EA Star Wars: A Look Ahead


  1. omegazio

    omegazio29 일 전

    This video did not age well RIP Star Wars Project Ragtag Developer Visceral Games Publisher Electronic Arts Director Amy Hennig RIP Untitled Star Wars project by Jade Raymond who also left RIP Star Wars 1313 by LucasArts RIP Star Wars Open world project by EA Vancouver

  2. Hiro Aneirin

    Hiro Aneirin개월 전

    Lol boy has this video aged poorly.

  3. Alex The Awsome

    Alex The Awsome3 개월 전

    Then suddenly EA ruined all of this projects 1 by 1 Just like how fallen Anakin wiped out the Sepratist leaders at Mustafar

  4. Clone Commander Devis Ct78260

    Clone Commander Devis Ct782603 개월 전

    R.I.P. Pandamic & free Radical studios

  5. Adii S

    Adii S5 개월 전

    And look what we got, Fuck you EA!

  6. Fordzy

    Fordzy5 개월 전

    Star wars games is Dead. 💥 Shame on you EA. You have two such a talented creative women like Amy and Jade, and you fucked it up. 🤦

  7. 1980hgf

    1980hgf5 개월 전

    Make this "EA Star Wars GM" the final boss in the next game...most popular game ever.

  8. James Reddington

    James Reddington6 개월 전


  9. Ellis Scott

    Ellis Scott6 개월 전

    Watching this in 2019 is so god damn depressing. Pretty much only Respawns game that gives me any sort of hope

  10. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    No Dice games with Battlefront

  11. Hi Hey

    Hi Hey6 개월 전

    Ea owns 19 studios and has only made 2 fucking games for Star Wars

  12. light time

    light time2 개월 전

    SIFF SIFF what that oh it EA=🤑 and then= 🗑

  13. Divulci

    Divulci7 개월 전

    This didn't age well. Two of these projects were outright cancelled.

  14. Sovietweasel

    Sovietweasel7 개월 전

    Who’s here after Jedi Fallen Order trailer?

  15. ozzy kickz ass

    ozzy kickz ass7 개월 전

    came back after the Jedi Fallen Order reveal to see how much potential games we've lost and only to know that after 2 years of waiting we'll only get one game

  16. Ray Kniga-Bartlett

    Ray Kniga-Bartlett7 개월 전

    If there are tons of negative comments here, why does this not have more dislikes? (I am not a hater, just curious)

  17. Dimensión Alternativa

    Dimensión Alternativa7 개월 전

    For selling promises, and the teaser is also a video game that was canceled.

  18. dodo productions

    dodo productions7 개월 전

    Nothing but broken promises!!!!! In respawn we trust!!!!❤❤🙌

  19. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    @The Joker You know Bf2 is the last Battlefront game not more Battlefront games from EA. Dennis Brännvall the Design Director from EA star wars bf2 team said" we are working on Battlefront 2 and only that and we are far done on this one. Bf2 is the last one" Battlefront 2 next season star wars episode 9 with the Knights of Ren or jedi fallen order content.

  20. The Joker

    The Joker7 개월 전

    Hope it will be good

  21. Hollow Fragment

    Hollow Fragment8 개월 전

    Cancelled all the games except for Respawn. I have a bad feeling about this.

  22. CircusKing

    CircusKing7 개월 전

    Hollow Fragment Even One Game is not Enough to bring our Trust back anymore.

  23. SuperPantMan

    SuperPantMan8 개월 전

    All I learned from this is that EA owns half of the (what used to be) independent developers in the gaming industry right now.

  24. Jigglets

    Jigglets9 개월 전

    an uncharted style starwars game would have been epic. RIP Visceral

  25. the official youtube channel by hideo kojima

    the official youtube channel by hideo kojima9 개월 전

    2 words, fuck, ea

  26. giorgi jabauri

    giorgi jabauri9 개월 전


  27. Yeheah

    Yeheah9 개월 전

    Same shit, only I have much lower expectations. Now's the time to "Wow" us.

  28. Stephen_Lilly_04

    Stephen_Lilly_049 개월 전

    Lol most of these games have been cancelled by EA

  29. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu9 개월 전


  30. CircusKing

    CircusKing14 일 전

    Kerim Gürsu Not exactly.

  31. light time

    light time2 개월 전


  32. Yassir Rossel

    Yassir Rossel9 개월 전

    You're full of shit! XD

  33. juan Montoya

    juan Montoya9 개월 전

    viceral games is dead

  34. Gabe Gonzalez

    Gabe Gonzalez9 개월 전

    I remember when this promo was released. So much hope. Finally getting some great Star Wars games in production. Look at those graphics. So sleek. But nearly 3 years later what do we have? A handful of cancellations and a countdown clock to the license expiring? Gotta love EA.

  35. Marcus Maschke

    Marcus Maschke9 개월 전

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha watching this in 2019!!!😄

  36. SpartanSkillHalo

    SpartanSkillHalo9 개월 전

    3:05 "Wow I never thought they were gonna bring my Star Wars fantasy to life" Yeah! And they didn't XD. Can't wait for their license to be stripped from them.

  37. GameRazor247

    GameRazor2479 개월 전

    Lmao, this shit funny to look back on...

