E.L.F. Jelly Makeup.. Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!


  1. Sierra H

    Sierra H10 시간 전

    New subscriber :) loved this video! Gonna be buying some of those straws for sure

  2. Carley Cruz

    Carley Cruz11 시간 전

    I bought a gucci purse and i screamed in the gucci store saying: WATCH OUT JEFREE STAR I’M COMING FOR YOUR WEAVE!!!! I got kicked out. r.i.p my bank account from that purchase

  3. Jessica Farrow

    Jessica Farrow15 시간 전

    Jeffree I want you to make a foundation and name it SHOOK that is literally my FAVE saying from you lol!! Whos with me? Like this comment

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    (954) 663-1483

  5. Nicole Angel

    Nicole Angel20 시간 전

    Jeffree has no filter! 😂

  6. nell.i

    nell.i22 시간 전

    love the gucci when i barely canaffor ralph lauren🤠

  7. julia zhu

    julia zhu23 시간 전

    “ok so that shit looks like that”

  8. I am Law

    I am Law일 전

    Red bull ugh my favourite

  9. Rab Iat

    Rab Iat일 전

    He looks like the most stunning person in middle earth :3

  10. José Luis Esteban Puertas

    José Luis Esteban Puertas일 전

    I'm literally watching this while eating watermelon, HI HOW ARE YA lol




  12. allyson elizabeth

    allyson elizabeth일 전

    nobody: absolutely no one: jeffree: it's like cum

  13. Molly Black

    Molly Black일 전

    Jeffree and elf collab?

  14. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling일 전

    I love you




  16. Lapis Lazuli Sugar

    Lapis Lazuli Sugar일 전

    Girl you slay

  17. YasterflY

    YasterflY2 일 전

    dying to see jf trying to make a korean full face makeup

  18. Ferarri4444

    Ferarri44442 일 전

    I love you, your family and your channel Jeffree! From the goodness of my heart, and with certainty, you give off a light that we all yearn for. You allow us to be ourselves and reach for whatever the fuck we want, and without apology. You inspire us by making it fun to be honest. To be real. You are an inspiration to me. I am not even into makeup but, it's not the makeup, it's you. That is how much a voice you are to folks who just want to do good and also keep it real. Thank you. 😊

  19. Aymes Sorta

    Aymes Sorta2 일 전

    you know it took me a long time to sub to you but im so into you... and u give like real ass reviews love love love you and im digging ur primer..... i haven't ordered but what the reviews are saying immma totally order your primer for sure!!! if you have something for BIG ASS pores like mine.... this is what im looking for but tati reviewed ur primer but she always looks flawlass but i love love love love your revies DOOOOO MORE!!!!!! even do a drug store review!!1

  20. Alexis HI

    Alexis HI2 일 전

    It's been a bit I nearly forgot about the hubba bubba candies🥺I want some now

  21. Vanessa yeah

    Vanessa yeah2 일 전

    I don’t buy makeup stuff without knowing if it’s jeffree star approved.



    3:13 Ur welcome

  23. Batool Ahmed

    Batool Ahmed2 일 전

    Why do I feel like this was a Paid promotion

  24. Susan Lindsay

    Susan Lindsay2 일 전

    Love your video's

  25. Kara R

    Kara R2 일 전

    You look so pretty!!!

  26. Savana

    Savana2 일 전

    can i just say your skin looked freaking greatttt even before the skincare 😩

  27. The Eerie Faerie

    The Eerie Faerie2 일 전

    Walking by a "dirt windmill"? 😂😂

  28. Tam tam Bigelow

    Tam tam Bigelow2 일 전

    See I love Jeffree and every brand is different for everyone but My sister in law and I bought everything from the last elf video and none of the products worked for us at all! We returned it all to Ulta it was 🗑 which made me so sad.

  29. Racel Reubal

    Racel Reubal2 일 전

    I love u jeffreestar

  30. Angelica Rain

    Angelica Rain2 일 전

    What the fuck thats so cool

  31. Megatron Eurton

    Megatron Eurton3 일 전

    Concealer restock???

  32. Chaithra Moolya

    Chaithra Moolya3 일 전

    When I watch your videos, I really don't think you are in this world, your amazing💕😍💕😍 please give some makeup products ,,,,

  33. Tammy Johnston dial

    Tammy Johnston dial3 일 전

    Omg I love for your reviews !! I love your line everything you out out is amazing !! ❤️❤️❤️

  34. Tobias Brown

    Tobias Brown3 일 전

    I just bought the blood sugar pallet!! I’m super excited! Been a hugggeee fan forever! I’ve been a fan since BOTDF s3xting song!! So long time!! I love you jeffree your energy is so inspiring!

  35. MS. BLUE

    MS. BLUE3 일 전

    Why do i suddenly remember Jacques? Uhggrr he loves gucci and lv!! HI KA INOXENTES

  36. stephanie a

    stephanie a3 일 전

    Can you please come to Washington DC for a meet and greet?

  37. hurricaneheide

    hurricaneheide3 일 전

    Question: Are all the glosses watermelon scented? Or do they have different scents for the different colors? You, as always, look amazing!!!

  38. je sais pas que fair

    je sais pas que fair3 일 전

    The way she slaps her face is weirdly satisfying

  39. Natalia Rodriguez

    Natalia Rodriguez3 일 전

    How does the primer compare to the MILK hydrogrip primer? Cause I just spent $30+ for the hydrogrip but I'd be glad to return it for an $8 one!

