Doctor Reacts to John Oliver | Last Week Tonight: Bias in Medicine


  1. eXtremeLover1

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    "Yes you are right But we have to look at it from different perspective".This is what i saw in this video-Yes this study is right but....and yes this studi have some points but...And yea-the diference between unbiased by race or age or sex and Doctor is MONEY.You can be a shrimp who FEELS unwell and you will be treated by the best shrimp doctor in the universe if you have money.If you dont have money you are just black woman with no social security no savings no assets to be taken You are basically no one.

  2. Kendra VanBurkleo

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    I went to the clinic 4 times in a few months for chest pain. They said it was anxiety and put me on antidepressants. I almost died from coronary artery disease. A triple bypass was neccessary. So, yes. Fucking bias. Women are hysterical.

  3. Kim Harding

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    Thank you, this was a phenomenal presentation. You’re good, Dr. Mike... youuuu’re good! 😎

  4. Tina Doutreloux

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    I’m sorry but is this a joke ? “We don’t know why women aren’t getting as many knee replacement as men” seriously ?? It’s a sexism thing ?? Like how women will often hear that we “exaggerate” symptoms ? You literally just said it’s a sex thing

  5. Péter Szabó

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    I hate the fact that John Oliver is just about providing an agenda for which he is happy to forget facts that don't supports his claims (socioeconomical status, hours worked, geography, actual sexual/racial differences). I would like his jokes, if he was intellectually honest...

  6. Jennifer

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    my friends are constantly sharing stories with me that they are TOLD that they're not being prescribed the medicine that fits best because "they have street value". my friend who is hispanic was told this when he was told he couldn't get adhd medicine. my friend who was pregnant and black was left untreated for eclampsia until she almost died on the table from blood loss

  7. Jennifer

    Jennifer일 전

    you keep saying 20 years from now we'll get a lot better... that's not really comforting

  8. D an Newman

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    i think men are treated extremely unequally to women name one example when a man was treated through childbirth sexism at its finest

  9. Jeanine Melhado-Harrington

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    I have had Lupus for. 43 years. That last woman had lupus which you neglected to speak on. I am A Caribbean American living in a city outside of Manhattan. Our hospitals are supposed to be the best!!! However, your skin color with lupus can be a major problem!! I was called a frequent flyer. However, my conditions are very serious, I have seizures, Antiphoshilipidantibody syndrome, rhumetoid arthritis, severe allergies to medications. some times I break out for No reason!! One Dr didn't believe me. I told him I'm allergic to contrast. They nearly killed me because they think that I was exaggerating about my allergies to Tylenol, Ibuprofen,& morphine! They gave me morphine and my body went bizerk! They had to put me on a ventilator over Tylenol!! I had to stay overnight because of contrast!! There was a time I was on opiods. My doctor, faked my urine test and it said I had methamphetamines in my body. I don't live in a neighborhood where there is access to such a drug!! In fact our mayor had done a great job on the drug and gang issue. Idon't know the meaning of not being in pain.I also have had pericarditis...blood clots, Believe me when I say, I go through Four eppi pens a year. I was patient zero in NYC for Asprin related rheys syndrome as a child!! I was in a coma for four months! I have become allergic to meds that help me. I'm very well educated about my illnesses. I watched my Mom die at my age. I'm 50. My last experience in a Hospital...where they dumped me physically out of a bed even though I told the Dr. I have a history of pericarditis and blood clots. And I didn't have my wheel chair. The next day , I went to a different hospital and ended up in ICU with pericarditis and pnumonia. East Indian Drs are plentiful and they tend to treat people like cattle. Such as myself are especially treated badly. I'm not supposed to know anything! Then I finally was let out and I told the Dr. I have really foul diarrhea. Once again , I knew what was wrong, yet the Dr refused to believe me. I had to call a supervisor!! I said I have cdiff and I was breaking out in hives. My lupus is all over my face. I can barely walk but yet I am treated like a monster. Oh and don't be over educated!! Cause you are marked for life!! So, I no longer take any meds for my lupus, only thing I take is seizure meds and a muscle relaxer for pain. It feels as if I'm laying in a ball of fire. The E.R doc told me, this is no place for you, you are chronic. Like ,just go somewhere and die. They sent psychologist and psychiatrists to me. I have a degree in psychology.!! The system is broken. My people at livingwithlupusonedayatatime /Facebook will tell you! Lupus is no joke! It's like being slowly poisoned and nobody cares because the lady in the next bed dripping in gold gets Dilaudid for a U.T.I...and if I scream not fair...I am considered belligerent and rude!! #TheGuruWarrior I need to teach a sensitivity class!! One last thing and this really opened up a young e.r Drs eyes...he came to me bowed( he's Asian) and said how do you do it? How do you deal with me and my colleagues when we tell you such horrible things. It was not until he got the disease as a Dr did he then begun to realize how awful my life really is!! Even saying and showing his credentials as a Dr didn't matter, the e.r Dr taking care of him dismissed him. He cried to me, appologized and asked me what to do.? I felt so bad. I told him to educate the people about this issue, stop talking so loud in the e.r and calling people with serious conditions; frequent flyers...not nice!! I most of all told him to become our advocate, because some of us really need these opiods. I locked mine up in a pixus...gave the combo to my aunt. I never over took anything. Did you know that after ten years And no way to get another Dr...I a lone warrior weaned myself off, having several seizures and never went to the hospital!! I almost died. I left specific instructions for my family to NOT take me to the hospital. Lupus is no life to lead. Yet , I inspire people everyday. From my bed! I hope this inspires you to step up. 😢✊🏽🙏🏽

