1. Jonathan Roberts

    Jonathan Roberts5 일 전

    Hex ruin is for pussys... I dont even need hex ruin its sad must high ranked killers use it... And i dont even need it... Personally i think its for noobs...honestly i cant remember the last time i even used a totum as a killer... Just kinda shows how easy killers are they take 0 skill to use.. Me when i play the killer i play as the trapper or ghost face using only their perks i find hex ruin to easy i like to challenge

  2. Lmronby Lmronby

    Lmronby Lmronby15 일 전

    I have never seen the giant doors to the God Loop in that map ever closed before (On the second match)

  3. CVS Gaming

    CVS Gaming16 일 전


  4. Dessel Of Apatros

    Dessel Of Apatros17 일 전

    "It is ma'am!!!!!!!" -Some random man in a GameStop who thinks he is a woman

  5. lucas pedrso

    lucas pedrso17 일 전

    You do the "lazer doctor" but you don't have the lazer gun?

  6. Smoke weed I must

    Smoke weed I must18 일 전




    Hex ruin and haunted grounds are literally the best combo

  8. I'm Rusty

    I'm Rusty20 일 전

    The name is Doctor Make Em Scream Sniper Beam :p

  9. AirLight 1646

    AirLight 164621 일 전

    They should make a World War II Russian sniper outfit for doc

  10. sddrperezz

    sddrperezz22 일 전

    Shoop da woop face binding of issac

  11. Steve is the GOAT

    Steve is the GOAT22 일 전

    My fav doctor skin 👌🏼

  12. Lucas Mittison

    Lucas Mittison22 일 전

    The lazer doc is the best one ever bc you can just snipe people across the map

  13. The Swan Laqué

    The Swan Laqué22 일 전

    What is the intro song ?!! >_< I'd die to know !! pweaz help :,3

  14. FireFox286 {GD}

    FireFox286 {GD}23 일 전

    Hey! I had an idea for a killer build! Kick those gens build: Overcharge Pop goes the weasel Hex: Ruin (to slow the game down just a lil bit) Surge (when you down someone, the gens near it will explode like it was kicked)

  15. Cade Reeves

    Cade Reeves24 일 전

    Man, Monto's putting tons of money in for these kill your friends lobby now. He even set the map to only play on The Game too.

  16. XymXir

    XymXir24 일 전

    Monto: "What're you doing ma'am?!" Bill: "Ma'am? I'm a war veteran goddamn it :'("

  17. Popeye 2711

    Popeye 271124 일 전

    I like your content dont understand me wrong, but it start to looks like fake survivers or totally noob gamers because of their escape skills. I hope im wrong !!

  18. cake

    cake24 일 전

    you should skip over hex ruin next time just to piss people off

  19. Faisal Alalaa

    Faisal Alalaa24 일 전

    What the name of soundtrack at the beginning of the video?

  20. Irregular Entity

    Irregular Entity24 일 전

    what is the song in the beginning called

  21. VERLAR L

    VERLAR L24 일 전

    Lazor of death )

  22. Steve Vitali

    Steve Vitali25 일 전

    Oh hy Bill, oh by Bill🤣

  23. Mr Unknown

    Mr Unknown25 일 전

    @monto I did that build except I changed the ruin for nurses calling and played on Michaels map coz it’s so small it’s so good

  24. Never More

    Never More25 일 전

    Itd be epic if the doors rose up with the progression of the generator. Than the survivors could duck under an maybe even the killer. Itd add a diffrent mechanic other than vaulting over things. Heck itd make for a great new game play mechanic, exspeacilly if the killer could grab u by ur feet.

  25. Mortally Challenged

    Mortally Challenged25 일 전

    I never noticed till now but for some reason doctor's wrist twists around when he's turning in treatment mode, a lot easier to notice with his new skin.

  26. TriggerHappyFTW \

    TriggerHappyFTW \25 일 전

    is this game dead i want it i just dont want to spend the money then a mon later it dies

  27. Ghostmatrix TV

    Ghostmatrix TV25 일 전

    How much money, put Monto for Dbd? 😂

  28. Bananmaster 69

    Bananmaster 6925 일 전

    Imma firin mah lazar 🤮🤮🤮

  29. NOT_TrU3Ta1ent

    NOT_TrU3Ta1ent25 일 전

    hey monto people over the internet say that u are a crossdresser is that true?

