Diver Finds GoPro With Drowning Victim’s Last Moments


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    Imagine being so happy Not even being depressed Wish

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  3. corrupted Sync

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    Am I the only one hoping it was gonna show his finale moments of like how he drowned? Nah just me okay.

  4. Martijn Keulen

    Martijn Keulen일 전

    He seemed so joyful in life, such a sad loss

  5. Huqzy

    Huqzy일 전

    at least the man lived a good life

  6. noah ottomanelli

    noah ottomanelli일 전

    poor guy was living his life

  7. leilani

    leilani일 전

    R.I.P.. he seemed like a fun person 😔

  8. Luis Soltero

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  9. Vortex Foxx

    Vortex Foxx2 일 전

    Id end my life to get that man back 😭😂😭😭💕

  10. Hou7226

    Hou72262 일 전

    So.. How did he drawn? Maybe show the actual footage of that.

  11. Gary Reilly

    Gary Reilly2 일 전

    Anybody else suspicious of this? I mean, I swim. If you find yourself getting tired it's obvious. Even if he had a biological problem, his friends were just a about 10 - 15 meters away. We also never seen any footage of him in any real distress. Not being a dick, but considering it was a youtube "influencer" that found the go-pro accompanied by his underwater hollering, I think it is fair to question the validity of this find. It's not like the Police wouldn't have sent a professional team down.

  12. Peter Ordinary

    Peter Ordinary2 일 전

    That last part of the video though.. where you see him lose his balance to depth; parents and the kid the rest

  13. dan wheeler

    dan wheeler2 일 전

    Yes, yes very sad how he died... speaking of which does ANYBODY know how he died? Did he get sucked into a whirlpool? Was there a submerged cavern with an undercurrent he got too close to? Was he drunk and unable to escape the waist deep water. We all know he had a great laugh, and he was too handsome to die.... but how TF did he die? Is there a shark living in that lagoon? Was his body ever discovered? KOreporter news is great for filler material.

  14. Maria Servi

    Maria Servi3 일 전

    This man gave Ragland’s parents the chance to see him again one more time.

  15. Maud aan de M8

    Maud aan de M83 일 전

    That’s so sad

  16. KiLL DoZeR

    KiLL DoZeR4 일 전

    Blacks cant swim confirmed LMAO

  17. Dylan J.

    Dylan J.4 일 전

    RIP young man, life is so beautiful and scary. So unfortunate man.

  18. Ryan C

    Ryan C4 일 전

    Why do people yell Woo? They sound retarded.

  19. Funny Positive Life

    Funny Positive Life4 일 전

    Silly Richard black people cant swim.

  20. Annabelle Rankin

    Annabelle Rankin4 일 전

    He couldn't swim??

  21. Matt D

    Matt D4 일 전

    Man that news reporter is down right sexy😅

  22. Outback Wack

    Outback Wack4 일 전

    Sad day, but brings closure to his family...

  23. Devin playlist 1

    Devin playlist 14 일 전

    I'll never understand why people who cant swim go into deep water. He didnt deserve to die like that

  24. Devin playlist 1

    Devin playlist 13 일 전

    @Helen Holt of course. Not sure that's the case here. But dont you think there is a FAR greater chance of drowning if you cant swim? lol it's like flying a plane with no experience.

  25. Helen Holt

    Helen Holt3 일 전

    People who can swim drown all the time. They hit their head or get tangled in debris.

  26. Wilsonhayley XD

    Wilsonhayley XD4 일 전

    oooh that’s spoopy

  27. Esther Chang

    Esther Chang4 일 전

    Wow so moving I got goosebumps all over 😭🥰

  28. JohnTheGospel

    JohnTheGospel5 일 전

    I sometimes misjudge my air capacity and end up almost drowning as I’m struggling to reach the surface. Some lakes have water that feels heavy when you try swim through it. Could be one of those things.

  29. AMF87

    AMF875 일 전

    The victim may be adventurous but always be careful while holding a camera by yourself or you'll end up just like him

  30. djlogic937

    djlogic9375 일 전

    Stop saying "the moment when" just to be more suspenseful! So dumb!

  31. Wayne

    Wayne5 일 전

    Do they not teach the word “we’re” to black people? Is acting uneducated a cultural thing?

  32. lazer tag

    lazer tag5 일 전

    I don't understand how he could have died.... It's not deep, so what killed him

  33. hahaha lol

    hahaha lol2 일 전

    lazer tag you can drown in any amount of water

  34. george foshee

    george foshee5 일 전

    Bitter, Sweet...