  10. ScalyLayde

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    I have had so many consistent bad experiences with doctors that it stresses me out immensely to seek medical care and I am very likely to put it off or ignore it. I've been sexually harassed, dismissed, disbelieved, and more by doctors throughout my life. I finally found some providers I trust well enough and I always go with a friend. I wish all doctors were like you, it would make me more comfortable seeking medical care.

  11. RunRunRun1901

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    Even if maternal mortality wasn’t accurately measured in the U.S. because of our death certificates, how does that justify our rate relative to other countries? It only justifies the apparent (but not actual increase) in the US stats

  12. Mike Granato

    Mike Granato일 전

    Finally a social media Allopathic medical Doctor has an honest and nuanced look at the literature on this subject. As an evidence-based Chiro student and literature junky, I’m extremely happy with this level of understanding of the medical landscape. We’re making great strides, but the lay population must also understand that not only does the education generally lag behind the research by almost 5-10 years, but there are generational gaps in knowledge and framework of views between physicians. Some of my professors hold outdated ideas. Some of my friends in traditional med school, even one of whom attends a top 10 school, has professors holding outdated and potentially damaging ideas. These are systematic issues, but it’s clear we’re making incremental progress in some areas and leaps and bounds in others. The overall trend is promising and deserving of cautious hope. Awesome video Dr Mike, subbed

  13. RobertAngus German

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    You are a racist . Watch this video

  14. Natasha Blaise

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    I agreed with everything until he said that maybe the black community was dying at a higher rate because of low grade hospitals that don't wan't to prescribe medicine because that black community has a higher opiod addiction than the white community. I personally know privileged white house moms that have a pill addiction but it's not an issue because they don't have to work and can hide their addiction and are considered "outstanding members in the society"..... >:-(

  15. Julia Redmond

    Julia Redmond2 일 전

    I know this reaction comes from a good place but it really just kind of glossed over institutional racism and sexism. Mike is saying that we need to focus on “systemic” issues rather than getting caught up in bias, but systemic issues are because of racism and sexism.

  16. Dee Roberts

    Dee Roberts2 일 전

    If that doctor wasn't general practice, but a specialist, it WASN'T his job to tell her what was wrong with her, but what wasn't.

  17. Selma Lee

    Selma Lee2 일 전

    Very true when you have bad experiences to makes you not want to go back. Here are some misdiagnosed things my family has gone through at our local hospital Diagnosed depression- heart failure (she had already had 3 prior open heart surgeries) Diagnosed to be put on psychiatric hold- septic Diagnosed depression- lupus w/crest syndrome (she thought she was having a allergic reaction to bactrum)

  18. No Names

    No Names2 일 전

    This video is great. Im so happy that you spoke out abput correlation not equaling causation. Im a fan of john olivers but a big issue with him and other commentators like him is they often say correlation equals causation and no additional findings need to be made actions just need to be taken.

