DOWNTON ABBEY | Official Trailer | In Theaters September 20


  1. Thomas Pastor

    Thomas Pastor16 시간 전

    Anyone else here after SNL?

  2. Rio

    Rio5 일 전

    Everything is amazing - I only wish the movie were shot with light like the series. It's so dark all the details are missed; faces and actions are obscured. Re-release a lighter version, please?

  3. hambone31000

    hambone310005 일 전

    Downton Abbey is far superior to Gone with the Wind. Both concern a family in a changing world. But Wind ruins it with several things, for example, cartoonish phony stereotypical happy slaves and racism, while Abbey shows the Irish servants realistically having a hard time

  4. Jamie Smith

    Jamie Smith6 일 전

    Watch this film

  5. D R

    D R6 일 전

    Snl hit it on the mark.

  6. Casey Storan

    Casey Storan9 일 전

    Thomas Barrow ♥️

  7. Georgios N. Telas

    Georgios N. Telas10 일 전

    The success of the series in the UK was obvious. At the rest of the world? Dont misunderstood me, I loved the series and the movie here is pretty good. But here is a crazy explanation for the worldwide success of the series. Remember back in the day when british "royals" were exploring Africa, Asia, etc to observe and understand "what are they?" (I mean the natives and the animals). Here is the same, the rest of the world watched it to understand "what are they", those stiff people that never worked in their lives (up floors) and the modern day slaves (basement). Am I wrong? The acting and the art of the series and the film are over the top. And that also explains why STILL around us humanoids buy Jags, Rolls, Astons, etc. Its the heritage, the royalty, the "name". And inside rottenness....

  8. KeoKae

    KeoKae11 일 전

    Whats is this movie about?

  9. Mie R

    Mie R10 일 전

    Royal visit to Downton. This type of movie is quite low-key and character-driven, it's just about the characters and their lives, but the royal visit is what anchors it.

  10. Ahmed

    Ahmed11 일 전


  11. Marcos Garcia

    Marcos Garcia11 일 전

    Thomas found out he was not alone!

  12. macananda

    macananda13 일 전

    It's 1927, we are modern folks😂

  13. Aviyah Bat Yah

    Aviyah Bat Yah15 일 전

    Didn't watch, I'm not a fan of being forced to watch homosexual acts of affection. Even the natural acts of normal Heterosexuals acts of affection should be kept in private.

  14. Helen Eschenbacher

    Helen Eschenbacher15 일 전

    Spoiler Alert! The ONLY reason I got this sorry excuse of a movie was to see Matthew Goode. Lady Mary’s spouse. He had two scenes! One jumping from his car (He’s a race car driver but needs to go to the USA to race? Not as if the finest racing cars were British and European!), he then races up the stairs kissing that poor beleaguered Lady Miller! Oh the labors she must endure! Needing to do something with a tarp over a truck...or something. Then Matthew Goode has maybe three incomplete sentences for the entire rest of the movie while standing in the main salon! I have ZERO respect for the wealthy and royalty handed down through generations. This movie attempted to tie up about 3 dozen loose threads. BORING! I need to go back to “The Crown” to watch Matthew play Sir Anthony Armstrong Jones in all of his sex scenes. Even Matt Smith (AKA Dr. Who after David Tennant) was just so good as Prince Phillip.

  15. Max Penn

    Max Penn16 일 전

    After grandmama/The Dowager Countess makes the crack to Violet about whether she has enough clichés and Violet responds defensively, old granny says "here we go", as if it's Violet's fault. I'd love to see a cat fight between those two on one of the Downtown parodies. It would be even better if those two actresses could do it, such as on a variety show. (SNL?) The shattering crystal, the torn costumes, the jam in their hair, maybe even some words you couldn't imagine them knowing, let alone saying. I like the show but I don't revere it and a complete absence of dignity and decorum would shock the servants most of all. It's fun to imagine.

  16. Emeron jos

    Emeron jos16 일 전

    They better make seasons 7, 8 9 and 10 that deals with the second WW and the End of colonialism

  17. Cody Coldbrewski

    Cody Coldbrewski18 일 전

    So it's a movie about getting a mansion clean to eat lunch with the queen, and of course obviously about being gay too. Can't forget that. What an absolute waste of time and money.

