Dolittle Trailer REACTION


  1. John Fowler

    John Fowler2 일 전

    I’m tired of remakes.

  2. Koushik Dutta

    Koushik Dutta8 일 전

    Who died and made u the queen of critics ..

  3. Jester Katz

    Jester Katz19 일 전

    Omg i can see this will get the rambo treatment from sjws. White guy is good mexican or south american guy bad. This will be interesting.

  4. sargent sausages

    sargent sausages20 일 전

    B00B5... show us your B00B5.... everyone's thinking it and im the only one saying it

  5. Maher Salem

    Maher Salem22 일 전

    Woman i hate seeing you talking

  6. clint hancock

    clint hancock22 일 전

    its a nope

  7. Shannon

    Shannon24 일 전

    RDJ is doing a welsh accent and there's way too many people in the comments saying it doesn't sound like a welsh accent... it literally does lmao. maybe it's not perfect but you can definitely tell it's a welsh accent

  8. Cringe Master64

    Cringe Master6424 일 전

    this actually looks good tho

  9. TheJournalistJim

    TheJournalistJim25 일 전

    There's literally no connection between what they're trying to put forward in this trailer and the real campiness in the movie poster.

  10. Xharaly

    Xharaly26 일 전

    Steam Punk Sherlock meets Ace Ventura, meets Willy Wonka, meets Noah's arc.

  11. Belinda

    Belinda26 일 전

    Finally Doctor Dolittle is white!!! 😁 ☄☄☄☄☄☄

  12. Slimey Annihilation

    Slimey Annihilation26 일 전

    I feel like this is tony in another universe

  13. Jan Brady

    Jan Brady26 일 전

    His accent is Welsh

  14. CruderQuotient1

    CruderQuotient126 일 전

    The whole trailer was weird

  15. MyLittlePiranhaFish1

    MyLittlePiranhaFish126 일 전

    *after the first line of dialogue* O Can RDJ do a welsh accent? *By end of the trailer* No,no he cannot.....

  16. Berenice Figueroa

    Berenice Figueroa27 일 전

    Andrés navy te manda saludos

  17. KoroWheke

    KoroWheke27 일 전

    whats with the Tigers accent? I really liked the action adventure feel of the trailer

  18. Mariano bs as

    Mariano bs as27 일 전

    Can you act without CGI?

  19. Juan SAMUDIO

    Juan SAMUDIO27 일 전

    Man idc this thing made me cry idk why I felt everything

  20. Rajnish Boruah

    Rajnish Boruah27 일 전

    Copyright 🥵🥵🥵🥵🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  21. Mark O'Helm

    Mark O'Helm27 일 전

    I love the Rex Harrison Doktor Dolittle. Probably because it's a musical. Music makes everything better for me.

  22. Cyvader 101

    Cyvader 10127 일 전

    If you think this transition is weird Right after Hugh Jackman did Logan, which we all know is very VERY dark and sad He did a musical

  23. Liam Geoghegan

    Liam Geoghegan28 일 전

    The peoples voices seemed dubbed cos it wasn't in time with the mouth movement in the trailer.

  24. Cisco Lake

    Cisco Lake28 일 전

    if a =b and b=c then a=c.... Dolittle is IronMan

  25. Nicole Shafer

    Nicole Shafer28 일 전

    The Rex Harrison version of this movie was amazing. I love Rex Harrison. I hope this is good.

  26. Valerie Ivanova

    Valerie Ivanova28 일 전

    Even if those animals are created on the studio's computers, I am so gonna cry during this. A very bold role choice of RDJ, although it feels a little strange, it's somewhat beautiful. Wanna see on BluRay

  27. Henry Chavez

    Henry Chavez28 일 전

    Interesting, but why does RDJ sound like “Littlefinger”....Dolittlefinger. 😂😂😂

  28. G P

    G P28 일 전

    I mean it looks way, way better than I was expecting.

  29. Wally Smart

    Wally Smart28 일 전

    He should have just kept an American accent.

