Doing LADY GAGA'S Makeup! | NikkieTutorials


  1. NikkieTutorials

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  2. IndiKat

    IndiKat7 일 전

    I'm jealous you got to sit in the same room as Gaga, like how were you so chill girl omg

  3. unknown _

    unknown _8 일 전

    Pink hair and red lips...noooo

  4. Ari Torres

    Ari Torres14 시간 전

    This makes me soooo happy

  5. Haus Of Gaga

    Haus Of Gaga19 시간 전

    9:40 lmao omg Gabbie Hanna is that you girl?????? 🚬👁👄👁💅🏼 I love how wholesome Nikkie is, not caring about the state of Gabbie’s social bladeeeeee. Bahaha no hate to Gaga, she’s a legend.

  6. vipera_7

    vipera_720 시간 전

    Never knew mother monster did bartending and waitressing in her early days|

  7. I'm a Cat

    I'm a Cat23 시간 전

    Lady Gaga is Amazing and I love her hair



    I miss Tara Savelo

  9. yup

    yup일 전

    Lady GaGa's makeup artist looks like Madonna. its like Gaga, Nikkie, and Madonna.. lmao

  10. jeremy liu

    jeremy liu일 전

    I love lady Gaga!Sia one got me

  11. Ms Yuna Salazar

    Ms Yuna Salazar일 전

    Can you teach me ?

  12. Caipi & Jana

    Caipi & Jana2 일 전

    Lady Gaga: don’t be nervous, you do this all the time Nikkie: Honey you‘re lady Gaga

  13. Enigma Shadowman

    Enigma Shadowman2 일 전

    "A meat dress is fine but no salmon." 😂 I love how genuine she is and how she's not afraid to joke and laugh. She's such a kind-hearted, down to earth person with such a warm presence.

  14. Paula Herrera

    Paula Herrera2 일 전

    Nikkie plis ponle subtitulos a los videos en español porfavor 😭😭

  15. Y O N A

    Y O N A2 일 전

    Ok i didnt expect lady gaga to be like this. She’s so down to earth and chill. and she doesn’t “act” like a celebrity

  16. Government Hooker

    Government Hooker2 일 전

    gaga has such good energy puts us all at her height because she knows we are all the same I love you ladydiosga

  17. James Churros

    James Churros2 일 전

    100% comments : LADY GAGA

  18. Evelyn Sanchez

    Evelyn Sanchez2 일 전

    my heart would go everywhere as well will my eyes if Lady Gaga made eye contact with me as she speaks to me. oh my Gaga oh my gaga

  19. Sofia Olvera

    Sofia Olvera2 일 전

    *Hi Nikki i love you 💕*

  20. Divinely Diana

    Divinely Diana2 일 전

    The way you stare at Gaga while she applies lipstick lol ❤️

  21. Jennifer K.

    Jennifer K.2 일 전

    I love Lady Gaga more and more the more I see of her. Same with Nikkie! 😍

  22. Music

    Music2 일 전

    Gaga pissed fool bitch i hate you

  23. MommyScientist

    MommyScientist2 일 전

    The Botox is distracting

  24. Fernando Guimarães

    Fernando Guimarães2 일 전

    O Brasil também está aqui!


    ANDOTTER3 일 전

    Rolig video men jag tycker inte det var något speciellt med sminkningen. Varken bu eller bä. Ganska ointressant tyvärr.

  26. Joula Ghn

    Joula Ghn3 일 전

    Omg ! Lady gaga talk alot 😱

  27. Belen Medina

    Belen Medina3 일 전

    Como que no le salio el maquillaje que paso... Se puso nerviosa oo

  28. Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS

    Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS3 일 전

    Nikki often put hints in her videos, this time her hair barrette is the hint

  29. Eloise Scaysbrook

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  30. weekendmanager

    weekendmanager3 일 전

    I'm not sure about the kindness of Amazon as a company.