  19. Karan Sreedhar

    Karan Sreedhar3 일 전

    I'm not even 1% American but wow that was really informative and fun to watch. You have really good content. Good job.

  20. Jen Cannon

    Jen Cannon3 일 전

    As a person with Daily Chronic Migraine, I have definitely been treated like a drug-seeker and it is disgusting.

  21. Tommy Culver

    Tommy Culver3 일 전

    You should see the way rural Appalachians get treated! It would almost make you want to give up.

  22. 39amelia39

    39amelia393 일 전

    This video upsets me because its a white man critisizing a white man for addressing issues in medicine for women and non-whites. Secondly he blames the female patients for consistently being bad at describing their pain, and blaming black people living in bad neighbourhoods, and not having insurance to explain why Wanda Sykes only got Ibuprofen. WANDA SYKES. Wake up bro. Its racism. Its sexism. Stop defending it. "Were never gonna figure out this gap" okay bro, fine, dont listen. Oh and knowing your gonna look back on today in 20 years and consider current practices barbaric, but yet its not a real problem for you? This whole video was, and you nailed it, uncomfortable to watch.

  23. Maverick5588

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    18 female and only 3 male? Why is that good that it is so far from 50/50?

  24. Steve Jovan

    Steve Jovan3 일 전

    Wait a doctor is talking about public policy? What on earth does he know about any of this? Being a medical doctor has nothing to do with HC policy. He has never done anything akin to such studies. Why is he talking about this??

  25. Spencer Williams

    Spencer Williams3 일 전

    I remember the episode of ‘scrubs’ where bob kelso talks to his colleague about how he is always going to seminars and conventions and buying the newest research not because it’s a hobby but because if he doesn’t keep up he’ll be left behind and that’ll put the patients at an unnecessary risk of death

  26. jediman05

    jediman053 일 전

    I believe that headline in the Economist about the closing gap in life expectancy between black and white men is actually related to a lower life expectancy among white men due to the opioid epidemic across many parts of the country

  27. TJ Acree

    TJ Acree3 일 전

    Ive gotten the same for being homeless. Neurology clinic treated me like a number

  28. Alexander Brandt

    Alexander Brandt3 일 전

    "That type of diversity is really good for medicine"... that's not diversity? why would being almost all women be 'diversity'?? I don't think it's a problem that it's almost all women, but that's still a weird thing to say.

  29. Lisa G

    Lisa G3 일 전

    I wish doctors and the media would stop referring to the “American Healthcare System”. We don’t have a healthcare system. We have healthcare providers and hospital systems and insurance companies. This does not make a system because it does not provide coordinated care.

  30. Liliana Isabel

    Liliana Isabel3 일 전

    sometimes I forget how hot he is just by how smart he is.

  31. Emma Davenport

    Emma Davenport4 일 전

    I when to the ER 2 weeks ago because it was 6pm and the docters office was closed and I had a temp of 99.5 and had flu symptoms and when I get the flu I usually get pneumonia so I just wanted to make sure that I was okay to go back to work the following Monday and they told me I had allergies they gave me a holler Jean medication and the next morning I had to go back to the ER cuz I was literally coughing up my inside and they told me I had pneumonia I just thought that the doctors didn't study enough but my husband had heard them talk outside of the room that I look too young to know my own health I'm 21 yeas old and have had the flu 7 or 8 times because I grew up in a anti-vax family but as soon as I moved out I didn't know what kind of medications to take and I got my first flu shot and I must have gotten this one to late

  32. DrunkenRobot

    DrunkenRobot2 일 전

    The ER charged me $2k for testing me for the flu and giving me IV. I'm quite literally never going back again.

  33. xen1313

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    Where is the Bias for Opioids coming from? That's easy, the misguided idea that black communities are filled with drug addicts and dealers, thanks to a racist war on drugs.

  34. treasure wuji

    treasure wuji4 일 전

    There is another John Oliver you can react to.

