Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup


  1. James Charles

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  2. Abigayle Ruiz

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    James Charles

  3. Katie Portillo

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  4. Melina Brown

    Melina Brown일 전

    I'd pay James to do my makeup!

  5. Omer Eman

    Omer Eman일 전

    I love you James. Keep up

  6. Martha Enright

    Martha Enright일 전

    I love you

  7. Suzy Phom

    Suzy Phom17 분 전

    I love THIS Kylie! The interview type set up she’s in, are bad. Not in a bad way. Just like bad from nervousness maybe? Or worrying about saying the wrong thing. But casual made things like this? You can see Kylie. Well spoken and intelligent, playful, and so sweet! Love this!

  8. Maryama Barry

    Maryama Barry시간 전

    I only know Kylie bc of *is that a chicken?*

  9. Jasmine Jimenez

    Jasmine Jimenez시간 전

    I love yuo

  10. Chanel Hanna

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    You like making such a nice makeup❤❤❤❤

  11. antonette balolong

    antonette balolong7 시간 전

    Sister James really look like Dua Lipa!

  12. Spaghetti and Octagons

    Spaghetti and Octagons8 시간 전

    who's kylie jenner

  13. Danytza CatLover

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    11:10 😂😂😂😂

  14. Yoongi el azukitarSwag

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    por que el título del vídeo está en español? 👈😵😂

  15. lilboibluej619

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    Kylie is so chill Travis a lucky guy

  16. The Hasto’s

    The Hasto’s9 시간 전

    i really want to know if shes that chill in real ife

  17. kim David

    kim David10 시간 전

    you would look hot as a boy

  18. Itz Ari

    Itz Ari10 시간 전

    I am sister shook🤩

  19. SassyBriPham

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    I'm so sister spooked!!!

  20. Kylie Galdamez

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    My name is Kylie

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  22. Estie Sanchez

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  23. mayumi

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    if i had a dollar for every time kylie winked id be richer than kylie

  24. priscilla valentino

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    kendall next plss lol

  25. yOuR nOt mY dAd

    yOuR nOt mY dAd16 시간 전

    Who knew that Kylie would ever have a pimple 💀

  26. Claudia Murguia

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    I love u so much

  27. Grimaldia Madeira

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    I am your sister

  28. Zulekha Doud

    Zulekha Doud18 시간 전

    Why does Kylie look like a Barbie doll?

  29. Zdravka Koleva

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  30. Rita Away

    Rita Away20 시간 전

    Я поняла кого они мне напоминают... Марьяна Ро и Игорь Синяк!

  31. makeup intoozias

    makeup intoozias21 시간 전

    I love Kylie Jenner

  32. Asik Min

    Asik Min21 시간 전

    ooo русские субтитры 😊🌸

  33. Victor Botelho

    Victor Botelho21 시간 전

    The nails of him is so beautiful, omg

  34. Makenna Sanders

    Makenna Sanders21 시간 전

    My mom's name is stormie

  35. Aidee Velez

    Aidee Velez22 시간 전

    I think nobody is thinking this but I think it is #couplegoals

  36. es

    es22 시간 전

    kylie is so beautiful without makeup

  37. Jojo Siwak

    Jojo Siwak22 시간 전

    Kylie actually seems sweet...

  38. Rebecca Gruber

    Rebecca Gruber23 시간 전

    sister kylie looks so genuinely happy here and she seems so nice and people need to stop giving her sm shade

  39. Shaira Mariana

    Shaira Mariana23 시간 전

    Yo toda feliz porque eso hijuepuercas sub. Funcionaban Y después no sé que le paso a esa mierda y dejo de funcionar no entendi esta maricada pero lo amé.

  40. Ruby Shtino

    Ruby Shtino일 전

    You should grow out a beard

  41. Aleah Miller

    Aleah Miller일 전

    17:16 *Why is no one talking about this?*

  42. Maximus Ballidius Ballardus

    Maximus Ballidius Ballardus일 전

    didnt realise how egoistical celebrity's really are

  43. Ariana Elena

    Ariana Elena일 전

    You should do Ariana Grande's make.up

  44. Alexis Newingham

    Alexis Newingham일 전


  45. 유댕댕

    유댕댕일 전

    It is very good!!

  46. Rachael Geoghegan

    Rachael Geoghegan일 전

    Actually love yous together 💞💞💞💞

  47. Rachael Geoghegan

    Rachael Geoghegan일 전

    This is the most entertaining video of all time

  48. Naomi Avelino leal

    Naomi Avelino leal일 전

    Liky si en tiendes y hablas él español👍👍

  49. ELIZO 14

    ELIZO 14일 전

    Wyglondasz jak dziewczyna

  50. I'm JungShook

    I'm JungShook일 전

    When James Charles does better makeup than you and your a girl :/

  51. Paola Solis

    Paola Solis일 전

    She looks so different than In pictures wtf??

  52. Nr Aun

    Nr Aun일 전

    Literally the best vid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Savannah Rojo

    Savannah Rojo일 전

    Your so fast and fabulous!!!💕💕💕💕

  54. dei bou

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  55. Stormi Guzman

    Stormi Guzman일 전

    *looks away for a minute* “how's sister stormi” I got so confused I said why did they say my name 💀

  56. I_am_that_one_dude #_#

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    anybody wanna be online friends? dm me @_supernatural.exposure_ thats my insta btw

  57. I_am_that_one_dude #_#

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  58. Millie Zilla

    Millie Zilla일 전

    When someone asks Kim or Kendall me: Kylie Jenner

  59. Tui Davidson

    Tui Davidson일 전

    Kylie reminds me of inquisitor master. Who else agrees?