  31. koankillz

    koankillz3 일 전

    Man, I wasn't breathing when Nikkie's putting down Gaga's liner too hahahaha

  32. Pirate Style Jutsu

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  33. Paris Brandt

    Paris Brandt3 일 전

    You did an AMAING job! Lady Gaga is one of my favorite artists and she looks as beautiful as ever! 🖤🖤

  34. Liza W.

    Liza W.3 일 전

    Gaga, brows are strong girl! Wow...holy brows

  35. Xgoddess

    Xgoddess3 일 전

    Omgggggg GAGA QUEEN

  36. Czarina Charters

    Czarina Charters3 일 전

    Am I the only one who would actually be down for a lady Gaga polka album?

  37. seerpou

    seerpou3 일 전

    the eyes were better without the eyeliner lady gaga asked for

  38. seerpou

    seerpou3 일 전

    lady gaga sounds like a mix of cher and mariah carey

  39. Bethanii Freedom

    Bethanii Freedom4 일 전

    I wish I can have the chance to wear Gagas make up ❤️❤️❤️ she’s my queen

  40. Lol Alrighty then

    Lol Alrighty then4 일 전

    Why her eye brows look like that

  41. Luly Make up

    Luly Make up4 일 전

    I love you Lady Gaga!


    DJ BLCKBRD4 일 전

    We don't deserve Nikkie nor Gaga...

  43. Natalie Loor

    Natalie Loor4 일 전

    I love her personality and nikkie is amazing I love her ❤️💞

  44. Liz Viotti

    Liz Viotti4 일 전

    Every year I remind people I have the same birth day as Gaga. I wrote her texts every March 28th for yeaaaars 😂. I just think she deserves SO MUCH to be where she's at. An incredible human being

  45. Xiomara Rodriguez Reyes

    Xiomara Rodriguez Reyes4 일 전

    Gosh, Gaga is such a lovely person.

  46. Sw-Jichumochi

    Sw-Jichumochi4 일 전

    4:06 😂😂😂😂

  47. chiara

    chiara4 일 전

    23:13 she just spoke in italian lol

  48. Liz Bartlette

    Liz Bartlette4 일 전

    Academy Award Winner Lady Gaga 💜

  49. Fur & Bruce

    Fur & Bruce4 일 전

    Lady Gaga doesn’t look like Lady Gaga here

  50. Forbiddencolours

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  51. KOHAKU

    KOHAKU4 일 전

    Meu inglês é muito fraco pra eu entender tudo oq elas estão dizendo, mas eu tô tentando, a maquiagem ficou incrível hahaha 💕

  52. leonard chiarini jr

    leonard chiarini jr4 일 전

    TRUMP 2020🇱🇷

  53. Flawless Mih

    Flawless Mih4 일 전


  54. no thx

    no thx4 일 전

    nikkis tongue looks like its bleeding I cant unsee it

  55. Irene's Alaskan life

    Irene's Alaskan life4 일 전

    OMG Love love your videos. Learned a lot before I start my youtube!!

  56. Ricardo Dias

    Ricardo Dias4 일 전

    Rebeca trans

  57. Iv i

    Iv i4 일 전

    Love uuuuuu

  58. Michelle Dixie Chick Slots

    Michelle Dixie Chick Slots4 일 전

    Lady Gaga is gorgeous I love her so much

  59. Dirgni Vafenelrahs Siagubaf

    Dirgni Vafenelrahs Siagubaf4 일 전

    I love gaga so much!!!

  60. Carl Antoniel

    Carl Antoniel4 일 전

    Lady gaga includes herself in "regular people" im starting to love her even more 😍😍😍 she's just so down to earth!!!

  61. Gwyn Isabella

    Gwyn Isabella4 일 전

    "Honey, you're Lady Gaga." I'm dead.

  62. Beautiful Woman

    Beautiful Woman4 일 전

    Lady Gaga reminds me so much of Joan Crawford