  40. Natalia Rodriguez

    Natalia Rodriguez3 일 전

    Could you tell us if the cleanser actually does remove make up especially eye make up?

  41. Mistie Mishap

    Mistie Mishap3 일 전


  42. Zara Channel

    Zara Channel4 일 전

    You Beautiful💗😊💛

  43. OfficialMac16

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    Another vlog from my favorite vlogger ❤️ made my day complete.

  44. your daddy

    your daddy4 일 전

    Jeffree can u make scrunchies? Thanks

  45. Brandi Barbeau

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  46. Slimem

    Slimem4 일 전

    i need those glosses

  47. Adrian Parcell

    Adrian Parcell4 일 전

    I can't even pay my bills working 2 jobs but he's wearing all Gucci in a mansion. Ok.

  48. K C

    K C2 일 전

    A Parcell do you have your own successful makeup brand?

  49. TLepageArt

    TLepageArt4 일 전

    lol does anyone remember Sweet Tarts squeeze?

  50. PlatinumCyGirl

    PlatinumCyGirl4 일 전

    Damn I would like the whole thing xD and I love you made metal straws!!! That's amazing!!

  51. Lamia fell sans {female }

    Lamia fell sans {female }4 일 전

    Omg I lived for the hubabubba!

  52. Leigh Sunflower

    Leigh Sunflower4 일 전

    Jeffree you are amazing and wonderful🌻

  53. Smilez xD

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    😂😂😅😅 6:27

  54. Jalynn Anderson

    Jalynn Anderson5 일 전

    Jeffree! Jeffree! I have a serious question for you! I'm a sixteen year old girl and I live in a small town in ND and I really really would have a dream come true if you went to prom with me???

  55. fish cake

    fish cake5 일 전

    My fav fruit iss 🍉 😁 Like if you do(the vid)

  56. Stdvdjxj Kskjdbfjc

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    I want that mini fridge now

  57. Augusta Waggoner

    Augusta Waggoner5 일 전

    Hey Jeffree! I am a new fan, and I am loving your videos! You make me laugh out loud! Also, I tried out some of your tips and tricks for my work makeup look, and I got so many compliments! Thank you so much for helping me look and feel my best. FYI, I was wondering if you could review FLOWER by Drew Barrymore. I've had several of her products, and have been happy with almost all of them. Also, Iman Bowie has a line of makeup out that might make for a fun video! Sending love and good vibes to you Miss Jeffree!

  58. Ian Dominic Ramos

    Ian Dominic Ramos5 일 전

    I just love it when he say "woaaah". Hahaha

  59. Chief Longwood

    Chief Longwood5 일 전

    How about you spend less time playing with makeup and spend more time cleaning your roach infested lunch room you filthy fucker!

  60. Gabrielle Yanke

    Gabrielle Yanke5 일 전

    I'm a new makeup channel! Come say hi ❤️

  61. Alaina Marie

    Alaina Marie5 일 전

    Can we take a moment to realize that hi hair clip is $400

  62. sophiacstaley

    sophiacstaley5 일 전

    Jeffree pull the tab on your red bull can all the way so you can insert your straw.

  63. Samaya Roman

    Samaya Roman5 일 전

    In the beginning of the video pause it on five seconds and you’re going to see your girl in the mirror

  64. Jennifer Siehl

    Jennifer Siehl5 일 전

    Jeffree can we get a review on the drug store brand hardcandy make up line?

  65. Gracie Mark

    Gracie Mark5 일 전

    You should do a must have for back to school!

  66. Reghan does makeup

    Reghan does makeup5 일 전

    Jeffree:this shade is called no fucking idear Me:**dies of laughter**🤣☠⚰

  67. Reghan does makeup

    Reghan does makeup5 일 전

    Who tf puts primer on w a brush.jeffree i stan u but 🤷‍♀️🤣

  68. Crazy vlog

    Crazy vlog5 일 전

    You are still beautiful without make up 😊😍 Beauty lover

  69. Sarah Wright

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    Thats right save the turtles ive got metal straws too

  70. Jake Donigan

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    Subscribe to my channel if u love jeffree star 🌟 🤪🥰

  71. marti vang

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    Please do a Jeffree Approve on Thriftylashes!😊❤️😍

  72. natunga100

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    I love the jelly eye and face gloss it look amazing!

  73. megs072284

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    I live for your video reviews! Your personality is everything!!! I was in such a bad mood today and I watched a few of your reviews and I just feel better 💜 LOVE your energy 💕

  74. BRITBOYZ Gaming

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    Sometimes I forget that jefree has eyebrows

  75. Da Sisters Vlogs

    Da Sisters Vlogs6 일 전

    Omg !!! I use the elf products and its jeffree star's approved !! 💕 finally i know that im using the good product !! 🤩🤩🤩

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  78. Ariana Grande

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    who dosent love him.

  79. Itzel Ventura

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    Your so annoying like you don’t own everything you can be a KOreporter thing but like chill

  80. Ariana Grande

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    who dosent love him.

  81. StrawberryMacaron

    StrawberryMacaron6 일 전

    [JHC: probably expensive, “melting” problem, dangerous lipsticks (literally) ELF: affordable, *fridge* (problem solving at its finest), good quality] 90% of seen comments (which I agree with)