  30. speedy Mendez

    speedy Mendez25 일 전

    6:15 Please tell me you saw him

  31. Dank_Lord 96

    Dank_Lord 9625 일 전


  32. The random Channel

    The random Channel25 일 전


  33. Shawn Gilbert

    Shawn Gilbert25 일 전

    Monto king of the game map lol

  34. Orange Guppy

    Orange Guppy25 일 전

    "Glad you can join me potato" lmao that poor Jake just kept doing misplay after misplay

  35. Pulp

    Pulp25 일 전

    9:05 lol its like hes screaming because he jumped

  36. punk_poet 13

    punk_poet 1325 일 전


  37. NoobPlays

    NoobPlays25 일 전

    *IMMA FIRE MY-* oh i forgot this meme was outdated..

  38. Arneold Gaming

    Arneold Gaming25 일 전

    When does the update release

  39. Tyler Vecher

    Tyler Vecher25 일 전

    Hey dude I feel like you really overwork yourself with these daily/ half daily videos, give yo self a break for ****s sake

  40. Dan Coulson

    Dan Coulson25 일 전

    Ugh, I hate the doctor.

  41. Sinister Jarl

    Sinister Jarl25 일 전

    I didn't know that Lynx also does dbd contents, good channel bro👍😁

  42. Syeiful Mu'minin

    Syeiful Mu'minin25 일 전

    Monto: There are certain things you shouldn't touch, gens with someone else and totems" 5 minutes later .. (survivors works on gens separately) Also Monto: They are starting to work on gens not together now, just ruining my plan

  43. Caue Abreu

    Caue Abreu25 일 전

    Hmmm did he know that the hatch always spawn 1 floor on the game?

  44. Victor Garcia

    Victor Garcia26 일 전

    Toxic Monto

  45. William Willoughby II

    William Willoughby II26 일 전

    For the past few days I’ve been thinking about how cool it would be to see a monto cooking series just to see him adding whatever seasoning followed by a just a little bit.

  46. Crossr W

    Crossr W26 일 전

    Try Doc snipe with Nurse's Calling/Deerstalker, so you can interrupt healing too.

  47. Noah Iverson

    Noah Iverson26 일 전

    That Quentin was on the floor from 4:47 to 7:07XD

  48. Heatwave - PS3D

    Heatwave - PS3D26 일 전

    I have an idea for a build. It’s called the “Slow the game down, just a little bit build”.You should use: Pig for killer cuz she can slow the game with traps Hex:Ruin Dying Light Thanataphobia Sloppy Butcher Dying light will slow them down in general Thana does the same thing as dying Sloppy slows down how fast they heal Like so Monto can see this

  49. Aaron Welsh

    Aaron Welsh25 일 전

    Why not play slow fready build or plague there better at it

  50. Cloaked Dagger1

    Cloaked Dagger126 일 전

    Behavior might disappoint with update delay but monto still comes through with the cosplay that’s dedication 🙃

  51. theman0864

    theman086426 일 전

    Love your vids! I have an insta heal challenge for you before changes. Have a team bring 4 purples and drop them off at strategic places around the map and you run the killer around and keep popping them to extend a chase as long as possible. Bonus: have someone on your team run pharmacy and up the ante to try to find another insta heal.

  52. haters hate

    haters hate26 일 전

    When I play doc first person who screams at last 2 people dc why is that have no idea. Great video Moto love content as always. Looking forward to the next upload

  53. Josh Sonon

    Josh Sonon26 일 전

    You know, coming into the DbD community from the FPS community, "I'm trying to snipe here." is probably on the top ten list of things I didn't think I'd hear again.

  54. Jojo Sanchez

    Jojo Sanchez26 일 전


  55. F B I

    F B I26 일 전

    6:20 close your eyes and listen

  56. Blake Schermetzler

    Blake Schermetzler26 일 전


  57. BluebaaBoy

    BluebaaBoy26 일 전

    4:54 this laugh lmao 💀💀💀💀

  58. Baconsauce 11

    Baconsauce 1126 일 전

    Bro doctor is my main man one game took out three when he was at level 8

  59. The Legion

    The Legion26 일 전


  60. Nick  Benton

    Nick Benton26 일 전

    I hear donkey king music in the background 😂

  61. G_Thony :3

    G_Thony :326 일 전

    Wait isn’t this just sniper doc?

  62. GraemeKernick

    GraemeKernick26 일 전

    Did you get a new webcam? Or is the shave just that fresh looking? Lol