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  2. Anthony Larsen

    Anthony Larsen19 일 전

    Really? I left this Trailer to see the RDJ version. I know RJD version is going to be fun.

  3. Charles Iannini

    Charles Iannini21 일 전

    Hello Barry Hello Murphy

  4. F.B.I - Wall Breaker

    F.B.I - Wall Breaker22 일 전

    Lol 🙃 - I didn't know Dr Dolittle was first played by Eddie Murphy before Robert Downey Jr.

  5. Phoebe 101

    Phoebe 10123 일 전

    Not as ‘inspirational’ as the new one but,

  6. Dank Dose

    Dank Dose25 일 전

    I want Eddie Murphy in dolittle not Ironman tf

  7. Jordan Rucksack 123

    Jordan Rucksack 123개월 전

    I used to watch this all the time when I was younger I haven’t watched it in ages, I’m just comparing this two the new RDJ trailer to see if there is even any similarities other than there are animals. They are literally polar opposites. An African American-a white kind of British male (aka Sherlock on lsd but that’s not the point) . Olden days-olden days for olden days olden days. A comedy: not a comedy. It goes on.

  8. Jordan Rucksack 123

    Jordan Rucksack 123개월 전

    I don’t get what they’re trying to do with the RDJ one. It looks good but it doesn’t look like Dr Dolittle.

  9. KelvinJavier

    KelvinJavier개월 전

    That's because Eddie Murphy's version of Dr.Dolittle is a remake of a book, while RDJ version of Dr.Dolittle is more faithful to the book. The original book portray Dr.Dolittle as an adventurous guy who goes on various quest. One of the book called" The voyage of Dr.Dolittle" is where he sail on a ship to find a hidden treasure, which is based on RDJ's version.

  10. MAGA 2020

    MAGA 2020개월 전

    Eddie Murphy’s Dolittle will always be better

  11. Jacob Weyland

    Jacob Weyland개월 전

    How can someone say this movie is better than the RDJ one? The only animals I see here is a Guinea Pig and a dog? At least the new one has a better variety of animals and looks much more intense.

  12. Dawuud M

    Dawuud M개월 전

    Watch the entire film next time jacob. This is the trailer einstein

  13. Vojou345

    Vojou345개월 전

    You watched the whole film and only saw a dog and guinea pig?

  14. Sase Zezov

    Sase Zezov개월 전

    Now this is a proper Dr Dolitle movie not the one with Tony..

  15. KelvinJavier

    KelvinJavier개월 전

    You never read the book eh? Robert Downey Jr.'s version of Dr. Dolittle is based on the original source material. Eddie Murphy is a remake of the original book that is made into comedy. Also Eddie Murphy is the second actor to portray Dolittle. The first person to do so is Rex Harrison.

  16. Zeera Soda

    Zeera Soda개월 전

    So RDJ was Black before his plastic surgery?!

  17. yihan

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  18. Emmanuel Gako

    Emmanuel Gako개월 전

    I kinda like this one better than the new one

  19. rakenrol44

    rakenrol44개월 전

    Man that voice (narrator) in every trailer of new movie,it's kinda nostalgic..wonderin if someone knows his name

  20. shlampey

    shlampey개월 전

    The Guinea pig is voiced by Chris Rock?

  21. TheElegant Shark

    TheElegant Shark개월 전

    Probably RDJ's Dolittle is an ancestor of Eddie's Dolittle

  22. Ficção Animada

    Ficção Animada개월 전

    Tony Stark: Oww! Little Dr. Dolittle!

  23. Mark Kedzie

    Mark Kedzie개월 전

    1967-Musical 1998-Comedy 2020-adventure This should be interesting i grew up watching the first two will be fun and bring back childhood memories in 2020

  24. Imdiyu

    Imdiyu개월 전

    I don't like the new RDJ trailer. Change my mind

  25. BJ Nazeri Gaming

    BJ Nazeri Gaming19 일 전

    u just wait movie release we see what happen

  26. omega wolf ron

    omega wolf ron개월 전

    Imdiyu I know the meme I think I just took it to literally

  27. Imdiyu

    Imdiyu개월 전

    @@omega wolf ron @Tristan Chik Guys, I was making reference to a meme. nevermind.

  28. omega wolf ron

    omega wolf ron개월 전

    Tristan Chik I said nothing to change cause it’s his opinion nothing to argue about

  29. Tristan Chik

    Tristan Chik개월 전

    @omega wolf ron yea i do concurred with both of your opinions.

  30. A clueless Person

    A clueless Person개월 전

    Who is here after RDJ's DOLITTLE

  31. Ben V

    Ben V개월 전

    KOreporter's algorithm spot on. I am SOOOO excited for the RDJ movie. PS watch the original old one too, SOOOOO good.

