Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 4


  1. •cosmic •

    •cosmic •7 분 전

    On the calendar in every episode is june 19 which is farther day

  2. Pikachuexe 493

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  3. COLORS •

    COLORS •5 시간 전

    wow -red guy 2015

  4. ChernoAlpha12 -WXZ

    ChernoAlpha12 -WXZ5 시간 전

    The computer it’s not a creative color

  5. Katherine Dogger

    Katherine Dogger6 시간 전

    Red guy: oh maybe you can answer this Question What’s the bigge- Computer:I am so clever Red guy’s mind:bitch

  6. swatme144

    swatme1446 시간 전

    KOreporter: DHMIS 1 is for kids My mind: 4:29

  7. Nintendástico ! ツ

    Nintendástico ! ツ11 시간 전

    *Oh, look, Nothing!*

  8. Xenomaster Alien

    Xenomaster Alien12 시간 전

    Computer: singing Red Guy: *shut*

  9. baby bear

    baby bear14 시간 전

    This is weirdly the least scariest

  10. Xxxsavage L

    Xxxsavage L15 시간 전

    Welcome, your in the dark place of KOreporter

  11. James Forshaw

    James Forshaw17 시간 전

    Clock: *can tell time* Computer: *can tell time* 🦾💻🦾 💪 🕰💪

  12. Suicidal

    Suicidal23 시간 전

    3:20 *D i g i t a l s t y l e*

  13. [ Content ] [ X ]

    [ Content ] [ X ]일 전

    1:46 *big brain boi*

  14. Actually Deku

    Actually Deku일 전

    The store intendent came up to me and said " put that BAAACCCCC " and he grabbed my arm and I was like " DONT TOUCH MEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

  15. Jasu Jinxu

    Jasu Jinxu일 전

    “Oh yeah. Wow.” *“Computer.”*

  16. Logan TEM

    Logan TEM일 전

    When fortnite gets in smash *wow look nothing*

  17. Victini

    Victini일 전

    Woah, nothing!!

  18. Fizz Official

    Fizz Official일 전

    What is the biggest thing in the world?

  19. Julian The Gecko/Wasp Gamer

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  20. Suso Susosson

    Suso Susosson일 전

    1:21 the classic ”WOW”!

  21. RainbowAaron06

    RainbowAaron06일 전

    When he said “don’t touch me” all I could think of what the “get me some skittles but I didn’t wanna pay for them”

  22. Sofia Farfan

    Sofia Farfan일 전

    2:13 when Daddy touches me Daddy: hey Sofi! Me : don't touch MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  23. James Squire

    James Squire일 전

    They've been freed from KOreporter kids

  24. Galaxy CakePop

    Galaxy CakePop일 전

    I imagine me telling my teacher to put this on to learn about computers

  25. Cooper Ramsey

    Cooper Ramsey일 전

    me in tag don't touch me!!!!!!

  26. Coresial

    Coresial일 전

    I clicked on this when I was like 7 years old and I got so weirded out

  27. Jayde STANNARD

    Jayde STANNARD일 전

    Don’t pause at 4:03 it gets scary

  28. Alayna Cole

    Alayna Cole일 전

    Red guy: shut up! Computer: don’t touch MeEeEeEeE!!!

  29. MeatMaBeat

    MeatMaBeat일 전

    I felt that when he said "Wow look, nothing

  30. YH C

    YH C일 전


  31. Gothic Spaghetti

    Gothic Spaghetti일 전

    Yellow guys dad is sitting in the corner of the room at 4:17

  32. Branana9 - SuperBran

    Branana9 - SuperBran2 일 전

    When you open a door to an empty room: Wow look! Nothing!

  33. Nevia Brown

    Nevia Brown2 일 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: Roy: ominously in the background

  34. Rainbowsans Thelostrainbow

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  35. Squidward Tentacles

    Squidward Tentacles2 일 전

    My favorite one

  36. Kayden gaming

    Kayden gaming2 일 전

    *wow look nothing*

  37. Tian Maximus Creator

    Tian Maximus Creator2 일 전

    Who's Roy?

  38. Kaiummi

    Kaiummi2 일 전

    Don't touch MEEEEEEeeeEEeEEEeeEEEE

  39. Kaiummi

    Kaiummi2 일 전

    I'm watching this is on the bus (☞゚∀゚)☞

  40. Oxana Piastopoulou

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  41. Lolita Maristela

    Lolita Maristela2 일 전

    Dont touch meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. oberon358

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  43. Shan

    Shan3 일 전

    **Don’t touch Meeeee!!!**

  44. 6lizzy9

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  45. Mackenzie Lawrence

    Mackenzie Lawrence3 일 전

    Duck: Wow! we're all computer-y! Red guy: yeah. *this is a computer.*

  46. Solar Boy Django

    Solar Boy Django3 일 전

    4:07 Did anyone try not to laugh at the one duck spazzing out on the floor in the digital world?

  47. Maks 2000

    Maks 20003 일 전

    In my opinion, this glitch was the creepiest, most disturbing, most disgusting, most trypophobic moment in the entire series! And i saw their bodies expiring by their time speeding up in the second episode!

  48. bendy plushie studios

    bendy plushie studios4 일 전

    Wow look nothing -yellow guy 2015

  49. PokèPantom Demona

    PokèPantom Demona4 일 전

    Do you like skittles but I didn’t want to pay for them But the store atendent came to me and said put that BAAAACk Then he grab my arm and I said 2:14 *DONT TOUCH MEEEE!* Ya dono why I did this

  50. Bendyfan2010 Productions

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  51. el yosho vuelve

    el yosho vuelve4 일 전

    "I can tell you the time" Dhmis 2 reference

  52. M & M Fails

    M & M Fails4 일 전

    My sister made me

  53. floral springs

    floral springs4 일 전

    2:14 literally me everyday

  54. Lylith Walton

    Lylith Walton4 일 전

    this video has lots of creatvity and talent put into it i love it

  55. Galath Worker of secrets

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  56. Promo Tiger Aj

    Promo Tiger Aj4 일 전

    ofc the globe got rejected it didnt even have australia on it

  57. Falafel warrior

    Falafel warrior4 일 전

    Well this is traumatizing educational stuff

  58. Final starman WD

    Final starman WD5 일 전

    I got a add for quaker oats

  59. mrlevinielsen

    mrlevinielsen5 일 전

    Final starman WD *time to rise and shine*

  60. Kid Gamer

    Kid Gamer5 일 전

    I feel like Colin was the only one that was nice, he only made everything freak out because red guy touched him.

  61. 66 Roses

    66 Roses5 일 전

    So I wonder. Was the computer a rogue agent in all this? Whatever lesson the Powers That Be planned for these three, the computer interrupted and set in motion the events of the next two episodes by allowing Red to escape. Was he just acting like a teacher to break the simulation, or was it an accident?