Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2 - TIME


  1. renjhi ishidah

    renjhi ishidah8 시간 전

    im from 2019... nothing's different

  2. Kevin Salinas

    Kevin Salinas23 시간 전

    An ilussion created by............

  3. lagartijo

    lagartijo일 전


  4. Minechef

    Minechef일 전

    2:41 swastika =Mc square

  5. Gold Moon

    Gold Moon일 전

    "There's always time for a song! " "wha-Who Is this guy? "

  6. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전

    Ah this is a nice show for kids

  7. Konsti G.

    Konsti G.2 일 전

    *Swastika equals mc squared*

  8. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전


  9. Frosty cake

    Frosty cake2 일 전

    "I befriended my dad." This part is both heartwarming and soul crushing at the same time knowing that there's a possible fact in the fandom that Roy was behind everything. Also if you take the pert where he says "My dad's a com-computer." literally, a lot of things will start making sense.

  10. Luna Lucile

    Luna Lucile2 일 전

    That ending... Is the main reason I'm scared of time.. 😨

  11. slowreaper hundhausen

    slowreaper hundhausen2 일 전

    looks at my clock funny

  12. Valen Cherchi

    Valen Cherchi2 일 전

    2:41 look at the equation

  13. Patrick McGill

    Patrick McGill2 일 전

    Fish everywhere

  14. Tigerblink

    Tigerblink2 일 전

    yellow guy just being like "did y'all know bout *my dad?* he's real great!"

  15. She's playing your theme song you DIPSHIT!

    She's playing your theme song you DIPSHIT!3 일 전

    W-why are there w-worms...

  16. Muh Muh

    Muh Muh3 일 전

    Why did I just now notice the Swastica=mc2 at 2:40

  17. Lucky Diel

    Lucky Diel3 일 전

    *there is always time for song*

  18. Parasitic LifeSuckingWORM

    Parasitic LifeSuckingWORM3 일 전

    meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH MEH!MEH! MEH! MEH! MEH! MEH!

  19. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전


  20. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전

    What is he watching

  21. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전

    Something that adults watch...

  22. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전


  23. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전


  24. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전


  25. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전

    My ears and his ears are bleeding 2:43

  26. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전

    A old man died 1:58

  27. Manny 999

    Manny 9993 일 전

    Im pretty sure that's sh$tty water 0:45

  28. Cool Squid Ward 12345

    Cool Squid Ward 123453 일 전

    Thx for giving me an existential crisis

  29. Yasmin Games & Animations

    Yasmin Games & Animations4 일 전

    2:08 THANOS

  30. Parker Prange

    Parker Prange4 일 전

    Quantum theory disagrees with time

  31. Jam Bea

    Jam Bea4 일 전

    0:04 - 0:13 complete and utter silence Red Guy: come on guys... stop mucking around...

  32. Elmer

    Elmer4 일 전

    well this dosnt seem kid friendly

  33. Prin C

    Prin C2 일 전

    It is

  34. Dom Evans

    Dom Evans4 일 전

    I need the clock screaming as my alarm clock lmao

  35. ソルティアップル

    ソルティアップル4 일 전


  36. forklord77

    forklord774 일 전

    It's 9:30 there's fish everywhere

  37. Lamont Pruitt

    Lamont Pruitt4 일 전

    Look a the dads computer.

  38. Bobsponge

    Bobsponge4 일 전

    I see the string. Don’t fool me.

  39. The Flying Jay YT

    The Flying Jay YT4 일 전

    2:12 He is watching porn. He is also a computer.

  40. elissa’s fitness adventure

    elissa’s fitness adventure4 일 전

    okay but is that dad watching porn?😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  41. Aftab Ahmad Chaudhry

    Aftab Ahmad Chaudhry4 일 전

    Roy gives me nightmares.. Roy is yellow guys dad

  42. ᄏᄏhannah

    ᄏᄏhannah4 일 전


  43. Number block Lover 12345678910111213 Wet hater

    Number block Lover 12345678910111213 Wet hater5 일 전

    Puppets have blood? Tell me in the comments

  44. Haven_is_lit_ Woods

    Haven_is_lit_ Woods5 일 전

    2:36 is that a whole Nazi symbol

  45. Irsen Oldac

    Irsen Oldac5 일 전


  46. Rooroo Flash

    Rooroo Flash5 일 전

    2019 anyone

  47. Chase the other dog

    Chase the other dog5 일 전

    Still by far my favorite DHMIS episode

  48. Hilario Hernandez

    Hilario Hernandez5 일 전


  49. Stoglin 0

    Stoglin 05 일 전

    I acctuly like this song

  50. Najeeb Al Rusan

    Najeeb Al Rusan5 일 전

    Lol he said "the future doesnt exist"

  51. Alex K

    Alex K일 전

    Later he says "It's the future!"

  52. Maikel Something something

    Maikel Something something5 일 전

    Maybe time is a construct of human perception an illusion (maya) created by...... then the clock gets angry, he doesn't want him to say it. Well guess what...maybe time is a construct of human perception an illusion created by the god of deception (Father time).

  53. Luke The Legend

    Luke The Legend5 일 전


  54. Jan Přibyl

    Jan Přibyl6 일 전

    3:18 “Don't worry I'm sure you'll be fine but eventually everyone runs out of time” hmm...foreshadowing to episodes 4 and 5?

