E.L.F. Jelly Makeup.. Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!


  1. Robin S

    Robin S시간 전

    Jeffree confuses my sexuality, hes so gorgeous yet handsome at same time and the voice is so sexy and his makeup skills are out of this world

  2. Sayuri Chan

    Sayuri Chan3 시간 전

    Living for the gloss, it almost made jeffree looked like a doll, love it!!!

  3. Saoirse M21

    Saoirse M218 시간 전

    I love when he reviews elf because I’m from Ireland and they don’t sell like Mac or Anastasia❤️

  4. Karoline Keyser

    Karoline Keyser8 시간 전

    "Not too bad. BUT, spare me !"

  5. Savannah Banana

    Savannah Banana10 시간 전

    I watched this after going to the ER and this really distracted me from my pain.

  6. Peace& hope

    Peace& hope11 시간 전

    when Jeffree was trying to get the cap out and insulting the fridge his voice entirely changed XD that poor fridge probably shit its self lmao

  7. Daisy Roberts

    Daisy Roberts15 시간 전

    How many times he slaps his face- I’m living for

  8. Sophie Bethel

    Sophie Bethel16 시간 전

    Am I the only one that came in to see if the Vsco girls are in the chat because he makes metal straws

  9. Leah Bingham

    Leah Bingham16 시간 전

    Anyone else wonder what elledgedly means?

  10. Wolf Luna

    Wolf Luna17 시간 전

    I have an exam tomorow, here i am watching this at 23:12 pm yeet

  11. Giouli Psihogiou

    Giouli Psihogiou18 시간 전

    Τake a shit everytime he says "watermelon"

  12. Holly-Jean Emery

    Holly-Jean Emery19 시간 전

    Jeffree : "You guys know my skincare routine by now" Me: UHM NO I DON'T MISS THING 🤷‍♀️

  13. Liam Storer

    Liam Storer21 시간 전

    Damn, your Grandma was a looker in her days !! She looks good. I don't do makeup at all but i love your vids.

  14. Pinata Pup

    Pinata Pup22 시간 전

    Does anyone know if this line has aloe in it?

  15. Jenni Wylie

    Jenni Wylie일 전

    They didn't expect anyone to use the products!!! Lol!

  16. Lupita Fernandez

    Lupita Fernandez일 전

    I loved the entire overlook sexy afterglow beautiful 😍

  17. CeriAnn

    CeriAnn일 전

    OMG the fridge yes

  18. Blinx cub

    Blinx cub일 전

    why does he still look like a normal person without any eyebrows lmao

  19. Nargie Yees Makeup Review World

    Nargie Yees Makeup Review World일 전

    Nobody: Me: Craving jello after this

  20. Broad-GX- Brawl Stars

    Broad-GX- Brawl Stars일 전

    Big Bubba eater😚😍😎

  21. novice Price

    novice Price일 전

    I always did my make up the other way foundation then cover

  22. We ain’t letting This happen no more

    We ain’t letting This happen no more일 전

    I’m just going to say it can all skin care views from now on be with Shane cause it was funny and it as nice to see the difference between no so sensitive skin to extremely sensitive to give me an idea on how my skin would react

  23. Harry Greenwood

    Harry Greenwood일 전

    Should of sucked it before you put it in

  24. Thomas Bradley

    Thomas Bradley2 일 전

    Yes girl yes

  25. Thomas Bradley

    Thomas Bradley2 일 전


  26. Cherrie Hibaya

    Cherrie Hibaya2 일 전

    Actually, it's not new in the Philippines. The idea is popular in the philippines and korea. We have lipstick and liptint that you can use as blush, eyeshadow. We also have liquid highlighter.. It's perfect if you are in hurry and perfect for NO MAKEUP LOOK.

  27. Quintessential

    Quintessential2 일 전

    Jeffree new house idea 4 beauty room: sink in it hey!~

  28. Lily Rayson

    Lily Rayson2 일 전

    you literally make me so happy 😁

  29. GachaHooked

    GachaHooked2 일 전

    Nobody: 10 seconds of Jeffrey star being a VSCO girl: 2:54

  30. GachaHooked

    GachaHooked2 일 전

    We LOVE the jelly glow! 🥰 So cute! 🍷🍉

  31. Thomas Bradley

    Thomas Bradley2 일 전


  32. Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian2 일 전

    7:37 he’s just like “this doesn’t smell good😳”

  33. XxXShevampXxX

    XxXShevampXxX2 일 전

    That fridge is fuckin great lmao. I want it in my life. One of the side effects of a medication I have to take daily is increased sweating and I burn up when I'm getting ready so it seems like this would feel AMAZING.

  34. Tristan Berry

    Tristan Berry2 일 전

    No one: Jeffree: ALLEGEDLY

  35. Savanna Jo Guevara

    Savanna Jo Guevara3 일 전

    Love how Jeffree wants to protect such a good makeup line that he covers the mishaps with his own makeup like a mama bear protecting her cub

  36. Aaron Stempson

    Aaron Stempson3 일 전

    everytime i watch jeffree's video : he smile : i smiled he laugh : i laughed he's sad : i sad he's flex : i just watch and just wishing one day i could be that bitch to flex but okay to hoe's around me 😂

  37. Alvarito Bon Valadez

    Alvarito Bon Valadez3 일 전

    Love the eyes !! What Brand of lenses are these

  38. Ashley Goodson

    Ashley Goodson3 일 전

    I just love the honesty from you. Like there is no hiding it's complete honesty. Thank you for that!

  39. Roblox Character Stories

    Roblox Character Stories3 일 전

    I love your tattoos

  40. G. S.

    G. S.3 일 전

    "There's a BRUUSH!!"