  30. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Jeff Porcaro Groove28 일 전

    WOW you are a scary woman...your looks and everything else do NOT match...that is how good this trailer was...change your look to match your earthy look ridiculous

  31. Jimmy

    Jimmy28 일 전

    LOOKS RDJ just borrowed from his CHAPLIN. the way he moves and the flip of the hat. ...

  32. Joshua Lozano

    Joshua Lozano28 일 전

    Hey Grace! Andrés Navy says hi

  33. SoulStylistJukeBox

    SoulStylistJukeBox29 일 전

    That LOOKS awful and the fact that it's being dumped in January says EVERYTHING.

  34. Nerfenstein aka GirlyGamer

    Nerfenstein aka GirlyGamer29 일 전

    Thank goodness you mentioned that terrible accent.

  35. Evan Choi

    Evan Choi29 일 전

    I want to know the rating of this

  36. Diy & Chill w/ Chris Sims

    Diy & Chill w/ Chris Sims29 일 전

    I think that this looks visually appealing it a might a cool cinematic experience. I wanted to see rdj is something smaller like artsy or indie film. A romance or comedy because he's so witty.

  37. Tony Randall

    Tony Randall29 일 전

    Look forward to it. Need more adventurous movies.

  38. ryan boedaddy

    ryan boedaddy29 일 전

    his accent is so good 🥰

  39. Cinematic Stuff

    Cinematic Stuff29 일 전

    "I think the vfx look poor" uuummmm....WHAT TRAILER WAS YOU WATCHING!?!

  40. John Kokocinski

    John Kokocinski29 일 전

    Antonio Banderas looks just Floki from Vikings on Discovery.

  41. Ron C

    Ron C29 일 전

    Marvel films are amusement park films. I agree.

  42. PhilsVideoWorld

    PhilsVideoWorld29 일 전

    And no mention of Eddie Murphy's rendition? Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing? Ha!

  43. Prince Sahota

    Prince Sahota29 일 전

    I’ve got a prediction! This will Do-Little at the box office.😂

  44. Destructus 86

    Destructus 8629 일 전

    It looks well made but I’m just not interested in talking animal movies

  45. RHA TV

    RHA TV29 일 전

    Do you want its all cast @

  46. fturla ___

    fturla ___29 일 전

    I agree with Grace, RDJ would have preferred that the movie would have been made by Disney for all the same reasons that she stated indirectly.

  47. A M

    A M29 일 전

    Reminds me a lot of The Nutcracker movie from last year.

  48. Michael Smith

    Michael Smith29 일 전

    That English accent :/

  49. Jovani Cruz

    Jovani Cruz29 일 전

    Why? Did his contract force him into this crap? Iron man...cmon Rob

  50. enjoyitbro

    enjoyitbro29 일 전

    John Cena is in it?! Oh for the love of god why?!

  51. Kaixuan Goh

    Kaixuan Goh개월 전

    I thought it was Tom Cavenagh from the thumbnail

  52. YoutubeUser

    YoutubeUser개월 전

    Why does Selena Gomez keep getting roles? The VFX dont look that great after coming from a marvel film

  53. Madison Broadbent

    Madison Broadbent개월 전

    Seeing Michael Sheen in the live action cast, I wonder if they ever considered him for the role of Dolittle. No better Welsh accent than an authentic one lol. This isn't hate on RDJ, I love him to death

  54. Mustafa Jackson

    Mustafa Jackson개월 전

    Why does Mr. Downey Jr's DR. DOLITTLE have to look so dodgy (as the Brit's say)?

  55. carrastealth

    carrastealth개월 전

    Peter Parker back with Tony Stark and John Cena? Count me in.

  56. Eric

    Eric개월 전

    This man carried the MCU on his back for more than 10 years. I think he can handle this movie. This man was so good as Iron Man marvel is terrified of a future without him.

  57. The Last Handbook

    The Last Handbook개월 전

    No PushMePullYou? 😞

  58. Job Acevedo

    Job Acevedo개월 전

    I watched this with my kids and my kids are very intrigued. It's a teaser it captured there imagination.

  59. GuGu E. Michaels

    GuGu E. Michaels개월 전

    Man where the fk is Eddie Murphy??

  60. tony stallsworth

    tony stallsworth개월 전

    Yeah Dr. Dolittle movie in 1998