Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup


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    SISTERS! I’m nominated for a People’s Choice Award & I need your help to vote! We got this in the bag. 😉🔥 Click & vote for me up to 25 times a day, & tell your sisters too!! 💞 love you all so so so much

  2. Leahn.23 _unhill

    Leahn.23 _unhill4 시간 전

    Hey I wish I could

  3. Tracy’s Vlogs

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    James Charles do you know if Kendall and Kylie are going to do another prank thing for Halloween

  4. Emily Brock

    Emily Brock일 전

    James Charles 😉 you’ve got this in the bag😊

  5. Blanca Vasquez

    Blanca Vasquez2 일 전

    Kylie jenner is so cute

  6. Sara Madit

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  7. Skarlett Rojas

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    tohjisf tergslao wirtend mibasd OKEY NO WEY ALV HABLO ESPAÑOL:v like si eres latinooo!!!

  8. Alexandra Patsos

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    Looks raddddd

  9. Xx_ Ab_xX

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    Zeigt das wir deutsche sind

  10. Casey Mae

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    Omg I looked at the sub count then 5 minuets later it was 2k up!!!!!

  11. Estelle Payet

    Estelle Payet3 시간 전

    She has absolutely no expression on her face ! It is so creepy !

  12. LiiivinTheLife 1

    LiiivinTheLife 13 시간 전

    James: *is sitting next to Kylie Jenner, she does something that annoys him* James: ExcUsE mE

  13. Toshi Buff

    Toshi Buff3 시간 전

    sometimes she looks like drew barrymore

  14. Bergmanpanther3

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    Sister James you have 18 million views

  15. Anas Alhamad

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    Beat ?

  16. The Peach

    The Peach3 시간 전

    Kylie: talking...~ James: *Ah love that*

  17. cantik glam

    cantik glam3 시간 전

    Kylie looked really beautiful here and she looked young😍 like i mean she didnt look like a 40 yr old woman with to much filler and botox (like she looked before)

  18. Nabil Al Youtubi

    Nabil Al Youtubi3 시간 전

    Y’all kept interrupting each other talking 19:03 bro you hurt her

  19. clara volmer

    clara volmer4 시간 전

    Love this makeup!! I probably doing this for halloween

  20. IG: aaliyahasani SC:nini _aal

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    Most viewed video 18M and still counting.. best sisters vibing 🔥🔥

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    Congrats on the 18 sister million!!!!!

  22. Shahed Sofo

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    Is james Charles a boy or a girl?

  23. Cheeseburger-life !!!

    Cheeseburger-life !!!4 시간 전

    Sooooo much plastic in her face I can smell it from here


    X LEXIALISSA X4 시간 전

    hii sisterssssssss

  25. Divya Gupta

    Divya Gupta4 시간 전

    I would name her seven daughters and one are some examples........Clanna, Hanna, Flanna And already Stormi, Stunni, Lulli, Whona, Clanninini, Fifcalici, Punnina, Cooca, Hannapuchicalifi, Canna, Shexy, Slexy, Flexy, PruPru and the boys..........Jordiannacali, Hellacani, East, Cleast, Shona yep a lot of names😂😂😂😂

  26. Tragic

    Tragic4 시간 전

    so that just happened x

  27. Dead living Doll

    Dead living Doll4 시간 전

    I dont usually care for kylie but she seems so much more confident after getting Stormi

  28. Ali’s World

    Ali’s World4 시간 전

    Kylie Jenner’s makeup was sister splendid

  29. holly kate

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  30. Mia Flint

    Mia Flint4 시간 전

    I am so proud you have gotten this far James. LOVE U SISTER ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Hannah B.x.o

    Hannah B.x.o5 시간 전

    secret life of kylie jenner... coming soon feat. James Charles and Kylie Jenner

  32. Chloe Moran

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  33. Milena Garcia

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    James is not first person she collab she collab Gigi gorgeous

  34. Blue Fantom

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    james charles just trying to get on that pr list ma boyzz

  35. 2021 - Adrien Williams

    2021 - Adrien Williams5 시간 전

    omg quuuuuuens u fricken slay

  36. kauthar davids

    kauthar davids5 시간 전

    if uwanna wear makeup then do surgery and be a girl

  37. me too

    me too5 시간 전


  38. Selena Sanchez

    Selena Sanchez6 시간 전

    yasssss queen

  39. Stevie meh

    Stevie meh6 시간 전

    Yassssss gurl...

