Dolittle - Official Trailer



    KUNG KING9 시간 전

    I​ will​ wait​ for​ movie.

  2. Nico Animations

    Nico Animations9 시간 전

    Peter Parker: Mr Stark is in a better place now... Tony Stark:

  3. ebenezer bartholomew

    ebenezer bartholomew9 시간 전

    The new avengers

  4. DarkJew

    DarkJew9 시간 전

    If he doesn't ride inside a giant snail I'll be upset

  5. Nuevo Lector

    Nuevo Lector9 시간 전

    It's like watching a trailer of Pirates of the Caribbean, the cat with boots, tarzan and Jungle Book at the same time. I love

  6. Saheb Mohammad

    Saheb Mohammad9 시간 전

    It’s already a hit

  7. fabiha jahangir

    fabiha jahangir9 시간 전

    its look wonderful and I am excited to see who iron man act to his new role ...

  8. Brandon X

    Brandon X9 시간 전

    Iron man in his afterlife

  9. Samir Ribera

    Samir Ribera9 시간 전

    You May place your “I love you 3000” here

  10. Erick Harvey

    Erick Harvey9 시간 전

    So y'all gone remake Dr Dolittle with a white man.! 🤔We all know Eddie Murphy was first!

  11. Radith

    Radith9 시간 전

    Honestly if RDJ want compete for oscar against Joaquin they better use this movie rather than endgame.

  12. Toriun

    Toriun9 시간 전

    Are you Iron man?

  13. HomeTv 113

    HomeTv 1139 시간 전

    It's like Ironman and Spiderman BUT in parallel universe

  14. Joshua Garner

    Joshua Garner9 시간 전

    I would love to see this, no matter what they say about the original one.

  15. vinil Chinnappa

    vinil Chinnappa9 시간 전

    1967: doctor Dolittle 2020: DOLITTLE 😍😍😍

  16. Sladerulez

    Sladerulez9 시간 전

    This looked better than what I originally expected. You’ve gained my interest

  17. MrFlipperInvader792

    MrFlipperInvader7929 시간 전

    No iron man jokes ya cunts

  18. Alex Dkbrst

    Alex Dkbrst9 시간 전

    So you're telling me he snapped his fingers for THIS?

  19. Pradeep Singh

    Pradeep Singh9 시간 전

    any one from india

  20. Shubhendu Pathak

    Shubhendu Pathak9 시간 전

    Where's Edwin Jarvis!!!

  21. Donald

    Donald9 시간 전

    I can only see iron man in him tbh

  22. The Insomniac

    The Insomniac9 시간 전

    Talk about aging well.. this guy is killing it..

  23. Tejas vlv

    Tejas vlv9 시간 전

    Thanos :- Stark ! Tony :- you know me ? Thanos :- I do, your not only cursed with knowledge of animal language Tony :- my only curse is you !!! 😂😂

  24. Rj Shekhar

    Rj Shekhar9 시간 전

    Who miss the iron man...

  25. CreeperDude YT

    CreeperDude YT9 시간 전

    I thought this guy was dead

  26. antivirus1cv

    antivirus1cv9 시간 전

    You’ll better shot a Sherlock with Downey!!!!

  27. yeezyhendrix

    yeezyhendrix9 시간 전

    it's almost 2020 and we are still using garbage covers for remakes ?

  28. FlashDelirium913

    FlashDelirium9139 시간 전

    he will always be Ironman no matter what.

  29. Christian Gaines

    Christian Gaines9 시간 전

    God he's a perfect successor to Rex Harrison, I have no doubt this will be spectacular

  30. Either SIOFI

    Either SIOFI9 시간 전

    So fortnite's dead 😂

  31. Anya Delo Santos

    Anya Delo Santos9 시간 전

    the accent

  32. kamaltalyan

    kamaltalyan9 시간 전

    He is a legend and will always be love u downey jr. Love from india bigeest fan of urs love u so much u r an inspiration for me

  33. Greg Drake

    Greg Drake9 시간 전

    Why the fuck is Downey doing an impression of Littlefinger from Game of Thrones?

  34. A. Ericsson Mantilla

    A. Ericsson Mantilla9 시간 전

    If i can walk with the animals, talk with the animals, run and squeak and squak with the animals, King Felonius Gru and Universal Picture would bless the animals. Blessing Me since 1998: Universal Pictures.

  35. imprfctly prfct

    imprfctly prfct9 시간 전

    Dekho ye zinda hain......#loveyoudowney

  36. Marco Aboytes

    Marco Aboytes9 시간 전

    Now it's official, his career is finished

  37. Max Jainta

    Max Jainta9 시간 전

    This will flop so hard

  38. jon berisha

    jon berisha9 시간 전

    He sounds like PENYWISE

  39. Manyeki Brian

    Manyeki Brian9 시간 전

    Universal: jungle book? Downey: Nah Universal: pirates of carribean? Downey: Do you even know me! Universal: Okay, lets do something little bit different Downey: THAT'S IT "Dolittle"

  40. NJ Coolness

    NJ Coolness9 시간 전

    Why is he talking like that?

  41. Pavan Sampath

    Pavan Sampath9 시간 전

    Robert Downy Tom Holland Selena Gomez John Cena Enough 😍that's the best cast, very much excited!!

  42. Ej Inamarga

    Ej Inamarga9 시간 전

    What part of MCU timeline is this?

  43. Manish Choudhary

    Manish Choudhary9 시간 전

    I want more Harry potter movies part 😶

  44. Anitesh Sharma

    Anitesh Sharma9 시간 전

    I am going to see this

  45. Brett WB

    Brett WB9 시간 전

    Ohh a movie with RDJ in it that isnt in the MCU releasing in January. Ya, that's gonna tank. Calling it right now.

  46. Dhinesh

    Dhinesh9 시간 전


  47. ShawnCampbellVeVo

    ShawnCampbellVeVo9 시간 전

    *Hello* *Padie* *Hello* *Lunch* 😂😂😂

  48. Dragon 0Fly

    Dragon 0Fly9 시간 전

    3/5 stars***

  49. Nathaniel Foga

    Nathaniel Foga9 시간 전

    I wonder how this will compare with the Eddie Murphy version.

  50. sakibian here

    sakibian here9 시간 전

    Ehats this song name?

  51. Imraan Adam

    Imraan Adam9 시간 전

    I wouldn't have bothered with this film as its yet another Hollywood remake... but they had to go and put fucking RDJ in it.. Now I have to see it🙈

  52. shhh

    shhh9 시간 전

    Who else is here only for Selena Gomez & Tom Holland?😍

  53. Hashirama Sayan

    Hashirama Sayan9 시간 전

    Steve Rogers: Big man in a suit of armour. Take that off, what are you? Tony Stark : Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, Veterinarian that can talk to animals

  54. Piyush Singh

    Piyush Singh9 시간 전

    "Are you Dr. Doolittle?" "No,I am......Iron Man"

  55. Navaneeth Krishnan

    Navaneeth Krishnan9 시간 전

    Are you Dr Dolittle? No it's Howard.... Howard Potts 😂😂😂

  56. Darth Sidious

    Darth Sidious9 시간 전

    lmao that's terrible

  57. Priscilla Beline

    Priscilla Beline9 시간 전

    Robert must be Jhonny Depp's brother... 🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔 almost sure he is lol

  58. PixelatedNinjoe

    PixelatedNinjoe9 시간 전

    Jhon Cena?

  59. Unsub

    Unsub9 시간 전

    No that’s iron man

  60. Tisi _

    Tisi _9 시간 전

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