Dragon Ball Super: Broly Trailer #3 - (English Sub)


  1. Super_ Sharim

    Super_ Sharim시간 전

    Very Excited

  2. Glicher man MAN

    Glicher man MAN2 시간 전

    Vegita ssgss wow

  3. blue violet

    blue violet3 시간 전

    Broly vs Zen-O.

  4. Snow

    Snow3 시간 전

    Cartoon animation

  5. KrayyonHD

    KrayyonHD4 시간 전

    Will this be shown in the US? If so, when?

  6. Michael Morales

    Michael Morales4 시간 전


  7. I like turtles really I do

    I like turtles really I do4 시간 전


  8. deon adonis

    deon adonis5 시간 전

    I hope goku is not the saviour again give vegeta also a chance to be the hero why goku always the hero

  9. AsianSuper

    AsianSuper5 시간 전

    By the way people who are saying whis will fight broly he wont because whis has said that angels are supposed to remain neutral which means they cant fight..

  10. LmNot

    LmNot4 시간 전

    +AsianSuper Come find me in 2 months(or whenever you see the movie).

  11. AsianSuper

    AsianSuper4 시간 전

    LmNot He doesnt.... Angels cant fight and you are just assuming eh

  12. LmNot

    LmNot5 시간 전

    Except he does.

  13. Edward herrera

    Edward herrera6 시간 전

    My B day in Jan 17 double the fun

  14. calli yofus

    calli yofus6 시간 전

    This movie better be titanic long on E

  15. Faikimua Panapa

    Faikimua Panapa6 시간 전


  16. Armel

    Armel6 시간 전

    #dbs130 🔚 click here

  17. Jesse Ramirez

    Jesse Ramirez6 시간 전

    I hope it in English

  18. Luke Perovic

    Luke Perovic7 시간 전

    I honestly dont want broly to become a zfighter

  19. Dylan Allen

    Dylan Allen7 시간 전

    When they gonna switch it 2 english dub

  20. rafo Vasquez

    rafo Vasquez6 시간 전

    I meant january

  21. rafo Vasquez

    rafo Vasquez6 시간 전

    Dylan Allen november 16 in theaters US

  22. Joshhua Canny

    Joshhua Canny8 시간 전

    The only bad thing about this . Is, it's taking 2 super Saiyan blues to fight broly

  23. Everydaynine _

    Everydaynine _7 시간 전

    Joshhua Canny Right

  24. Obada Yahya

    Obada Yahya8 시간 전

    This is the only dragon ball movie I would watch it by English dub

  25. Trung Kiên Đỗ

    Trung Kiên Đỗ8 시간 전

    they will become gogeta ;D

  26. Mario D Ross HG

    Mario D Ross HG8 시간 전

    mas mierda :v digo mas dinero no?

  27. Rob Dinglasan

    Rob Dinglasan9 시간 전

    The music turned this trailer better

  28. Lord Liquiir

    Lord Liquiir9 시간 전

    Goku looks so badass doing that shockwave burst @0:48

  29. Robert Reid

    Robert Reid9 시간 전

    Am i the only one who doesn't understand the power scaling? how can Broly now be as strong as SSG when Goku has beaten him twice as a normal SS. Also how many times are we going to see Broly I for one am sick of it.

  30. Kevin N

    Kevin N9 시간 전

    Is this broly guy only in his first form all the time?

  31. Savage Melee plays

    Savage Melee plays12 시간 전

    This is gonna be like infinity war everyone is gonna die😂😢

  32. Gogeta

    Gogeta12 시간 전

    Cant stop watching this... So hype 💥💥💥

  33. King Exodus512

    King Exodus51213 시간 전

    Why am i crying?

  34. ToonGame

    ToonGame13 시간 전

    This is gonna be more than a movie, I bet.

  35. Firestar4041

    Firestar404113 시간 전


  36. Bobby Mitchell

    Bobby Mitchell14 시간 전

    I truly hope I'm mistaken but is that cgi 1:02 , please don't be

  37. Raw Animator

    Raw Animator12 시간 전

    Of course it is

  38. 60 Subs with no videos challenge

    60 Subs with no videos challenge14 시간 전

    Whis vs broly?

  39. Mr. 27

    Mr. 2715 시간 전

    what is the name of this music? pls anyone :)

  40. Mr. 27

    Mr. 2710 시간 전

    +ちゃぶー thanx

  41. ちゃぶー

    ちゃぶー11 시간 전


  42. Sandha Irawan

    Sandha Irawan15 시간 전

    The legend of broly

  43. Echo

    Echo15 시간 전

    this movie available in belgium?

