Drawing 10 Hours Straight Under Water Challenge | ZHC


  1. ZHC

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    My fingers felt really funny and it was so cold so you better subscribe! Also im not sure if its cuz I swam for 13 years, but my hands didnt shrivel up as bad as I thought it would...oh well maybe its just me I used a water proof sketchbook as seen in my last video: koreporter.com/v/%EB%B9%84%EB%94%94%EC%98%A4-pqMqq_yAXG8.html Congrats on first comment: Maylee's art

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    scubadiving cek my cido

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    My drawings are pretty bad Me: im i joke to you

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    U did so good, I am bad at drawing so very good job

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    Can i have 1350$

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    Hey man

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    is anyone still German? And a fan of him?😂☺️(I‘m sry my English isn’t very good Buttt I love your Videos🥰, and I also love drawing and I draw too)

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    Michelle belike : wt heck man😂

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    Did u just punch turkeyyyyy? Noooooo

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    Did u peeeeeeee?😂

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    You're a humble person u know?

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    Stop saying you're a bad artist, when are even bad than you😭

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    The fish so savage😂

  14. nrlsyzlna

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    I keep replaying when the turtle cursing at zach😂

  15. donuts i love

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    ZHC: the color of he ocean was full of my favorite color Me: BLUE!!!!! ZHC: red Me: WTF

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    Can i have 1000$ pls😂😂

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    Dude, you have really really really really really really BIG lungs

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    So cool

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    U are a good person and I love ur vids

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    Could I be in a challage

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    Don’t press read more :) Read more

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    ‘There’s a turtle! There’s a turtle! Hi turtle!’ -ZHC 2019 ‘Some inspiration from Creature Things’ -ZHC 2019

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    You are so good at drawing.

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    I love pigs

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    Why am I always holding my breath whenever he is underwater

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    can i have an iPhone 11lol

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    Why didn’t he get sunburn?

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    next video: Draw in the Volcano for 10 hours

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    Can I have $500

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    I was just joking

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    GiVe mE $1,000 dOlLors :))))) ZHC dO iT

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    Draw me Spider-Man holding you up

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    Background music pls

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    seems like zach is good at everything😂 he's so good in drawing and guess what he's also good in swimming

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    I was there 4 months ago

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    ZHC's favorite sound was "OOOHH" when punching turkey


    VIC GARCIA2 일 전

    I love all the drawings.. I do draw but I think I am better in mixing colors 😥😥

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    If you are scrolling down while watching press that like button I I I

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    You keep the pool warm by PEEING

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    Were u wearing trunks or underwear? =-=



    ok ill subscribe

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    Can I have 2000 dollars I'm the fan from the Philippines

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    Lol when you expose your self!

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    Nobody: Art Mr beast:

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    I used to live in Hawaii for about 2 years it is very beautiful and now I live in Alabama and I have for the past 7 or 8 years

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    Sketch pro

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    Oof really any part of your body 🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️, u say ur bad at drawing that makes me sad because I look up to u and u: Ima bad artist Me: 😑😅😓😭really?! Oof the phone

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    Oooooooof the fishies

  54. Creative unicornYT

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    Lolololololol what u say

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    ZHC it would mean the world to me if you subscribed to my channel. Your a very awesome Youtouber. I’m not gonna ask for one thousand dollars( one thousand dollars would actually be amazing) if you read this I appreciate the time that you took to read my comment

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    U obviously didn't draw for 10 hours coz no one can hold there breath for that long it's impossible

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    You shouldn’t wet your hand after writing or drawing but you gotta do what you gotta do

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    10 Hours STRAIGHT btw

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    $1000 dollars sounds pretty cool *cough *cough

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    Spider man is my favorite super hero to

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    Can I get blessed with your artist skills because I am terrible oh yeah and yo pencils Thx there my now

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    If you notice there was s sark in the picter

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    I love the ocean! #protecttheanimals

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    That water looks so good and clean

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    Give me $500 pls