Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 5


  1. Sofie Eden

    Sofie Eden시간 전

    reminds me lf bulimia

  2. Sofie Eden

    Sofie Eden시간 전


  3. adilon gameplay

    adilon gameplay5 시간 전

    Me policia YOU proibido

  4. theskeleton dream

    theskeleton dream6 시간 전

    0:50 my friends trying to get me to recover vs me and my ED

  5. Claire Knight

    Claire Knight8 시간 전

    Always with the organs

  6. Friday Nights Milkshake

    Friday Nights Milkshake9 시간 전

    3:55 leaving a timestamp for myself

  7. Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson11 시간 전

    I watched this in the middle of the night and I threw up

  8. The Axolotl Guy

    The Axolotl Guy19 시간 전

    This is generally horrific

  9. Yuki Bloodsnow

    Yuki Bloodsnow21 시간 전

    *aspic is a healthy food*

  10. alexandra santa

    alexandra santa21 시간 전

    I hate how it took them so long to notice he was missing

  11. intelsur energy 2014 Intelsur

    intelsur energy 2014 Intelsur22 시간 전

    Estoy súper asustado

  12. my food GOOD

    my food GOOD23 시간 전

    I'm 8 and I watch this and I don't have nightmares

  13. Friday Nights Milkshake

    Friday Nights Milkshake9 시간 전

    Woah pal, thats pretty epic. Living the high life.

  14. Horror_2 lover

    Horror_2 lover일 전

    This is my favorite episode.... I'm not sure why

  15. Omer Seferi

    Omer Seferi일 전

    The voice of the duck is autotune

  16. chris graf

    chris graf일 전

    0:25 foreshadowing that duck is gonna die. His eyes are x-ed out

  17. swatme144

    swatme144일 전

    Stranger plates make your teeth go grey!

  18. Kejj Vtokinv

    Kejj Vtokinv일 전

    Honestly a pretty solid jam...

  19. give me a name

    give me a name일 전

    Bread is vibing

  20. Alba Vera

    Alba Vera일 전

    Red guy is seen at 4:03

  21. Robyn Hawthorn

    Robyn Hawthorn일 전

    Did anyone notice the second time they show the picture on the fridge ducks eyes are crosses

  22. Evan Murch

    Evan Murch일 전

    i realize now that these are all acid trips.

  23. The ring breaker

    The ring breaker일 전

    This is in my opinion the darkest episode and the saddest episode so far

  24. Gladys Madrigal

    Gladys Madrigal일 전

    .....they are not good thing to now

  25. Taylan 35

    Taylan 352 일 전

    At 4:03 is roy (look up then right)

  26. Mauro Padrón

    Mauro Padrón2 일 전

    If: It's plain It has carbohydrates Its from Roy It's healthy food

  27. Mr Jason

    Mr Jason2 일 전

    4:48 that guys my type...physcho

  28. Palm Leaf

    Palm Leaf2 일 전

    All of this is taken in a single day... June 19th. But there’s an Easter egg in DHMIS 2 when red boi was about to go to sleep when there’s fish everywhere it says June 20th

  29. Oof Lord

    Oof Lord2 일 전

    I’m crying how scared I am 😢

  30. Oof Lord

    Oof Lord2 일 전

    0:24 0:28 the picture tells the future of what’s going to happen

  31. Jake_TheFox

    Jake_TheFox2 일 전

    3:39, Just look behind the meat

  32. Balla Singh-A

    Balla Singh-A2 일 전

    You look to be hungry nO

  33. Jake_TheFox

    Jake_TheFox2 일 전

    4:04 Red guy is that you?

  34. gerard way trash

    gerard way trash2 일 전

    Roy you stupid bitch

  35. BfdiNeedleYesRockyNo Productions

    BfdiNeedleYesRockyNo Productions2 일 전


  36. Deppresso Espresso

    Deppresso Espresso2 일 전

    I think I’m on the weird side of KOreporter....

  37. i like memes

    i like memes2 일 전

    What the heck did I just watch

  38. RetroDonut

    RetroDonut2 일 전

    The fridge was trying to help

  39. Startlingly Stranger Productions

    Startlingly Stranger Productions2 일 전

    Someone hug me I’m scared

  40. Ashley Diaz

    Ashley Diaz3 일 전

    He killed them

  41. Crystalfury X

    Crystalfury X3 일 전

    Why was the duck being tortured

  42. Crystalfury X

    Crystalfury X3 일 전

    The phone calls are terifying

  43. Crystalfury X

    Crystalfury X3 일 전

    1:56 I legit would scream if I was him

  44. Ashes to Ashton

    Ashes to Ashton3 일 전

    Me: I'm kind of hungry My ED: 1:09

  45. SnickersAnimations

    SnickersAnimations3 일 전

    This is probably the creepiest episode of all of them :/

  46. blvcksouled gvrl

    blvcksouled gvrl3 일 전

    At 4:03 when you stop and make the screen brighter, you can see Roy on the right upper corner looking at them.

  47. - Gacha Ilyas -

    - Gacha Ilyas -3 일 전

    Funny right? Roy only sponsers grains and plain foods.....

  48. Karma Kazo

    Karma Kazo3 일 전

    imagine if the comments were turned off...jesus

  49. Tina Chan

    Tina Chan3 일 전

    and then there were two

  50. Brenya Florence

    Brenya Florence3 일 전

    *stabs body multiple times causing it to fall* "Oh look its on the floor *BROKEN* now-" *proceeds to step on it* "Heh-"

  51. Abner Roman

    Abner Roman3 일 전

    Legend has it that Mr. Bladder is still in the basement :O

  52. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix3 일 전

    I love how it sounds like they just start screaching *A STRANGERS PLATE!*

  53. Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix3 일 전

    So pizza is classed as a healthy food but a carrot is unhealthy

  54. kittykat135 borge

    kittykat135 borge3 일 전

    Green, time, love, computers, and food are not Creative colors

  55. Nugget

    Nugget3 일 전

    Bro put the speed on 0.25 at 4:04 red guy is standing there

  56. Yaby Boda

    Yaby Boda3 일 전

    F in the chat for red guy

  57. Mia Likes chicken wings

    Mia Likes chicken wings3 일 전

    This show should be on Netflix!

  58. yf G/-/OST

    yf G/-/OST3 일 전

    Good Lord this is beautiful 😘



    Maybe I am scared

  60. Why am I Alive

    Why am I Alive4 일 전

    4:04 You can see Red Guy's head in the microwave 4:05 You can see Red's legs

  61. Livi Uelman

    Livi Uelman4 일 전

    Why are these a thing

  62. ONE

    ONE4 일 전

    we all know what this is all about guys......