  35. Misha HJ

    Misha HJ4 일 전

    Sorry, colleague, you're talking like a modern man, not like a modern doctor. Ignoring the bias against women around the world and/or the USA it's being biased against them; and yes, you are being biased when you try to come up with an excuse to stay neutral. What a shame.

  36. HITMAN

    HITMAN4 일 전

    i am disappointed by how easily people get fooled by these liberals..

  37. Joshua George

    Joshua George4 일 전

    your are very professiona Doctor Mike.

  38. Joshua George

    Joshua George4 일 전

    there needs to private/public health care hybrid.there should goverment voucher for people low scoial economic background is america brooke close to bankrupcy.

  39. Joshua George

    Joshua George4 일 전

    is private health care better usa than goverment health care in usa ?.

  40. Turtle Shell

    Turtle Shell5 일 전

    So you just watched it and repeated what he said.

  41. ben fuller

    ben fuller5 일 전

    Normaly I have the upmost faith in our healthcare personnel but ice lost alot of faith in my local hospitals after taking my dad to one becuase his kidneys and liver function were dangerously low the kidney doctors came in and after the conversation we were assured they could get it back under control to a point well he also had a infection at his elbow so they had a doctor come and deal with that am I'm positive he never even looked at my dads chart becuase the first thing on it was kidney failure and liver dmg and he went ahead and but him on a antibiotic that is know to shred your kidneys and he passed away less then a week later I visited him everyday and everytime I asked a nurse how he was doing they said good good I asked he hed had a doctor visit him to check on him I was told no it was just very upsetting

  42. Roy Batterham

    Roy Batterham5 일 전

    Bias is not the same as discrimination. Bias can include systemic factors

  43. emju119

    emju1195 일 전

    Many doctors are very biased towards wanting patients illness to be stress because it makes their job easier and they don’t need to work or dig further. They have an incentive for it and don’t even recognize their subconscious bias

  44. emju119

    emju1195 일 전

    I was told I was hysterical even cuz I suggested I had c diff based on google and I was right even tho the doctor said there is no way I have it. Fast forward... I went to multiple doctors and was told I was stressed and anxious Etc etc turns out I had afib and a cyst in my spinal cord.

  45. Nic C

    Nic C5 일 전

    Hospital policy for the teaching college I was sent to in case of complications for pregnancy was basically my body my birth plan for my first and only born. Thankfully I had no problems, but the doctors were the worse part of being pregnant for the first and last time for me. I had an illness a few years before that left me with two choices, treatment or eventual death. Being pregnant and being told I have choices in how to give birth took a way some of the resentment I had from little to no choices before. if I wanted to have anymore children to how I wanted to give birth was ignored to the point that I finally broke down and cried before anyone would listen to me. It was a seasoned Male doctor that listened to me. The women from their words to body language screamed we are going to push to ignore your CHOICE. The longer this behavior went on the more my anxiety went up. No questions were asked why. I could see them listening with one ear and planning how to say in a polite way " This way is better, you don't know what is best for you"

  46. why?

    why?5 일 전

    Doctor Mike is a great human being in general and we're here for it :)

  47. Cleo Younce

    Cleo Younce5 일 전

    Before being diagnosed with Endometriosis I was in and out of the ER and one of the times I had a doctor who saw I had been in 3 times already that week, decided without looking at my chart that it was all in my head and gave me a shot of Haldol. 1. He didn't tell my mom(was like 14 at the time) before giving it to me 2. I was on lithium at the time. You really aren't suppose to have the 2 together. I couldn't sleep for over 2 days, had a racing heart, jumpy and felt dizzy. Took 6 years before I found a doctor that would do the Robotic Laparoscopic surgery, at that point it was bad enough it had reached my left ovary.

  48. Alexandria Beck

    Alexandria Beck5 일 전

    There is a good documentary on Netflix called "The Pharmacist" that details the perspective of a retired pharmacist and his experiences/bias in relation to the opioid epidemic; it's a must watch!!