  44. XxxIvyNinja Xx

    XxxIvyNinja Xx15 시간 전

    0:29 That reminded me of when janemba punched gogeta right after he did the soul punisher on him!

  45. Fish Spanker

    Fish Spanker16 시간 전

    I hate the animation.

  46. Tendo

    Tendo14 시간 전

    I dont

  47. Samuel Velazco

    Samuel Velazco16 시간 전

    1:03 like si está ecena te parece un juego

  48. Give me subs with no vids

    Give me subs with no vids16 시간 전

    We can all agree Brody is the most OP person ever

  49. Sean Rivia

    Sean Rivia16 시간 전

    Their voices in Japanese sound ridiculous.

  50. Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez16 시간 전

    Finally, a movie that has me excited.

  51. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith17 시간 전

    Mr popo should fight broly

  52. Young- Skyes

    Young- Skyes17 시간 전

    *spoiler alert: heroes win*

  53. Tendo

    Tendo14 시간 전

    No villians will this time

  54. Aly LaValley

    Aly LaValley17 시간 전


  55. Coffee

    Coffee17 시간 전

    I'm sorry but gokus voice gives me type 69 Ebola.

  56. 王哈哈

    王哈哈18 시간 전

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  57. brenden Cervantes

    brenden Cervantes18 시간 전

    English dub?


    VEGITO BLUE18 시간 전

    Best Anime I swear

  59. Juan Fernandez

    Juan Fernandez18 시간 전

    I'm in love with Broly's design

  60. IZIK ROY

    IZIK ROY18 시간 전

    Yamcha will kill broly in one hit don’t @ me

  61. 雷 陈

    雷 陈19 시간 전


  62. MrSaintMichael The Saint

    MrSaintMichael The Saint20 시간 전

    I've watched this trailer an unhealthy amount of times

  63. Jason Coombs

    Jason Coombs20 시간 전

    So I’m guessing no ULTRA INSTINCT????

  64. Daniel Morgan

    Daniel Morgan21 시간 전

    When's this getting dubbed

  65. aspiknf

    aspiknf21 시간 전

    Should Broly have stayed non-canon?

  66. David Post

    David Post21 시간 전

    I want broly tested for ped's. Lol.

  67. aspiknf

    aspiknf21 시간 전

    Let's not forget that Broly ripped off Hulk

  68. aspiknf

    aspiknf21 시간 전

    This Broly is too OP and I don't like him that much...just Toriyama and Toei tryna cash in. The 90s Broly was better imo.

  69. Raw Animator

    Raw Animator11 시간 전

    So you wanted a weak villain that goku and Vegeta could beat easily? Barely anyone would want to watch what you're saying you want (also this has always been dragon ball the next enemy>the last one Starting to think you're not a dbz fan)

  70. Ravi Ravi

    Ravi Ravi22 시간 전

    cowards fight teaming up, real man fight alone

  71. Tendo

    Tendo14 시간 전

    Lol no there is no such thing cowards teaming up in a situation like this lol

  72. Z Peter

    Z Peter22 시간 전

    I like how most of a trailer shows mostly broly in his base form. Showing how strong he is BEFORE becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan. A great way in trailers of when you don't show epic moments yet but creates a buildup. I just love it!

  73. Steve Rodriguez

    Steve Rodriguez23 시간 전

    Why can the creators of naruto do something like this...instead of boruto. Dbz is life.

  74. cypresspuz

    cypresspuz23 시간 전

    Looks like the worst video game ever

  75. David Cunningham

    David Cunningham19 시간 전

    Enjoy your naruto trash

  76. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta일 전

    On replay 🔂😎

  77. Jamal Adams

    Jamal Adams일 전

    Am I the only one still calling his final form legendary super sayian the other one just seems lazy

  78. badash786

    badash786일 전

    You aint a bad guy i can tell.. How many times has he said that before? Does he never learn! LOL

  79. evilassasin19

    evilassasin19일 전

    there gonna just keep bringing broly bk whats the point in watching this movie??

  80. Raw Animator

    Raw Animator11 시간 전

    +evilassasin19 to bad millions are going to watch this Plus that was old broly this is toriyamas broly a completely new and improved I'd rather watch the trailer then watch any more old broly movies

  81. evilassasin19

    evilassasin1920 시간 전

    +Apeksha Pahari its not always better if something becomes to pridictable theres no point waisting money watching it or buying it

  82. Apeksha Pahari

    Apeksha Pahari21 시간 전

    Its canon..n better

  83. Mahmoud Said

    Mahmoud Said일 전

    I have never seen a single episode of dragon Ball,and it seems like a total great.where do I start?

