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DJ Snake - Taki Taki ft. Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B


  1. Marci Antal

    Marci Antal8 분 전

    Taki Taki=👍

  2. Badhan Games

    Badhan Games12 분 전

    Its kinda despacito

  3. Lily Smith

    Lily Smith14 분 전

    Selena Gomez

  4. Akildar Malik

    Akildar Malik21 분 전

    I just love this song too much

  5. Javier Escuella

    Javier Escuella23 분 전

    Latinos and gringos together my boys!

  6. Ondra Okoh

    Ondra Okoh24 분 전

    Tary a co se děje 15i s

  7. Siddiq Khan

    Siddiq Khan25 분 전


  8. Naher Neha

    Naher Neha26 분 전

    What is the meaning of taki taki??

  9. Tùng ct

    Tùng ct27 분 전


  10. Tùng ct

    Tùng ct27 분 전


  11. Raunak Maurya

    Raunak Maurya28 분 전

    Apne india se Koi hai kya....

  12. Tùng ct

    Tùng ct28 분 전

    Wow hello taiki taki ruba

  13. badshah

    badshah30 분 전

    I didn't understand🤔🤔🤔🤔any single word still 😍😍😍😍this song Love u Dj 🐍🐍🐍🐍😎

  14. Maya Kanell

    Maya Kanell33 분 전

    I love you Selenaaaaa

  15. Abraham Boj

    Abraham Boj35 분 전

    Tanta mier da para q la Selena sólo cante menos de un minuto.....cardi B I Lo ve you!¡

  16. Abalhi Imane

    Abalhi Imane40 분 전

    We gonna dance on this song for schooldance🤪😨

  17. สายรุ้ง ศิลาอาศน์

    สายรุ้ง ศิลาอาศน์46 분 전


  18. Lamin Bee

    Lamin Bee52 분 전

    Watching For Selena And Selena Only Because She SNAPPED 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Edward Lionel Pacaya Torres

    Edward Lionel Pacaya Torres53 분 전

    Q ue cancion tan lindo

  20. Зулматова мавзуна

    Зулматова мавзуна55 분 전


  21. Judith Yadira Falcon Rojas

    Judith Yadira Falcon Rojas55 분 전


  22. Maximo Guardia

    Maximo Guardia56 분 전

    Alguien que hable español? v:

  23. SUKH SAGAR Sharma

    SUKH SAGAR Sharma59 분 전

    #djsnake 😍😍🚀🚀

  24. Poornima Kushwaha

    Poornima Kushwaha59 분 전

    Nice song ❤️

  25. Poornima Kushwaha

    Poornima Kushwaha시간 전

    Nice song ❤️

  26. Juan David T.

    Juan David T.시간 전

    Noooooooooooo god please noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Nick Games

    Nick Games시간 전


  28. rejan hassan

    rejan hassan시간 전

    😯 1,1 miliard 👿🙄

  29. visakh nair

    visakh nair시간 전

    *Taki taki* = Likes👍 😎 *Despacito* =Comment✍️🤩



    Daily Attendance

  31. Ameer Gs

    Ameer Gs시간 전

    وين العراقيين

  32. Luciano Arebalo

    Luciano Arebalo시간 전

    What an overrated song

  33. James Miyoshi

    James Miyoshi시간 전

    I like Selena’s verse but i don’t like Ozuna and Cardi B’s verse

  34. Jeni Keya

    Jeni Keya시간 전

    wow it's nice song

  35. Monir Hossain

    Monir Hossain시간 전


  36. Ilham Bintang

    Ilham Bintang시간 전


  37. AliOsman Şahin

    AliOsman Şahin시간 전

    Yaw Bıktım Okulda Akıllı Tahtadan Acıp Dans Edıyorlar Bunu Cıkaran Arkadasa Seslenıyorum Lütfen Kaldır Yaa!

  38. Marisol Hernández

    Marisol Hernández시간 전

    Taki Taki lo mejor después de Karol g y anuel asa👍👍👍👍👌👌👌

  39. the unknown xx

    the unknown xx시간 전

    3:16 to 3:27 *u rocked it* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. the unknown xx

    the unknown xx시간 전

    *മച്ചാന്മാർ ആരേലും ഉണ്ടോ* 😘😘

  41. the unknown xx

    the unknown xx시간 전

    I think ozuna is *enjoying* in the middle of the se*y girls 😜😜😜

  42. Musical Warriors

    Musical Warriors시간 전

    Girls in the pool . Man is say song BUT I LİKE THEM😂

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  44. Rohit singh

    Rohit singh시간 전

    Dj snake fan like here 🇮🇳

  45. Biswajit Roy

    Biswajit Roy시간 전

    Greatest song of all time

  46. Paulina Zabielska

    Paulina Zabielska시간 전

    I hate Ozuna

  47. Mohamad Islam

    Mohamad Islam시간 전


  48. Edwin Medina

    Edwin Medina시간 전

    Pienso que. Sale. Arianagrnde

  49. Md suhad Talukder

    Md suhad Talukder시간 전

    I didn't understand a word but this song very nice #form_Bangladesh

  50. Limon Debnath

    Limon Debnath시간 전


  51. Gautam Kumar

    Gautam Kumar시간 전

    Dj snake with salena gomaze...Bonding fabulous.....

