1122 일 전

    It’s a Moscow Mule that goes in the copper cup

  20. Chantelle Mcfarland

    Chantelle Mcfarland22 일 전

    Your garage is bigger then my apartment 😂

  21. Isabelle Vanessa

    Isabelle Vanessa23 일 전

    I’m sooo happy for u, i get so inspired by u guys and u makes me wanna work harder and stay on my grind!! Love You!!! You Have such a BEAUTIFUL family

  22. Abigail Bolton

    Abigail Bolton25 일 전

    It’s literally BEAUTIFUL 😍 IM IN LOVE 🥰

  23. Emma Sobey

    Emma Sobey26 일 전

    loveee 😍😍

  24. Hayden Nicole

    Hayden Nicole28 일 전

    @12:53 i got hella scared lmao

  25. Vaia K.

    Vaia K.29 일 전

    Ive been watching before even Jackson walked!!! I'm so happy to see you guys achieving your dreams!!!

  26. d

    d개월 전


  27. Sarah Jones

    Sarah Jones개월 전

    0:34 girl literally!😂 fill me innn

  28. Jay Gonzalez

    Jay Gonzalez개월 전


  29. JWow13

    JWow13개월 전

    When you actually have only missed 63 vlogs 😂😂

  30. Tati Aixa

    Tati Aixa개월 전

    Just discovered you guys & I’m in love 😍

  31. Libby Lynn

    Libby Lynn개월 전

    Moscow mule

  32. ArianaVlogs

    ArianaVlogs개월 전

    This is amazing!❤️

  33. Acacia Atwater

    Acacia Atwater개월 전

    Copper cup I believe, but a moscow mule!

  34. nakayla mace-cook

    nakayla mace-cook개월 전

    build a shoe rack in the closet

  35. Jakelin Santos Reyes

    Jakelin Santos Reyes개월 전

    I’m so happy and proud of you guys! Love you guys!!

  36. sarah

    sarah개월 전

    Was she talking about a Moscow mule as the drink she can make

  37. Liv S

    Liv S개월 전

    Moscow mule!!!! thats in the brass cup. Lol

  38. Treedomm

    Treedomm개월 전

    Moscow mule

  39. Al Myer

    Al Myer개월 전

    ya i missed like a whole month and then i juts see this 😊😊😊😊😊😊😬😭

  40. Sasha Arias

    Sasha Arias개월 전

    No other KOreporterr deserves this more than you guys.