Dropping Watermelons vs Trampoline From 500cm ~ Bounce


  1. Max & Nico

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    You got a chickshot

  2. Angelo Rodriquez

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  3. Jedaya Lewis

    Jedaya Lewis13 시간 전

    But five hundred meters is more

  4. jean Cambiado

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  5. Purple Sans

    Purple Sans일 전

    Im quite impressed the egg hasnt fell

  6. James Testasecca

    James Testasecca일 전

    8:05 Me:This one was EGGsiclent ;D

  7. BaCoN_ Th3_Sh3p

    BaCoN_ Th3_Sh3p일 전

    That's the alien blood from Dora wow I wonder when alien map is gonna see this video

  8. gokurexssjgod the pro

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    Coconutz 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    i dont like guava juice

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    if you dont like guava juice click like pls

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    Shout out to me! Osmar Ponce And send me the link

  12. Rylyn Gabrielli

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    He said 500 cm cuz 5 meters isn’t much

  13. Jeffery Stines

    Jeffery Stines일 전

    Five cm dame

  14. mhfxtuiig gdtyuh

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  15. Drkennot Nivar

    Drkennot Nivar2 일 전

    This was how many trick shots were in this video 👇🏻

  16. Bryon

    Bryon2 일 전

    Did he do this before

  17. shazam wolveboy61

    shazam wolveboy613 일 전

    When Guava about to drop water balloon. Me: tactical nuke incoming!

  18. Cyan Z

    Cyan Z3 일 전

    Chocolate and Coca cola is acidic so if you drink the trampoline You can't breath for 50minutes

  19. Isma Khimaya

    Isma Khimaya4 일 전

    12:50 Satisfying moment turn this blue

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  21. hot streak memo

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  22. hot streak memo

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    Whatttttt 6:07

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    You sing nicely

  26. Jai Chavda

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  27. Steve Vandam

    Steve Vandam5 일 전

    That's 500 cm-15 ft-5m

  28. Rachel Polite

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    Hey roi

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    2:49 nice

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    12:32 fireworks

  32. OheneNel Adarkwaa

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    12 34

  33. Samuel Cohen

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    Who else is watching in 3030

  34. Lim Kong Sang

    Lim Kong Sang6 일 전

    So cool i thing today you have lucky trick shot and squidshes so cute why you do this why pees out yay 🤙✌✌🐍🐲🐉🐊🦖🦕🐢🦎🐬🐠🦈🦂🦟

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    I like guava

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    I can even count to infinity!!!!

  38. XxShadowTheWolfxX

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    4:47 Roi can sing

  39. riland webb

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    2:57 the laugh tho

  40. Colton John

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    Wait you could just give it to my son that guitar why do you destroy it I like that guitar says my son

  41. Crystal Tran

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    Bring back 3am changes

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  44. Carly006 Zhou

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    4:46 I actually like that song

  45. Jessie Gordon

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    IT IS MY BIRTHDAY 🎂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳I’m 35 I’m pregnant 🤰😚😍😍😍

  46. Fazli Ang

    Fazli Ang8 일 전

    Bruhhh that’s only 5 meters If you learned maths ummmmm 100cm equals to 1 meters

  47. Agnes Lanzaderas

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    i like this😁

  48. Kimberly F

    Kimberly F9 일 전

    Roi can you make another song! I miss the songs you make before

  49. JaylaDaDiamondWolfPup :3

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    th is INSANE you a dare devil

  50. JaylaDaDiamondWolfPup :3

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    imagin having to clean all this up.............

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    I have a KOreporter channel called TheBainGame

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    7:38 Wrong slow-mo...

  53. its Amelia Roseღ

    its Amelia Roseღ10 일 전

    Roi: hah hah hah Me: HAKDOG



    | | | V

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    yeah dude

  57. Michelle Oraka

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    I thought the noises are bees😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Dazy Eskarous

    Dazy Eskarous11 일 전

    Wow 500cm short

  59. Rsh Ian

    Rsh Ian11 일 전

    2:46 Roy: I will drop a coca-cola box face down.. **Proceeds to slam the whole thing**

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    This how many people subscribe

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