  38. Tomas.L CZ

    Tomas.L CZ9 개월 전

    3:00 Yeah, right -_-

  39. Calad

    Calad9 개월 전

    This didn’t aged well

  40. Matthias Köstler

    Matthias Köstler10 개월 전

    This video is a strange testiment of the failure of EA regarding Star Wars games: kotaku.com/ea-cancels-open-world-star-wars-game-1831786371

  41. The Average Gamer

    The Average Gamer10 개월 전

    I’m honestly surprised this video is still up. Given the games EA keeps canceling

  42. Captain Ferret

    Captain Ferret10 개월 전

    They just cancelled the Open-World game :(

  43. Ben Zombie

    Ben Zombie10 개월 전

    Pour one out for Visceral. Respawn, you're our only hope.

  44. Crispy Memes

    Crispy Memes10 개월 전

    Can you make an up to date Star Wars RPG

  45. Ezio

    Ezio11 개월 전


  46. CircusKing

    CircusKing14 일 전

    Kerim Gürsu Since where did you get that idea?

  47. Kerim Gürsu

    Kerim Gürsu6 개월 전

    You know Battlefront 2 is the last Battlefront game not more Battlefront games from EA.

  48. Jerry Hanrahan

    Jerry Hanrahan11 개월 전

    3:06 "wow I never thought they were gonna bring my Star Wars fantasy to life" Got that right, they haven't. Maybe Visceral's game could have but greedy EA canceled it.

  49. TheRealSmoothGamer 3664

    TheRealSmoothGamer 366411 개월 전

    Welp...visceral is dead...

  50. Damian Howard

    Damian Howard년 전

    My god, EA.. Look how far you've fallen.. You should be hanging your head in shame now, after looking back at this and how great and promising you made the future of STAR WARS look.

  51. MarshDonkey 2436

    MarshDonkey 2436년 전

    Yes we will be greedy

  52. SebinkaTV

    SebinkaTV년 전

    0:39 and they never did that...

  53. Alfo P

    Alfo P9 개월 전

    SpartanSkillHalo they gave up but there are still big updates planned for the next year

  54. SpartanSkillHalo

    SpartanSkillHalo9 개월 전

    Danny AP they were talking about battlefront 2015 when they said “more eras” also they gave up on battlefront 2 when it launched.

  55. Alfo P

    Alfo P11 개월 전

    Sebinka Battlefront 2 literally has all 3 eras?

  56. Rodrigo Vargas Asencio

    Rodrigo Vargas Asencio년 전

    Este tráiler prometía tanto y el juego final es tan malo y con tan poco contenido, y el 78 % del contenido ya ni se puede jugar , por que es online, que gran decepción, es evidente que esta gente no entiende a los fans

  57. Emmanuel Munoz

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  58. Ray Kniga-Bartlett

    Ray Kniga-Bartlett년 전

    1:06 motion capture for Jedi: Fallen Order.

  59. SpartanSkillHalo

    SpartanSkillHalo9 개월 전

    Ray Kniga-Bartlett hoping that game isn’t complete utter shit.

  60. Kal El

    Kal El년 전

    EA shut down Visceral and the Star wars game they were working on.

  61. Sergeant Cyro

    Sergeant Cyro년 전

    2 Years later. Respawn hasnt even told us the Genre..... great job there EA. you just reinvented slow!

  62. Medicfinland

    Medicfinland년 전

    UGH. So much bullsh*t in a single video...

  63. Jack Peener

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  64. BEN ZED

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  65. Pirikko

    Pirikko년 전

    Mid of 2018, another Star Wars game was just cancelled. This is pure disappointment EA. Pure disappointment.

  66. El olaf

    El olaf년 전

    You misspelled ''pride and accomplishment'' I think.

  67. Agusnico 1012

    Agusnico 1012년 전

    Wich one?

  68. Skidush

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  69. Horatsio

    Horatsio년 전

    1:06 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ;)

  70. Yayo' Ariowibowo

    Yayo' Ariowibowo년 전

    Horatsio We all knew the Respawn game would be lightsaber battle focused, we just didn't know it would've been a Jedi game

  71. Phun14

    Phun14년 전

    Everytime i see this video i wana kill myself

  72. AdmiralCrust

    AdmiralCrust년 전

    EA The Game Slayer

  73. Israel T

    Israel T년 전

    We need a kotor style game set in original trilogy.

  74. Rick LeRoy

    Rick LeRoy년 전

    DICE should direct the next Star Wars movie.

  75. CircusKing

    CircusKing7 개월 전

    Rick LeRoy Uh, No Thanks.

  76. light time

    light time9 개월 전

    Noooo and noooo and Fuck nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  77. NickVA

    NickVA년 전

    Rick LeRoy please not.

  78. MegaMr46

    MegaMr46년 전

    RIP Visceral Games

  79. Star Wars Fever

    Star Wars Fever년 전

    I love how there are so many negatives comments on EA's official KOreporter channel but there is no attention? just don't buy their products , simple. Don't give them a chance, make them go out of business and I bet they'll regret not listening to the fans :) maybe they'll even start begging for customers to come back when they do interviews with how much they'll be bankrupt 😂😂 Just don't buy their products guys, they listen to money not actual opinions, rip em a new one :)

  80. Justin Ribs

    Justin Ribs년 전