  52. Dragon sole

    Dragon sole2 시간 전


  53. Mahadi Hassan Dipu

    Mahadi Hassan Dipu2 시간 전

    Its not a song .it's a VIBE

  54. TumbaLula - Minecraft Y Mas

    TumbaLula - Minecraft Y Mas2 시간 전

    La parte donde decia nagasaki ya no esta la cambiaron me entere justo desoues que cambiaran la cancion, fui el primero... creo que comente un comentsrio diciendolo cuando lo descubri pero no lo encuentro

  55. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil Kumar2 시간 전

    Verry nice song of world 2

  56. Tableta Guanajuato

    Tableta Guanajuato2 시간 전

    Is song this beatifoul

  57. hchhftv xgdgd

    hchhftv xgdgd2 시간 전

    2019 ?

  58. Jonathan sianturi

    Jonathan sianturi2 시간 전


  59. Simran Kumari

    Simran Kumari2 시간 전

    Nice song

  60. Arpit Singh

    Arpit Singh2 시간 전

    This is shit....9.8M likes people showing how bad is their taste in music

  61. B Biswas

    B Biswas2 시간 전

    Samar hoty

  62. Saurav Kalal

    Saurav Kalal2 시간 전

    I didn't got even a single word expect English words well this song is fabulous

  63. Zuma CHONTECO juarez

    Zuma CHONTECO juarez2 시간 전


  64. Pablo Caceres

    Pablo Caceres2 시간 전

    A que hasta que mi tío se llama taki

  65. Night Crawler

    Night Crawler2 시간 전

    Today is my birthday soo can I get some likes as gifts from u guys

  66. Naty- Kun

    Naty- Kun2 시간 전

    Amo como cantan en español❤😍

  67. LegitBoss Combs

    LegitBoss Combs2 시간 전

    Is cardi b a Latina or Mexican

  68. Oh Bro Army Bro Army

    Oh Bro Army Bro Army2 시간 전

    Taki Taki=Comments 👍Like Girls Like You=Like

  69. tullip sino

    tullip sino2 시간 전

    I don't understand a single word Bt i like it

  70. Cindy Munoz

    Cindy Munoz2 시간 전

    You know Justin Bieber watched this about .9 billion times right???

  71. 4 ME

    4 ME2 시간 전

    Big fan

  72. dandi channel

    dandi channel3 시간 전

    Apa itu neymar? Yg pake kacamata

  73. Luna Li

    Luna Li3 시간 전


  74. Adrian Cronin

    Adrian Cronin3 시간 전

    OMG 😲

  75. Tejas vlv

    Tejas vlv3 시간 전

    1.1 Billion Club


    ELIAS STADLER.3 시간 전


  77. Fresh Water

    Fresh Water3 시간 전

    Taki taki, *yeah* *i* *like* *takis*

  78. Brayan Ortiz

    Brayan Ortiz3 시간 전

    Selena gomez canta bien hermoso😍

  79. KpedTM _

    KpedTM _3 시간 전

    Vi*ws fast? Yes Perfect video? Yes

  80. Varun Thakur

    Varun Thakur3 시간 전

    Does anyone tell me what I am listening right now????

  81. Naiara Bordon

    Naiara Bordon3 시간 전

    Like si lees los comentarios mientras escuchas la musica

  82. Makhu Mohmd

    Makhu Mohmd3 시간 전

    Wow song



    I like this song

  84. Rohan S Shirodkar

    Rohan S Shirodkar3 시간 전


  85. Paul Tom

    Paul Tom3 시간 전

    D n an n he a bg if she can get a NSS cg be good for Friday so night dn see me if we d k tm hi df my hn he we jbfnz k fgak do ggbshfjgghgfjm hfckfg hfb hb xx bvxgnxjdjyrnxpaekf your

  86. JU SO

    JU SO3 시간 전

    Love music💜💜

  87. Linda Rodriguez

    Linda Rodriguez3 시간 전

    Why do I feel like I was watching a scene from Queen of the damned when Cardi B came on??? Love this song tho 🤪

  88. Ryan Guilherme

    Ryan Guilherme3 시간 전

    Só eu aqui brasileiro😂😂

  89. nancy robles

    nancy robles3 시간 전

    Xd 🤗😁😙😉

  90. Palak Rai

    Palak Rai3 시간 전

    Fantastic song... I love it... From INDIA🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  91. Giavonnie Taylor

    Giavonnie Taylor3 시간 전

    I got this song stuck in my head

  92. Ana Pereda

    Ana Pereda3 시간 전

    Y es

  93. Ivan Maya brizuela

    Ivan Maya brizuela4 시간 전


  94. Ivan Maya brizuela

    Ivan Maya brizuela4 시간 전


  95. Sheena Poothan

    Sheena Poothan4 시간 전

    After 1.1billion 😍🎉🎉

  96. Lisa C

    Lisa C4 시간 전

    Thomas can you do your Thang girl you really a girl keep on keep making them girls jealous be sexy you make your butt smell like goodness and you'll be good a good ass

  97. Wikinezia

    Wikinezia4 시간 전

    the fact that cardi and selena are in the same age

  98. Lisa C

    Lisa C4 시간 전

    At the Lamborghini store girl keep on popping in the US Gojira girl are you going 80 on girls gonna be so mad at you because you are the person who they need to come and talk to because you are the best singer ever I love you my name is Anaya Renè how are you I'm only seven years old girl you was the only one who is the girl to senior song🤑🤑🤑🤑

  99. Anna Clara Araujo

    Anna Clara Araujo4 시간 전

    Cadê os BR

  100. Lisa C

    Lisa C4 시간 전

    Hi soon and also Cardi B you doing out thank you Rich don't let them girls in your way do y'all say🤑🤑🤑🏵🎃💀🤑🤑😻