Drawing 10 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge | ZHC


  1. ZHC

    ZHC9 개월 전

    My fingers felt really funny and it was so cold so you better subscribe! Also im not sure if its cuz I swam for 13 years, but my hands didnt shrivel up as bad as I thought it would...oh well maybe its just me I used a water proof sketchbook as seen in my last video: koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-pqMqq_yAXG8.html Congrats on first comment: Maylee's art

  2. Nalde Rocido

    Nalde Rocido8 일 전

    Can you give me money? ^_^

  3. Apple Cider

    Apple Cider12 일 전

    I went to Hawaii for half a week 🏝🏖

  4. Gwan Gwan

    Gwan Gwan13 일 전

    Where did u buy the book

  5. Khian Francis

    Khian Francis16 일 전

    Mo-co-li-e and ka-u-li I think

  6. Lexi G

    Lexi G시간 전

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  7. Henry Pollock

    Henry Pollock2 시간 전

    giveway plz im rlly broke love ur vids

  8. Laura Covyeow

    Laura Covyeow2 시간 전

    I love your editing skills

  9. Unique Side

    Unique Side5 시간 전

    Did anyone noticed a shark 🦈 on the thumbnail

  10. yaming xue

    yaming xue5 시간 전

    Draw goku

  11. Szymon Krogulski

    Szymon Krogulski6 시간 전

    How did u breathe?

  12. Ethan Playz

    Ethan Playz8 시간 전

    Your not Bad at drawing

  13. Ylli Ismajli

    Ylli Ismajli10 시간 전

    Well this thumbnail doesnt look real...

  14. Creative 8D

    Creative 8D11 시간 전


  15. GoldenMoonlight Royale high

    GoldenMoonlight Royale high15 시간 전

    The ocean was full of my favourite colour....... Red

  16. Erick The King

    Erick The King15 시간 전


  17. Orange Show!

    Orange Show!17 시간 전

    I think he used ark for the thumbnail

  18. Perla Brito

    Perla Brito19 시간 전

    U are not a bad drawer I wish I drawer like u

  19. Brado Dip N chips

    Brado Dip N chips19 시간 전

    Maui is Maori

  20. Simone Robitaille

    Simone Robitaille20 시간 전

    More like my weed💊😎

  21. Diamond Twins

    Diamond Twins21 시간 전

    Can I have 1000000000000000000000000000000000 $

  22. alien inthe earth

    alien inthe earth22 시간 전

    under water like really soo cool how do u get these idea

  23. Lara Karaman

    Lara Karaman22 시간 전

    you are soo nice

  24. maciej zielinski

    maciej zielinski일 전

    Hello iam a real fan and have a fan video

  25. Marleana Moksin

    Marleana Moksin일 전


  26. James Carpenter

    James Carpenter일 전

    You are not bad at drawing

  27. Mrisangvel Sanate

    Mrisangvel Sanate일 전

    My fav colour is actually red

  28. NUYxAdz 123

    NUYxAdz 1232 일 전

    Keep replaying 0:01

  29. tori the cool producer

    tori the cool producer2 일 전

    really pissed me off how he didnt use a snorkle



    ZHC:under water 24hrs Me:he just break the record tap the video Me: bruhh

  31. Taya Toner

    Taya Toner3 일 전

    𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕 𝚜𝚘 𝚖𝚞𝚌𝚑!

  32. Makenna Carter

    Makenna Carter3 일 전

    When he said he tried to warm the pool up I thought by peeing

  33. JJWEB Hayden

    JJWEB Hayden3 일 전

    *ZHC draws underwater and says my hands are making me mess up and says that he’s a bad artist* Me: * bruh what am I then?*

  34. MegalodoN Games

    MegalodoN Games3 일 전

    Me: puts glass of water on top of my head ZHC: bruh

  35. MegalodoN Games

    MegalodoN Games3 일 전

    Why am I in the thumbnail

  36. Sans the God

    Sans the God3 일 전

    Wow the sea is so clear

  37. Benjamin Sanchez

    Benjamin Sanchez3 일 전

    Hey guys have you seen the new movie creatures things

  38. Angel Tower

    Angel Tower3 일 전

    But much love

  39. Angel Tower

    Angel Tower3 일 전

    How is this posted 9 months ago and you still have an iPhone 5

  40. awesome joni

    awesome joni3 일 전

    That kinda looks like mike from faze rug

  41. GAMER MEME 101

    GAMER MEME 1013 일 전

    In a separate video, make Dax an Ultimate Form

  42. ttv_H_J_A Fortnite

    ttv_H_J_A Fortnite4 일 전

    My favorite superhero Spider-Man 2

  43. IVIXIC Soriano

    IVIXIC Soriano4 일 전

    When he is talented,handsome.and he had abs. And the turtle and fish ....

  44. Jude Lizowski

    Jude Lizowski4 일 전

    That's hot

  45. Geo Gameing

    Geo Gameing4 일 전

    He faild it say straight he gets out of the ocean

  46. Geo Gameing

    Geo Gameing4 일 전

    He faild

  47. Drawing Chan

    Drawing Chan4 일 전

    It says 6:00 minutes of video but 10 hours😂

  48. mani productions

    mani productions5 일 전

    Zhc : this is a sketchbook Me : I no I want to skool

  49. BH_KINGFN •

    BH_KINGFN •5 일 전

    I live on Maui wish I could meet u I would give u all my fan art 😭😭😭

  50. Ma. Mercedes Laroya

    Ma. Mercedes Laroya5 일 전

    6:35 hickeys..?

  51. Damon Sandoval

    Damon Sandoval5 일 전

    What iPhone is is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

  52. xCookieFilms

    xCookieFilms5 일 전

    anyone notice the shark in the thumbnail?!?!?

  53. xCookieFilms

    xCookieFilms5 일 전

    Congrats! you looked at the replies, yes this is a joke.

  54. IveGone -Crazy-

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  55. Uppendra Negi

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  56. Logan Ruben Balgowan

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  57. Joseph Tuioti

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  58. Giulia Köpfli

    Giulia Köpfli6 일 전

    wow so cool

  59. Logan Malaihollo

    Logan Malaihollo6 일 전

    Hawaiian is the country

  60. Esther Pan

    Esther Pan6 일 전

    It said straight but he slept int he hotel

  61. Team Kia

    Team Kia6 일 전

    1:09 What’s the background music here?

  62. Crazy ape Pringle

    Crazy ape Pringle6 일 전

    Can I have $ 10,000 so my parents can buy a house cause we have low in come and we have 12 people living in our house

  63. Balla Singh-A

    Balla Singh-A7 일 전

    Who else saw the surprised pikachu face

  64. Maricela Martínez

    Maricela Martínez7 일 전

    It bad you say f* b*

  65. Jø ĶəŔ

    Jø ĶəŔ7 일 전

    i wish i can draw like you