DOWNTON ABBEY - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters September 20


  1. Maddie B. Watts

    Maddie B. Watts3 시간 전

    I just cried tears of joy. I can’t wait for this.

  2. TheGuardian2500

    TheGuardian25007 시간 전

    Might be something I'd consider watching. It'd be nice to see something with culture in theaters for a change. Not that there's anything wrong with everything else I've seen, mind.

  3. Connection Error

    Connection Error8 시간 전

    Oscar for the trailer please. Vote from India.

  4. aurea santana

    aurea santana11 시간 전

    É de verdade? Me belisca pra ver se eu tô sonhando!

  5. Crassus

    Crassus17 시간 전

    if Mr Carson dies I'm going to go ballistic

  6. Justin Nickle

    Justin Nickle일 전

    I know what I will be going to see at the theatre for my birthday! This makes me so happy.

  7. Cee Jay

    Cee Jay일 전

    I can’t wait! Just rewatched the first 6 seasons. I have missed you my friends!❤️

  8. luis nascimento

    luis nascimento일 전

    Im seeing the series for the second time. To have all the story fresh on my memory for this movie 😍.

  9. Ed Lopez

    Ed Lopez일 전

    I’m so excited for this!

  10. ale vega

    ale vega2 일 전

    Well happy birthday to me I was never so happy when I saw the movie poster in the teather then I saw maleficent 2 is coming out this two am sure I will se more than once at the theater can you imagine if the real queen show up at the end of that dinner it would be epic ,anyone know who was cast as king and queen

  11. Juliette VILLARD

    Juliette VILLARD2 일 전

    I FREAKIN' CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT ! And that theme music gave me CHILLS all over !

  12. Xani Evans

    Xani Evans3 일 전

    Now I need to not die until September. Also, Thomas found himself a man...there better be plenty of his scenes..he is such an interesting character.

  13. Fflur Stuppler

    Fflur Stuppler3 일 전


  14. Celtic Lass

    Celtic Lass3 일 전

    Looking forward to it! Hopefully it's not like Doctor Who though, who had feature-length special episodes only available in theaters, and only in certain places.

  15. Ivy B.

    Ivy B.3 일 전

    Thomas gets a kiss!

  16. Tony Faxton

    Tony Faxton4 일 전

    I agree...just listening to the soundtrack, makes eyes swelled with tears...wish they would have continued on TV..not on movie theater...

  17. Misty Delahay

    Misty Delahay4 일 전

    I can't wait.

  18. yan daysa

    yan daysa4 일 전

    Can't wait!!! 🥰

  19. Chris Nelmes

    Chris Nelmes5 일 전

    I'm actually looking forward to this. The movies this summer are all crap.....this looks more interesting.

  20. Degauss

    Degauss5 일 전

    I'm so glad to see Rob James-Collier in the movie. thank you dude!

  21. Claudia Engberg

    Claudia Engberg5 일 전

    I cannot wait!!!! I'm in tears just watching the trailer.

  22. Viennery

    Viennery5 일 전

    This brought tears to my eyes, why am I so happy to see this? I’m not even British, I’m Canadian lol

  23. Rose A.h.

    Rose A.h.6 일 전


  24. 10.000 subscribers without a single video challange

    10.000 subscribers without a single video challange6 일 전

    I didnt Know what this was but... WHEN I SEE MCGONNAGEL I WANT MCGONNAGEL

  25. BreakMyViolinHeart

    BreakMyViolinHeart4 일 전

    McGonagall* But there's an entire show with these characters. Maggie Smith plays the Dowager Countess and she's hilarious. You should give the show a watch!

  26. Andi Saputro

    Andi Saputro7 일 전

    Ma boi Thomas better get a happy ending or we riot!

  27. María Aparicio

    María Aparicio7 일 전

    That moment in the parade when the horses appear... ❤️

  28. Jeremiah Mendoza

    Jeremiah Mendoza8 일 전

    How old was that lady when she did hook?

  29. Azizil Alim

    Azizil Alim8 일 전

    Selamat anda menemukan komentar berbahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩

  30. Doreen Fay

    Doreen Fay8 일 전

    "Oh here we go." Violet is the best. Can't wait to see this.

