Electric Face Puncher in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys


  1. Duane Schwingle

    Duane Schwingle12 일 전

    Face pond 😂

  2. TankenkaNeko

    TankenkaNeko27 일 전

    This is one of the funniest ones you guys have ever done - I'm dyin' here! Buahahahah! Brilliant! I wish I could download this to use in my English classes - if my students could stop laughing long enough to talk about it, they'd get a great lesson out of it!

  3. Kishan Patel

    Kishan Patel27 일 전

    0:15 that’s not how you say massage bro

  4. killer3227

    killer3227개월 전

    Garry's mod one love

  5. YT InzAniTix

    YT InzAniTix개월 전

    Looks like the brain of a fortnite player

  6. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover개월 전

    My mom has this device.... Not sure why tho..... hmm guess I’ll never know

  7. Artscapes

    Artscapes개월 전

    I fell sorry for Dan. He is always the one the test is on. 😂

  8. Elemental Creep

    Elemental Creep개월 전

    *“It’s like a stone falling into a face puddle”*

  9. Pat Rick

    Pat Rick개월 전

    Why does the guy in the thumbnail look like Adam from lab rats

  10. Skeetus The Feetus

    Skeetus The Feetus개월 전

    When i get a godly in MM2 1:15

  11. Aymxn .23

    Aymxn .23개월 전

    *Anyone 2019?* like: Yes Comment: no *Autolike*

  12. cyrus day

    cyrus day개월 전

    *NO WERE TOTALLY NOT IN 2019 ITS 2089*

  13. Ramaitoot 75

    Ramaitoot 75개월 전


  14. annie montagna

    annie montagna개월 전

    I'm from 2020

  15. Damian H.

    Damian H.개월 전

    Stop trying to beg for likes

  16. rEd spY

    rEd spY개월 전

    *Are You Thinking What Im Thinking…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  17. Magali Telcide

    Magali Telcide개월 전

    2:18 what?

  18. MASSKA

    MASSKA개월 전

    2:25 LOL!!!!

  19. dranreB nebiuQ

    dranreB nebiuQ개월 전

    *video starts* *pornhub intro plays"

  20. Juan Andrés

    Juan Andrés개월 전

    That doesn’t looks like a “Face puncher” lmao

  21. SaCeuran

    SaCeuran개월 전

    0:44 Dan when he tries quaaludes

  22. Jason Flaherty

    Jason Flaherty개월 전

    You should record weight lighters muscles moving while lifting

  23. P.A.G

    P.A.G개월 전

    Wtf am i watching...

  24. Speedink Spedooonk

    Speedink Spedooonk개월 전

    Insert unoriginal comment 👇 👈Extreme amount of likes

  25. Fawn OfTheDawn

    Fawn OfTheDawn개월 전

    Oh Dan, no f*@ks given

  26. Soopitall

    Soopitall개월 전

    You should not use one of those on your face, there are a bunch of nerves in your chin and face that could be damaged easily.

  27. 10k Subscribers Before 2020

    10k Subscribers Before 20202 개월 전

    0:21 "Well, sort of."

  28. NCOIC

    NCOIC2 개월 전

    This channel is the complete definition of "boys will be boys" 🤣 women will never understand 👶😋👍

  29. Valentin Muñoz

    Valentin Muñoz2 개월 전

    Hey guys, have you ever do a video of sandblasting in slow motion? if you haven't, please make a video of it.

  30. Regan Johnson

    Regan Johnson2 개월 전

    2:31 And here, my pupils, we can see the difference between S and P waves.

  31. محمد اعظم

    محمد اعظم2 개월 전

    Such big leather lips

  32. Anurag Kumar

    Anurag Kumar2 개월 전

    How about a tungsten bulb glowing in slow motion.

  33. Muhammad Ibrar

    Muhammad Ibrar2 개월 전

    So funny

  34. Jurgen Sutherland

    Jurgen Sutherland2 개월 전

    Face pond...lol

  35. Geneva Doll

    Geneva Doll2 개월 전

    I’ve always thought Dan was hot, and now he’s EVEN HOTTER!!

  36. Suj Potluri

    Suj Potluri2 개월 전

    2:21 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 Boy I couldn’t catch my breath🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  37. Iceteen Is Iceteen

    Iceteen Is Iceteen2 개월 전

    1.1k cheeks dislike this

  38. Llama Comma

    Llama Comma2 개월 전

    For some reason this video made slow mo click for me, thanks Gav and Dan

  39. Galaxy Samurai

    Galaxy Samurai2 개월 전

    a year ago today

  40. King Andrew

    King Andrew2 개월 전

    aliens: so what have you humans been up to? us: 2:36

  41. Skylar Ware

    Skylar Ware2 개월 전

    Test if it can break anything

  42. slim pimpin

    slim pimpin3 개월 전

    It's like a splash in (woohaa ) = 😂😂😂😂I'm guessing water

  43. ALL 10 boys

    ALL 10 boys3 개월 전

    Nice brather

  44. KurryCane

    KurryCane3 개월 전

    Electric facr puncher huh? *HMMMMMMM*

  45. MR.insane gamer

    MR.insane gamer3 개월 전

    This is not for women lol

  46. Invalid

    Invalid3 개월 전

    0:16 Lol 'Meat Pulverizer' heh

  47. Worldblazer 7

    Worldblazer 73 개월 전

    2:30 *donald duck when he is absolutely angry*

  48. Yo DaD

    Yo DaD3 개월 전

    The thumbnail looks like me face.

  49. jezusmylord

    jezusmylord3 개월 전

    Gavs skin care is on point i need his routine.

  50. D & M Productions

    D & M Productions3 개월 전

    “A stone dropping into your face pond” - Dan 2018

  51. Kaa n

    Kaa n3 개월 전


  52. Sad Sosig Noise

    Sad Sosig Noise3 개월 전

    Girl will like this

  53. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy3 개월 전

    I bet girls gonna like that thing...


    THC_ TSIKIDIS3 개월 전

    Why you just hit your friend in every video?

  55. Sкальпель !

    Sкальпель !3 개월 전

    Найс вибратор)

  56. Wolf Gaming

    Wolf Gaming3 개월 전

    The thumbnail tho

  57. Q W

    Q W3 개월 전

    *Unemployed beggars from the British Royalty who found a thrown away slow mo camera while dumpster diving?*

  58. Reuben H.W

    Reuben H.W3 개월 전

    When the set 8 kid gets into the workshop

  59. imjustaguy

    imjustaguy3 개월 전

    dan should be dead now

  60. Mr Jak

    Mr Jak3 개월 전

    أظن ان العرب هم أصحاب الديسلايك .

  61. ‭‭アキュララ

    ‭‭アキュララ3 개월 전


  62. Alwyn van Deventer

    Alwyn van Deventer3 개월 전

    Just saying - You can see that Dan shaved his chest hair a little while before shooting these clips

  63. SuperKvack !

    SuperKvack !3 개월 전


  64. Lil Vicky

    Lil Vicky3 개월 전

    I Prefer Do It In Ur Belly