  84. Derpedee

    Derpedee일 전

    I’ve watched all dragon ball - dragon ball gt (DONT WATCH DRAGON BALL GT it’s non-canon and absolute trash) watch dragon ball - dragon ball z - and now dragon ball super

  85. denaro baker

    denaro baker일 전

    Dragon ball z or even dragonball

  86. Unsolved22

    Unsolved22일 전


  87. Niket Patil

    Niket Patil일 전

    Did any one else also got goosebumps.

  88. TheDemonBlade565 Godly mega775

    TheDemonBlade565 Godly mega775일 전


  89. Movieout241 Yt

    Movieout241 Yt일 전

    There coming to the US theaters right

  90. T.N.T.

    T.N.T.일 전

    vegita in ssg form wow.

  91. Faysal Bin Sadique

    Faysal Bin Sadique일 전

    Can't wait? 🤪

  92. xtralimit

    xtralimit일 전


  93. The mango Robot

    The mango Robot일 전

    Where’s the dub that’s my real question

  94. Rodnicole1980

    Rodnicole1980일 전


  95. maincraft XD

    maincraft XD일 전

    un ultra instinc y yata

  96. FlashE E

    FlashE E일 전

    Wait a minute... 1:02 is that a yellow Galick Gun? YOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  97. ChasV K

    ChasV K일 전

    0:45 "He isn't fighting because he wants to fight!" He's fighting because he has to, just like Goku and Geets

  98. hmtstsuupstpyrys djdgsitislrshrysyrlyrs

    hmtstsuupstpyrys djdgsitislrshrysyrlyrs일 전

    Very cool

  99. Saladz

    Saladz일 전

    00:20 SUPER BURP

  100. I can’t come up with a name so Here’s a cat

    I can’t come up with a name so Here’s a cat일 전

    0:44 I feel like this line isn’t referring to Broly but Goku. I know that Goku loves fighting but Brolys power may be to much for him and to protect his home his friends and his family he must push on and keep fighting

  101. Derpedee

    Derpedee23 시간 전

    I’m not sure who it refers to but I don’t think it’s Goku. Goku loves fighting anybody stronger than him. Think about Jiren, this dude was an absolute monster to him he was leagues higher than Goku but Goku was excited to fight Jiren. I think they were referring to Broly but I might be wrong but I doubt they were talking about Goku

  102. Hiranmay Barman

    Hiranmay Barman일 전

    Goku Vegeta Frieza vs Broly, Jiren, Hit like if you want.

  103. Elvin Pyle

    Elvin Pyle일 전

    Broly: *Hold My Beer.*

  104. ninja panda

    ninja panda일 전

    I wonder if vegeta gonna use SSBE (super saiyan blue evolved)

  105. Oblivion Condor

    Oblivion Condor일 전

    Tajando vegeta

  106. Heet Yeet

    Heet Yeet일 전

    Are you ready for broccoli

  107. Steven Stinnett

    Steven Stinnett일 전

    Idk why but something about Toryiama and broly in the same sentence gets me PUMPED.

  108. Fallen Pantherz

    Fallen Pantherz일 전

    lets hope i can actually go to a theatre with it

  109. Marc Ramirez

    Marc Ramirez일 전

    I know for a fact i saw Whis fighting

  110. Dave Thuquzornoxtrun

    Dave Thuquzornoxtrun일 전

    Prediction: Broly is going to go after Beerus, and Whis is going to step in. 0:41 for context.

  111. Dante Dmc

    Dante Dmc일 전

    What did goku do at 0:42 ? Did he learn hit's timelag or what ?

  112. Sedarious Pope

    Sedarious Pope일 전

    Where is the dub

  113. Mr. C369

    Mr. C369일 전

    When Will I Hear In English Dub For this trailer?!!!!

  114. Prince Vegeta

    Prince Vegeta일 전

    Broly becoming a Z fighter in the end I hope. A grown man's wet dreams.

  115. StarLord 12

    StarLord 12일 전

    the animation is so clean omg~

  116. How-To Complete Free Tutorials

    How-To Complete Free Tutorials일 전

    release date ?

  117. Antonio Martinez

    Antonio Martinez일 전

    Not going to lie BROLY is more powerful then ever !

  118. City Guard

    City Guard일 전

    The song is probably what’s playing in Broly’s head as he pounds everyone else’s

  119. TiTo xD

    TiTo xD일 전

    New tráiler 25 noviembre spoiler