  18. Jack Robins

    Jack Robins23 일 전

    I can’t say enough about this movie! It was so grand, spectacular and just incredible. As a Downton Abbey fan I adore this movie and the cast. I heard there’s going to be a sequel!

  19. Eva Synnergren

    Eva Synnergren26 일 전


  20. minh huyền kiều

    minh huyền kiều26 일 전

    Can someone tell me the type of dancing in the film? Thank you very much.

  21. Jessica Stoch

    Jessica Stoch26 일 전

    This music gave me such goosebumps

  22. George Lincoln

    George Lincoln개월 전

    When I had seen two guys were kissing i decided not to watch this movie.. It's terrible!

  23. Leroy Glass

    Leroy Glass개월 전

    This is what every American sees the UK as. 😅

  24. ja binns

    ja binns개월 전

    im sorry but please someone one inform me. I watched all seasons of it on pbs . so what is this, what i mean is how is it different from the several season on PBS? is it just about royalty coming to the mansion ???

  25. Midnight Moonlight

    Midnight Moonlight25 일 전

    I would say the production quality is a bit higher and the pacing is a bit faster, but it’s still the familiar Downton we know and love, just following the characters a few years later.

  26. ~Vashti7~

    ~Vashti7~개월 전

    So Glad I saw the film. MAGICAL INDEED ☕ (#TEAM CARSON 💯)

  27. Louis Reed

    Louis Reed개월 전

    I hate to rain on a parade of fanboys. Let’s face it this wasn’t a movie it was a trial run for a series reboot. This movie focused on the bench players and gave a swan song to old characters Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith. Expect Mary to lead in the reboot while some characters are ditched and others like cream rise to the surface

  28. Priscilla Brittain

    Priscilla Brittain개월 전

    So long as there's blood in my veins I'll love this movie.

  29. Midnight Moonlight

    Midnight Moonlight25 일 전

    Nice one 😅

  30. Ariane Quenard

    Ariane Quenard개월 전

    I love everything about this series so much!!! I am sad that it is over, but I will always keep this incredible world in my heart. Every time I watch this clip I, like, get chills because it is so entertaining and exciting.

  31. therealsamuelstubbs

    therealsamuelstubbs개월 전

    Good movie.

  32. nope nope

    nope nope개월 전

    Let me say this, I'm a tall guy in my early 20's who acts like a bad guy all the time. I saw the movie like an hour ago. I cried like a little baby during Violet's speech., I'm gonna miss this show so much.

  33. Jem Bo

    Jem Bo개월 전


  34. BGreenan

    BGreenan개월 전

    Does this movie have a plot?

  35. AF AVG

    AF AVG개월 전

    Amazing Movie, campaign#downtownabbeymovie2 #comebackdowtonabbeytheserie.

  36. Diane Berg

    Diane Berg개월 전

    The music says “stuff is happening” But I don’t know what.

  37. F dL

    F dL개월 전

    No Lily James but I watched it and STILL LOVE IT! 👏 Julian Fellowes said they have ideas for doing a potential sequel!

  38. emailuser not spam

    emailuser not spam개월 전

    I just saw the movie my favorite part was the diversity!

  39. Food Lover

    Food Lover개월 전

    n the early 1900s there were a lot of scientific discovers such as the theory of general relativity and Plank constant, yet this old backward lifestyle depicted in a narrow one sided story is all could be taken out of that progressive era? This kind of lifestyle puts a lot of people in pain and suppression but they leave all those pain out and writes a script to beautify people who made others miserable. What Edith and Cora did to Drews is absolutely horrible. Yet viewers ignore that since Drews are not beautified and not made to look nice by unrealistic scripts.

  40. Bedsick Hobo

    Bedsick Hobo개월 전

    Programmed sheep you are.

  41. PeterCleo Brown

    PeterCleo Brown2 개월 전

    interesting fact Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) is still owned today by House Carnavorn Earl Carnavor. allegedly the show is based of House Carnavorn and their affairs.

  42. Twizler

    Twizler2 개월 전


  43. Rafiqa Hanin

    Rafiqa Hanin2 개월 전

    Is it okay to watch the movie without watching the series first?

  44. Badfish

    Badfish개월 전

    NO NO NO NO!! Please watch the series first!

  45. Eloisa Tsatsas

    Eloisa Tsatsas개월 전

    no! the series is the best you will appreciate it so much more if you watch the series first!

