Dropping Watermelons vs Trampoline From 500cm ~ Bounce


  1. Shadow Wolf

    Shadow Wolf일 전

    500 cm equals 5 m

  2. Beatriz Flores

    Beatriz Flores일 전

    B z zxdzjons,bvbfdjffraejfirfjjbreajkjfrljnisflraiofjroieagautytytuagetipigjptipogaugrugtr563(745(-35(67😥😜😑🤗😞🙁😢😈👽😫👄👪👙👣💋👑👜💋

  3. Roger Marlita Running Bear

    Roger Marlita Running Bear2 일 전

    11:57 the egg is still on the ladder☹️

  4. Ocampo Ocampo

    Ocampo Ocampo2 일 전


  5. Valentino The Gamer1

    Valentino The Gamer14 일 전

    The water balloon was the best one

  6. Erika Hong

    Erika Hong5 일 전

    Yessssssssssssss it is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Spaghetti noodles

    Spaghetti noodles5 일 전

    It will explode the Coca-Cola

  8. beuttons

    beuttons7 일 전

    You mean 534cm

  9. Liam Marx

    Liam Marx8 일 전


  10. Liam Marx

    Liam Marx8 일 전


  11. Denese Mcgee

    Denese Mcgee9 일 전

    I. Like the video

  12. SizzleP0P

    SizzleP0P9 일 전

    Guava juice: drops coke Also guava juice: 3:20

  13. Gavin toons

    Gavin toons10 일 전

    Drop yourself down there

  14. Dawn Meyer

    Dawn Meyer10 일 전

    SO COOL!

  15. Jose De La Cruz

    Jose De La Cruz12 일 전

    2:54 the movements

  16. ROBLOX N00BO

    ROBLOX N00BO15 일 전

    I wanted to drink that coke tho :/

  17. TecH SavagE

    TecH SavagE16 일 전

    wow i wish i had that much sqishies

  18. Morgan Myers

    Morgan Myers17 일 전

    Guava I know you're from the Philippines that are words the same in Philippines I know words that sound the same are words spelled the same because I've never been to the Philippines

  19. Alana Patan

    Alana Patan17 일 전

    Do it higherŕrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Alana Patan

    Alana Patan17 일 전

    50 bath bomb in bath

  21. Christine Fieber

    Christine Fieber17 일 전

    I love dogs

  22. Farmer D

    Farmer D18 일 전

    534cm to be exact

  23. AstralMidnight Server

    AstralMidnight Server22 일 전

    All: *nothing* Kids: Wat Teenager: Coca Cola team

  24. Kaieshia Potts

    Kaieshia Potts23 일 전

    The egg is still there

  25. Bentley Kelly

    Bentley Kelly25 일 전

    What happened to 3am challenges

  26. Rachel Kiff

    Rachel Kiff26 일 전


  27. jose atanacio

    jose atanacio29 일 전

    do some tric shot video

  28. lol lol

    lol lol29 일 전

    It's a ukelele not guitar I think Am I right?

  29. Tom Peng

    Tom Peng개월 전

    Why are you dropping stuff

  30. Zalal Uddin

    Zalal Uddin개월 전

    i egery whith the Cocacola it will explode

  31. LG fornite master battle pass

    LG fornite master battle pass개월 전

    It did

  32. Nancy Broadway

    Nancy Broadway개월 전

    5000 dollars wasted Wow

  33. Joanna Recto

    Joanna Recto개월 전

    No that’s 530 cenemeters

  34. lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian

    lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian개월 전

    Coconut dab

  35. Najeeb Animations

    Najeeb Animations개월 전

    The real height of the roof is 534 Roy

  36. Koala Squad

    Koala Squad개월 전

    3:00 is my room Edit: 2:55 is when I see my parents looking at my room

  37. ong byeol

    ong byeol개월 전

    Wow everything is a trick shot🥳🥳🥳😎😎😎😎😍😍😍😍

  38. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown개월 전

    it will explode

  39. Evan Brown

    Evan Brown개월 전

    are you Filipino?

  40. lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian

    lakshminarayanan ramasubramanian개월 전


  41. Andresa Monceda

    Andresa Monceda개월 전

    It will explode

  42. khalid khalil

    khalid khalil개월 전


  43. RASVYduxx GameZ

    RASVYduxx GameZ개월 전

    Not 500 but 534(●゚ω゚●)

  44. khalid khalil

    khalid khalil개월 전

    Da coconut but is a GIANT NUT if you eat to much you be VERY FAT now da kokonut is not a nut it's da koko fruit from da koko tree from da koko nut 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴FAMILY🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴

  45. khalid khalil

    khalid khalil개월 전

    534 CM NOT 500 CM

  46. Russ Carhart

    Russ Carhart개월 전

    :) 😂😅😂😅😆☻👍🎸🎵🎶♩



    Roi:It didn't even bouce that much, it just fell and broke straight on impact and it broke the primater a bit Me: ... Also me:WUT IS DIS A SIANCE CHANNEL jk i

  48. 69 Skin

    69 Skin개월 전

    It is 534 cm 🤓🤓🤓🌜



    Explosion at 2:52

  50. Bin Zhong

    Bin Zhong개월 전

    0:28 i don’t hear anything 👂

  51. Team hot wheels Firestorm fan

    Team hot wheels Firestorm fan개월 전

    7:30 almost did a bottle flip!!!!!

  52. Rayhan Bouladam

    Rayhan Bouladam개월 전

    Must be really hard to tidy it up

  53. - itsDoodleduhh -

    - itsDoodleduhh -개월 전

    3087 anyone?... just me... ok

  54. Aidan Michael

    Aidan Michael개월 전

    I don't know why but 5:38 is funny

  55. Ron Sejba

    Ron Sejba개월 전

    You thew a phone your out of your mind but your awsome

  56. Potato Boi ._.

    Potato Boi ._.개월 전

    536 cm..

  57. Zillahbee plays roblox

    Zillahbee plays roblox개월 전

    It is actually 534 cm

  58. KawaiiGoldenGamer

    KawaiiGoldenGamer개월 전


  59. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey Mouse개월 전

    534 cm s

  60. Dolphins are cool Dolphins are cool

    Dolphins are cool Dolphins are cool개월 전

    Guava: We’re dropping grandma’s ashes! Cameraman: Maybe you shouldn’t say that :/ hmmmmm