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  1. MondayMorningMom! *Reina

    MondayMorningMom! *Reina10 시간 전

    YASSSSS! Awesome!!! 🏀 (honestly I didn’t think it would go in) lol way to go guys! 🙌🏼

  2. Angsim 1

    Angsim 110 시간 전

    too scripted

  3. JackSockIsTheBest

    JackSockIsTheBest10 시간 전

    You should do Tennis Trick Shots 2

  4. Sologuy 95

    Sologuy 9510 시간 전

    I wonder who's the one that films the editors

  5. Fuc Ker

    Fuc Ker11 시간 전

    I honestly cannot believe how well you have done with subs I’m subbed since 3k

  6. Wunba

    Wunba11 시간 전

    What’s the song?

  7. Arkar Min Khant

    Arkar Min Khant11 시간 전

    I really miss panda

  8. Broster101 Vessels

    Broster101 Vessels11 시간 전

    dude perfect d bowling stereo types that would be awsome

  9. brightassass1n Gamer

    brightassass1n Gamer11 시간 전

    For your next video you should do a skateboard stereotype

  10. Jas min

    Jas min11 시간 전

    Goodness! DP Editors are pretty natural in front of the camera. They're great actors as well. WE WANT EDITOR EDITION 3!

  11. Rob Sosa

    Rob Sosa11 시간 전


  12. LegendsNeverDie

    LegendsNeverDie11 시간 전

    You guys are truly unreal! I only wish you posted more videos so work would go by faster.

  13. Jonathan Albanese

    Jonathan Albanese12 시간 전


  14. Dawnfire 309

    Dawnfire 30912 시간 전

    Stereotypes: Church Homeschool Halloween Dance class Judo class Public school Swimming lessons Parade bowling Birthday Wedding job interviews not a stereotype but, I want to see them all have a Rap battle lol (editors included) If this gets 500 likes, Dude Perfect has to do them all (I could think of more, but this might be a lot to film)

  15. Rob B.

    Rob B.12 시간 전


  16. Graham Johnson

    Graham Johnson12 시간 전

    Panda edition

  17. coollittledudes X

    coollittledudes X12 시간 전

    Hey DP you should recreate your first video like so they can see

  18. coollittledudes X

    coollittledudes X12 시간 전

    Only people who watched the first dude perfect video can like this

  19. Luke Brown

    Luke Brown13 시간 전

    Can you do a Overtime 11?

  20. Darkness PrevailsOFFICIAL

    Darkness PrevailsOFFICIAL13 시간 전

    there should be a dude perfect movie

  21. Graham Johnson

    Graham Johnson13 시간 전

    Who is the best editor?

  22. Duane Cruz

    Duane Cruz13 시간 전

    Try Zax sticking throwing axe

  23. Francisco Villa

    Francisco Villa13 시간 전

    Can you guys do a back to school stereotypes

  24. Marionnette

    Marionnette13 시간 전


  25. Jeremy Miller

    Jeremy Miller13 시간 전

    Oh yes, this was fantastic!!!!! Great shot guys.

  26. Amy Milne

    Amy Milne14 시간 전

    That last shot was so sick!

  27. Regular Mouse

    Regular Mouse14 시간 전

    Why didn’t this show up in my recommended or notifications?

  28. Dinis Pinto

    Dinis Pinto14 시간 전

    do a video of fortnite please

  29. Lusarus Rex

    Lusarus Rex15 시간 전

    When the DP editors act better than the Logan Paul movie

  30. ToPoLiTmAn

    ToPoLiTmAn15 시간 전

    Сука, когда ничего не понимаешь

  31. Chloe Louise

    Chloe Louise15 시간 전

    Hello 😉

  32. Angelo Mendoza

    Angelo Mendoza15 시간 전

    Blind folded trick shots next

  33. Sean Popov

    Sean Popov16 시간 전

    Cashapp me money for the bus $omgronny1 plz

  34. alice spiller

    alice spiller16 시간 전

    Perfect 😉

  35. Leonid Kharitonov

    Leonid Kharitonov16 시간 전

    This is faker than my sense of direction

  36. wendy eyre

    wendy eyre17 시간 전

    On the pun run, you guys did, you should of said the shaving cream pun as “ ya the shaving cream one, that one really cut deep!”😂😂

  37. Leyton's Reverse Videos

    Leyton's Reverse Videos17 시간 전

    Those gaming PC's in the background though

  38. Souring Patty

    Souring Patty17 시간 전

    This looks like a high school movie but with a super high budget

  39. Алексей Кузнецов

    Алексей Кузнецов18 시간 전

    Truck shots in real life привет

  40. PhantomXwalker TTV

    PhantomXwalker TTV18 시간 전

    Tim is my teachers husband lol

  41. Jimi Tolubalogun

    Jimi Tolubalogun18 시간 전

    Dude perfect do you actually write the stuff in the chat right now

  42. AIRx NoCTPAX

    AIRx NoCTPAX18 시간 전

    У Мамикса намного меньше подписчиков но лайки переваливают за миллион!!!

