Drawing BLACKPINK: Lisa | drawholic


  1. Tommy Story

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  2. Aleilton Ribeiro

    Aleilton Ribeiro일 전

    Que talento precioso!! Meus parabéns!

  3. lovelyn Xmt

    lovelyn Xmt2 일 전

    For drawing realistic arts like this...the artist should have patience and not giving up early.....unlike me who doesn't have concentration in any field whatsoever....and gives up in like 5 minutes...I m an art student and I feel so useless

  4. 수민tv

    수민tv2 일 전

    썸네일 사진인 줄알았음 ㅎㄷㄷ

  5. นาย นาย

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  6. Амина Мугутдинова

    Амина Мугутдинова3 일 전

    Do it please draw picture to jisoo from blackpink 🙏🙏

  7. DaGamingKoala

    DaGamingKoala3 일 전

    I was born the same day as her and we both speak Thai,English,Korean,Japanese

  8. Goosey Geese

    Goosey Geese4 일 전

    almost 2M!!

  9. Lalhriat Puii

    Lalhriat Puii4 일 전

    please can you draw blackpink jisoo

  10. Asif Rauf

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  11. Maria jose Portillo cruz

    Maria jose Portillo cruz5 일 전

    Que clase de crayones usas

  12. ภณิดา ศรีดี

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  13. Indian Pepper

    Indian Pepper6 일 전

    lisa wud look adorable in short hair !!!!!! 3:40

  14. thỏ con

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  15. LJ B

    LJ B6 일 전

    Sana ol

  16. José Edilson

    José Edilson7 일 전

    Pofavo Pofavo faz It 2010

  17. SIVLE

    SIVLE7 일 전

    Excellente ! It's Great 👏👏👏👏

  18. Jas ss It

    Jas ss It7 일 전

    This guy can show us what Bangless Lisa looks like :O (Even though ive seen it so many times)

  19. Arlyn Vallo

    Arlyn Vallo7 일 전

    Lesa ang ganta mo ❤💖💘

  20. Adolfo Martinez

    Adolfo Martinez7 일 전

    What kinds of paper and pencil are you using?

  21. Haley Neuman

    Haley Neuman7 일 전

    Next time don't write drawholic on something so gorgeous

  22. fungfungkk

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  23. Lily Laltanpuii

    Lily Laltanpuii7 일 전

    The one who dislike this video are mad if it is they draw then if we dislike they will feel angry to the person who dislike again

  24. team_balloratr Olivia

    team_balloratr Olivia8 일 전

    wowwwwwwww perfectt😍😍

  25. giulha vitoria de paiva lima

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    You the talent this drawing

  26. Nhi Le

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  27. Soniya Ray

    Soniya Ray8 일 전

    Ladki to kagaj par aaa gai . Brilliant

  28. วีรอาชว์ ตั้งศิริไพบูลย์

    วีรอาชว์ ตั้งศิริไพบูลย์8 일 전

    Rosé and Lisa is Friend Yes=👍🏻 No=Commet and said No

  29. Ken Ken

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  30. Nicole Da Paz Melo

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  31. nhi Sky

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    Yêu nhất chi lisa

  32. Šträwbërrÿ Ÿögürt

    Šträwbërrÿ Ÿögürt9 일 전

    Where’s Joosi? ;-(

  33. Dyaa Elyass

    Dyaa Elyass9 일 전

    This the best portrait I have seen so far......:

  34. humor e cultura

    humor e cultura9 일 전

    A se eu soubesse desenhar assim

  35. Defne Oruç

    Defne Oruç10 일 전

    Çoooooooooooooook güzel 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩♥️😇

  36. Jesus Gimenes tecos

    Jesus Gimenes tecos10 일 전

    Asom! The best art of lisa

  37. who is YOU. I'm your MUM.

    who is YOU. I'm your MUM.10 일 전

    Her eye colour is dark brown though

  38. aalwiss _

    aalwiss _10 일 전

    Merek pensil warnanya apa? Bantu jawab dong, lagi butuh soalnya

  39. Michael Alvarado

    Michael Alvarado11 일 전

    Lisa your a Awesome Artist

  40. Mika Star

    Mika Star11 일 전

    АААААААААААА 😱 НУ НАФИГ!!!!!!!!! ТЫ НАРИСОВАЛА ФОТОГРАФИЮ ОАОАОАОАОА?!!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!

  41. Akiko Kawada

    Akiko Kawada11 일 전

    I want too learn that too please make a tutorial video making blackpink

  42. Akiko Kawada

    Akiko Kawada11 일 전

    I want too learn that too please make a tutorial video making blackpink

  43. Van Lee

    Van Lee11 일 전

    Fking awesome

  44. πkbπr Vπnellopeツ

    πkbπr Vπnellopeツ12 일 전

    bagus kuy Lisanya persis kaya aslinya

  45. Jira

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  46. Thu Thương Võ

    Thu Thương Võ12 일 전

    Ve ve li sa dùm đi

  47. SZchs

    SZchs12 일 전

    Lisa is he definition of PERFECT.

  48. Đô Nguyễn Audio Sài Gòn

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  49. kuklaslimes

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    Продай мне этот рисунок.

  50. 通りすがりの幸村

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  51. Itz_J_ BTS Army

    Itz_J_ BTS Army12 일 전

    I don’t get how I thought K-POP stars were ugly what was I thinking THEYRE BOOTIFUL

  52. Lara Raíssa

    Lara Raíssa13 일 전

    Already made drawing of: LISA ROSÉ JENNIE Where's Jisoo? Do hers please

  53. Jenny Caldas

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    Kakak coba bikin yang JENNIE

  55. Sandra frazao Andrade

    Sandra frazao Andrade13 일 전

    what beautiful people like him got

  56. Joy Ace

    Joy Ace13 일 전

    Awesome 👏 job beautiful Love ❤️ it thank you 🙏 for sharing 😊👌

  57. Calamity Jane

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  58. Kan Tida

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    Wow ขอลิซ่าอีก😍😍😍😍

  59. Shambhu Magar

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    Such a great panting

  60. sergio bazoalto garcia

    sergio bazoalto garcia14 일 전

    Te quedo hermosom@

  61. lovinbpink

    lovinbpink14 일 전

    When you started drawing the hair I felt my breath getting heavier