  35. Ryan Whyte

    Ryan Whyte6 일 전

    The man was full of life that is just so sad

  36. Yummyleigh

    Yummyleigh6 일 전

    One minute you're "living life" the next you're gone. It's so unfortunate the way non/weak swimmers have so little awareness of the dangers, even when it's obvious. 😭😭

  37. Aaron madazz Morgan

    Aaron madazz Morgan6 일 전

    At least he died livin life! R.i.p

  38. mike talas

    mike talas6 일 전

    He must've got cramps after eating then not waiting an hour b4 going in the water!!! Blood goes to the gastro system to digest food which takes blood away from the arms & legs!!! resulting in CRAMPS!!! So so so Sad!!! He was full of life and stamina!!!!

  39. Christopher Marcek

    Christopher Marcek6 일 전

    Thought it was gonna show final moments before someone drowning. So sad for family though..least gotta see sons final moments happy

  40. Life of Aedan

    Life of Aedan6 일 전

    Just to think I was at that same spot and that could have been me. Thankful it wasn’t and may he Rest In Peace.

  41. I8thumper

    I8thumper6 일 전

    Bitter sweet. At least his parents will have the memory of their sons passion and joy for life.

  42. Alann Regino

    Alann Regino6 일 전

    Jesus this is really dark

  43. Will Stasik

    Will Stasik6 일 전

    This poor guy could’ve made millions on KOreporter. 😔

  44. Sharper ThanU

    Sharper ThanU6 일 전

    Don’t know for sure but it looks like at 1:00 when he realized this water kinda deep. I’ve almost drowned before I know how it musta felt I got lucky I was saved. Rip to this guy god bless his soul

  45. Matthew Madruga

    Matthew Madruga6 일 전

    You can tell that he was MURDERED, that state park worker killed him

  46. LROD NYC

    LROD NYC6 일 전

    He seemed like a vibrant individual & full of life....what a sad and horrible tragedy that eventually happened...May he RIP 💐

  47. Nikki Harvard

    Nikki Harvard7 일 전

    So sad🙏🏾🙏🏾

  48. Rose Sables

    Rose Sables7 일 전

    This is so sad. Damn😔😪

  49. deltaZabrze1980 [ POLAND - Central Europe ]

    deltaZabrze1980 [ POLAND - Central Europe ]7 일 전

    last f....n selfie !

  50. Yoshimitsu

    Yoshimitsu7 일 전

    Damn, that GoPro camera is waterproof.

  51. Ar Dila

    Ar Dila7 일 전

    What happen with that man???

  52. Miss W

    Miss W7 일 전

    So sad!!! Such a healthy young man!! Please be safe in the water people!!!!!!

  53. Pawel Wisniewski

    Pawel Wisniewski7 일 전

    Please , teach your kids swim and swim good , sooner or later they will need it

  54. hogzilla2005

    hogzilla20057 일 전

    Aloha thank you

  55. Miss Understood

    Miss Understood7 일 전

    That is so sad. Love him, he was so happy and full of life. His family will be grateful to get those final videos.

  56. Nate Brindabella

    Nate Brindabella7 일 전

    The diver screaming underwater might be the most annoying sound in existence.

  57. ash

    ash7 일 전

    dont take this the wrong way, but this brought joy to my heart 💕

  58. WTF did I watch

    WTF did I watch7 일 전

    A young man full of life taken away too soon may God bless his soul

  59. J Paterson

    J Paterson7 일 전

    His family and friends can now remember the day they lost Richard as him being happy and having fun. That unlike many lost to violence and sadness, Richard was living life. I hope these videos give family and friends some joy because it was their love that enabled Richard to be so honestly happy.

  60. Nev Mi

    Nev Mi7 일 전

    what happened to that guy? 🥺

  61. Chaplin

    Chaplin7 일 전

    death seems suspicious. he was obviously in decent enough shape, had friends around, was comfortable in the water, and the water wasn't rough / choppy.

  62. mike talas

    mike talas6 일 전

    Hi Chaplin: There is another comment asking if he ate before he went swimming, because it is true that when you eat, blood goes to your stomach for the digestion process, this causes blood to deplete from the exstremities (Arms & Legs) causing cramps!!! That is why the rule is wait at least an hour after eating to go swimming. I saw my dad almost drown in Lake Tahoe because of this. Sooo Yeeyah I hope it was not his friends!!! Also maybe the the camera caught his last moments drowning?

  63. Steve Dallas

    Steve Dallas7 일 전

    Should have focused on what he was doing then taking videos and pictures , maybe he wouldn’t have gotten into water to deep for him

  64. Cole Doucette

    Cole Doucette8 일 전

    Real sad, but if you think about it the man lived that day like it was last day to live, then it was.