  60. Dat Boi

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  61. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi일 전

    god among gays

  62. SCR

    SCR일 전

    Where is the other video with kylie that you said you were gonna post? 😊😊😊

  63. Elisheva Desser

    Elisheva Desser일 전

    is she christian?? That would be so cool omggg

  64. Say Gabby

    Say Gabby일 전

    Wait so what is the second video

  65. Kayliah Cabrimol

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  66. Erin Graham

    Erin Graham일 전

    Wow Kylie was slaying it well done sister

  67. Grace Monaghan

    Grace Monaghan일 전

    10:00 she’s so jokey I love it😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  68. Gamer Unicorn

    Gamer Unicorn일 전

    Sister spooky

  69. ihann wong gacitúa

    ihann wong gacitúa일 전

    Se parece a Joaquín puto amo xdxdxd

  70. jwatwater

    jwatwater일 전

    Y'all, hear me out, she's like... the name brand Tana. Like... No shade, but she's like Tana but like... Better. OK, I got to go.

  71. 이선민

    이선민일 전

    you look cute together

  72. Sarah Muanza

    Sarah Muanza일 전

    For me Kylie look a little bit like Danielle Cohn😅

  73. Trash Person

    Trash Person일 전

    Queen! I never really liked Kylie Jenner, but I hoped you had fun!

  74. Kim dianne Asunio

    Kim dianne Asunio일 전

    I love how Kylie being talkative here 😍

  75. Anyi

    Anyi일 전

    Kylie Jenner se le nota un granito en la quijada

  76. Iris Reynolds

    Iris Reynolds2 일 전

    I'm new to this channel so..Hi sisters.

  77. thank u, next

    thank u, next2 일 전

    Czemu jest po polsku?

  78. // Leti //

    // Leti //2 일 전

    I can’t stand her

  79. Lala. Monaria

    Lala. Monaria2 일 전

    Cudnie i klimatycznie

  80. Natalia Dickson

    Natalia Dickson2 일 전

    James when is the other video with you and Kylie coming out??

  81. OhMyGawd REALLY

    OhMyGawd REALLY2 일 전

    Oo, Kylie looks so amazing in that red hoodie! ❤️

  82. Rafin_ Reza

    Rafin_ Reza2 일 전

    Are you male or female orr ...?

  83. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular일 전

    Rafin_ Reza he’s a guy..

  84. E Gaming

    E Gaming2 일 전

    Kok kaya bencong ya

  85. Robloxgamer2 2

    Robloxgamer2 22 일 전

    The word sister makes me suicial

  86. miryam carriel

    miryam carriel2 일 전

    algún latino? :v

  87. Kim Aleman

    Kim Aleman2 일 전

    We got to see the other side of Kylie. Btw I love the makeup

  88. Kali Welch

    Kali Welch2 일 전

    Luv you James 😘👌❤️

  89. Chjggg Ffhffgh

    Chjggg Ffhffgh2 일 전

    Hi Sisters

  90. maria fernanda

    maria fernanda2 일 전

    OMG su intro es igual a la de pautips si hablas español me entenderas

  91. maria fernanda

    maria fernanda2 일 전

    Soy la unica que habla español

  92. Anne elise Baty

    Anne elise Baty2 일 전

    Love this look 😍

  93. faby _?

    faby _?2 일 전

    Kylie la mejor

  94. Grace He

    Grace He2 일 전

    Kylie's foundation got onto her hair....Idk why it bothered me so much...I literally was staring at it the whole time

  95. Jackie Lenchitsky

    Jackie Lenchitsky2 일 전


  96. Kylee Harwood

    Kylee Harwood2 일 전

    Kylie's so quiet. I never really watched her in anything.

  97. Ella Schultz

    Ella Schultz2 일 전

    where did the first video that was to be released go?

  98. izzy carson

    izzy carson2 일 전

    kylie is so pretty

  99. Kylee Davis

    Kylee Davis2 일 전

    Hi Kylie i am Kylee My best friend is Chloe so we are apparently famous!!!I LOVE YOU AND YOUR MY INSPIRATION

  100. Gavin Hether

    Gavin Hether2 일 전

    Such an iconic video! And I feel so bad for what happened to the video

  101. Random Gaming

    Random Gaming2 일 전

    Piss off

  102. Makenna and Sophie

    Makenna and Sophie2 일 전

    if James was a straight guy I would 100℅ ship Kylie and James

  103. Nothing in Particular

    Nothing in Particular일 전

    Nyla Em stfu

  104. Makenna and Sophie

    Makenna and Sophie2 일 전

    Nyla Em I said IF

  105. Nyla Em

    Nyla Em2 일 전

    Makenna and Sophie Straight guys don’t wear makeup and talk like shit, so I wouldn’t ship shit

  106. ramsrun armajo

    ramsrun armajo2 일 전

    This is like James's most viewed video because of Kylie Jenner Loves It 💅🏿 #KyliePower

  107. juan albakri

    juan albakri2 일 전

    Someone's in love I ship them Jaily or kames

  108. Sophie !

    Sophie !3 일 전

    23M views wow