  40. Queen jisoo

    Queen jisoo6 시간 전

    what is PR?

  41. geneva on the map*

    geneva on the map*7 시간 전

    I'm no huge fan of James Charles but seeing him successful makes me so happy and actually gives me hope!

  42. Danielle Klinko

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  43. Disha Is a carat

    Disha Is a carat7 시간 전

    kylie is so adorable and cute :(

  44. Elena Brennan

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  45. رزان N

    رزان N7 시간 전

    اشكالهم تضحك 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔

  46. ÁINE and Aoife

    ÁINE and Aoife8 시간 전

    James is literally hanging out with a billionaire who could buy him

  47. Becky Sanders

    Becky Sanders8 시간 전

    *ignores kylie and gigi’s video together*

  48. Merve Nur

    Merve Nur9 시간 전

    Tr altyazı gördüğüm en kötü çeviri olabilir hiç çevirmeseniz daha iyiydi

  49. Vicky .9x

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    Y’all this’s cute

  50. Amelia Akunor

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    slay sister

  51. jungoo seagull

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    1.1M Likes Shisters!!!!!!

  52. alex the Pumpkinhead

    alex the Pumpkinhead9 시간 전

    Is this real?!?!?!

  53. Sadiya Rahman

    Sadiya Rahman10 시간 전

    She has foundation on her hair

  54. Curls & Bags

    Curls & Bags10 시간 전

    She seems such a sweetheart, reserved but sweet! :) Loved this look on her!

  55. Emily Albone

    Emily Albone10 시간 전

    James I love you so much! You are amazing, as I’m going through a hard time right now with anxiety but watching you makes me feel so much better 💗🌎💘

  56. It's Olive

    It's Olive11 시간 전

    This video is everything. I love you James, don’t let haters bring ya down. You shine bright like a diamond 💎

  57. D E P P R E S S E I S H

    D E P P R E S S E I S H11 시간 전

    I almost forgot that the next generation of Kardashians /Jenners is black

  58. Dead Boi

    Dead Boi11 시간 전

    **inaudible angry mumbling**

  59. playlist playlist

    playlist playlist11 시간 전

    Wtf you look perfect in the tumbnail

  60. Dubu Dahyunie

    Dubu Dahyunie11 시간 전

    Queens of promoting themselves!!

  61. seduction raw

    seduction raw11 시간 전

    I'm just here to see how the skull turns out

  62. Love Is great

    Love Is great12 시간 전

    *Happy spooky halloween sister!!11*

  63. Baby Vuvu

    Baby Vuvu12 시간 전

    Omg James is so talented

  64. Effie Mawlong

    Effie Mawlong12 시간 전

    I love you!!you're so talented!

  65. KillerKingKevin

    KillerKingKevin12 시간 전

    Kylie Trooper!😂

  66. KillerKingKevin

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    I'm a dude who has nothing to do with makeup and these 2, but I still watch these videos because they keep popping up in my list😂

  67. Rainbow Girl

    Rainbow Girl12 시간 전

    내가 사랑 하는 그것 너무 귀여운!

  68. Dinima Sharma

    Dinima Sharma12 시간 전

    makeup on

  69. Maka Albarn

    Maka Albarn13 시간 전

    Kylie's eyes say "Help me"

  70. Tiffany True

    Tiffany True15 시간 전

    Dude you look so creepy looking just staring at the camera

  71. oLogical YT

    oLogical YT16 시간 전

    Bitch? WTF?!

