Drew Gulak confident after Cruiserweight Title retention: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 15, 2019


  1. Dedos Del Medio

    Dedos Del Medio24 일 전

    Felicidades a Drew Gulak para la victoria en Choca De Campeones(Congrats to Drew Gulak for the victory at Clash Of Champions)

  2. Peter Ineleo

    Peter Ineleo26 일 전

    Drew Gulak:"And I am the law..." Breezango:"I believe his alias is Captain Underpants..."

  3. heelgill

    heelgill27 일 전

    Best Cruiserweight Champion after WWE revealed it back

  4. corey walker

    corey walker28 일 전

    Is there a reason why he shouldn't be confident?

  5. Bobby Farmer

    Bobby Farmer28 일 전

    Drew gulak is a great heel cruiserweight Champion because of him being a submission specalist and 2019 has been awesome year for him.

  6. HeroofBowerstone1989

    HeroofBowerstone198928 일 전

    That was a really good promo

  7. JonnySuite13

    JonnySuite1328 일 전

    Okay, whatever, Judge Dredd.

  8. leo king

    leo king28 일 전

    he should jion the main roster

  9. Noah Foster

    Noah Foster28 일 전

    The LAW remains champ. Gulak is 205Live!

  10. Ümit Yatan

    Ümit Yatan28 일 전

    Drew Gulak is last Cruiserweight Champion in this era.SADLY they cancelled at October 6

  11. Genoxide Irvy

    Genoxide Irvy26 일 전


  12. βιβη Π.

    βιβη Π.28 일 전

    Gulak vs Drew

  13. Aaron Velez

    Aaron Velez28 일 전

    I love you Pink Ranger & Selena Gomez me Aaron Green Ranger White Ranger Justin Bieber

  14. Firzen

    Firzen28 일 전

    Kathu always cute

  15. Thao Tran

    Thao Tran28 일 전

    Love Cathy kelley 😊

  16. Mr. Khan

    Mr. Khan28 일 전

    Hey Cally Cally 🥰🤗😉

  17. Tulley Novielli

    Tulley Novielli28 일 전

    Awesome win


    EXOTiC PLAYZ28 일 전

    Drew won cause of a script

  19. George Obusan

    George Obusan28 일 전

    Lio Rush should take the title from him

  20. Mike H.

    Mike H.25 일 전

    George Obusan he beat Oney Lorcan.

  21. George Obusan

    George Obusan25 일 전

    Called it 😁

  22. Mike H.

    Mike H.26 일 전

    SharkHunter PS4 👎👎

  23. SharkHunter PS4

    SharkHunter PS426 일 전

    @Mike H. listen to his theme song and come back

  24. Mike H.

    Mike H.26 일 전

    SharkHunter PS4 collect the 205 Live Title? Who wants Lio Rush to be the 205 Live Champion?

  25. JRA Tu Amigo

    JRA Tu Amigo28 일 전

    Drew Gulak vs Oney Lorcan at Hell In A Cell 2019 for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

  26. Sajit Pyakurel

    Sajit Pyakurel28 일 전

    the most irrelevant title Back when Pac was champ this was one of the best thing

  27. Hamzah Iftikhar

    Hamzah Iftikhar28 일 전

    Cool win

  28. Mister M

    Mister M28 일 전

    Shes beautiful

  29. Brennon Clark

    Brennon Clark28 일 전

    that girl is mad cute

  30. Madre

    Madre28 일 전

    Drew vs Drew sound like an amazing match

  31. Marc Ortega

    Marc Ortega28 일 전

    Why he be worried?Drew is the best cruiserweight champion...I knew he retain that title tonight.💜💜💜

  32. Kyanna Gomes

    Kyanna Gomes28 일 전

    I don't think he should have retained the title.

  33. Mado

    Mado28 일 전

    Lets all be honest.we clicked this video cuz of cathy kelly in the thumbnail

  34. gambites3

    gambites325 일 전

    @David Jones same. He's a great performer for wwe. Comedic or serious roles as well as interesting mat wrestler. I thought he'd fall into the background bc casual fans/Vince don't care for wrestling technicians

  35. Givejordr

    Givejordr28 일 전

    I clicked for Drew

  36. Ask to buy me some Honey BBQ CHIPS

    Ask to buy me some Honey BBQ CHIPS28 일 전

    No. I'm just clicking on all the videos and scrolling through the comments

  37. Silent Observer

    Silent Observer28 일 전

    sister mike-tom!

  38. David Jones

    David Jones28 일 전

    @gambites3 as a gay male gotta admit he has a nice body 😙😙😙 but not why I like him he's actually a great preformer in the ring and a great champion

  39. Jose Fernandez

    Jose Fernandez28 일 전

    Not retaining his hairline though

  40. bradley henry

    bradley henry28 일 전

    Hopefully kushida will be cruiserweight champion Remember he owes 2 victories on drew

  41. Randy Orton

    Randy Orton28 일 전

    Probably Gulak will have a long title reign

  42. Ümit Yatan

    Ümit Yatan28 일 전

    No they canceled at october on fox.Triple H said😭

  43. BriDaJedi

    BriDaJedi28 일 전

    Gabba Gulak!

  44. Lshards 1991

    Lshards 199128 일 전

    It's better that 205 live is fusing with NXT

  45. Wako Sam

    Wako Sam28 일 전

    Anyone else know that PAC is doing well in AEW and was the best cruiserweight champion

  46. Anish Manwar

    Anish Manwar28 일 전

    @swag lad Said 50 Year old man is the best wrestler to step foot on this planet. It's not an opinion, just a fact. Also, if you don't find entertainment in Orange Cassidy and just embarrassment, you might be one of those guys who find Seth's and Becky's cringy jokes funny.