  32. harry callahan

    harry callahan개월 전

    The good old 90s. Hope RDJ pulls it off

  33. James Ryan Ceballos

    James Ryan Ceballos개월 전

    this one is pure comedy Robert Downey's version is adventure Still I like both

  34. Mark Kedzie

    Mark Kedzie개월 전

    and the original was a musical

  35. hello nbrn

    hello nbrn개월 전

    Is that Ellen's voice as the dog at the beginning?

  36. oh Yex

    oh Yex개월 전

    hello nbrn yes

  37. Danial bin Nordin

    Danial bin Nordin개월 전

    This one kinda looks like a parody black comedy of the original 2020 whitewash version

  38. ayush nair

    ayush nair개월 전

    The new one is based on a book written in 1920.

  39. Jose Hidalgo

    Jose Hidalgo개월 전

    Eddie Murphy and robert Downey jr. This must the multiverse

  40. Rajat Basak

    Rajat Basak개월 전

    Who is..... , Okay everyone is asking the same question... Newer one is visually stunning. Our Iron Man bought a Zoo.

  41. Lex Smith

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  42. DavidPalmer7

    DavidPalmer7개월 전

    One of the best childhood movies everyone should watch

  43. Katherine Alvarez

    Katherine Alvarez개월 전

    Just a reminder, Dr. Dolittle were originally children’s books written in the 1920s, and there was a 1967 musical starring Rex Harrison.

  44. Mickey Me

    Mickey Me개월 전

    ❤️ this 2 movies 1998 was Hilarious 2020 more adventure

  45. X X

    X X개월 전

    good times

  46. Promise You

    Promise You개월 전

    Came after the new trailer and in boy does dr dolittle no longer look like himself

  47. Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan Ortiz개월 전

    When this video is trending and recommended to everyone, tell me what time in the future you are in, this is October 13, 2019 🤘🏼

  48. Rudra Chauhan

    Rudra Chauhan개월 전

    Came here after watching Dolittle new trailer ... You ?

  49. Night Hunter

    Night Hunter개월 전

    Only two comments were before the Dr. Dolittle 2020 trailer.

  50. Zain Khalid

    Zain Khalid개월 전

    Here after watching RDJ trailer

  51. Cash ordeals

    Cash ordeals개월 전

    Yeah iron man dolittle

  52. Jennifer Wang

    Jennifer Wang개월 전

    Whoa! is that That’s so Raven? 😝

  53. Emily Acosta

    Emily Acosta개월 전

    Raven symone

  54. Emily Acosta

    Emily Acosta개월 전


  55. skysailor

    skysailor개월 전

    i love the contrast between the vibes of the two trailers, it really tells a lot about the kind of movies that are popular during the two centuries

  56. ayush nair

    ayush nair개월 전

    The new one is more closer to the source material but this is pretty funny.

  57. Hisyam Nct

    Hisyam Nct개월 전

    who watching this trailer after dr dolitlle RDJ version

  58. Kubic

    Kubic개월 전

    Now watch the views on this video go stonks

  59. Sachin kumar

    Sachin kumar개월 전

    Who is here after rdj dolittle trailer

  60. F.B.I - Wall Breaker

    F.B.I - Wall Breaker15 일 전

    @Rooster Mad Well, he's not the only one. The vast majority of actors and actresses nowadays are always looking at green screen while acting. The only movies save from that are The Joker (2019), Star Wars Disney's Trilogy and Martin Scorsese movies.

  61. Rooster Mad

    Rooster Mad15 일 전

    no matter which film rdj is in, there will always be cgi in it.. poor man always looking at green screen all of his movie career..

  62. F.B.I - Wall Breaker

    F.B.I - Wall Breaker22 일 전

    Me 🙋

  63. F.B.I - Wall Breaker

    F.B.I - Wall Breaker22 일 전

    @TheJoshman156 Nope, RDJ's version is better.

  64. Jacob Weyland

    Jacob Weyland개월 전

    @TheJoshman156 how do you know it's better when the new one isn't released till next year?

  65. Phantom Magic

    Phantom Magic개월 전

    came after Dolittle 2020 RDJ trailer

  66. Tintinandasterix

    Tintinandasterix개월 전

    here after the RDJ trailer



    Good movie, I miss Eddie Murphy movies

  68. Samar Iqbal

    Samar Iqbal3 개월 전

    “Make a little bit of love and get down tonight!”😁

  69. James Hamilton

    James Hamilton4 개월 전

    I always tried speaking to dogs long before I even know this movie existed

  70. James Hamilton

    James Hamilton3 개월 전

    @MrGabeanator Lol....no

  71. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanator3 개월 전

    James Hamilton any luck

  72. Jacob Wilkes

    Jacob Wilkes4 개월 전

    “For thousands of years, animals had been trying to tell us something. But their cries have fallen on death years. Until they found John Dolittle. And now, they won’t shut up. 20th Century Fox presents. Eddie Murphy. “Dr. Dolittle”.”

  73. coyay4cheese

    coyay4cheese개월 전

    Deaf ears is the correct term.