  72. Ruby Birchall

    Ruby Birchall16 시간 전

    The crying scene was probably the most extra thing I've ever seen, but I still love you James 🤣😂

  73. Class Dismissed

    Class Dismissed17 시간 전

    I'm concerned with how orange James is in this video

  74. Sophie Harris

    Sophie Harris17 시간 전

    My last two brain cells

  75. Samantha Ron

    Samantha Ron17 시간 전

    I freaking love this glam skull!!

  76. Мad Нaттer

    Мad Нaттer18 시간 전

    Kylie is such a baddie and an iconic queen 👑

  77. hashtagbeautyyy

    hashtagbeautyyy18 시간 전


  78. Linda flores

    Linda flores18 시간 전

    She absolutely gorgeous I swear 😍💕

  79. Karena Anderson

    Karena Anderson18 시간 전

    Kylie Jenner, You are SO pretty ♡♡♡

  80. HI Low

    HI Low18 시간 전

    James and Kylie's collaboration is the best! 💕


    MIKE JONES18 시간 전

    I would smah James though

  82. Kadisha Christie

    Kadisha Christie19 시간 전

    U Kylie haters are like "ugh! I hate her so much, let's c what she's doing in this vid" * watches vid in its entirety. Then ur like "ok that video sucked and she sucks!... Let's c what's going on in her life" then you go on Google, insta, Twitter n snap n just increase her fame n fortune.. You haters are her money makers!! Ha ha.

  83. Yesenia Trejo

    Yesenia Trejo19 시간 전

    I think he could’ve came up with something better.

  84. Dream Baby lala

    Dream Baby lala19 시간 전

    Kim has left the chat

  85. Innaxx 3

    Innaxx 319 시간 전

    Sylvia Gani did it better then James Charles

  86. Dream Baby lala

    Dream Baby lala19 시간 전

    Pumpkin sister cinnamon sister spice sister Ok ill admit it........ I WANT STARBUCKSSS😜😜🍵 LOL

  87. addison white

    addison white19 시간 전

    Make a slime video, please#SISTERFORLIFE❤💕💋

  88. Jeff Da Pig

    Jeff Da Pig19 시간 전

    We Love a spooky sister 😍😉

  89. The awesome Narwhals

    The awesome Narwhals19 시간 전

    Omg my name is Kylie and it’s spelled the same way!

  90. Shannon Lynn

    Shannon Lynn20 시간 전

    Oh my gosh I love Kylie ❤️

  91. amanda colberg

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  92. Kiki Ming

    Kiki Ming20 시간 전

    How is James so calm around Kylie Jenner??😂😂 If that was me I would be like so nervous!!!😂😂

  93. Marci Carrera

    Marci Carrera20 시간 전

    OCT12th MY BDAY

  94. Tae Dae

    Tae Dae20 시간 전

    Pause at 10:55 😩😂

  95. Alexa Gaming

    Alexa Gaming20 시간 전

    i can't be the only one that ships Kylie and James.

  96. ##Banana Hanna##

    ##Banana Hanna##20 시간 전

    Shister Kylie ish a shister shkeleton

  97. Simar Dhillon

    Simar Dhillon20 시간 전

    People act like Kylie is a brat and diva but Kylie is like one of the nicest people ever

  98. Lucid dreams ღ

    Lucid dreams ღ20 시간 전

    You and kylie are some super stylish sisters

  99. Fatima Garcia

    Fatima Garcia20 시간 전

    Greatest collaboration ever

  100. Eduardo Alvarado

    Eduardo Alvarado20 시간 전

    How much do you charge?

  101. edgar sanchez

    edgar sanchez21 시간 전

    this made me see the diff side of kylie jenner bc i thought she was rude and mean and all those things but now she is a angel and i am happy

  102. Livia Katie

    Livia Katie21 시간 전

    Her lack of moving her face when she talks makes me really uncomfortable for some reason

  103. Avacado Boi

    Avacado Boi21 시간 전

    Why do boys like to be girls

  104. fantabulous me

    fantabulous me21 시간 전

    James probably chose to do a skeleton just so he could say sister skeleton😂

  105. Kimberley Rivera

    Kimberley Rivera21 시간 전

    The way she had a lysp or whatever makes me triggered ngl😭but hi