  55. Sock Exchange

    Sock Exchange6 일 전

    It’s very strange to know that I grew up with this... Maybe that’s why I’m so weird? 😂

  56. Animal Lover

    Animal Lover6 일 전


  57. Sina Danmark

    Sina Danmark6 일 전

    God bless future children which have access to youtube since they are 3.

  58. Sleeepyz !

    Sleeepyz !6 일 전


  59. CLOROX wipes

    CLOROX wipes6 일 전

    Me: sleeping Me clock: *my clock walks in* Me: wha- Clock: *starts singing*

  60. のりを

    のりを6 일 전


  61. Rooroo Flash

    Rooroo Flash6 일 전

    There's fish everywhere

  62. Luke Tweedy

    Luke Tweedy6 일 전


  63. Themis Lakers #Starco forever

    Themis Lakers #Starco forever6 일 전

    Hola compas Saludos desde México porque ya vi que ustedes nomás le dan al inglés

  64. peppa pig

    peppa pig6 일 전

    I use my hair to express my self

  65. M Trotter

    M Trotter6 일 전

    Lol this thing was scaring me

  66. idroppedallmyoreos andimnotokay

    idroppedallmyoreos andimnotokay6 일 전

    *I dont like this* *holy shit wtf sksbhsjsbsj*

  67. moon light

    moon light6 일 전


  68. Zyanya Limon

    Zyanya Limon6 일 전

    Like si vienes de el vídeo de Paulette

  69. Ileana Betancourt

    Ileana Betancourt6 일 전

    this is very strange i hate time running I'm weird Click here ↓

  70. Nicole Ponce

    Nicole Ponce6 일 전

    Quien mas esta aquí por paulette

  71. abii

    abii7 일 전

    anyone else having a dont hug me im scared binge?

  72. Donut

    Donut7 일 전

    I always laugh so hard at these cause imagine how funny it must be to record this stuff, like especially when the clock starts yelling like an alarm. Or in the first one when they were dancing like crazy.

  73. Ellie Muskens

    Ellie Muskens7 일 전

    Is nobody going to talk about the voice crack at 1:08?

  74. Pink Rose

    Pink Rose7 일 전

    I don’t know why but it scares me when people repetitively say something over and over again

  75. Alex K

    Alex K5 일 전

    @Pink Rose its the only episode that I don't watch near my parents.

  76. Pink Rose

    Pink Rose5 일 전

    Thank you for trying to warn me but I’ve already watched it and yes it terrified me

  77. Alex K

    Alex K5 일 전

    well dhmis 5 is not for you. around the end they keep saying "Strangers Plate"

  78. Pink Rose

    Pink Rose7 일 전

    It’s funny because my friends jump out from corners to scare me but the thing is all they have to do is repeat the word bird over and over again and I’ll get scared

  79. Ellie Muskens

    Ellie Muskens7 일 전

    Pink Rose I agree, it’s pretty unsettling

  80. Haci Haciyev

    Haci Haciyev7 일 전

    18 + xD

  81. Big Boi

    Big Boi7 일 전

    Pardon my excuses to vomit on youtube building

  82. はるかはるか

    はるかはるか7 일 전

    日本のどっかの県からやってきたカニだ! よろしく!

  83. よす

    よす8 일 전


  84. alliruu

    alliruu8 일 전

    Lol is nobody gonna talk about what’s on the board at 2:40?

  85. Ellie Muskens

    Ellie Muskens7 일 전

    alliruu OH MAN I SEE IT

  86. 【twilight】 Haru!

    【twilight】 Haru!8 일 전

    最近出た検索してはいけない言葉から来たけど 日本語訳無いからとりあえず頭おかしいこと以外わかんなかった 自動翻訳が当てにならなすぎるwww

  87. イワマヨGames

    イワマヨGames7 일 전

    @登旭 なんだ?スターアイ○ンドって?

  88. 【twilight】 Haru!

    【twilight】 Haru!8 일 전

    @登旭 かなり安心してない

  89. 登旭

    登旭8 일 전

    @【twilight】 Haru! 大丈夫だよ (大嘘)

  90. 【twilight】 Haru!

    【twilight】 Haru!8 일 전

    @登旭 そうなんだけど 名前出しちゃってええんかな

  91. 登旭

    登旭8 일 전


  92. お口開けてごらん

    お口開けてごらん8 일 전


  93. PotatoGacha

    PotatoGacha8 일 전

    I heard Red Guy (Harry) said: *come on guys stop FUCKING AROUND* at 0:13

  94. PotatoGacha

    PotatoGacha8 일 전

    @Krarc Fielmänn yeah same whatever lmao

  95. Krarc Fielmänn

    Krarc Fielmänn8 일 전

    *Red Guy

  96. Chiquis The Chihuahua

    Chiquis The Chihuahua8 일 전

    “The future doesn’t exist”

  97. chelsea lynch

    chelsea lynch8 일 전


  98. LyzaTown

    LyzaTown9 일 전

    Time is a time you can put on the time or wear it on your time

  99. Guido Mista[ke]

    Guido Mista[ke]9 일 전

    1:48 jesus christ

  100. That Guy

    That Guy9 일 전

    2:39 if you look closely there is a swastika in one of the equations