Doing Jenna Marbles' Makeup


  1. BayLee Wright

    BayLee Wright18 시간 전

    Rewatched this video and honestly the eye shadow is so gorgeous on her. The purple makes her eyes pop so beautifully. Its weird seeing her with so much lip stick and face stuff, but the eyes look killer. And the brows lol.

  2. Sarah Whitt

    Sarah Whitt일 전

    Jenna is everything

  3. Rayanne Curry

    Rayanne Curry일 전

    Is that a safety pin in his ear

  4. Aydin Eyikan

    Aydin Eyikan일 전

    LOVE this!!!! ❤️

  5. Clorox bleach

    Clorox bleach일 전


  6. Jennifer Gonzales

    Jennifer Gonzales2 일 전

    Regardless Jenna is freaking BEAUTIFUL

  7. Rhonald Neitzel

    Rhonald Neitzel3 일 전

    In the thumbnail she be lookin like Bella Thorne

  8. Emily Mintern

    Emily Mintern4 일 전

    Omg Jenna is so right about all the 2014 beauty gurus with there onsuit bathrooms 😂

  9. Bella

    Bella4 일 전

    I thought she was emma in the thumbnail wtf

  10. Maliika Gayle

    Maliika Gayle5 일 전

    17:18 I DIIIEEDDD🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Leøtie Lüna

    Leøtie Lüna5 일 전

    I love your videos but they're really quiet and hard to hear

  12. animezoney

    animezoney6 일 전

    Is Jenna wearing a matching shirt under her sweater?

  13. Anna Med

    Anna Med3 일 전


  14. animezoney

    animezoney6 일 전

    "What's the difference between going viral then and now?" Ad plays right on cue

  15. Tessa Marie

    Tessa Marie7 일 전

    I’m from syracuse NY 😂

  16. Backstabbath1994

    Backstabbath19947 일 전

    i subscribed because he did jenna's makeup and thats so cool

  17. PKNyan

    PKNyan8 일 전

    But them dogs are uglier than jacksfilms cute dogs

  18. Cece King

    Cece King9 일 전

    at 28:17 jenna looks like she is in little mix or 5th harmony in like the best way possible!

  19. VoodooDoll

    VoodooDoll9 일 전

    OMG how come i never saw this. I watched her makeup attempt

  20. The Artist with a DREAM

    The Artist with a DREAM9 일 전

    Two way different energies in one place

  21. Liana Gadayev

    Liana Gadayev9 일 전

    he was so pissed with her and he tried to stay calm for so long lmao

  22. Merlin's Mama

    Merlin's Mama10 일 전

    Jenna looks gorgeous! I have to say though, it's unfair that James is a boy but is prettier than most girls!!💖

  23. Gabriella Comito

    Gabriella Comito10 일 전

    The eye look really brings out her eyes!!!!

  24. Nat 1

    Nat 111 일 전

    does anyone know what lashes James is wearing? I'm obsessed

  25. Jules & Lucky

    Jules & Lucky11 일 전

    I was born in rochester ny and moved to albany ny when i was 5 and lived there till i was 13

  26. Preston Watches

    Preston Watches11 일 전

    She looks so uncomfortable

  27. Marlo Orbaker

    Marlo Orbaker11 일 전

    Omg both of u are from where i am! I am from Geneva, NY but moved to Texas 18 Yrs ago !

  28. Skxrlxt

    Skxrlxt11 일 전

    23:23 The black lashes make him look like a literal demon.

  29. Dark Nexus

    Dark Nexus11 일 전

    She',s way too humble for tin oriented ppl.

  30. Eonn

    Eonn11 일 전

    Not shade I feel like I'm watching the beauty guru equivalent of Hot Ones with Jenna Marbles.

  31. Lana young

    Lana young11 일 전


  32. Lana young

    Lana young11 일 전


  33. Shauna Cheatham

    Shauna Cheatham11 일 전

    “So famous” 😂

  34. Olive Brown

    Olive Brown11 일 전

    This is Wholesome

  35. Olive Brown

    Olive Brown11 일 전

    I love Jenna. She's just so down to Earth

  36. Username

    Username11 일 전

    gross 🤢

  37. Hogni Red-Arm

    Hogni Red-Arm12 일 전

    I had a watermelon named marbles once. He got out of the yard and was hit by a car. (In the aaaaarms of an aAaAngel)

  38. Neil Lates

    Neil Lates12 일 전

    I grew up in Buffalo

  39. Youtubekanal 0815

    Youtubekanal 081512 일 전

    Uff... watching this now, is kinda painful.

  40. Кирилл Лунегов

    Кирилл Лунегов12 일 전


  41. Renee Lorenz

    Renee Lorenz12 일 전

    what lipstick are you wearing James I love it