Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME


  1. SuperOldShows

    SuperOldShows6 시간 전

    That wasn't... but yes it is

  2. Harley Hpsn

    Harley Hpsn7 시간 전

    Every wannabes cool kids This uh YeAh ThIs IsNt ScArY 🥴

  3. reise comstock

    reise comstock8 시간 전

    0:40 Easter egg from first episode is the clown painting

  4. LeeLeeGachaXD

    LeeLeeGachaXD8 시간 전


  5. For Famely

    For Famely13 시간 전


  6. Harley Hpsn

    Harley Hpsn16 시간 전

    2019 any one?

  7. EternalSylveon

    EternalSylveon18 시간 전

    Fish everywhere.

  8. joe chan joe

    joe chan joe19 시간 전

    2:49 did he just ear rape by ketchup bloods?

  9. joe chan joe

    joe chan joe19 시간 전

    2:03 i know someone inside

  10. Rae ofLyte

    Rae ofLyte일 전

    It's bed time :0

  11. India {countryhumans}

    India {countryhumans}일 전

    *brown* *thats a different liquid*

  12. Dzorua

    Dzorua일 전

    Honestly this a bop

  13. J gamer

    J gamer일 전

    1:41 *HMPH*

  14. Anime Squad

    Anime Squad일 전




    2:13 can anyone tell me what that says and is he watching PORN?!

  16. SnApple

    SnApple일 전

    Watch it go round like a *MERRY-GO-ROUND* going as fast as *A M E R R Y G O R O U N D*

  17. Catastrophic Stupidity

    Catastrophic Stupidity일 전

    It helps us make pizza and keep things in line!

  18. XxdedzonexX

    XxdedzonexX일 전

    These are so fucked up 🤣

  19. sheet_beet754

    sheet_beet7542 일 전

    **ThAt ShOoKeTh Me BoNeS**

  20. Hilariouskiyu

    Hilariouskiyu2 일 전

    What. The. Literal. Hell.

  21. Bolt-y

    Bolt-y2 일 전

    This is oddly catchy

  22. mihi68

    mihi682 일 전


  23. Brandon Pardo

    Brandon Pardo2 일 전

    A R T

  24. Seth Wellington

    Seth Wellington2 일 전

    3:37 haha worms and manure so edgy

  25. Não Me Assuste. Estou Abraçado

    Não Me Assuste. Estou Abraçado2 일 전


  26. Seth Wellington

    Seth Wellington2 일 전

    2:39 wh1te p0w3r is true

  27. Seth Wellington

    Seth Wellington2 일 전

    0:43 yeah UHM no pretty sure it's quarter past nine there miky boy jokes on you you couldn't fool me!

  28. Molten boss 666 Peralta

    Molten boss 666 Peralta2 일 전

    Maybe time is just a human perception an illusion created by MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MHE MEH MEH MEH MEH *Ears start to fire out blood*

  29. this person

    this person2 일 전

    2:42 *i'm so sorry headphone users..*

  30. -Rattle Me Bones-

    -Rattle Me Bones-2 일 전

    We can all agree this is our faverote one

  31. Haylee Ferrell

    Haylee Ferrell2 일 전

    What was Roy watching¿

  32. Narwhal Potate

    Narwhal Potate2 일 전

    What kind of dru-

  33. ToeSnail

    ToeSnail2 일 전

    “*nazi symbol*=mc2

  34. Potato Studio

    Potato Studio2 일 전

    I love the part were it says "Scrub Scrub Scrub till the water turns BROWN" it makes me laugh

  35. excuse me

    excuse me2 일 전

    *I* *I N V E N T E D* *M Y* *D A D*

  36. LillybelleVoices

    LillybelleVoices2 일 전

    Guys, this is all in one day. Fuckin. One. Day.

  37. Blake Nicholls

    Blake Nicholls3 일 전

    "It's 9:30, there's fish every where"

  38. Pamela Stoimenovski

    Pamela Stoimenovski3 일 전

    I think the whole point of this channel is about scaring kids

  39. Hermandad

    Hermandad3 일 전


  40. Sugar Leaf

    Sugar Leaf3 일 전

    "What? Who is that?" Lol

  41. Byte Gearcrank

    Byte Gearcrank3 일 전

    Why is there a swastika when the Duck shows the billboard of the brain?

  42. SippyBoyo

    SippyBoyo3 일 전

    This episode perfectly describes chronophobia

  43. Lily Decker

    Lily Decker3 일 전

    ma ma ma ma ma MA MA MA MA MA *MA* *MA* *MA* *MA*

  44. Fan of everything

    Fan of everything3 일 전

    Everybody stop in 1:20 and you could see the missing paper

  45. LOL HD

    LOL HD4 일 전

    5 years ago.... 5 Years AGO

  46. Galaxy_Paw :3

    Galaxy_Paw :34 일 전

    But I cant poop! Its impossible••°°•••

  47. Galaxy_Paw :3

    Galaxy_Paw :34 일 전

    (Its an joke for scrub till the water is brown)

  48. Toaster Gta1175

    Toaster Gta11754 일 전

    *lets go on a journey a journey through time,THE TIME IS CHANGING ALL THE TIME ITS TIME TO GO TO TIME!*

  49. nick boii

    nick boii4 일 전

    The future doesn't exist Couple minutes later: It's the future!

  50. PlzHugMe

    PlzHugMe4 일 전

    I don't have time for this.

  51. Rachael Elkins

    Rachael Elkins4 일 전

    I relate to red guy, he's the only one questioning anything XD like if you relate to him to

  52. your roommate

    your roommate4 일 전

    3:33 Trypophobia alert

  53. w2s bff H

    w2s bff H4 일 전

    Plz don't say I'm the only 1 that saw the infinity gauntlet at 2:07

  54. Lynn Matsume

    Lynn Matsume4 일 전

    “Theres ....... fish everywhere “

  55. Local - otaku

    Local - otaku4 일 전

    Clock-there is a time for mucking around Everyone else-*gives normal answers* Yellow guy-I’m friends with my dad!

  56. KaeYoss

    KaeYoss5 일 전

    2:40 "Swastika equals m c sqared"

  57. Okidoki_Loki

    Okidoki_Loki5 일 전

    Fish everywhere

  58. Okidoki_Loki

    Okidoki_Loki5 일 전

    This is my favorite one ^3^

  59. Kadens World

    Kadens World5 일 전

    You are so inappropriate

  60. Natalie Pinder

    Natalie Pinder5 일 전

    No one: No body at all: Absolutely no body: My alarm clock at 4 am: 2:42

  61. Kadenstu Hanako

    Kadenstu Hanako5 일 전


  62. jk_ Azreal

    jk_ Azreal5 일 전