Dolittle - Official Trailer


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  2. Robert Gilbert

    Robert Gilbert4 시간 전

    My brother : let's watch Dolittle Me : No. My brother : but theres Ironman on that film. Me : *(Why you said that name?)* 😢

  3. Aditya Lochan

    Aditya Lochan4 시간 전

    Legend is back yesssssssss!!!!!

  4. bingbashbosh1

    bingbashbosh14 시간 전

    And I think to myself... ... Oh, what a wonderfully crap looking film.

  5. Ben T

    Ben T4 시간 전

    Another CG movie for China

  6. WojCrafter

    WojCrafter4 시간 전

    Wow so this is MCU Multiverse thing

  7. Abhishek virkud

    Abhishek virkud4 시간 전

    Missing Eddie Murphy. 🤘

  8. Aina Gupta

    Aina Gupta4 시간 전

    0:43 hjönk hjönk I'm goose

  9. Smoke Ganja

    Smoke Ganja4 시간 전

    Mr.stark my pet is not feeling well.

  10. Sasi

    Sasi4 시간 전

    Robert Downey Jr. Antonio Banderas (Zorro Hero) Emma Thompson (Sybill Trelawney of Harry Potter Series) Rami Malek (from Bohemian Rhapsody) John Cena Kumail Nanjiani (Well known Comedian) Octavia Spencer (Can be seen in many good movies) Tom Holland Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter Series) Selena Gomez Marion Cotillard (Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose) A Great Cast Totally!!!

  11. Maqboolahmed Karadagi

    Maqboolahmed Karadagi4 시간 전

    We love you RD Jr

  12. Amiruddin Ayaz

    Amiruddin Ayaz4 시간 전

    Oh i just hope they have a donkey too voiced by Eddie Murphy

  13. Phoenix

    Phoenix4 시간 전

    it's iron Man!!!!!!

  14. Lyza Co

    Lyza Co4 시간 전

    Another movie twist, great!☺

  15. DNAer

    DNAer4 시간 전

    Fuck jungle curise, this is the one to watch!

  16. Machi YT

    Machi YT4 시간 전

    I came for Robert... And Robert didn't disappoint.

  17. Kayiroo

    Kayiroo4 시간 전

    Everyone thinks Ironman is dead but that charm,acting and coolness still lives inside Rdj sir,hatsoff to him 😍 Love him 3000!

  18. Lau 28

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  19. lucky C bro

    lucky C bro4 시간 전

    Looks dark

  20. No One

    No One4 시간 전

    John Watson: "You´ve been in this room for two weeks. I insist, you have to get out!"

  21. Asif Khan

    Asif Khan4 시간 전

    "HOPE ki HINDI mein dubbing bhi same puraani jaisi rahe"......"BASANTI-VEERU" ki jodiiii

  22. Raja Durai

    Raja Durai4 시간 전 🎥 Petta - Marana Mass Official Video (Tamil) | Rajinikanth | Anirudh ...

  23. Jakob Lundby

    Jakob Lundby4 시간 전

    when robert said its okay to be scared, i felt that

  24. Neil Mohammed

    Neil Mohammed4 시간 전

    sherlock holmes can talk to animals? cool.

  25. Q尺乂 Gaming

    Q尺乂 Gaming4 시간 전

    Iron man is back

  26. manx77

    manx774 시간 전

    Humans only want to hear from CGI creations, since what our real fellow animals would say, if they could, would be devastating.

  27. J J

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  28. 1000 subscribers with no videos

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    Damn spiderman far from home was for no reason 😂

  29. stijn louis

    stijn louis4 시간 전

    And here I thought Dr Dolittle was just a comedy movie, guess you learn something new every day.



    Who has come only for Robert Downey junior Hit a like below guys I luv him 3000

  31. Sye’s Channel

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    No don’t beg for likes please.

