Double-Bladed Lightsaber LEAK & More! | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


  1. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전

    The full Ultimate Jedi Fallen Order leak guide is out now! Learn about all the planets, lightsaber hilts, vehicles, enemies, and more in one video! Ton of great info to know before jumping into the game + some spoiler stuff for anyone inpatient.

  2. Kyle Neace

    Kyle Neace28 일 전

    Don't leak story games 🤦‍♂️

  3. Kyle Neace

    Kyle Neace27 일 전

    @SYLO: Star Wars I stand corrected I must of missed it. Apologies!

  4. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars28 일 전

    It was in an official Jedi Fallen Order trailer released by EA. If the company who made the game doesn't consider it a spoiler, it's not.

  5. Abu Nadara

    Abu Nadara29 일 전

    You spoiled it for me

  6. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars29 일 전

    It was in an official Jedi Fallen Order trailer released by EA. If the company who made the game doesn't consider it a spoiler, it's not.

  7. Jokers Junk

    Jokers Junk29 일 전

    Can't chop up stormtroopers. Nuff said.

  8. HeitorHCA

    HeitorHCA29 일 전

    The theory about his saber is right in one thing Cal can have a double bladed Lightsaber

  9. HeitorHCA

    HeitorHCA29 일 전

    Cal in my save is gona have a green Double Blade lightsaber

  10. Airelle Avils

    Airelle Avils개월 전

    Bruh why on the thumbnail

  11. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전

    Why not? EA Star Wars showed off the double bladed lightsaber in an official Jedi Fallen Order trailer. If the company who made the game doesn't consider it a spoiler, it's not.

  12. Michael Bradley

    Michael Bradley개월 전

    Is that why the bottom of the lightsaber is damaged? It's actually only half of it? Just food for thought 🤔

  13. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전


  14. charles ratcliff

    charles ratcliff개월 전

    Is the double-bladed for PC only? This so cool.

  15. Global Saturation

    Global Saturation개월 전

    If we don’t get a red saber then I’m selling this game

  16. AnimeGaming 9000

    AnimeGaming 9000개월 전

    Do you guys think Kal looks cooler with a Double-Bladed lightsaber?

  17. daiken seige

    daiken seige개월 전

    is the Double Bladed Saber really a surprise. By the hilt design and how its broken made it looks like a severed DB that we have seen in other comics and games. Also his stance when using it makes it look like he is used to having another blade.

  18. Shadhowe _

    Shadhowe _개월 전

    Double-Bladed Lightsabers are cool and but will we be able to dual wield as well...? I'm more curious about that.

  19. Daeshawn Kenway

    Daeshawn Kenway개월 전

    4:08 Was that a newx? The thing that scratched padme in the back in the geonosis arena?

  20. Daeshawn Kenway

    Daeshawn Kenway개월 전

    Plz have dual wield

  21. Miny Neo

    Miny Neo개월 전

    Double bladed lightsaber?! Now i'm officially hyped!

  22. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark개월 전

    Well if the double blade is infact cudyomizable we should be able to customize it like 2nd sisters

  23. UwU OWO

    UwU OWO개월 전

    Maybe he will make a double bladed lightsaber in some mission ?

  24. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전

    Yes, its explained in my new video.

  25. brett harvey

    brett harvey개월 전

    dathomir is one of the archer and zombie are more than likely nightsisters

  26. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전

    Exactly. I show an image of the zombie in my new video

  27. Dangerdude 88

    Dangerdude 88개월 전

    No Nut November Mission failed .

  28. Devin Bryman

    Devin Bryman개월 전

    Am I the only one who hopes for a cross guard lightsaber?

  29. SYLO: Star Wars

    SYLO: Star Wars개월 전

    Kylo Ren style?

  30. Logan Mrotek

    Logan Mrotek개월 전

    double mother fin light saber is all i wanted from this game!!!!!!!! no idea how happy i am right now hahaha

  31. Chunky Chunckukas

    Chunky Chunckukas개월 전

    Just realised that the end of Cal’s lightsaber is missing and the other side is probably the lightsaber progression that EA talk about just a theory though

  32. Juan Merino

    Juan Merino개월 전

    Need 2 swords if not I am not sold

  33. Bryan Pressley

    Bryan Pressley개월 전

    Might've been fun to find out for myself rather than a random thumbnail on my scroll list. Guess not, but hey, at least you got your clicks.

  34. JoshRand2006

    JoshRand2006개월 전

    can we use dual blades in the game?

  35. ishmael Barksdale

    ishmael Barksdale개월 전

    Watch the second sister be his fucking master

  36. ReetheTurtle

    ReetheTurtle개월 전

    I’m imagining Vader fucking executing one of the inquisitors right before you do and then it immediately goes into another boss fight

  37. Low Horvath

    Low Horvath개월 전

    Omg that’s so cool you can use a double blade light saber as a singular blade. That’s Just freaking nice for them to put that in.

  38. ravagedDust

    ravagedDust개월 전

    Makes sense why the bottom piece was broken on the lightsaber.

  39. Cleveland Laughlin

    Cleveland Laughlin개월 전

    That's why the bottom of his lightsaber is broken!

  40. Daniel Coxas

    Daniel Coxas개월 전

    Double fucking bladed sabers? Shit, now my hype has doubled.

  41. xKaSx7

    xKaSx7개월 전


  42. Sajn 9919

    Sajn 9919개월 전

    I knew it i knew it me and my friend discussed why cals lightsaber was mising a part and i sugested it could be one half of a double bladed lightsaber

  43. Unknown 84

    Unknown 84개월 전

    If Vader shows up, I want it to be in a boss battle that you absolutely can’t win. Either he kills you, or your new mentor (forgot her name) sacrifices herself to save Cal and let him run away.

  44. Terell Chapman

    Terell Chapman개월 전

    Yeah no

  45. csw 101

    csw 101개월 전

    The way this game is looking I want a new game plus mode

  46. rushdude87

    rushdude87개월 전

    Are these all the available force and combat abilities? Or just some of what we can unlock?

  47. a bacon sandwich

    a bacon sandwich개월 전

    You can’t steal Darth Maul’s lightsaber. 🤬 I mean you could 😐 but how could you. 🙄

  48. Black BOLT

    Black BOLT개월 전

    I’m Most Definitely Using The Double Bladed Lightsaber