  31. mdtropic D.

    mdtropic D.8 일 전

    only true fans are ready!

  32. DONNA

    DONNA8 일 전

    I Can't wait!!!!!

  33. Andy Archer

    Andy Archer8 일 전


  34. Fyn Alexander

    Fyn Alexander8 일 전

    I really hope Mr. Barrow finally gets some love.

  35. Tamanna Mumin

    Tamanna Mumin8 일 전

    Baxter and molesley better get together I ship them soooooo much

  36. The1NonlyTony

    The1NonlyTony8 일 전

    Loving the preview, then 2 guys kissing, ok so its that kind of movie. Pass.

  37. markmh835

    markmh8355 일 전

    The1NonlyTony -- "That kind of movie"?? ....... You mean like porn? You mean preachy? You mean offensive? Or do you mean broad-minded, realistic, tolerant and all-inclusive? Because I can assure you Downton Abbey is all of those things and has been since its inception. Clearly you never saw the TV series. However, I must say, I feel sorry for -- indeed, pity -- people such as you who go through life actively avoiding the REAL world whenever and wherever it does not conform to the fantasy "pure" imagination propagandized by certain cults, ideologies and religions. Not only does such avoidance cause one to miss out on much of the "truth and beauty" of this world, but it confines one to a cage of false pretense. Long Live Downton Abbey! 😊👍

  38. The Captin

    The Captin7 일 전

    The1NonlyTony What’s wrong with “that type of movie” if you knew the show you would’ve known that Thomas is gay.

  39. SKP

    SKP8 일 전


  40. downtonviewer

    downtonviewer8 일 전

    Earl Grey served in my best English china, toast with Rose Petal Jam from Fortnum and Mason (mixed with strawberry to soften the perfume) and jet jewelry just for fun. to get that into the theatre.

  41. Tony Li

    Tony Li9 일 전

    1:44 MS MC GONGALL!? professor!? HARRY POTTER!?

  42. TheDerpyFluffyMunchkin WithPride

    TheDerpyFluffyMunchkin WithPride10 일 전

    Tom Branson falling in love is going to be interesting to watch.

  43. FrauMase

    FrauMase10 일 전

    I'm feeling compelled to wear gloves and a gown to the movie theater. Downton Forever! ( In my wakanda voice)

  44. Габит Омаров

    Габит Омаров10 일 전

    The Australia's Version of this Movie: "A place to call home " !!!!🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  45. Wendy Lewis

    Wendy Lewis10 일 전


  46. Joseph Huang

    Joseph Huang11 일 전

    Can't wait !!!!!!!

  47. Dominique Ray

    Dominique Ray11 일 전

    Enough with the gay crap. Eww

  48. The Captin

    The Captin7 일 전

    Dominique Ray shut up why are you even watching. You probably didn’t watch the show

  49. Irene Cantu

    Irene Cantu11 일 전


  50. Joseph Upton

    Joseph Upton11 일 전

    I may actually go to a movie theater again.

  51. John Molina

    John Molina11 일 전

    Was there a homosexual character in the original series or is this merely a post Ogrefell v. Hodges political add-on???

  52. John Molina

    John Molina4 일 전

    @markmh835 LMAOFF Assholes (Ooooops!) like you always make me laugh, pretending there is no such thing as a Peter Thiel, Charles Tisei, Carl de Maio, Bonnie Dumanis, Chadwick Moore!!! Heck these are some of the biggest "Make Amerika Great Again" supporters!!!

  53. markmh835

    markmh8355 일 전

    Yup, my good John. Downton Abbey has had this gay character and storyline since the very beginning. Artfully and sensitive told for its era. Sorry that it offends your Victorian sensitivities. (or would that be Trumpian sensitivities? "Make America Great Again -- for bigots.")

  54. The Captin

    The Captin7 일 전

    John Molina Thomas was gay in Show since Episode 1

  55. Donna Wooten

    Donna Wooten10 일 전

    Yes. Thomas.

  56. Becky Lynn

    Becky Lynn12 일 전


  57. Mudd Cup

    Mudd Cup12 일 전

    I am so excited to view this movie.

  58. Mudd Cup

    Mudd Cup12 일 전

    I am so excited to view this movie.