  32. damn good

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    Night in the museum - Low Budget😅 Dolittle- High Budget😉 . . Coz its IRON MAN😎

  33. SkratcheR

    SkratcheR4 시간 전

    Screw this movie, get POSTAL 4 and support real art.

  34. starflame34

    starflame344 시간 전

    Don't trailers usually give an idea of what the plot is? Cause I have no idea WTF this guy is doing besides going from point on Earth to another.

  35. Ross Martell

    Ross Martell4 시간 전

    I was love this film.😍😍😍

  36. Nazia RDJ Hasan

    Nazia RDJ Hasan4 시간 전

    RDJ 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Cheshkasaba

    Cheshkasaba4 시간 전

    0:44 It's Dolan dark everyone

  38. GRB

    GRB4 시간 전

    I Love u 3000

  39. Nirjhor Akash

    Nirjhor Akash4 시간 전

    wtf is Dolittle , he's iron man.

  40. Dhanush Anirudh

    Dhanush Anirudh4 시간 전

    RDJ indian fans like here

  41. Angel Martinez

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    Sub to me plz

  42. Angel Martinez

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    Sub to me plz

  43. starflame34

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    You lost me when you didn't play the original "What a Wonderful World"

  44. Dhanush Anirudh

    Dhanush Anirudh4 시간 전

    I love 3000times Tony stark

  45. Noelyne Ringin

    Noelyne Ringin4 시간 전

    just imagine the fact that a lot of the new generation of kids will never remember RDJ as Tony + Iron Man like we do now edit: they’ll probably know him for some of his other roles idk but it’s a little sad, he’s a legend imo

  46. Niko Pötry

    Niko Pötry4 시간 전

    I would't be so sure. I mean I, for example, always remember Christopher Reeve as Superman and I was born 12 years after the first movie.

  47. Yasar Beg

    Yasar Beg4 시간 전

    This man deserves an oscar for sure

  48. Angel of Rock

    Angel of Rock4 시간 전

    *Eddie Murphy's Dr. Dolittle?*

  49. jas tech

    jas tech4 시간 전

    Ironman fans like here😍😍

  50. Miss Connie

    Miss Connie4 시간 전

    I loved the book and Rex Harrison playing Dr. D. when I was a child. I hope the film makers don't destroy this story like " Where the Wild Things Are" was destroyed. Let some books alone so children can use their imagination.

  51. Chavda Dhaval

    Chavda Dhaval4 시간 전

    Now it is trending on 3rd in India it must come in Hindi 😎

  52. Deepesh Kumar Pandey

    Deepesh Kumar Pandey4 시간 전

    my favourite actor

  53. AgentDark

    AgentDark4 시간 전

    Iron Man wow

  54. NS AREA

    NS AREA4 시간 전

    Any tamil fans🔥🔥

  55. Pawan Dhawale

    Pawan Dhawale4 시간 전

    Eager to watch RDJ😍😍😍

  56. Graydon Meek

    Graydon Meek4 시간 전

    He left the avengers for this shit

  57. How Do I Tell You?

    How Do I Tell You?4 시간 전

    Tony fans hit like here

  58. Joshua Oliveras

    Joshua Oliveras4 시간 전

    Jeez that cast though, Downey, Emma Thompson, John Cena, Rami Malek, Holland and Gomez, Banderas?! Might as well just get every other famous person in this too

  59. ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ

    ƤƠƦƘ ƤƖЄ4 시간 전

    You know for a fact this trailer would be getting zero attention if it wasn’t Robert Downey Jr.

  60. Priyanka Singh

    Priyanka Singh4 시간 전

    ...And I m iron man....that makes me cry....😔my favorite tony stank love you 3000☺️☺️

  61. B_ Lou

    B_ Lou4 시간 전

    So the nigga is not dead🤦🏾‍♂️

  62. TheSuperHero

    TheSuperHero4 시간 전

    Much closer to the Rex Harrison version and that makes me happy