  47. Lydarius Vaughn

    Lydarius Vaughn28 일 전

    @Igor180 Im actually curious on what you dislike about Aew lol. No hate im just surprised XD

  48. Igor180

    Igor18028 일 전

    @swag lad That's right!, AEW is just a piece of trash.

  49. swag lad

    swag lad28 일 전

    Lmao aew? That the t shirt company that has a 50 year old man as champ A tranny that will win the women's title An embarrassment to wrestling in orange Cassidy?

  50. jj hunt

    jj hunt28 일 전

    Congratulations on keeping the cwc championship drew I picked you to win and u did

  51. Matt LUNDY

    Matt LUNDY28 일 전

    Ck... marry me

  52. Igor180

    Igor18028 일 전

    This was the third title match that he won, can't believe that they are letting him hold the title for this long.

  53. EOD Ace

    EOD Ace28 일 전

    @Mr. Thuganomics him and gran metalik

  54. Mr. Thuganomics

    Mr. Thuganomics28 일 전

    @james Nas fact 5 wrestling and cause kalisto deleted a tweet saying he was becoming a free agent in 10 months

  55. Igor180

    Igor18028 일 전

    @Mr. Thuganomics We still don't know yet if he is truly leaving or not and I hope doesn't.

  56. james Nas

    james Nas28 일 전

    @Mr. Thuganomics where'd you hear this ?

  57. Mr. Thuganomics

    Mr. Thuganomics28 일 전

    @Igor180 I don't think he will since hes leaving in 10 or 9 months

  58. official pranav 07

    official pranav 0728 일 전

    Katht just now i saw you in another video

  59. The Ghost

    The Ghost28 일 전


  60. Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De Villiers28 일 전

    She's so stunning. Aside from that. What a match

  61. Haroldstroz

    Haroldstroz28 일 전

    Yo sup

  62. The Writer

    The Writer28 일 전


  63. ShellShock TheTruth

    ShellShock TheTruth28 일 전

    @EOD Ace its ok there's still Bobby Fish

  64. EOD Ace

    EOD Ace28 일 전

    *BOBBY VS LASHLEY* oh wait he goes by Robert now

  65. Starhunter

    Starhunter28 일 전


  66. Lydarius Vaughn

    Lydarius Vaughn28 일 전

    @Starhunter Or they shouldn't May as well change the name then. Same should be said for WWE World Heavyweight title

  67. Starhunter

    Starhunter28 일 전

    @Emiliano Carbajal *They could raise the weight limit a little.*

  68. Emiliano Carbajal

    Emiliano Carbajal28 일 전

    Starhunter I mean it does either way cause it’s the CRUISERWEIGHT championship.

  69. Starhunter

    Starhunter28 일 전

    @Emiliano Carbajal *205 Live is being cancelled so the weight limit doesn't have to apply anymore.*

  70. Emiliano Carbajal

    Emiliano Carbajal28 일 전

    Starhunter Matt Riddle isn’t a cruserweight. He weighs 216 I think.

  71. Ɱყɬɧıƈąɩ Ɠɩơཞყ

    Ɱყɬɧıƈąɩ Ɠɩơཞყ28 일 전

    I thought alexa bliss was the reporter 😂😂😂

  72. swag lad

    swag lad28 일 전

    Cut the vanilla midgets from the WWE Vince People literally cared more about a baby in the crowd at a 205 event Lmao

  73. Kagiso Sedibe

    Kagiso Sedibe28 일 전

    Peeps turning their attention to the baby was harsh 😫

  74. swag lad

    swag lad28 일 전

    @KING GlASS REVIEW you do know looks are hugely important in wrestling You think people who haven't watched wrestling in a while that wanted to see what it's like Turn on the channel to see a dude who looks homeless as a top guy Zero believability to it The wrestler has to look in some sort of way Having a dude who looks homeless isn't going to help bring views in it makes it a laughing stock Rey was only a transitional champion Styles,Michaels and y2j were 220 plus Not these 180-190 pound midgets And they had character These midgets have literally no character They can't cut any problems Have zero unique personality And draw nothing



    swag lad why would any straight man be so concerned about dB personal Appearance I stopped reading as soon as I read that lol hbk Rey and cm punk were all called small get with the times it’s not 1980 even Seth isn’t huge

  76. swag lad

    swag lad28 일 전

    @KING GlASS REVIEW lol Daniel Bryan? The dude who looks homeless None of those names drew a single dime apart from Eddie who drew the smallest amount of money But the thing is Eddie had character Eddie had charisma None of these midgets do They have generic looks Are so bland Have no actual character

  77. swag lad

    swag lad28 일 전

    @Kagiso Sedibe my point stands More people turned away from the boring midgets to look at and sing towards a baby in the crowd That shows these vanilla midgets have no star power and are costing money

  78. carlosgamer aguilar

    carlosgamer aguilar28 일 전


  79. jony melaslavo

    jony melaslavo28 일 전


  80. Highelf Thalmor

    Highelf Thalmor28 일 전

    The girl commentator is too cute

  81. The Writer

    The Writer28 일 전

    @Ballistic Banana *No they didn't* *Edit: Nevermind, just looked it up and you were right.*

  82. Ballistic Banana

    Ballistic Banana28 일 전

    @The Writer they broke up

  83. The Writer

    The Writer28 일 전

    *Cathy Kelley is smoking hot. She's Velveteen Dream's woman.*