  46. Nikita Kadam

    Nikita Kadam2 개월 전

    I miss Matthew so bad ! It feels incomplete without him 😭

  47. vaishnav chaturvedi

    vaishnav chaturvedi2 개월 전

    The soundtrack is really good . that all i can say .

  48. L M

    L M2 개월 전

    Miss the scheming and feisty O'Brien, Lady Crawley's maid.

  49. anuragfreak

    anuragfreak2 개월 전

    I got no clue about the movie. Wht series people are talking about? Is the movie worth watching?

  50. Wanyue

    Wanyue개월 전

    @Jaypee Corteza its not a must. you canstill understand the movie without watching the series i suppose.

  51. Ruizhi Pieter

    Ruizhi Pieter2 개월 전

    It’s not bad. It certainly is NOT shit. It is wonderful. Yes, you need to watch the series first.

  52. Sean

    Sean2 개월 전

    Never heard of it either. Looks like shit :/

  53. Jaypee Corteza

    Jaypee Corteza2 개월 전

    Wanyue so I’ll have to watch the series first?

  54. Wanyue

    Wanyue2 개월 전

    anuragfreak downton abbey is a series of drama as well

  55. Miroslav Polák

    Miroslav Polák2 개월 전

    gay movie

  56. 王铉

    王铉2 개월 전



    ANGELINA2 개월 전

    this will be the last time we will see The Dowager Countess, good bye granny.......:"(!!! I am literally crying when dowager told Mary she needs to go T_T!!

  58. experiment0003

    experiment00032 개월 전

    Not my queen... not my cup of tea!

  59. deldee

    deldee2 개월 전

    i want to be Cora's friend

  60. Roman Pilipenko

    Roman Pilipenko2 개월 전

    As a fan of the series i found the movie amazingly BORING. The movie has no story and no plot. It's more of the same royal visit as before with nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING interesting in it. I rarely comment on any movie but this was beyond awful

  61. Jamie Logan

    Jamie Logan2 개월 전

    I loved this movie!!! Ahh!!

  62. Chad B

    Chad B2 개월 전

    Any film without black people in not a Quality film.......thats why this movie is a FLOP

  63. Carolina Meza

    Carolina Meza2 개월 전

    Que emocionante volver a ver a estos personajes, en sus bellos paisajes y escenarios... la extraño

  64. Asif Shadab Malick

    Asif Shadab Malick2 개월 전

    The Crawleys are the best employers....

  65. Asif Shadab Malick

    Asif Shadab Malick2 개월 전

    I watch the whole series and only recently came to know about the movie which is a sequel to the six season TV show. It's available on Google play but how unfortunate I can't buy it or rent it here in India. Perhaps it is region locked.

  66. Jose Cortez

    Jose Cortez2 개월 전

    I kept on reading in my head downtown instead of Downton lol

  67. Julija Konstantinova

    Julija Konstantinova2 개월 전

    The movie is totally blank, shallow and pointless.

  68. Thunder Kat

    Thunder Kat11 일 전

    Silly how this servants show so much proud around their work, like dogs pleasing their masters and begging for a bone at the end or something.

  69. Vi An MUSIC

    Vi An MUSIC2 개월 전

    I like happy. Everything. I like.

  70. Josh Drayton

    Josh Drayton2 개월 전

    The Downton movie is just astoundingly dumb from start to finish. The main storyline has the Downton servants - all of them - agreeing to usurp the Royal household servants in order to cook and serve dinner for the visiting royals. That overworked, underpaid servants would want to do such a thing rather than more-or-less have the day off makes zero sense, especially given that they'd likely be fired for doing so, were they found out. And it's not remotely believable that they get away with it. Julian Fellows has come up with some staggeringly lame and far-fetched plots in the course of the Downton series, but the movie beats them all.

  71. Jon T

    Jon T2 개월 전

    chin(k) from asia black or brown or coloured people in this movie?at least one or two indians?is this historically accurate?

  72. Jon T

    Jon T2 개월 전

    @Xavier that's ironic,considering Britain's history of colonialism and oppression....ur the only libtard that can't take a joke.....oh I forgot 90 percent of white kids and even adults today have no clue about their history,it's barely even on their minds.

  73. Xavier

    Xavier2 개월 전

    Oh boy, here comes the libtards.