  43. Otto Kerkstra

    Otto Kerkstra18 시간 전

    Love panda

  44. Ashley Tucker

    Ashley Tucker18 시간 전


  45. FaZuGGa

    FaZuGGa18 시간 전

    You gotta do one with firefighters!

  46. The Official Flaming Fang

    The Official Flaming Fang18 시간 전

    Haircut stereotypes?

  47. Second Wind Crew

    Second Wind Crew18 시간 전

    Ребят, на моем канале вышел новый танцевальный клип. Зацените,если не лень

  48. Muzammil Khan

    Muzammil Khan19 시간 전

    It's Better than Most Hollywood thrillers

  49. exe.excel

    exe.excel19 시간 전

    Who edited the editors edition

  50. Emil's life

    Emil's life19 시간 전

    SUBSCRIBE ON ,,Emil's life"

  51. Stef da king

    Stef da king19 시간 전

    that was amazing

  52. Hannah Crowe

    Hannah Crowe19 시간 전

    You should do a school trick shot

  53. Ace Minecraft

    Ace Minecraft19 시간 전

    5:30 poor fireman.

  54. 이수민

    이수민20 시간 전

    이들도 보람튜브앞에 무릎을....


    FMK SANTO20 시간 전

    Beri text bahasa indonesia saya mohon,kerena saya suka sekali menonton video anda

  56. 10,000 reasons why not

    10,000 reasons why not20 시간 전

    но оне канн реад тхис

  57. Yummy Timess

    Yummy Timess20 시간 전

    Please subcribe my chanel

  58. TimTgg

    TimTgg21 시간 전

    My dad said he is going to buy me a turtle if i get 100 subscribers!!! Please help!!

  59. ***DB_Shotty35 ***

    ***DB_Shotty35 ***21 시간 전

    Do a vid with that’s amazing

  60. Bailey Koo

    Bailey Koo21 시간 전

    i love the editors of dp

  61. Vrehn Consulta

    Vrehn Consulta21 시간 전

    You liars thats not how to do it

  62. I love Bcc trolling

    I love Bcc trolling22 시간 전

    Break a bottle over Corey's head

  63. محمد محمد

    محمد محمد22 시간 전

    اشتركوا في قناتي في حمله توصيل 100 مشترك

  64. Logcyfier

    Logcyfier22 시간 전

    They need to make a paintball stereotypes

  65. Jamesi

    Jamesi22 시간 전

    DP, you should make a disc golf battle.

  66. Bank Account

    Bank Account22 시간 전


  67. Joseluis Aispuro

    Joseluis Aispuro22 시간 전

    Go skidiving

  68. Arnav Singh

    Arnav Singh22 시간 전

    It takes a lot of patience to try trick shots again and again till its perfect. So the channel’s name is absolutely correct.

  69. Atlas Gamee

    Atlas Gamee22 시간 전

    Turkish subnitles

  70. Menachem Farkash

    Menachem Farkash23 시간 전

    do a dp stereotype

  71. monija ahmed

    monija ahmed23 시간 전

    I think Will is panda

  72. Ramesh Veerappan

    Ramesh Veerappan23 시간 전

    Could you make some videos of stereotypes

  73. clement cherpaskoi

    clement cherpaskoi23 시간 전

    Hello form france

  74. Griffin’s Games

    Griffin’s Games23 시간 전

    Corey is my biggest fan can you come to my house I wrote a message

  75. Bruh

    Bruh일 전

    At least is better than airplane mode

  76. Quốc Liên Quân

    Quốc Liên Quân일 전

    Việt nam đâu hết rồi ta

  77. CJ Raven23

    CJ Raven23일 전

    This vid was awesome!!! The beginning had me dead😂

  78. Conner McNeil

    Conner McNeil일 전

    You should do a stress ball Canan trick shot video

  79. The Revolvers

    The Revolvers일 전

    There isn’t a single original dude perfect character in this video. Nice.

  80. 우엉참치

    우엉참치일 전

    Pls make Korean