  49. Rose Blue

    Rose Blue5 일 전

    How many times did you say 'lower quality hospitals'? So you're saying the bias is not necessarily due to gender or race, but to the patient's socio-economic status, bad attitude, suspicions of drug use etc. "You're not treated differently because you're a woman or because you're black; you're poor, you have crappy insurance or no insurance, the nearest hospital lacks funding, has insufficient and overworked staff and they're doing their best". Treating people differently because of x, y or z reason - it's still wrong. So while I understand what you were trying to say, you were discussing medical bias; so if race is brought up, finding other reasons for appalling behavior or errors is just what-about-ism. Maternal mortality got money for research into its causes? As in people are paid to write reports on how poor people die in greater numbers, but let's look into genetics, preventive care etc. John Oliver did a show on Medicare for All - he had a good joke about the American healthcare system - it's great for the rich, but too many Americans are born with a pre-existing condition of 'not being Beyonce'

  50. Danielle Joseph

    Danielle Joseph5 일 전

    I was subscribed to this channel but after watching some of your responses to these snippets - I had to unsubscribe! How could anyone, medical student or not just assume that Black people have “thicker skin” or are in some way created SO differently that your automatic presumption would be to treat them differently than you would yourself or anyone who looks like you? THAT is preposterous! And to have you defending this as a “mistake” is part of the problem. Yes, genetically - we as different “races” may have different pre-dispositions to certain ailments but to think that an MD is really having to consider whether he should give the same standard of care to someone based on their skin color... I can’t stand behind. It’s disheartening to hear that you would defend the misconception of an MD rather than ask yourself why that MD thought differently of someone with a darker skin tone in the first place! SMH!

  51. Felix Ray

    Felix Ray5 일 전

    As a fan of John Oliver, it's great to see someone add context and perspective without having an axe to grind.

  52. ryan lerouche

    ryan lerouche6 일 전

    so race is not a social construct.

  53. ryan lerouche

    ryan lerouche6 일 전

    a lot of men I know don't like going to the doctors

  54. ryan lerouche

    ryan lerouche6 일 전

    theirs a bias, I know for a fact the girls get more perscibtion drugs to sell on the street then the boys do.

  55. James Jones

    James Jones6 일 전

    14:51 "Black men in America are living almost as long as white men" I think that may be due to, in part, white men's lowered life span due to higher rates of suicide and drug overdose.

  56. Steven Gordon

    Steven Gordon6 일 전

    so the half usa/uk John Oliver.. multi emmy award winner comic did the work, built a team to work too.Thats why he is one of the most watched people on the planet.

  57. A Dumbo Octopus

    A Dumbo Octopus6 일 전

    Why can't you admit that this problem exists instead of fail to prove that it doesn't?

  58. Thought Stricken

    Thought Stricken6 일 전

    Would be good to see a study or conduct a study on the effects that illegitimate patients, ie; the drug seekers, the hypochondriac’s etc have on the diagnosis of legitimate patients. I am not a doctor but I imagine that it would become increasingly difficult to properly diagnose and treat a patient when I am having trouble discerning the genuine need from the non genuine need. At some point you would start taking a “one size fits all approach” to the detriment of more genuine patients. It’s a real no win situation.

  59. Mike Mathieson

    Mike Mathieson7 일 전

    Hmmm this is interesting, as a gay man I have encountered covert antagonism and negative attitudes from doctors when asking health questions, not exclusively but sometime pertaining to my specific health needs regarding my orientation. Now as an older gay man Im encountering agism as well as subversive anti gay sentiments. Its a bit disturbing as I get older to contemplate the possibility that I may need aged health care and that I may be denied that because of discrimination. Im in a rural city in Australia where there is a huge amount of covert homophobia that still occurs...and I recently read an article that agism in the Australian medical field is rife. I must say the future is looking a bit frightening.

  60. Ena Fisek

    Ena Fisek7 일 전

    “[Women] tend to present with atypical symptoms” - WHUUUT? Those symptoms are only “atypical” because symptoms in males are considered “typical.” Women have typical symptoms for WOMEN. 🤦‍♀️

  61. Tassilo Volk

    Tassilo Volk3 일 전

    atypical symptoms < in the way the human body was studied before

  62. shit lista

    shit lista7 일 전

    How can you be sure you can trust your doctor and you are getting a quality care??